February 2nd, 2011

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Hyun Bin Receives Permission To Attend Berlin Film Festival; Laneige Homme Press Event Fan Photos

Actor Hyun Bin will attend the Berlin Film Festival before he enters the military.

Hyun Bin has recently received permission to depart from Korea on February 15th to the 23rd for the Berlin Film Festival before he enters the marines on March 7th.

According to Hyun Bin’s representatives, they asked the authorities if Hyun Bin for permission to leave for Berlin to attend the film festival. But the answer was uncertain at first because it was only one month before Hyun Bin was to enter his mandatory 2 year service. However, the representatives later stated, “On the 31st, the military officials received the letter of request for Hyun Bin to leave for Berlin. They agreed that it was a just reason and granted him permission to leave.”

Hyun Bin and co-star Im Soo Jung’s movie “I Love You, I Love You Not” has been nominated along with “Late Autumn” featuring Hyun Bin and Chinese actress “Wei Tang”. This will be the first time Hyun Bin steps on the red carpet of Berlin.

The 61st Berlin Film Festival will begin on the 10th of next month and includes a total of 9 Korean movies.

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Original Source: Yahoo Korea
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Jang Geun Suk to appear in new music video for Every Little Thing

It was announced today that South Korean star Jang Geun Suk is going to appear in the new music video of the popular duo, Every Little Thing (ELT).
ELT will release two new songs, “STAR” and “MOON“, on February 23rd, and they will release two music videos as well, featuring a short love story that spans across both videos. In “STAR” we get to see viewpoint of the woman, whereas “MOON” will feature the viewpoint of the man. It is said that you won’t be able to understand the story if you only see one of the videos, so be sure to check them both out.
Of course, it is just a music video, but it’s still Jang Geun Suk first ever Japanese production, and therefore could be described as his debut as an actor in Japan.
Vocalist Mochida Kaori is one of Jang Geun Suk’s many fans, and didn’t expect him to accept their offer. She said, “We sent the offer knowing that he would never accept, and then he gladly gave us his OK. I was feeling so happy at that time.”

Similarly, Jang Geun Suk revealed that he felt rather happy when he received their offer.  He said, “I saw it as a great chance for me because I was able to create a deeply meaningful present for all of my fans.”

Sourse: tokyohive.com

Fun sized Yang Yoseob revealing his weight

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B2ST’s Yang Yoseob astounded his fans by revealing his weight.

Yoseob joined MBC’s ‘Bouquet‘ for their Lunar New Year’s special, and he had to carry women from the ‘Lady Generation’ team during a quiz game.

In the midst of asking the weight of others, Yoseob ended up exposing his own!
When he revealed that he was in the 50kg range (to be more specific, he’s 57kg), the females said, “Honestly, he’s not much different from us.

Yoseob tried to act indifferent about the ordeal, but only succeeded in further gaining everyone’s attention.
Still, the vocalist showed an outstanding performance that day as the only male on the ‘Lady Generation’ team. Consequently, he ended up receiving the older women’s love all at once.

Source: Money Today Star News via Daum; allkpop

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K-POP Exhibition At Daimaru Shinsaibashi With SM☆SH

On February 2nd at Daimaru Shinsaibashi on the 14th floor event hall, there was an exhibition of picture panels, goods for sale and a movie screening of popular K-POP singers like DBSK, KARA and SNSD. The exhibition called, “K-POP Asian Music World” had started.

Next to the event hall, there was an opening event where the 5 members of “SM☆SH” performed, while wearing black jackets and dark blue jeans. They danced intensely as they sang 5 songs, including “Lunatic” and “TRUE LOVE”. There were around 300 people in attendance. During talk time, Jerry spoke in the Osaka dialect,“There’s nothing but beautiful women here”, which invited the crowd to laugh.

SM☆SH was created in Korea in 2008 as a 5 member dance and vocal group. They debuted in Japan in October 2010 with their single “Lunatic”. They released their 2nd single “TRUE LOVE” this year on January 26th. In April they plan on having a concert in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

The exhibition is open from 10am~8pm, except on the last day when it ends at 6pm. Entrance is free. The event is going on until February 9th.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Namba Keizai
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Lee Yeon Hee Choses Hyun Bin As Ideal Man Over B2ST's Doojoon and Lee Seung Gi

On February 1st, actress Lee Yeon Hee guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and expressed her gratitude for rapper/actor Yoo Dong Geun.

She revealed, “We met by chance, but MBC’s ‘East of Eden‘ made my relationship with him a necessity. I was under a lot of pressure because I was chosen to be the female lead for a drama with over 50 episodes, and I had to go through an acting controversy in the beginning as well. I was really scared at the time, but Yoo Dong Geun supported me by saying that it might be difficult for me, but I must work even harder in order to become acknowledged by the public.”

She continued, “His words became such a great source of strength to me. Afterwards, there was a scene where I became kidnapped and I surprised myself with the level of concentration I had in my role. What was even more surprising was that there were now viewers watching for me. Great results came out of hard work. I’d really like to thank Yoo Dong Geun once more.”

The actress then took part in a game of ‘ideal male star World Cup’ at MC Kang Ho Dong’s suggestion.

She was forced to choose men in three different rounds: Hyun Bin and Song Seung Hun, Kang Dong Won and Moon Hee Jun, and finally Won Bin and Jung Bo Suk. Lee Yeon Hee ended up choosing Hyun Bin, Kang Dong Won, and Jung Bo Suk respectively.

When asked to choose between MC Lee Seung Gi and B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon, she made a request asking them to show off their best charms. The two men immediately went up for an arm-wrestling match, and although Lee Seung Gi lost, Lee Yeon Hee chose him anyway.

To complete her ‘ideal male World Cup’, she chose Hyun Bin out of the final three, much to the disappointment of Lee Seung Gi.

Although her final choice was Hyun Bin, which is interesting in itself, people were more curious as to why she chose Lee Seung Gi over Doojoon.

Although Lee Seung Gi had lost the match, he had done so on purpose in order to show off his ‘variety show skills’. But it wasn’t necessarily Lee Seung Gi’s superior ‘variety show skills’ that knocked out Doojoon from the race.

The actress reasoned, “Doojoon-ssi is younger than I am. I have a younger brother, so men my age don’t feel like men to me.”

Source: AllKpop ,Sports Today Korea, Star News Korea, Max Movie Korea via Nate

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South Korea legend Cha feels Park’s absence will be hard to combat

Former South Korea star Cha Bum-kun believes the retirement of captain Park Ji-sung from the national team will leave a gaping hole.

Cha, who is a goalscoring legend for the Taeguk Warriors for his exploits in the 1970s and 80s, says that Park’s absence will be difficult to combat but respects the decision made by the Manchester United midfielder.

"I feel really sad about Park's retirement, it is really a hard one to take," Cha told Goal.com Korea.

"However I respect his opinion and I believe it wasn't easy for him to make such a difficult decision.

"In the end we are all very proud of Park's achievements and hope he will continue to have a strong, positive effect on football in Korea for a long time."

The 29-year old called time on his international career at the end of last month’s Asian Cup after 100 caps for South Korea.

Source: tribalfootball
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South Korea: Truth but no reconciliation

South Korea’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in December concluded its historic exploration into the brutality of mass killing by both sides during the Korean War in an atmosphere of frustration and controversy.

The commission, from its inception in 2005, uncovered the truth about the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians at the hands of South Korean police and soldiers and invading North Koreans. However, it failed in more than five years to bring reconciliation. One reason for this failure is that it ceased functioning before investigating all the reported massacres during the1950 – 1953 war.
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HyunAh Sees the Devil

This February 2nd, during SBS's special program for the Lunar New Year recorded in Pattaya (Thailand), King of Idols, some popular idols confronted one another during games. After the dancing segment and the wrestling challenge, teams were opposed in a game during which the first to eat the weed suspended on the horizontal bar would win the face-off. For this game, 4minute's Hyunah and 2AM's Jinwoon were up against Park Jungmin and SISTAR's Hyorin, the male idols supporting the female idols on their shoulders. Hyunah, good at shoulder riding, was first to get near the weed.

However, Hyorin started to attack her and grappled her. Hyorin definitely showed her competitive spirit by trying to throw Hyunah, who was withstanding and holding the horizontal bar firmly, into the water. In response to her unceasing attacks, Hyunah acted irritated and even bluntly called her a devil. She ended up begging Hyorin not to eat the weed.

Hyunah eventually got herself together and tried to eat the weed once again. This time, she was disturbed by Park Jungmin who was sprinkling water on her and hence called him a devil. Whoever the devil was, the pair showing its strong competitive spirit (Jungmin and Hyorin) won the challenge.

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Indians’ Shin-Soo Choo gets exemption from S. Korean military duty

Shin-Soo Choo looked every bit the American as he walked through Summit Mall in suburban Akron in jeans and a leather jacket Sunday afternoon.

And if not for the South Korean National Team’s 3-1 victory over Taiwan in the finals of the Asian Games last fall, Choo might have been forced to become a certified American, that is, a U.S. citizen, to circumvent two years of service in the South Korean Army.

Not that Choo objects in principle to his country’s policy of mandatory military service. He was concerned about a two-year interruption in his career with the Indians, a problem that vanished when the South Korean government granted exemptions to every player on the national team.
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Source: bostonherald
I was a bit WTF when reading this. My favorite Korean iceskater never went/had to go to the army. So why did he have to go at first?

BIGBANG To Have Japan Tour For 90,000 People

On the 2nd, BIGBANG announced they would be restarting activities in Japan after 8 months. They plan on releasing a new song in April and having an arena tour in May.

Since the release of “BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER” on August 25, 2010, all of the members have been focusing on solo activities in Korea. T.O.P (23) was awarded the best new actor award for “71: Into the Fire”, which will be in Japan starting on the 19th.

The group has been waiting for a good time to come back to Japan this year. The tour is expected to have 7 stops with 90,000 people in attendance. They are planning to surpass their first Japan tour last year, which 50,000 people came to. T.O.P enthusiastically said, “We want everyone to quickly see our power up”. Leader G-DRAGON (22) also commented, “Let’s have a fantastic year”.

In commemoration of the tour, all Uniqlo stores will begin selling collaboration T-shirts on the 5th.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Sanspo

Kwanghee fanboys over Homin, world becomes better

A video of ZE:A’s Kwanghee caught in a fanboy moment over meeting his seniors, TVXQ, has been circulating amongst fans and netizens.

The two guested on the February 1st broadcast of MBC’s radio program, “Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Shimshimtapa,” and were featured in their ‘Midnight Invitation’ segment.

Clearly too shy to be close to them, Kwanghee stands a fair distance away and bows about seven times with his hands collected in front of him.

On the broadcast, Kwanghee was unable to contain his excitement and revealed, “I was so surprised but also really excited when I saw the TVXQ seniors. We even took a picture together!” When asked which TVXQ member was his favorite, he replied, “I like Yunho, he’s so cool.

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lmao enjoy the fanboys' love yunho.

KARA's DVD In Top 10 On Oricon

KARA’s DVD BOX set “KARADISE 2011~SEASON’S GREETING FROM THAI” (released 1/26), has sold 10,000 in its first week. It entered Oricon’s Weekly Comprehensive DVD Ranking at #9. This is their first time entering this ranking in the TOP 10.

Until now, the best they have done was “KARA VACATION” (released September 2010), which was #11 in the Blu-ray Disc ranking.

Despite having a group break up crisis, KARA’s latest album “Girl’s Talk” (Released November 2010) was #4 in today’s weekly album ranking. They have spent 4 weeks in the TOP 5.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Oricon

The End Of KARA's Issues, Restarting Activities

On January 31st, it was announced that all 5 members of KARA would resume their activities. According to a report from the Korean media on the 1st, the 5 members were at a studio in Seoul on the 31st. They were there shooting the jacket for their next Japanese single, which is scheduled for release in March. On January 19th, the news of their crisis came about and they have now restarted activities, it’s been 12 days since then. They also plan on attending their shoots for TV Tokyo’s drama “URAKARA”. On the other hand, a return to activities in Korea doesn’t seem to be on the horizon.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Oricon

F.T Island members are violent, dirty, scary, quarrel. Remain humans.

came to Taiwan for 3 days in order to record the Chinese New Year’s Eve special program for CTV. When they were asked if their relationship is good, they all replied “No” and added in unison “But our relationship should be very good if compared to the other groups!” Lee Hongki explained “If we do not quarrel, our relationship would not be good as it means that you do not care about the other person.” Song Seunghyun added “On average, we quarrel about 2-3 times each day. They are all due to trivial matters like eating and sleeping.”

No problems of disbanding

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Sources: Yahoo + multiplylove @ Silh0uette
i'm still wondering how can you argue about sleeping but whatever, all this shit made me laugh so hard.

Uee is the Queen of idols, & Seungri the rejected King

On February 2nd, SBS aired a special Lunar New Year’s broadcast, ‘King of Idols‘, where top idol stars came together to play various games and select the “King and Queen.” As it turns out, the other idols selected Big Bang’s maknae, Seungri, and After School’s UEE as “King and Queen.”

During a dance battle where idols were able to show off their skills and during games where they could reveal their competitive side, Seungri was able to overcome skilled opponents such as SHINee’s Minho, 2PM’s Chansung and Nichkhun, etc. – to become the best of the guys.

Seungri shed tears as he stated, “I was worried about whether I would be accepted by other idol groups, but I’m so thankful that everybody was so welcoming.”

In the female portion for the title of “Queen”, UEE defeated KARA’s Hara and Seungyeon, T-ara’s Hyomin, and others to receive the title.

In the end, ‘King’ Seungri chooses UEE, but UEE dumps Seungri and chooses Jinwoon – putting Seungri in a humiliating situation.

Source: Yahoo! Korea via allkpop & picture from nate news
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Beautiful Korean Queen to stay with Brown Eyed Girls

On February 2nd’s broadcast of MBC’s Lunar New Year special of “Golden Fishery’s” corner “Radio Star,” Ga-In showed her deep affection for her group, Brown Eyed Girls.

During the talk show, the MCs brought up the subject about Ga-In’s contract with her agency, Nega Network. In their discussion, Ga-In revealed, “my contract expired,” and “I’m currently in a status where I didn’t re-sign the contract.

She continued, “To tell you the truth, I get calls from other agencies, but I want to be part of the Brown Eyed Girls for a long time… I’m going to re-sign the contract.

Furthermore, regarding the statement that she “seemed to have changed after entering the acting industry,” she answered, “Because each members [of Brown Eyed Girls] do their own respective activities, the unni’s might feel that way. In addition, when I was cast into a movie, the unni’s were very busy.

Meanwhile in this episode, Ga-In also revealed that thanks to her famous eye make-up, she was chosen as a model for a cosmetic CF, and more details about this endorsement will be revealed to the public soon.

Source: Nate

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infinite in inkigayo mag (interview + scans)


When I first saw Sunggyu with his sharp-looking eyes, a cold aura came from him. His expressions when he laughs and doesn’t laugh is so different that I even questioned if he was the same person. Sunggyu’s eyes and charisma are told without needing a loud voice or making a commotion. This concept gives off a more mature feel that makes it seem like his charms have become more intense.

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scans via murisu
trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits sg dw wh hy sy l sj

KARA ROAST: First appearance together as 5 & Nylon Japan Feb. 2011 HQ scans & #4 Oricon Top10 Weekly

KARA have resumed their Japanese activities once again with all five members. We reported yesterday that the girls were at a Seoul studio for a Japanese jacket cover shoot. Today they are heading out to Japan to continue their activities.

They departed to Japan from Gimpo International Airport on February 3rd. The jacket photo shoot was suppose to be a secret but was eventually leaked. However, this departure to Japan is the first official act from KARA that they are continuing activities.

The KARA girls appeared at the airport with comfortable clothes and a bright appearance on. Despite it being the Lunar New Year, reporters gathered at the airport to catch the girls. KARA's Gyuri said to reporters, "We care a lot about fans, we're sorry to have worried you. We'll work hard on our activities. Please give us a lot of support." The members' relationship between one another seemed good during their departure as they gave big smiles and reassured looks to reporters and fans present.

KARA are heading to Japan to resume filming for their Japanese drama "Urakara." The shooting for the drama was originally supposed to be in January, however due to obvious circumstances, this was set back. Another episode of "Urakara" will air on February 4th.

The conflict between the three KARA members and DSP Media is not completely over yet, unfortunately. However, an agreement to resume Japanese and Korean activities was agreed upon. Hopefully, the whole situation will be resolved soon.

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha is the ‘Marilyn Monroe of Korea’

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KBS’s “Idol Health Beauty Contest” has named Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha to be ‘Korea’s Marilyn Monroe‘ due to her perfectly proportional body.

Professionals who were brought in for the show immediately complimented her beautiful figure, and claimed that she had the same proportions as Marilyn Monroe. Narsha found it hard to believe, but gave a quick ‘S-line’ pose for laughs anyway.

The experts reasoned that Monroe’s measurements for her waist and hips were of a 0.70 ratio. Producers revealed, “The ratio for Narsha’s waist and hip measurements came out to 0.710, making her the closest contestant to Monroe’s figure.”

Narsha was followed by SISTAR’s Bora for second place, and KBS’s anchorwoman, Park Eun Young, in third.

Unfortunately for the idol, she later ranked at 14th place in a poll which ranked the muscle mass of each contestant. She commented, “I admit that I don’t have a lot of muscle. The only muscles I really have are in my arms.”

Director Hwang Se-Il of Cheongdamdong Pose Clinic stated, “Narsha’s proportions are the fruits of her self-management. A body like hers just isn’t made overnight. It’s made out of habitual eating habits, exercise, and physical check-ups.”

Source: AKP