December 29th, 2010


Could Sunye Be Miss A Member #5?

As many people know, JYP Nation held a concert on December 24th, though I could have done with more JYP artists, and less JYP. One of the most mind-bending things I remember hearing about Miss A upon their debut, was that Lim used to be a member.

Well, for the JYP concert Miss A and sister group Wonder Girls mixed and matched hit songs, including Miss A’s latest hit ‘Breathe.” Judging from this fancam, Wonder Girl leader Sunye appears to fit with the group like a glove.

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Not to be outdone, video surfaced of Sohee doing her own rendition of ‘Breathe’, which became the #2 most searched item at Daum. Ahh, it’s like 2008 all over again…

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Source: seoulbeats, thnjiuy@yt, PikeYenny4@yt
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BoA's long awaited cameo in Athena finally airs next week

We reported back in September that Asia’s pop princess, BoA, would be making a special guest appearance on an episode of “Athena: Goddess of War“. After the reveal of some stillcuts, fans of both the series and the star became highly anticipative of this collision of worlds.

Well the wait is almost over, as a preview of BoA’s cameo on “Athena” has finally been unveiled!

On December 29th, BoA tweeted, “Next week, on Athena’s 7th and 8th episode, BoA will be starring as ‘BoA’. To act out as ‘BoA’ was a bit awkward. It seems like it was only yesterday that I wondered when the episode would be broadcasted after I finished shooting the scenes. Now it’s only a week away! It is, after all, a guest appearance so even if I’m lacking, please enjoy watching it.

To recap, BoA plays the role of a pop icon who is targeted by terrorists to be a hostage. Actor Jung Woo Sung will play as her bodyguard.

It looks like SBS has pulled out all the stops for ”Athena”, as the drama boasts an impressive list of cameos from other A-list stars, including Choo Seung Hoon and Kim Seung Woo.

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source: nate + akp | jpbsone19 @ yt | BoA's twitter

some of her scenes were filmed during smtown live in seoul back in august, especially during the concert ending, so we may be seeing a few others there as well. :)
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Koyote’s Baekga reveals that Rain cried for him in the hospital


Koyote’s rapper Baekga was unfortunately diagnosed with brain tumor around a year ago. Thankfully, his surgery was a success and it finally seems that he has recovered, as he made an appearance onSBS’s Strong Heart.

On this week’s episode, he revealed a heartwarming story about his close friend Rain.

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Source + Photo: Newsen,allkpop , sixtofive1982

credit: kimchisteve@allkpop
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YG to release detailed news for 2011 on their blog

Fans of Big Bang are patiently waiting for their comeback in Korea and YG Entertainment has been a bit vague stating that Big Bang will make a comeback in February 2011. Well, it seems more detailed information may be coming our way as a teaser was recently posted on the YG Life Blog.
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YG Life Blog+allkpop

2NE1'S English Album? Se7en's Full album? New YMGA album?
[tiffany] like a stranger

'Daesang' SNSD "We want to have a world tour next year"

There is nobody that dares to block the way of 'national girl group' SNSD. Following the previous year, SNSD has once again taken 'This Year's Star Daesang'. They also took 'This Year's Artist Award'.

This past year, SNSD released one hit after another starting with 'Oh!', onto 'Run Devil Run' and 'Hoot'. They also made their Hallyu advancement with their debut in Japan back in August.

On the 25th, they looked like they could not believe it when they were informed of winning the awards. Although they have grown into great stars that have taken over Asia, they were shy, cute girls off stage. We heard the thoughts of the '9 girls' who had an impressive year.

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Translated by: ch0sshi
Credit to: 김성한 기자 -
Original article: LINK

Choi Sooyoung your perfection. ;____; ♥
TOP - High High

The coolest papa on the KPOP world speaks out on KBS “Gayo Festival” non-attendance

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A controversy arose earlier this month when YG Entertainment announced that their artists would not be participating in KBS’s “Gayo Festival“. In response to the flurry of questions over his decision, YGE’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, recently spoke out to clarify on the issue.

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akp / OSEN via Nate

i don't really care, tbh~
if they're going to be on the show, i'll watch, if not then whatever...
ps. gif has nothing to do with article.

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Miss A, 2PM, MBLAQ, 2AM interviews in Singapore.

  • Taecyeon thinks he can trust Chansung
  • Wooyoung does as he's told
  • Nickhun makes suggestions
  • Chansung is all about promoting his boss
  • Junsu's sexual orientation is uncovered during his sleep
  • Junho remains cute no matter what he says or does
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*do not take to heart any of my comments ... but you know they're true! j/k
**Quality is better if you watch at the source.
***Mods hopefully everything is good for realz .... don't hate me.


IU may have earned over 4 million dollars in 2010

From ‘Marshmallow‘ and ‘Nagging‘ to “Good Day‘, IU has quickly become a star in the Korean entertainment industry. These days, if you turn on the TV, IU is on, and if you walk the streets, you can hear ‘Good Day’ playing in the background.

So all this popularity begs the question, just how much money has 2010’s hottest celebrity raked in?

IU is said to have earned about 300 million won (approx. $261,600) in 2010 from her duet with 2AM’s Seulong, ‘Nagging’, another duet with Sung Si Kyung, ‘It’s You‘, and her 3rd mini album, ‘Real‘.

Of course, you can’t forget the biggest money maker, CFs. IU filmed seven CFs this year for companies ranging from Crown Bakery to the clothing brand YS’B. IU has received an average of 200 million won ($174,400) per year for her work, but recently, due to her popularity, her value has skyrocketed. Representatives are now estimating that she earns a staggering total of at least 1.4 billion won ($1.22 million). On top of this, IU has many more upcoming CFs. Starting on January 3rd of 2011, IU will be filming CFs for electronics, drinks, clothing, cosmetics, and more.

Then, if you add up her pay from her SBS’s ‘Heroes‘ variety show appearances and other events, it all comes out to another 500 million won ($436,000).

Ultimately, the lowest estimate of what IU made in 2010 is 5 billion won, which is approximately equal to $4.36 million dollars.

A representative of IU carefully stated, “We will know the exact revenue from records and CFs early next year. It is true that she earned a lot with her busy activities, but we cannot say how much she has earned for now.”

Hopefully her contract allows her to keep a good percentage of that worth, because she was certainly a huge moneymaker in 2010!

Source: akp

miss A’s Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun share a shy kiss on “Dream High”

miss A’s Suzy attempted her first kiss scene recently for KBS’s upcoming drama, “Dream High“!

The scene in the still-cut revealed today features Suzy (who plays the role of ‘Hyemi’) confessing her feelings to her naive country-boy crush, Kim Soo Hyun (who plays ‘Samdong’).

She then asks him to later enter ‘Girin Arts High School’ with her. In their last farewell, the two characters share a shy kiss before Hyemi leaves by bus.

Producers introduced the kiss scene to act as a teaser for their fate in the future; ‘Samdong’ is expected to be putting aside his country life and single mother in order to go find Hyemi in Seoul.

Regarding the kiss scene, Suzy later revealed, “The scene wasn’t in the actual script and was an on-the-spot addition by the director. I was surprised at first, but we fortunately got an ‘OK’ on the first try.”

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Source: Donga News, akp

this just in: Yonghwa is no longer fail. Heenim said so

Super Junior's Kim Heechul tweeted about his co-MC after the SBS Gayo Daejun.

@Heedictator : SBS 가요대전 끝~ 같이 해준 MC들 모두 수고수고~ 1년 사이에 엄청 늘고 쿵짝이 잘맞았던 용화 대박~☆울

"SBS Gayo Daejun is done~ MC that I work with can do very well ~ Yonghwa you did great with one year experience ~ ☆"
(unrelated omitted)

no longer the ‘harmful MC’~

credit to angelahyeong(trans), source at heechul's twitter
Wanna One Energetic

Touch Split Into Two Teams For K-SWISS

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rookie group TOUCH divided into two different unit teams for K-SWISS’s photoshoot.

On December 29th, their agency, YYJ Entertainment, revealed, “TOUCH contracted with K-SWISS as models for their line of eyewear accessories and recently completed an advertisement photoshoot.”

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Han Jun & Kids look fly. And I like Killin' Me!

Source: allkpop and Morning News
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Get your torches and pitchforks ready: YG's plans for Big Bang in 2011

It's just bullet points because the blog entry was huuuuge. The stuff not included was why they chose to promote certain songs for GD&TOP, and a really long explanation about why they're choosing to not promote on certain shows but no1currr about that.

1. GD & TOP album’s title tracks future promotional plans?

•GD & TOP will promote 5 songs from the album.

•Firstly they will promote 3, “High High”, “Knock Out” and “Oh Yeah”

•From mid January on they will promote “Don’t Go Home” and “Baby Good Night” and music videos for the two are underway by the same director who made G-DRAGON’s “A Boy” mv.

•A music video for “Knock Out” will be on January 3rd.

2. “Seungri” and “Big Bang album” schedule plans?

•Seungri will release a mini-album not a digital single.

•Seungri will not release a single on January 3rd anymore and his mini-album is expected to drop in January 13th for which he composed and wrote. “Ambush” could possibly be title.

•Big Bang’s exact album release date will be announced later on through the blog because plans on the date have changed.

3. Big Bang’s BIG SHOW 2011 plans?

•Next year, on February 25, 26 and 27 over 3 days they will hold BIG SHOW 2011 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. GDTOP and Seungri’s new music will be featured in the concert as well as Big Bang’s music from their new album.

4. Big Bang’s tour dates in Japan?

•From March to April Big bang will promote in South Korea.

•From May to June concerts in Japan will be held.

•From July to September, they will be back in Korea with another new album.

•From October until November, they will continue activities in Japan.

Source: YG Life Blog
Translation: alee @ ibigbang

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Jang WooHyuk - 3rd Solo Album concept video?

Remember this post?

WooHyuk is back with a sexy fashion video for Dazed Digital... and is that a mention of a new album at the end?

As well as the video, the scans for the full Dazed photoshoot have been released, and they are hot.

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Sources: DTH and DTHAngelSubs
Excuse me, I need to be alone for a moment to fap myself senseless.
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2NE1's plans for 2011 from YG-LIFE !

Actually, the official plans for 2NE1 to debut in Japan were aimed at the end of last year however,
However the reason for putting off their debut in Japan at the time was that they were still a rookie group who has not been around for very long
And we thought that they should immerse themselves a bit more in Korean activities.

2NE1, who has just finished their first full-length album activities in Korea, is scheduled to make an official debut in Japan starting in February of next year.
The record company that 2NE1 will be working with is, as many expected, "Avex".

The top owner of "AVEX", with much affection for 2NE1, will be working with them personally, and as a result, YG
is very excited about 2NE1's debut and activities in Japan.

2NE1's first Japan promotions will be two months running from February to March
And during that period of time YG will work our hardest such that
2NE1 will be able to put out a new album in Korea by May~June.

In terms of 2NE1's American promotions, there has been no set schedule yet.
This is because "Will.I.Am" had just released a new album for Black Eyed Peas and as a result was extremely busy.

There was one incident one day on Yeonpyeong Island, where "Will.I.Am" had asked on the phone "Is 2NE1 okay?". While in the US, he said that he himself, after watching 2NE1TV became more of a fan, and that sooner or later he would be making more new songs for 2NE1.

There is so many things that I have to say but, for the sake of next time, I shall end it here.

YG Life + GEE@YGLadies

Hell Yeah! I'm excited

in this post: ferocity, perfection and derp

Have some JYP Nation + Gain scans! Hopefully some of these are new...

I have some close-up fancams from the 12/26 2AM show as well, but my internet connection is barely functional, so I can't upload them right now (is anybody still interested? it's part of the girl group medley, part of Bang, part of Changmin's and Kwon's solo stages, and all of the "history" video)

This is, of course, an image heavy post!

scans: Ceci magazine, January 2011
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scans: JYP Nation Team Play concert photosets
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Source: my own scans

actor!Yong confirmed to return early next year

It is expected that CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa will return to acting.

Jung Yong Hwa has actually debuted as an actor through the SBS drama series You’re Beautiful, aired in 2009, before debuting as a singer. Since then, after he had become a member of CN Blue, he has focused on singing. CN Blue is currently preparing to release a new [korean] album next February.
However, CN Blue’s agency is “worried about the many requests for casting that are pouring down on him
” and confessed that “it’s inevitable for him to fall into a dilemma since most of the drama series that were proposed have an exciting, well-devised plot and famous screenwriters and actors.”

CN Blue’s agency also mentioned that other members of CN Blue, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin, and Lee Jong Hyun, have also been receiving proposals for casting. Kang Min Hyuk is currently giving an energetic performance in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama series It’s okay, Daddy’s Girl.

After leaving a strong impression through the drama series You’re Beautiful, Jung Yong Hwa has been rejecting all proposals and working on the new album, but now, he has a desire to take the good opportunities that were given to him.

An affiliate of FNC Music, CN Blue’s management company, said that “since some of the drama series proposed were well-devised and attractive, all CN blue members and the management company have a desire to take the proposal and that “people will be able to see actor Jung Yong Hwa during the first half of 2011.”

omg does this mean their comeback is delayed????

credit to reviewstar(source),

OmonaTheyDidn't 2010 Rewind & Review FFA

Omo omo omo! Where does the time go? It's been one more dazzling year at Omona. That means one more year of cray cray netizen drama, cross dressing lads, comebacks, drug busts, debuts, flops, lawsuits, car accidents, plastic surgery confessions (that were kinda obv anyways so no1curr), political news and healthy dash of wtf/lol/fail for good measure. Omona is pretty much a ride or die kinda gal.

Before we butt dance our way into 2011, lets reflect fondly upon all of your most memorable moments of 2010.

YES, THAT MEANS SPAM LINKS AND DISCUSS! It's a group activity. So make use of the tags to the left :D

But it's not just all about the news, it's also about the entity that is Omona. So bring on the obligatory comments about how criticism against (His Royal Badness) PRINCE can get your ass banished from Neverland faster than you can say Tink. Sparkle text confusion. Never forget your fave comment threads, members, or oblig burn book dramz. Or the trauma of Hangeng being deported to aiyatheydidnt, KEKE!

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives. It's a rollahcoastah!

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controversy over infinite's violent mv

Infinite’s ‘BTD’ (Before the Dawn) teaser video is being swept up in violence controversies.

The teaser for Infinite’s 2nd mini album’s title song, “BTD”, which was released on the 30th, is the work of Hwang SooAh, director who made IU’s “Good Day” and Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”.

In the video, Infinite members showed a fight that would happen in real life. They are receiving reviews that this scene is like a blockbuster, but at the same time they are receiving critiques on how they beautified violence.

To this, their entertainment responded, “At the time we release the full version, all controversies will end. Take note of the strong storyline.”

On the other hand, Infinite will have a showcase on January 6th with their comeback up ahead.

sauces: infinite updates @ tumblr, trans. by hyejin @ infinite updates, original story from newsen
whomp whomp whomp. it looks like it's going to be an amazing mv
also, it's my bbs first controversy! does this mean they're closer to being relevant now