February 3rd, 2011

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Elderly Mountain Man moves and contacts Sunye

Back in September, many fans were impressed with the good deed by Wonder Girls member Sunye. After completing her overseas promotions back in September, Sunye returned to Korea and randomly came across a feature about a man living inside a mud hut in the mountains on SBS’s How In the World.

The program featured a 77 year old man named Lee Eunsu. Having grown up as an orphan, he became victim to many cases of fraud and eventually left for the mountains three years ago, opting to live in a mud hut away from human contact.

Sunye immediately inquired with the show’s PD and was finally able to visit the man through the help of the producers. Upon visiting the man, Sunye prepared clothes, shoes, radio, food and many other much needed items for the man. Despite the relative stench coming from the man, Sunye paid no attention and held his hands asking him to live a long and healthy life. Despite Sunye requesting this act not be reported, news got out and recently, the show revisited the man. Upon revisiting Lee Eunsu, he expressed his gratitude to Sunye and was thankful for her act of kindness.

Recently, the show revisited the elderly man and it was revealed that he moved into a warm homeless shelter. In addition, the producers put him in phone contact with Sunye who was in America at the time of the call.

Good to see the elderly man doing well and looking quite stylish with a Burberry scarf, check out the segment above.


2PM To Release DVD Of Their 1st One Man Live

2PM will release their first live DVD “1st Concert in SEOUL “DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP”” on March 30th.

This live DVD is of their first one man live in Korea in 2010, it has footage from their September 5th performance at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. They debuted in Korea on September 4, 2008, so it has been exactly 2 years since their debut. On that very day, lots of fans rushed to see them, there were even a lot of fans from Japan who also went.

The DVD doesn’t only show 2PM’s lively dancing, but it also has candid footage of the members. During the encore, fans unexpectedly gave them a present, the members were so moved that they cried.

The first press limited edition version includes a special DVD of the members being themselves backstage. Furthermore, it also includes a deluxe hardcover photobook of the live.

In addition, on March 9th 2PM will also release a box set called “ALL ABOUT 2PM”.

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Source: Natalie

KARA Leaves Official Message, Continuing As Five

On the 3rd, KARA made an announcement on their official fanclub site. They declared their continuation as a group, “We, KARA, will continue to do our best from now as 5 members.”

On January 19th, 3 of KARA’s members announced that they wanted to terminate their exclusive contract with their company. That’s when the break up crisis began. It was being reported on daily in Japan as well. The girls arrived in Japan on the 3rd in order to record their drama “URAKARA”.

Below is the full message from KARA.

Thank you so much for always supporting KARA.
During this time, we’ve caused everyone to worry a lot.
We, KARA, will continue to do our best from now on as 5 members.
Thank you so much for all the love you’ve given us.
Please look after KARA in the future.
From all of KARA”

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Oricon

Omg, is it over now...really? Finally a message from KARA @@
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"SS501 disbanded" ? you better run SBS ...

"SS501 disbanded" ? Triple S enraged !

In the screencap of Jung Min it says 'SS501해체라고요'.
According to Ode '해체' means disbandment.
This sub-title enraged TripleS.

Group SS501's fans are now angered.

On February 1, member of Group SS501 Park Jungmin appeared in SBS TV variety 'Strong Heart' and shared stories about the difference with starting solo activities under the subject talk -- 'Solo and Group'.

The root of this issue arose when Park Jungmin was speaking halfway and the phrase 'SS501 Disband' began to appear in the broadcast's subtitlings.

To this, SS501 fans have made protests on 'Strong Heart's notice board, "It's not a disbandment, I'm truly speechless", "We courteously demand for an apology", "Seems like you all are not putting our SS501 fandom in eyes, indeed this is The-Strong-Heart huh", thus demanding an apology for the producers' fault.

After ending their contract with previous agency DSP Media, SS501 have since moved agencies. Kim Hyunjoong was the first to move into Keyeast, after which Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min also both went to different separate agencies. And then again, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong also moved into B2M Entertainment in which Lee Hyori is in.

Amidst the SS501 fandom, there are also a part of fans who are concerned over whether or not SS501 has already been disbanded. However, through many interviews, SS501 members have all revealed that "there is ample possibility for all five of them to unite again on the same stage whenever possible, though they may be pursuing their separate activities for the moment now".

ss501ode + liezle
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Seungyeon and Hyorin take a trip on SBS's Lunar New Year Special

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KARA Seungyeon, the "kkwadang girl", brought laughter on SBS's Lunar New Year Special 'King of Idols.' The show aired on February 2nd in which 18 idol members gathered at Pattaya, Thailand. The idols fought for the title of King and Queen of Idols through various games.

Super Junior Eunhyuk invited Seungyeon to the stage and she performed a sexy dance to Far*East Movement's hit "Like A G6". She was so into her dance that she lost her balance and plopped on the floor with a laugh. The MCs then urged "kkwadang Seungyeon" to re-enact her performance to everyone's amusement.

Then Super Junior Donghae chose Hyorin to come to the dance floor. Hyorin begins to perform a very sensual and sexy dance. Everyone was awed by her dance until her right shoe came off during one of her moves. Hyorin stopped to fix her shoe and had nearly all the male idols rush to help her.

Check out the clips below!

Seungyeon at 00:25 and Hyorin at 4:19

Damn, Hyorin's dance. 0_0
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Sources: Daum, UnknwonCarrot170, & Koreaboo
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Happy Lunar New Year from the Wonder Girls!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Wonder Girls, as they’ve been busy preparing for their American debut album.

The five girls revealed a picture today through their official Twitter, wishing their fans a “Happy Lunar New Year!”

Even though they may be far from home, it’s nice to see that they’re still keeping up with tradition by eating a bowl of rice cake soup.

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5dolls to debut after the Lunar New Year holiday

Co-Ed’s first sub-unit, 5dolls, is busy preparing for their upcoming debut, but they took the time out of their schedule to greet everyone for the Lunar New Year wearing hanboks.

With the addition of maknae Seo Eun Gyo, the girls claimed that they were ready to grab 2011 by the horns.

When asked how it felt to be promoting with only girls, Soomi replied, “It’s a lot easier to change clothes and we sync better as well. When we’re around male members, we try to keep up a certain image and try to look our best.”

Unlike Co-Ed’s rather powerful image, 5dolls will be expressing a cuter and more feminine charm with a ‘public friendly’ song that anyone can follow along.

Chanmi revealed, “Our performances this time will be a lot more comfortable and fun. Since it’s a stage made up entirely of just girls, the overall color of the group has become a lot brighter. Are you ready to be surprised at our new image?

After the Lunar New Year holiday, 5dolls will be releasing their debut track by Brave Brothers, “Lip Mark.” The song is a cute pop dance track that features a synth sound with a strong and addictive beat.

Hyewon concluded, “Now that all of the girls have come together, we feel a lot stronger. Most important of all, we’ll truly be enjoying the stage with a happy heart. A #1 win on a music program? Of course we want that!


030211 Star Dance Battle

Round One
Park Hwisoon & Nam Changhee (“High High”) VS. Hwang Je Sung, Park Jae Min & Lee Sung Bae (“Shut Up” + “Single Ladies“) + Result

Collapse )

Credit: UnknownCarrot170 & AKP

MBLAQ and Infinite were fucking flawless tonight UNF. ILU FLAWLESS PERFECTION (despite Woohyun’s small mistake during Baby), but the sparkles on that outfit is almost distracting and is it just me, or do they (particularly Hoya) look extra gorgeous here? I think I repeated the Scorpion Dance part maybe twenty times.
ZE:A is awesome sauce.
Jewelery, 4Minute and SooHyun(Bin)/Jang YoungRan were amazing and honestly I am slightly disturbed by how good the Teen Top boys look in those blouses, especially the lead vocal. Niel?

Everyone else was just sub-par and dance battles without Kim Shin Young’s parodies aren’t really dance battles at all.

Changmin declares love for Kyuhyun with aegyo

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TVXQ recently made their Korean comeback with their chart-topping single, “Keep Your Head Down“. The duo has been busily promoting their new album in both Japan and Korea, but they recently made time to stop at a radio show for their fellow SM labelmate, Shindong.

Seizing the opportunity to have some fun with his guests, Shindong encourages them to show off their aegyo. Both Yunho and Changmin played around with their aegyo for a bit, but when Changmin learned that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was listening to the show, he summoned up all his aegyo power to deliver this ‘KO’ message: ”Kyuhyun-ah, are you listening? I love you.”

Don’t believe it? Check out the video below!

The clip starts around 1:30, with Changmin’s unbelievable aegyo popping up around the 1:50 mark.

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