February 1st, 2011


Bet you didn't know Jang Hyuk was on our sunny island 2 weeks ago & that SBS loves us too

Earlier this week, SPE Networks –Asia (SPENA), home to the region’s leading English general entertainment channel, AXN, brought Korean Hallyu star, Jang Hyuk, to the shores of Singapore for a one-day tour to promote Midas, his latest Korean television drama.

SPENA will also be launching its new channel, ONE, in Singapore by the first half of this year. The channel will be a joint collaboration with SBS Contents Hub from South Korea,which means that all your favourite television dramas and variety shows from SBS, will be made available on your local cable television here in Singapore.

SG K-Wave was there at the press conference and channel launch to bring you the exclusive news on this exciting new collaboration between these two media giants, as well as Jang Hyuk’s latest drama, Midas.

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Source: SG K-Wave


"Returning home on the road bored with this person, is OK!" Who's the number 1 celebrity people wish to go with?
Insight Korea Panel conducted a survey with a total of 70 participants representing 5000 people, of those the majority named the celebrity they wanted to spend Lunar New Years the most with, as Hyunbin.  

From 2000 adults over the age of 20, 835 (28.2%) picked none other than popular recently aired drama "Secret Garden"'s chadonam (cold city guy) Hyunbin as the celebrity they'd want, showing the after storm of popular drama Secret Garden. 

At number 2 with 24.7% of the votes was Big Bang.

In particular Hyunbin showed a lot of popularity amongst married couples. 25.8% of respondents that were married chose Hyunbin, while 21% of the unmarried respondents picked Big Bang. Workers and housewives 23.1%, and 31.1% respectively, chose the celebrity that they want to return home with is Hyunbin

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source: naver
translated: alee @ ibigbang

well who wouldn't wanna go home with this beauty? lol, i wanna take all 6 of them home with me...to watch tv ofc 

After School’s Lizzy is a fan of AKB48?

Many Japanese idols – such as Hello! Project soloist Mano Erina – are known lovers of Korean music, but a recent photo of K-pop idol Lizzy from After School reveals that she might be a fan of Japanese music as well!

Lizzy was recently spotted at After School’s Taiwanese record company, Gold Typhoon Music, holding a copy of AKB48’s single, “Chance no Junban”, and posing in front of several posters. Plastered on the wall next to pictures of After School sub-unit Orange Caramel (of which Lizzy is a member) are posters of idol group AKB48 and popular singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru.

What do you guys think of Lizzy’s taste in J-pop?

Source: Tokyohive

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T-ara reveals their New Year’s wishes and plans

The members of T-ara got together in celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

Despite the fact that they filmed for an ad all day, the girls brightened up when they revealed that this was the first time in a month that all seven members were able to see each other since they wrapped up their album promotions.

The upcoming holiday is especially important to T-ara because they’ve received a week-long break from their schedules. Since they received only a day for last year’s Chuseok, the girls are determined to make it last.

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A little while back, Orange Caramel recorded their follow-up track, “Still…“, and a staff member has just revealed another photo of member Nana fiddling around with the recording equipment in the studio.

The producer already revealed a video featuring the scene on January 29th, and followed up with another picture by writing, “The hidden secret of the ‘Still…’ video~ Nana and Raina are showing off the skills they learned in their free time.”

The members made the effort to learn how to handle the equipment, which led staff members to use the footage they took in the ‘Still…’ video.

Netizens commented, “She’s a goddess even while holding the camera,” “I like seeing new sides of Orange Caramel like this,” “I wonder which part Nana shot,” and “Now I want to go back and see the video.”

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T-ara’s Eunjung, miss A’s Suzy show off their friendship on set

T-ara’s Eunjung and miss A’s Suzy revealed two adorable shots they took from the set of the highly-anticipated “Dance of the Year” competition from KBS’s “Dream High.”

The pictures were released by Eunjung’s agency and they highlight the girls’ real-life friendship, which differs greatly from the catty rivalry they share in the drama.

The staff revealed that the two can often be found on set, laughing and sharing acting tips.

Look out for their two teams for the dance battle scheduled for February 1st at 9:55 PM KST.

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Tohoshinki's Comeback Single Surpasses Previous Works - 1st Place With 230k Sold

[TRANS] 110201 Tohoshinki's First Comeback Single Surpasses Previous Works For 1st Week Sales -
1st Place With 230,000 Copies Sold

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■Monopolizing both 1st and 2nd place for top selling foreign artists in singles weekly sales history

Tohoshinki, the Korean popular group, has restarted their activities as a duo with Yunho (24) and Changmin (22). Their first comeback single 「Why?(Keep Your Head Down)」 (released 26 January 2011) has sold more than 231,000 copies in its first week of release and made its entry into the first place of the 7 February singles weekly charts.

Before their hiatus last January, the 5-member Tohoshinki released their 29th single 「BREAK OUT!」 which sold more than 256,000 in its first week, and this single (Why?) ranks in second place after that for best first week sales in the entire history of foreign artists.

This single follows 10 months after their previous single 「時ヲ止メテ」 (195,000 sold in the first week), which was released in March after the release of their best album 『BEST SELECTION 2010』. In April last year, it was announced that group activities with all 5 members would be suspended and in January this year they have restarted their activities again as a duo. Despite this, their popularity can be felt as their first week sales exceeded that of the previous single by more than 36,000 copies.

Since Oricon first began its singles ranking chart in January 1968, the first foreign artist's single to break through the 200,000 copies mark was Tohoshinki's previous single 「BREAK OUT!」 and following that, their current new single. Once again, they successfully broke their own record as foreign artists to achieve first place in the 「Singles sales ranking」 and with the past 3 singles consecutively achieving first place, this is their 9th single to top the charts.

On the release date of this single on the 26th last month, Tohoshinki, together with BoA, SNSD and popular artists from their Korean management company SM Entertainment, performed at the live concert 『SMTOWN LIVE』 (Tokyo, National Yoyogi Stadium), marking their first comeback stage in Japan in 1 year and 1 month. Their song 「Why?~」 is also the OST song for Yukie Nakama's drama 『Beautiful Neighbour』 (Kansai TV, FujiTV) which is currently airing and they sang a total of 5 songs including this song during the live concert.

Source: [Oricon]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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All About Queen JeA

“WGM” Park Mi Sun - JeA shed tears during Adam Couple’s final episode

Park Mi Sun and JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) cried during MBC “We Got Married” aired on January 15.

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Source: NATE
Translation: suzelle@IAMfor2AM - 2AM International Forum
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BEG JeA "This year Miryo and my solo activities start"

JeA had an interview with OSEN and said "The first half of the year, after the Brown Eyed Girls 4th album comes out, Miryo and I might do our solo activities in the second half of the year." and "I want to participate as as a cooperating producer, and work hard on the songs".

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Translated by: adam2AMBEGfan@4everlastings


Brown Eyed Girls' JeA Performs Hit Songs Medley

On Super Junior Kiss the Radio, the Appa Band (Nam Changhee, Beige, TRAX Jungmo) assisted Brown Eyed Girls' JeA in performing a selection of Brown Eyed Girls hits. The medley, consisting of How Come, My Style, L.O.V.E. and Sign is simple but powerful backed by guitar, showing JeA's vocal skills and the catchiness of Brown Eyed Girls songs.

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annfabreag on youtube

this is random but she really reminds me of Aya Brea from Parasite Eve video game - eternally cool and gorgeous at 30 with some mad skills. the medley is so cute as well.
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Pominit Post!

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Mark your calendars now, for on February 6, 2011, Billboard JAPAN Music Awards 2010 will be attended by 4Minute!

The ceremony will bring together a number of artists of various genres to show not only live performances, but also a global brand of music "billboard" in extravagant and special activities. This is actually the second time that this awarding will be executed.

Other popular artists aside from 4Minute are expected to perform at the event such as Nana Mizuki, Mamoru Tada, TEE, Lia and many more. It is definitely heart-warming to know that 4Minute is the only KPOP group to perform at said popular event.

Meanwhile, the winners for said awarding will partly be based from the votes of the fans to recognize the artists who usually top the charts for the whole year of 2010.

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Billboard Japan
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Jung Juri parodies IU’s “Good Day” & B2ST’s “Beautiful” On Lunar New Year Special

Gagwoman Jung Juri gave her attempt at parodying IU’s famous ‘three high notes’ on her performance for KBS 2TV’s “Lunar New Year Global Star Blue & White Match.”

For her segment, she showed off a remix of parodying both B2ST’s “Beautiful” and IU’s “Good Day,” complete with IU’s long hairstyle and solid one-piece to match. Her perfect rendition of both tracks was said to have put the studio in awe despite the comical intent.

Check out how she pulled off her ‘three high notes’ at 9:50 AM KST on February 3rd.

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Original Source:Nate
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5dolls dress in hanbok and reveal Co-Ed’s male members are preparing for their own unit group

Although many idol groups are taking a break during the Lunar New Year holiday Co-Ed’s first sub-unit group will be stuck in their rehearsal rooms in preparation for their debut.

The girls of 5dolls took time away from their busy schedules (and sweaty rehearsal clothes) in order to get dolled up in hanboks (traditional Korean dresses) to greet their fans.
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Source: allkpop
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The One shares his thoughts on the TVXQ / JYJ situation

It is absolutely heartbreaking for a parent to watch their children fight and this is exactly how The One (Jung Soon Won) feels watching the recently separated TVXQ / JYJ.

[The One is a mentor to the boys and was most famous for being the vocalist of group Space A in the late 1990's.]

“I first met them when they came back to Korea,” said The One. He continued, “I told them to not misunderstand each other even though they all want to go separate ways. We had a drink and that was that. But they suddenly got divided into two teams and other artists are talking about the boys, I felt so sad.”

The One wrote a message for JYJ and TVXQ on his personal website. A part of his message read “1+1=2, 1+1=3, 1+1+1+1…=1,” expressing his sincere hope for all five of them to stay together.

“Each of them has different standards but it’s disappointing to have opposite sides. What kind of problems would be there among the boys anyway? Sure, they can argue if they disagree with each other but I don’t think it’s a good thing to have someone else divide them and turn them into enemies. Why can’t we all just wait for them without saying anything?

The One feels like a parent when it comes to five TVXQ members. He had always watched all five of them perform together. “They were the brightest and happiest when there were five,” said The One as he reflected on the past but he doesn’t want to force or scold TVXQ; he loves TVXQ just like a teacher loves his student.

Source: allkpop, TV Daily

U-KISS's Soohyun was sexually assaulted overseas?

U-Kiss's Soohyun had just had his first kiss with the 31-year old married comedian, Jang Youngran. In a recent filming of "Poker Face", he has revealed that he had been sexually assaulted before.

U-KISS had been overseas performing at a concert. The airport was completely packed with fans as he was leaving. He confessed that he felt someone touch his butt. At first, he brushed it off as one of his members joking around. However, he was shocked when the hand slipped under his pants. He had looked to see who it was, and saw a woman with her hands in his pants grinning at him.

Seems like he had quite an experience! The episode of "Poker Face" airs on the 5th. Are you curious to see if he'll expand on what happened?

Source:  Koreaboo and Joins

[Korean] Shinhwa - Group

Dongwan News & More Pictures From Idol Athletics

Dongwan's memolog: Shindong, Eunhyuk, Lee Teuk

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Kim Dongwan and Lee Hongki revive the 'Avatar Date' segment on MBC's 'Hot Brothers'

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Dongwan, Hwangbo & Chaeyeon at the Star Idol Athletics Championship
(These had to be posted because there were hardly any pictures of this awesome team in the original post for the event)

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Sources: Dongwan's Naver Blong + Newsen
Translations by: 수미 @ AbsolutShinhwa (1 & 2)
Pictures: AbsolutShinhwa (1, 2, 3) + Soompi (1, 2, 3) + Hwangbo Angel (1 & 2)

BEAST, “takes off towards the new year, jumping up and down like a rabbit”

Group BEAST jumps into 2011.

Having risen to the heart of the nation after “Bad Girl”, “Shock”, and “Soom”, these boys have recently traveled around Asia, performing in showcases. They have laid the foundation to grow to be Asia’s representative group. In November, 20,000 fans watched as BEAST opened the showcase that publicized their debut in Japan. They are to make their full Japanese debut in March.

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lol dongwoon u r so cute

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SNSD is so relevant that producers want all of them as leads in a drama

Representatives in the industry have been spotlighting a drama which could feature all nine members of SNSD!

According to a few representatives, a drama production company is currently planning a live remake of a popular Japanese manga, and are in the casting stages for famous writers and entertainment agencies.

The drama plans to focus on the personal stories and episodes of nine members and will air in Japan first, before crossing over to Korea. Discussions for arrangements with one broadcast network are currently underway.

Should they agree to the drama, the series will have to reach completion within the first half of the year due to the girls’ pending music promotions.

Unfortunately, it looks like the girls may not be able to rise to the call, as their schedules are already quite packed.

A representative of SM Entertainment revealed to Sports Donga on February 1st, “We have received a few offers about dramas using the nine girls of SNSD as the leads. We are not against the idea of featuring all of them, but we’re currently not in the position to be working on a drama.

He continued, “The members don’t have the time to break away from their schedules for such a long period of time. At this moment, we have no thoughts of featuring them in a drama.

Nate / AKP

At least they recognize how overworked bbs are. ;; Plus the girls don't know enough Japanese to be leads in a j-drama anyway lol. I vote for more cameos on Paradise Ranch.

infinite's lunar new year interview

Male group, Infinite, gave their Lunar New Year’s greetings and revealed their plans for the Lunar New Year’s long weekend.

Infinite said their Lunar New Year’s greetings in a bright voice, “Have a warm holiday everyone. Since we’re going to be on Lunar New Year’s programs, watch the TV with your family and we hope that you can spend a meaningful new year with us. Have a cheerful and warm Lunar New Year’s with your family and receive allowance, new year’s money, and eat a lot of rice cake soup.”

Infinite received a break for 1 night, 2 days on the 2nd and the 3rd. Most of the members plan to spend Lunar New Year’s at their homes and be together with their families that they haven’t seen in awhile. Although it’s a short break, it’s a honey-sweet Lunar New Year’s weekend to Infinite because they haven’t gone to their homes since last Chuseok.

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trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
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Shindong and Donghae aren't very close?

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After being around each other for more than six years, it would be a reasonable assumption that Donghae and Shindong of Super Junior would be close to each other. However, surprisingly, during Super Junior's show "Super Junior Foresight", Shindong revealed that he and Donghae were still rather awkward with each other.

As the MC, Shindong, to the surprise of many, confessed that while there aren't really many arguments among him and a lot of the other members, there are at times somewhat strange atmospheres between them, and the awkwardness is more pronounced during the times where he and another member are alone together. He explained, however, that he has had the most experiences of strange atmospheres with Donghae.

Shindong's rather shocking admittance caused people to question the group's relationship with one another, as one of Super Junior's pride is that all the members have joyfully resided together in their dorms for six years, with ties to each other stronger than some other idol groups. This sentiment created concerns of the relationships within the group and its potential implication of bad relationships was increased when it was revealed that Donghae and Shindong cannot only not stay alone in each others' company for a short time, but also cannot simply dine together alone.

However, much to the relief of the fans, Shindong lightened up the atmosphere by brightly leaving a video message to Donghae, stating that “We must eat together once”, causing much laughter in the studio audience.

In addition to Shindong's confession, the show segment also revealed Heechul and Eunhyuk as a "silent pair" similar to Shindong and Donghae. Because Heechul and Eunhyuk are so awkward with each other, they have only eaten just once together. Meal time for the two is basically simply eating without any talking. After speaking of the awkward dining scenario, they decided to re-enact it on the TV, which once again caused the audience to laugh at their antics.

I thought Heechul and Eunhyuk got closer after Intimate Note... :(
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Sources: SapphirePearls, BNTNews, & Koreaboo