December 28th, 2010

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Co.ed will begin activities as a new 5 female members subgroup beginning in the end of January.

The company revealed that the 10 member hybrid group, Co.ed, who actively promoted 'Too Late' and 'Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom', will be promoting as a unit with only 5 female members.

Soomi, Hyoyoung, Hyewon and Chanmi make up the 4 current female members. But recently, a new member, Seo Eunkyo makes the 5th female member, and the name '5dolls'. Seo Eunkyo is the same age as Hyewon and has great dancing skills.

'5dolls' will debut with a track by the Brave Brothers in January.


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Source: Nate | Source:  Star News
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T-ara can’t go on dates, despite management’s permission

On the December 28th episode of MBC’s “Happy Day“, T-ara members revealed that since they’re steadily approaching their mid-twenties, they want to start dating.

The members revealed, “Our management permits our dating. We’ve even been asked to date!” However they complained, “We don’t have enough time to date.”

T-ara’s promotions for their new song ‘Yayaya‘ is making the group so busy, that members get 2-3 hours of sleep at best. And now, they are swamped with rehearsals for year-end awards shows.

The members also confessed, “During promotions, we’re always close with our senior and junior singers. But we don’t have time to meet separately. We can only watch each other’s television appearances and exchange messages.”

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Lee Chunhee is getting married. No. Really.

Actor Lee Chun Hee (31) has announced that he will be getting married to actress Jun Hye Jin (22) in March of 2011.

A representative of his agency, NOA Entertainment, spoke with Star News on December 27th and revealed, “Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin introduced their families to one another on December 22nd, and are currently discussing their wedding date.”

The two appeared on SBS’s 2009 drama, “Smile, You“, and began dating soon after the drama ended.

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Source: Nate: 1, 2
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레오나드 2011 S/S fashion show

'LEONARD' Spring/Summer 2011 Collection press photos feat.: Song Jihyo (Running Man, Frozen Flower), Kim Jungeun (~*~**~Lovers in Paris*~*~~), Jang Mihee (Life is Beautiful), Lee Boyoung (Athena: Goddess of War), Park Minyoung (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
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SHINee’s ‘THE 1st CONCERT in TOKYO’ “SHINee World” to air in February

Over this past holiday weekend the boys of SHINee held their concert ‘THE 1st CONCERT in TOKYO’ “SHINee World” at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. As most of their fans were unable to attend this concert, there’s good news for you as it’s been recently announced that this concert will air on TV.

SHINee is scheduled to make their official debut in Japan next March and it’s been recently announced on their official Japanese webpage that SHINee’s Japanese concert will air on Fuji TV on February 27th from 7:00PM – 9:00PM.

There’s still a long wait before it airs, most likely to coincide with the timing of their Japanese debut but it’s still better than nothing.

source: shinee + akp

Best Fucking News: KARA's "Girl's Talk" surpasses 200k sold ♥

The girls of KARA are still feeling the success from their recent Japanese debut album, "Girl's Talk". Last month, the album surpassed the 100,000 sales mark just a week after its release, granting KARA gold status on the Oricon charts. Now less than a month later, "Girl's Talk" reached over 200,000 copies sold with a total of 206,845.

The girls of KARA have been began their nonstop Japanese promotions when they released the Japanese version of "Mister" in August. They became the first Korean girl group to land in the top 10, and now the girls are well on their way to making 2010 a great year for them. Congratulations to the girls of KARA for another amazing feat!

Source: Newsen
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YG FAMILY is BOSS, other companies…what are you doing?

YG Entertainment has donated over 180 million won for charity this year by heading the public charity campaign “WITH” which recently donated some 184 million won (about $160,523) accumulated from their sales of albums, mobile music, concerts and other music-related merchandise of its artists.

Of the total amount, 100 million won went to Holt International Children’s Service Seoul in the form of scholarship and another 79 million won to children suffering from rare diseases.

The remaining five million won was used for purchasing 10,000 coal briquettes to warm households during wintertime. Employees, as well as singers from YG including Se7en, 2NE1,Big Bang, Gummy and Sean took part in the massive delivery of the briquettes to over 500 households in needy areas.

“As small as our efforts is, we still hope this may be of some help to people spending a warm winter,” YG official said, quoting from the press release. “The sum may not be much compared to the love we received from our fans but we will continue to work harder to improve ourselves and share that love.”

Source: asiae +

TOP - High High

YG Family doing good- world is a happy place

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Singer Se7en uploaded a photo of himself with his YG Entertainment labelmates participating in the charity, “Love’s Briquettes“. The team personally delivered all of their assigned briquettes to warm homes in the freezing weather.

Attached with the photo, Se7en wrote the caption, “Share your warm heart!”

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Source: TV Daily via Nate
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now ... whoever spots all of the YG family members in the photo above gets a free cookie
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Rain Speaks On Recent Partnership With JYP

Rain has revealed his personal thoughts on him reuniting with JYP.

On the 28th, Rain posted a message on his official homepage on the subject of his partnership with Park JinYoung.

Following a simple greeting, Rain wrote, “We are merely trying to come together to create the best synergy effect as partners. I am not joining under JYPE. I want to reiterate that I am a celebrity under JTune Entertainment, and [JYPE] will not, and does not, have any power to control anything regarding the management.”

He added, “My partnership with Park JinYoung was decided on after much discussion. Through this, I think I will be able to show many different sides of me before my enlistment. Also, we feel that my enlisting while alongside JYP is meaningful, 10 years after meeting Park JinYoung and being given the name Rain.”
Rain ended his message by asking fans to look forward to his third album.

Meanwhile, through a recent allocation of JYP Entertainment staff, JYPE became the largest shareholders of JTune Entertainment.

A member in the stock business stated, “JYP Entertainment becoming the largest shareholders of JTune Entertainment leaves the possibility of a merger open for interpretation.”

Source: Jeon Won
Translation: ch0sshi

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MBLAQ To Present ‘Artistic’ Performances

MBLAQ will be presenting artistic performances through their first official album release.With the upcoming release of their comeback teaser on the 29th, a countdown has been posted on their official fan cafe.

A member of MBLAQ’s management told Newsen through a recent phone call that, “You can look forward to MBLAQ’s teaser video. They will be putting on an artistic performance in this teaser video.” They did not give much more detail on this subject.

It is a bit of a unique combination of having idols and ‘artistic’ performances being put in the same sentence. This fact is expected to raise the anticipation amongst fans

The management member added, “We also added changes to the members images by dying their hair,” making it clear that they will also show visual differences from their past activities.

MBLAQ is planning on making their comeback through Mnet MCountdown on the 13th of January.

Source: Jeon Won
Translation: ch0sshi

Also, the header at their Daum recently changed to this:

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: MBLAQ Daum
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Perfect Prismatic Princesses to make come back in February

Rainbow‘s early February schedule and last preparations have come up. DSP revealed as far as their long preparations and a couple of songs to listen to. Amongst the 10 song tracklist, 5 songs have been determined. The first song is called “What You Said“. With the member’s lovely voices and youthful melody in sweet candy pop, the song was prepared before their debut and so has big expectations. From the composer who produced T-ara Bo-Peep-Bo-Peep, HyunAChange etc,

Hello Kpop

See, I like DSP, they give you time to be like "damn, i miss (artist here)" and then they give you a comeback.


more teen top in your omona & you know you luv it

It’s been announced that boy band TEEN TOP will have the opening performance for the “2010 SBS Gayo Daejun“.

The group is scheduled to perform a remix version of their debut title track, “Clap“, and they’re also preparing for a dance battle against ZE:A.

A representative from TEEN TOP’s agency, T.O.P Media, revealed: ”It’s a bit stressful to think that a rookie group was honored with the opening stage, but we will be showing an awesome performance to match with the show festival. Please also look forward to the blockbuster opening video that the group spent filming in the nights of late December.”

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South Korea opens airport railway... 10 years after airport

South Korea Tuesday officially opened a railway linking its main international airport at Incheon to central Seo almost 10 years after the airport itself began operations.

The 58-km (36 mile) line linking Seoul station and the airport will start taking passengers from Wednesday, the transport ministry said.

Work on the 4.2-trillion-won (3.6 billion dollar) project began in April 2001, a month after the airport opened.

The first section between Incheon airport and Gimpo airport on the western outskirts of Seoul was completed in March 2007.

The 20.7-km section between Gimpo and Seoul station was formally opened Tuesday after a tape-cutting ceremony chaired by Prime Minister Kim Hwang-Sik.

Express trains will take 43 minutes and charge 13,300 won (about USD 12) while normal ones will take 10 minutes longer for a fare of 3,700 won.

The route is currently served by airport buses, which take at least one hour and charge around 15,000 won.

Railway passengers will be able to check in and deposit luggage at a terminal on the second floor of Seoul station.

A transport ministry official said delays to the airport railway were mainly due to budget problems, with more money than expected needed for tunnels or buying land.

The ministry plans to connect bullet trains with the airport railway by the end of 2012 so that passengers can travel from the southern port of Busan to Incheon airport in two hours and 40 minutes.

Incheon, which replaced Gimpo as the country's main airport, has won several international awards.

Source: AFP
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What’s wrong with Seoul-Beijing ties?

South Korea has been deeply frustrated with China while dealing with the Cheonan and Yeonpyeong incidents,” observed Professor Zhao Huji, an expert on Korean affairs at the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The school where Zhao teaches is an elite institute ― like the mid-career program at Harvard’s Kennedy School ― where promising Communist Party cadres are groomed.

Zhao is able to appreciate the sentiment in Seoul as he often visits and meets with Korean academics and government officials.
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Source: koreatimes
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S.Korea schools get robot English teachers

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SEOUL (AFP) – Almost 30 robots have started teaching English to youngsters in a South Korean city, education officials said Tuesday, in a pilot project designed to nurture the nascent robot industry.
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Eric-Yunho drama "Poseidon" will air in May of next year on SBS

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Singer and actor Eric's released from military service and TVXQ member Yunho participation in the new drama "Poseidon" which is schedule to air the first half of next year have attracted a lot of attention.

An official from "Poseidon" production in the afternoon on December 28 on a phone interview stated, "A letter from SBS Network sent to production of drama "Poseidon" that will be scheduled to be airing in May of next year". However, due to variable combined circumstances is not yet confirmed.

Currently airing on SBS are "Athena" which will be followed by drama "Midas", therefore the drama "Poseidon " is expected to be aired sometime in May of next year.

"Poseidon" is the first Coast Guard Marine drama. In this drama the hard work, the good spirit and sacrificed made by these commandos, Eric, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Wook Bin, Yunho, Kim Ga Yeong, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Kab Su, So Hyeon Ju are also part of the cast.
will be shown.

In addition, "Poseidon" production will consist of, "All In", "Heat", "Swallow the Sun" director Yu Cheol Yong, Direcctor from "Sad Love Story" and " The way of Live" Producer Oh Sang Won. Director of co-production and "Iris" writer Jo Kyu Weon.


May seems so far away. :(
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Are Vapid Girl Bands the Best South Korea Can Do in Music?

Girls' Generation are the most popular singers in Korea, a recent poll by Gallup Korea of 3,401 people shows. The all-girl dancing band topped the list last year as well, and in 2007 and 2008, the Wonder Girls were the most popular. It has been some time since girl bands became synonymous with Korean pop music. Seven out of the top 10 most popular singers in Korea were manufactured bands like Girls' Generation, according to the survey. The remaining three were Jang Yoon-jung, Tae Jin-ah and Song Dae-kwan.

There are no proper bands among the top 10, and other than Tae, who composes songs, no other singers are capable of writing their own music. And all of the top singers spend most of their time on reality TV shows rather than performing live on stage or making albums.

Last week, the Chosun Ilbo asked 28 music experts to choose the top album of 2010 and they pointed to "Graduation" by Broccoli, You Too, while naming Nah Youn-sun and Super Session as this year's best artists. This shows the gulf between music experts and the public in preferences for pop music. How did this happen?

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Source: Han Hyun-woo @ The Chosun Ilbo
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‘Dream High’: Just a JYPE vehicle, or something more?

KBS’ new Monday and Tuesday night drama series, “Dream High,” boasts all the trappings of a JYP Entertainment vehicle, despite Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon’s sizeable role in the enterprise.

Four JYPE singers will be starring in the series, with their company head, Park Jin-young, making his acting debut alongside them.

Music mogul Park will also be serving as music and dance director for the TV drama and his company, JYP Entertainment, is co-producing the series in conjunction with CJ Media under a joint venture formed by his company and Bae Yong-joon’s agency, Keyeast.

While the age-old adage warns, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” the unveiling of the long-awaited series at the drama’s press conference Monday did little to dispel notions that “Dream High” is more-or-less a platform for its overwhelming cast of JYPE idols and their leader.

Actor Bae Yong-joon (left) and producer Park Jin-young pose at a press conference for their new, co-producing KBS drama series, “Dream High,” at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province, Monday.

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Source: Jean Oh @ The Korea Herald

The Red Chapel Trailer.

A journalist with no scruples, a spastic, and a comedian travels to North Korea with a mission - to challenge the conditions of the smile in one of the world's most notorious regimes.

"The Red Chapel" (Det Røde Kapel) is a 2009 Danish documentary, directed by Mads Brügger. It chronicles the visit of Brügger and Danish comedians that are adopted from South Korea, Jacob Nossell (who is in a wheelchair) and Simon Jul to North Korea under the pretense of a small theatre troupe on a cultural exchange. This is also the first time the two comedians have ever visited Korea. The film would go on to win Best Foreign Documentary at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

The film is set to be released internationally on December 29, 2010.

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Cold Rain & Snow During SS3 in Guangzhou Causes Kyuhyun To Walk Barefoot?

Popular Korean group Super Junior (SJ) accompanied fans for Christmas on the night of the 25th with their Guangzhou show, but the weather was cold and it also rained, which made the stage extremely wet and slippery, Kyuhyun, who had slipped, simply endured the cold and took off his shoes to perform barefoot.
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SNSD: Tiffany


Super Junior’s Siwon confirmed that he was not entangled in a ’slave contract’ in front of government officials during a press conference for “Athena: Goddess of War.”

Held on December 28th, the hour-long press conference was met with visits by government officials (such as Minister Yoo In Chon of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism), as well as by the CEO of the drama’s production company, Taewon Entertainment. The conference was called in order to listen to and discuss in detail some of the issues that the drama was going through, such as location rights and copyrighting.

Mid-conference, Yoo brought up the topic of unfair income distribution in contracts between entertainment agencies and their artists. Yoo had turned to Siwon and asked if such contracts still existed.

Siwon replied, “No, there are no such issues at the moment.”

When the Free Trade Commission’s standard entertainment contract was mentioned, Siwon stated, “All contracts are being made according to the FTC’s standards.”

When asked whether he felt any difficulties in acting in TV dramas, Siwon answered, “There isn’t anything too difficult. I will continue to do my best.”

Source: EDaily, C News, akp
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After School's debuting in Japan

After School will be joining the Hallyu wave in Japan next year after receiving many love calls from Japanese agencies.

Representatives of Pledis Entertainment revealed, “We’re currently holding discussions with a few Japanese agencies over the group’s debut in Japan next year.”

The girl group already has a considerable fanbase in Japan, as they won the rookie award at the “Billboard Japan Awards” this past January, and even participated in the OST for “Tokyo Girls” with “Dream Girl.” The group’s sub-unit, Orange Caramel, has a strong fanbase there as well.

The representative continued, “Their sexy and sophisticated performance style are hard to see amongst Japanese girl groups. We fully believe that they’ll do well.”

Source: AKP, Nate
Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, everybody's going to Japan
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IU, Yoo In Na, and KARA’s Nicole will be channeling Madonna [OP Note: as in the actual Madonna, not Secret's Madonna] for the opening stage of SBS’s “2010 Entertainent Awards“, scheduled for December 30th.

The three “Heroes” members will be wearing wedding dresses to perform a sexy choreography that confirms Yoo In Na’s confession on “Strong Heart” of almost debuting as a girl group member. Fans are also excited to see IU’s bridal transformation, as her previous maid costume garnered a hot response nation-wide.

Shin Bong Sun and Jung Ga Eun will also be transforming into Lady Gaga for the following performance as well.

BTW: This is NOT the SBS Gayo Daejun. This is SBS Entertainment Awards (8:50PM KST), December 30th, 7:00AM EST

Sources: AKP, Nate

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Shin Hyesung, Lee Kichang, and Rainbow To Participate In An OST For A Documentary

Singers, Shin Hye Sung, Lee Ki Chang and girl group Rainbow will be participating in a documentary from Hallyu Star Bae Yong Jun.

Musicians such as Shin Hye Sung, Lee Ki Chang, Rainbow and Harim, will be in charge of the OST for the Bae Yong Jun's documentary book "The Journey in search of Beauty of Korea".

To express the beauty of Korea he will have a massive participation of very talented musicians from fusion to classical along with all in the OST album.

This album will have the participation of "SungKyunKwan Scandarl" OST who's recognized for his sense of music , composer Park Seong Il and Dae Jeo sang, 2 time consecutive winner for best original movie music director and also co-participation with Korean Orchestra of traditional music .

Girl Group Rainbow stated " It is an honor to participate for Senior Bae Yong Jun's documentary OST "The JOurney in search of beauty of Korea" and Korea's Top artists.

In addition, the production consists of 8 episodes of Bae Yong Jung's travel documentaries titled "The Journey in search of beauty of Korea". The documentary is planned to be broad casted all over China, South East Asia with the co-production in Japan and South Korea with Key Fores, MBC Media Plus and AKASTAR.


More Hyesung music. I am excite. XD
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CNBLUE's comeback cockblocked. of course.

CNBLUE appears to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Their rising popularity in the acting industry is forcing them to debate between following more acting opportunities, or continuing with their scheduled comeback.

On December 29th, the band’s agency, FNC Music, revealed that the boys’ February comeback might be delayed in order to give priority to the offers the members have been receiving from drama producers.

A representative of the agency stated, “All four of the members have all been offered roles in different dramas by popular directors. We’re currently discussing the possibility of delaying their comeback as singers because of them.”

Although nothing’s set in stone yet, the development only shows that the rookie group’s fame is well-established.

Kang Minhyuk is currently starring in SBS’s “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter,” while Jung Yonghwa has a drama scheduled for the second half of 2011.

hold my earrings. this is gonna get ugly.

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IU decides to forego college for her career

Singer IU has declared that she will not be applying for college after she graduates from high school.

IU, who will be a high school senior in 2011, met with Sports Donga for an interview and stated, “I will not be applying to colleges next year. When I feel that I want to go, I will apply then.

When asked about the reason for her decision, IU responded, “I will be a lot busier next year than I am now, so I haven’t even thought of preparing for my entrance exams yet. I’m planning to just focus on my promotions without thinking of college for now. I haven’t been able to study as much and I’m not at the skill level to enter college yet.

The singer is enjoying her rise in popularity lately, with her comeback track, “Good Day,” sweeping the charts, and her appearance in KBS’s upcoming drama, “Dream High,” earning high anticipation. Despite her busy schedule, she’s been known to try to attend her classes as diligently as possible. She’s often seen taking taxis to school without her manager, and sometimes even appears on broadcast programs while still wearing her school uniform.

IU continued, “I want to just enjoy high school without relating it to college. I want to make memories with my friends and teachers.

Last week, IU passed out rice cakes and drinks at her school in celebration of her win on the December 19th episode of “Inkigayo.”

She concluded, “When I’m just studying, it’s manageable. I studied hard until my second year in junior high, but even then, I was too young at the time to really call that studying. Currently, I’m more confident in my singing than my studying.”

Source: akp, Nate

KBS "2010 Gayo Festival" reveals another special stage

On December 30th, the "2010 Gayo Festival" will take place and the show is expected to deliver some memorable performances. The ceremony's theme is "Harmony", where it will be carried out through various special stages by the collaborations of many of today's popular acts and veteran artists. One of the most exciting points of the night will be when SHINee's Jonghyun, B2ST's Yoseob, 2AM's Changmin, and 2PM's Junsu take the stage to perform Queen's classic "Bohemian Rhapsody".

The show will be broadcasted across the world in 55 countries, and viewers will see the "Song of the Year" be revealed and performed at the end of the night. The results will be calculated through digital and album sales, voting via text messaging, and show appearances. Who do you think will win? And how do you feel about this Queen cover?

Source: koreaboo, newsen
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Unfunny man's unfunny gags finally put to rest

Wang Biho’s popular segment on KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert” will be coming to an end after running for two years and eight months on air.

Gagman Yoon Hyung Bin recorded the last episode for his segment on December 29th and finally let go of his controversial character, ‘Wang Biho.’ In a meeting with reporters shortly after the recording, he stated, “Wang Biho’s a character who’s had a long life. Next year, I want to try a new and different character.”

In an interview with Kuki News, Seo Soo Min PD revealed, “At 7 PM on the 29th, the last recording was held. We feel that it’s the proper time to leave when you’re stil being applauded. There hasn’t been a star who’s been safe from criticisms by ‘Wang Biho.’ Yoon Hyung Bin himself must’ve had a lot of difficulties coming up with ideas and the script, but now, three years later, he’s wanting to try something new. We’ll be discussing his future appearance on the show at a later time.”

The last two celebrities to be criticized by Wang Biho have been chosen to be Lee Kyung Kyu and Huh Gak. Yoon Hyung Bin is currently appearing in KBS 2TV’s “The Qualifications of Men” alongside Lee Kyung Kyu,and has exhibited a close friendship with the star.

Lee Kyung Ku had always promised Yoon Hyung Bin that he would appear for his last recording no matter what, and that promise will finally be fulfilled today.

Sources: AKP, Nate

I love poking fun at celebrities as much as the next person, but his stuff was kind of going down hill. Petition for Omona to take over his segment. We'll crack a couple of ribs and get a couple of our ribs cracked in return.