December 27th, 2010


“Dream High” reveals two posters!

Producers of KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” recently revealed two official posters for the drama.

The first exhibits the connection between Park Jin Young and Bae Yong Joon. Located beside their images, short description tags hint at their roles in the drama. Bae Yong Joon’s states, “His ruthless challenge,” while Park Jin Young’s states, “and his hot passion have met.”

An interesting point to note here is where the graphic designer placed the tags. Bae Yong Joon, the drama’s creative producer, has the tag lined up with his eyes; Park Jin Young, the drama’s music and dance director, has his tag looking as if it was being shouted out from his mouth. Both lend a clever visual interpretation of their roles.

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Source: akp, Nate

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Korean's 2011's favourite gagman is....

Gagman Kang Ho Dong has been chosen as the #1 comedian of 2010.

Gallup Korea surveyed 1,701 Koreans over the age of 13 from November 27th through December 7th to pick the best comedian with the most career for 2010. According to the results, Kang Ho Dong received 43% of the votes, coming in at #1 and overtaking Yoo Jae Suk for the first time in five years.

Kang Ho Dong had always ranked second to Yoo Jae Suk in the surveys from 2005 through 2009.

Yoo Jae Suk, who took second this year, came in with 38.1% of the votes. Results further showed that Kang Ho Dong had the biggest fanbase for audiences ages 30 years and up, and is especially popular with those 50 years and up. Yoo Jae Suk overtook Kang Ho Dong in the teens to 20’s category, and had more female votes as well.

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Source: Star News via Nate + AKP
Jae Seok ;___; glad for Bonsun and didn't know Yoo Se Yoon was that liked. and where's my Bang!Ji Suk Jin? oh miss Boom of course.  i foresee more women battles in the future though.

Hanteo releases results for 2010 Singer Award

SNSD topped Hanteo’s annual “Singer Award” chart for 2010!
Based on album sales data collected by analyst Hanteo, the “Singer Awards” chart revealed that SNSD sold a total of 303,442 copies from January 1st through December 26th.

The chart takes into account all albums released throughout the artists’ career, but only factors in sales that those albums made during 2010.

As of December 26th, SNSD’s “Oh!” sold 123,668 copies, “Hoot” sold 94,942 copies, and their repackaged album released in February sold 57,037 copies.  “Genie” and “Gee,” which were both released last year, sold 5,500 copies this year as well.

Super Junior ranked in second with 262,610 copies sold from 23 albums (132,127 copies of which came from “Bonamana“), SHINee came in third with 154,332 copies sold from nine albums (58,628 copies of which came from “Lucifer“), and JYJ came in fourth with 127,456 copies sold from three albums.

B2ST, who were recently honored as the only rookie group to have passed 100,000 in album sales this year, rounded out the top 5 by coming in at fifth with four albums.

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SHINee 1st Concert @ Japan

"At the end, Key started crying, Minho followed Jonghyun and hugged him, Taemin wiped away Key’s tears, while Onew looked on warmly. They circled together and had a group hug, it was very heartwarming. Shinee, thank you for a wonderful time~~"

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sources: dubuthighs + minkey912309 + BlingBlingDino + kazcifer + erikachyan
Namicheta + anjutenshi + keymera09023 + winkey0923 + yaza86
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T-ara's Eunjung applauded for her Bravery

It has been in the news recently that Eunjung has injured her left knee ligament injury and was forced to cancel her upcoming appearances.

Well it seems nothing's stopping her from attending her drama Dream High's launch party as she walked in with crutches and a full leg cast on her left leg. 2PM's Taecyeon was especially helpful and caring, worrying for his co-actor.

Positivity has filled T-ara's message boards with netizens saying "A brave girl emerges", "Nothing will tear down our Eunjung!" and "She looks even more beautiful because of her courageousness."

T-ara has been through alot since their comeback, from being denied of their outfits, to performing in freezing cold weather.

Eunjung will not be attending any year-end performances with T-ara, but the rest of T-ara is still attending as a group.

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Cr: Sports Chosun (Can't get direct link)
Written By: Jangga@sportschosun
Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @ Diadem
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Miryo and Jea's solo debut news

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea to release solo album

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Jea will officially be starting her own solo activities though her ballad track, “Because You Sting.”

Scheduled for release on December 28th, the song was produced by hit composer Minuki and compares the sorrow of losing one’s love to the pain of a ’sting.’

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo prepares for her solo debut

While Brown Eyed Girls‘ comeback is scheduled for January, most of the members have been branching out into solo activities. Ga-In and Narsha both garnered positive responses to their solo works, while Jea has just announced that she will start promoting her debut solo album as well.

Considering that all but Miryo have embarked on solo projects, curious netizens have started to ask, “Why doesn’t Miryo have a solo album yet?”

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sources: allkpop + allkpop 2

KFC can go suck it aka JYJ IS GOING TO BE ON TV!!

JYJ will be making their first public broadcast appearance of 2011 on SBS’s “Good Morning.”

A SBS representative revealed on December 27th, “JYJ recorded for ‘Good Morning’ today. While discussing possible celebrities that will be promoting in 2011, we decided to request JYJ’s appearance. The trio finished about an hour and a half of footage and still have additional recording left.”

The trio will also be performing for the first time on public broadcast through December 31st’s KBS’s “2010 Drama Awards“. These two confirmed appearances have industry representatives speculating over whether JYJ’s door of opportunity is slowly widening.

Regarding the speculations, CJES Entertainment carefully replied, “At this time, we’re aggressively working towards getting JYJ on public broadcast shows.

“Good Morning” will air January 5th, 2011.

source: Newsen via Nate
credit: allkpop

they're also going to be on KBS morning show on December 30th.


SME is chosen as 'the most influential'; SNSD, Won Bin and Jang Hyuk are Stars of the Year~

Sports Korea recently revealed the results of their awards survey which involved 100 professionals of the entertainment industry, who gave their opinions on which personalities had the most powerful influence over the year.

In the question that asked professionals to “choose a Korean entertainment company that had the largest influence on the industry,” 28 votes went to SM Entertainment.

Kim Kil Ho, Director of the Entertainment Management Association, revealed, “SM Entertainment was the company that raised awareness of Korean culture and business in Japan.” KBS’s Kwak Ki Won EP added, “The company had the most influence in the entire entertainment industry.

Kim Young Min, CEO of SM Entertainment, shared his feelings on winning with Sports Korea by stating, “It’s not possible to comfortably take part in the international market without revitalizing the Korean market. Next year, we’ll be focusing on the domestic market.”

CJ Entertainment came in second with 21 votes for the success of its movie, “The Man From Nowhere,” and was followed by Mnet with 14 votes, who sparked an audition wave in Korea with “Superstar K“.

SM Entertainment’s SNSD also won the “Star of the Year” award with 36 votes, making it the first time ever for a company to win both the “Entertainment Power of the Year” and the “Star of the Year” awards.

In an interview, SNSD revealed, “The first performance for our Japanese showcase was our most memorable moment. We want to go on a world tour in the new year and raise global awareness of Korean culture.

SNSD was followed by Wonbin, who earned 19 votes for his part in “The Man From Nowhere,” and finally Jang Hyuk in third with six votes for his KBS 2TV drama, “Chuno.”

AKP / Newsen

lol okay only snsd won the award but w/e three of my favorite things all in one line ;;

BEAST will support SHINee at their first Korean concert

BEAST released numerous albums this year. The first was is March, and was titled, "Shock Of The New Era". The second, titled "Mastermind",was released in September and featured the hit song, "Soom". Additionally, they released yet another album, "Lights Go On Again" at the end of November. BEAST then split up into duo groups just a week ago, and released all of their duo tracks in one album titled, "My Story". They have been promoting almost non-stop this year, taking into consideration that between albums they appeared on shows.

BEAST is scheduled to appear on all of the year end shows, which includes practice time for their special stages as well. However, BEAST will finally get a break before they start on 2011's promotional schedule. It was revealed today that they will attend SHINee's first Korean concert on January 1, 2011. Cube Entertainment expressed, "Attending the concert will give BEAST time to catch their breath before their official debut in Japan in February of 2011." Cube also went on to say that BEAST also has encore concert performances coming up right after the start of the new year.

Credits: Newsen (source); Koreaboo (trans)

The boys are getting a break finally ;______;
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KARA Seungyeon’s parents are unsatisfied with her looks

On the most recent episode of KBS2TV’s “General Public Talk Show ‘Hello’“, KARA’s Seungyeon revealed her true feelings about her looks.

The topic was brought up by one of the audience members, who made an appearance with her mother; the mother was said to have been discontented with her daughter’s looks.

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i still love you hammy. ♥
Junsu → ;D [GIF]

JYJ's Junsu signed a no-marriage contract?

 A photo of a contract with JYJ Junsu's signature on it was posted on the internet recently. The contract states that the signer cannot get married for a certain amount of time. A Korean fan wrote up the paper and brought it to a fansigning. Without even a glance, Junsu signed it for her.

Fans have responded with amused responses such as, "How cute! Next time, I'll write one too and bring it."

What do you think of the agreement? Who would you write a marriage contract for?

Source: baidu, koreaboo

Definitely trying this with Yoochun and a marriage certificate...

2NE1 & Kim Gun Mo to collaborate for 2010 SBS Gayo Daejeon!

2NE1 and veteran singer Kim Gun Mo will be holding an epic joint performance on SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun“, scheduled for December 29th.

Kim Gun Mo, a certified ‘million’ seller, will be working with 2NE1, who recently set a record this year with their triple track promotions. They’ll be singing a remake of Kim Gun Mo’s “Excuse“, along with a unique reconstruction of 2NE1′s “It Hurts.”

SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun” is said to be featuring a variety of unique performances, but the hottest of them all appears to be a special collaboration stage between legends of Korean music history and Korea’s hottest idols.

In addition to 2NE1 and Kim Gun Mo, viewers can expect to see 2AM and Baek Ji Young, as well as GD&TOP with Se7en.

S: nateakp

yoonjo <3 taengsic

SNSD’s “Hoot” mini-album ranks 2nd on Oricon’s weekly chart

SNSD’s latest mini-album, “Hoot“, has ranked second on Japan’s Oricon daily chart!

According to data revealed by Oricon on December 28th, the Korean mini-abum was released on the 22nd and had already sold 61,000 copies in its first week.

Oricon representatives revealed, “Their single for ‘Gee‘ was their best record, which placed in at second. This is the first time for SNSD to make it in the top 10 with an album.” This past August, SNSD was the first international female group to rank in on the Oricon singles weekly chart with “Gee”.

[Fail!article correction] This past October SNSD became the first non-Japanese Asian girl group and first female group since the "Nolans" (a British female group, back in 1980) to enter at #2 weekly (though some say the Nolans entered at #7, but no1curr rn). Genie was released in September. If the article was referring to August, then Kara was the first non-Japanese girl group to debut in the top 5 since the Nolans with Mister, etc. etc.

SNSD’s “Hoot” mini-album features six of their hit tracks such as “Gee,” “Genie,” “Run Devil Run,” and “Oh!”

Sources: AKP, Nate

Paradise Ranch Finally Gets an Air Date!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Previously, we reported on how Max Changmin’s new drama, ”Paradise Ranch“ will be aired early next year, and now, a date has finally been confirmed!

‘Paradise Ranch’ will follow “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter“, and it is set to air on January 24th at 8:50PM. ‘Paradise Ranch’ was filmed from December 2009 to May 2010, and has been in post-production for six months.

Actress Lee Yeon Hee plays ‘Lee Da Ji’, a prodigy veterinarian who has a strong affection for horses. Meanwhile, Max Changmin transforms into a third generation heir who seems very stubborn, but is very warm at heart. Joining the cast is Joo Sang Wook, who takes on the role of a self-made executive named ‘Seo Yoon Ho’.

‘Paradise Ranch’ follows the love story of a couple who got married at 19 and divorced.


omg so essited!

Japan holds festival for dance crews to cover K-pop moves!

The festival, called “K-POP COVER DANCE FES 2011“, will be held at Shibuya O-EAST and will feature dance crews in Japan covering K-pop moves of their choice. Furthermore, choreographer Rino Nakasone and others will be guest artists at the event!

Check out the information, list of dance crews, and the artists they will be dancing to below!

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Source: tokyohive via akp, shibuya-o official website

JYJ to appear on KBS on the 30th

JYJ will be appearing on KBS’s “Live News Time” on December 30th.

Prain representatives spoke with Star News and revealed on the 28th, “The trio of JYJ will be appearing on KBS’s news program for the 30th at 8 AM in order to talk about their U.S. activities and show their determination for the new year.

Continued news of the trio’s broadcast appearances have been delighting fans, especially with their upcoming Korean album release, which contains songs written entirely by them.

A world tour is currently in discussion for their international promotions.
Source: Star News via Nate + allkpop

eat some sushi get fat

Dongho puts on a skirt, becomes more attractive

U-KISS‘ Dongho has transformed into SNSD’s 10th member for his new sitcom, MBC’s “Real School.”

In “Real School,” Dongho plays the role of a ‘Jabbeuk-nam’, which is a term used for guys who faint at the sight of their own reflection because they believe themselves to be that handsome. His character believes that girls will float over at the sight of his killer wink; however, after being dumped by his first girlfriend, he ends up following her to the Real School.

Dongho said,

“I am nervous and a bit worried because through my Jabbeuk-nam character in ‘Real School,’ I will be showing a different side of myself than I have in the past… Please anticipate and love this Jabbeuk-nam character, that unthinkably begins with a humiliating cross-dressing image.“

A ‘Real School’ representative stated,

“Dongho was initially very shy and awkward with his cross-dressing appearance, but as soon as the cameras started rolling, he danced perfectly and acted unaffected, spurring a sea of laughter on the set.“

source: akp

I can't even.

GD & TOP vs. DBSK for 2011!

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Although it is unplanned, TVXQ and BIGBANG will encounter with each other early next year. Yunho and Changmin of DBSK will leave their other 3 members and produce a new album on 5th January.

TOP and G-Dragon of BIGBANG have also formed a Duet earlier. Debuted in 2004 and 2006 respectively, both DBSK and BIGBANG have risen to top positions in the showbiz but they have never competed with each other until now. That’s why such a 2 to 2 encounter sparks interest among people.

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Source: iBigBang

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Shinee in Australia. Australian Noonas Lose Their Minds!

2011 will mark the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Australia and the Republic of Korea.

To mark this event, the Australian and Korean governments have agreed to designate 2011 as the ‘Australia-Korea Year of Friendship’, and they’ve got a series of events lined up! But the most exciting event by far is the “Korea-Australia Friendship Concert“, taking place on January 12th at Sydney Town Hall.

With doors opening at 7PM, K-pop fans will get to see Shin Seung Hun, Son Ho Young, and SHINee deliver exciting performances in commemoration of the event. Check back with allkpop for further updates on the news!
Source: The M-Wave, allkpop
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a/n soooooo excitteeeeddddd