February 5th, 2011


Kim Tae Hee is finally winning people over with more than just her looks

Her stunning beauty is beyond dispute, but actress Kim Tae-hee has always been criticized for her wooden acting. She struggled even more in films than on TV, and none of her movies, including "The Restless", "Venus and Mars" and "Grand Prix", were a success at the box office.
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4minute to represent Korea at “Billboard Japan Music Awards"; Plagiarized Choreo For Dance Battle

4minute has been chosen as the Korean representative for “Billboard Japan Music Awards 2010“!

According to the ceremony’s official homepage, 4minute will be attending the awards show on February 6th held at Tokyo’s Midtown as the only Korean singer invited. The girls were already chosen as the “talented rookies to dominate Asia” in January of 2010 by Billboard and were nicknamed as the “spotlighted rookies.”

Through Star News, representatives of Cube Entertainment revealed on February 5th, “4minute has been nominated for the the selection of the newest rising stars of K-POP this year. They’ll be giving impressive performances at the ceremony that will further garner interest from fans.”

4minute commented, “Being invited to such a worldwide event with other artists is such an honor. We’ll be doing our best to prepare an impressive stage.”

Meanwhile, the girls are currently preparing for their comeback album, “Why,” (scheduled for March 9th) and are focusing on their Japanese activities.

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Trans: Allkpop
Original Source: Star News via Daum, Osen via Daum
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Hyun Bin: "I know very well that popularity is not something that lasts forever."

Popular actor Hyunbin, who received lots of attention for his recent performance in "Secret Garden," appeared on tvN's "Live Talk Show Taxi - Secret of Hyunbin." On the show, he said, "I know very well that popularity is not something that lasts forever."

Hyunbin shot to superstardom with his portrayal of restaurateur Hyun Jinhun in MBC's 2005 drama "My Name is Kim Samsoon." Hyunbin won the "Best Couple Award" with Kim Sunah, his female co-actor. At the Baeksang Arts Awards, Hyunbin won the "Popularity Award" as well.

Hyunbin recalled, "Just as you increase the size of your house over time, my seniors were worried for me due to the popularity I was receiving. I gained lots of popularity in a short time, was loved by many people and became financially prosperous, but it was just that moment in time."

Hyunbin stated, "This time is the same as last time (Samsoon). The popularity you get with a drama or movie disappears the next morning. But, I like to enjoy the popularity while it lasts." and, "It may be unfitting for the lead actor to say in an interview, 'I don't care about the ratings.' I'm sorry to the producers, but this is my view."

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This reminds me of something Tiffany said once too. /stan lol/

Junsu Heartbroken by Ticket Scalpers

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JYJ's Kim Junsu premiered his second musical, "Tears of Heaven," just 3 days ago but fans and scalpers are already inflating the prices of the tickets.

After the premier, fans began selling "Tears of Heaven" tickets to each other for around 3,000,000 won each, which is about $2,694 USD. After Junsu heard about this, he expressed his disappointment by saying, "It's painful and it hurts my heart."

A "Tears of Heaven" representative said, "Right now there are many fans who are scalping 'Tears of Heaven' tickets on 'Tears of Heaven' related websites and some other websites. I know that many transactions have occurred via scalpers because of the limited tickets and number of performances. We want to add more performances, but because of Junsu's schedules and other conflicts, adding more performances is difficult."

"Tears of Heaven" is a 50 billion won production about a love-triangle between a Korean Soldier, a Vietnamese singer and an American officer during the Vietnam War. The performances are held at the National Theatre of Korea and will end on March 19th.


ugh, this is fucked up

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[Super Junior] SiHan - Forever together.

Article on Super Junior in Brazilian Magazine

Brazilian Magazine NeoTokyo published on this month's edition (59th issue) an eleven page article on Super Junior, in which the history of the group and basically everything there is to know about them is told.

And it was all translated to English by your very own purinchun here!

Super Junior
The South Korean phenomenon conquers the world.
By Lilian Fernandes, Journalism Student (Federal University of Goias, GO, Brazil) and HatoBR Staff

Learn everything about the hottest Korean boy-band of the moment.

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Article and scans by Lilian Fernandes (chris @ HatoBrazil.com | | funchris @ SJ-World.net)
Translation to English by Carolina Barbosa (purinchun @ Twitter / HatoBrazil.com | | ヒム~ @ SJ-World.net)
Scans reuploaded by Carolina Barbosa (purinchun @ Twitter / HatoBrazil | | ヒム~ @ SJ-World.net)
NeoTokyo Magazine Nº 59 scans with original article in Portuguese can be seen

Took me like freaking 12 hours to translate, revise, add footnotes, revise again, and format this thing... typing 50% of it with just my left hand.
So read this cause I worked hard god dammit.

I'm so happy to see kpop slowly becoming popular in Brazil. Starting small, but I believe it'll slowly move its way up. I really hope that with Brazil becoming relevant that means that kpop bands (or at least SJ?) will start noticing the Americas and then other parts of the planet too.

U-KISS’s Soohyun and Sori win the MBC “Celebrity Marathon Championship”

U-KISS’s Soohyun and singer Sori were the much deserved winners of the MBC “Celebrity Marathon Championship” that was recently broadcast as part of the ongoing Lunar New Year special programs.

The marathon featured about 100 celebrity participants running a nine course race comprising of a combination of games and a 4.2 km marathon run. Celebrities who took part include Kang Ho Dong, DJ DOC, T-MAX, Norazo, SISTAR, SECRET, 4minute, Orange Caramel, and Rainbow.

After a long and tiring race, the two 1st place winners for the male and female categories came out to be Soohyun and Sori, and they each received $4500 USD as prize money.

2nd place winners went to gagman Heo Kyun Hwan in the men’s category, and After School’s Raina for the females.

Congratulations to the two winners!

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Soohyun's tweet.

No.1 (ranking) marathon in honor of Kiss Mes~ Heehee Like ranking no.1, I'll try to make our album rank 1st too. Please give us a lot of support^^ I love you!!^^

Souce: Star News via Nate + Allkpop
@ukissSH + 1,2 translated @rocketboxx

Congratz Soohyun! <3

The One compliments his former student, Taeyeon

[Seoul Newspaper NTN Choi Jungjoo Reporter]'Singing Mentor' The One (Jung Soon Won)

Although there are countless singers including TVXQ and Fly to the Sky who became singers after taking his vocal lessons, 'Girls' Generation's Taeyeon,' from their first meeting, has been acknowledged as a 'different student.'

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Translated by: kwongildong @ soshified.com
Credit: NTN News

For the tl;dr crowd, The One says that Taeyeon's passion and drive set her apart from all his other students. He saw her potential early on and even featured her in a song of his three years before she even debuted. He also says he's surprised she's an idol now, and goes on to say that she's above all of that and should show her true skills by doing ballads.

Everyone's favorite fish lady, Park Yejin gets cast in a movie

Music-industry-centric movie Happy Together had originally cast Park Shi-yeon (Coffee House) in the lead role opposite Ji Hyun-woo, but Park has been forced to withdraw at the last minute due to her health, leaving just over a month before the film is to begin shooting.

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Hello again. There may be less quotes this week because of the Lunar New Year holiday but we are in no shortage of good quotes! Lets get goin.

“I am MBLAQ’s fan and they have been active for 6 years. - Andrea Bucaram in her defense against the plagiarism accusation.

Omona, how long have you been a fan of Mblaq?

Poll #1677628 FAN POLL

How long have you been a fan of MBLAQ?

Since 2005
Embarrassingly only since 2009

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Source: omonatheydidnt

What were some of the quotes that stood out to you this week, Omona?
____ 애프터스쿨 유-이♥

T-ara’s Eunjung shows off her gorgeous new haircut

T-ara’s Eunjung, who’s currently starring in “Dream High” as an antagonist, recently showed off her gorgeous new haircut to her fans.

On the morning of February 5th, the gorgeous singer tweeted, “A three picture set of ‘Yoon Baek Hee.’ I cut off a bit of my hair, hehe.“ She’s been sporting a short style for awhile now, but Eunjung cut it even shorter to play up her character’s maliciousness.

Netizens welcomed the change by commenting, “You’re so pretty,” “This hair matches only because it’s you!,” and “So much charisma~~~ It’s also kind of sexy!

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SNSD’s Tiffany performs with disabled children’s choir on “Star King”

February 5th episode of Star King offered a touching moment when SNSD’s Tiffany performed “I’m Not Alone” with a disabled children’s choir. Famous Korean pianist and composer Yiruma also participated on the piano in this segment.

Many viewers were touched by the wonderful performance and the angelic appearance of Tiffany. Check out the heartwarming performance below.

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cr: akp + MrShoujify@yt
;___; tiffany and the kids were so cute. and i think the girl on the piano is the same one dbsk visited on chocolate
[Music] f(x) - Victoria mustache

This is a WGM Post

The Yongseo couple got a massage together on the February 5th edition of “We Got Married.”

While Yonghwa and Seohyun went to the hospital as Yonghwa was complaining of a stomach ache, he went through various tests and received a checkup. After this they decided to get a spa treatment and they later received a massage. During the massage segment, they linked their pinkies together due to the painful nature of the massage.

The couple went to a get a massage to enjoy their time together and to relax from their hectic schedules but because Yonghwa felt uncomfortable from the unusually painful massage, Seohyun held his pinkie for him. The painful nature of the massage made skinship happen between the two! This made everyone quite excited, especially the fans and the viewers.

When the massage got too painful, the couple raised their hands. Seohyun later commented, “It was painful enough to twist my stomach, but I held the pain in for my health“. Yonghwa responded, “It was the best date ever!”

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Sources: akp 1 & 2, Nate 1 & 2, Newsen 1 & 2
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Difficulty of Korean language test for migrant workers to increase

South Korea's labor ministry said Saturday it will increase the difficulty of the Korean language test for non-professional migrant workers from this year, a move to improve their proficiency of the Korean language.

Since 2005, South Korea has required foreign nationals with E-9 visas to pass the Korean language test. When they pass the test, they are allowed to be registered to work here.

As Korean language lessons were not handy for many of the migrant workers in Asian countries, the ministry comprised the test from a pool of already-disclosed 2,000 questions.

From the first-half of this year, however, the test will include questions that have not been disclosed, officials at the Ministry of Employment and Labor said.

"While the Korean language test has helped increase fairness and transparency in selecting migrant workers, there have been opinions that the test has a limit in making the workers proficient in Korean," a ministry official said.

It wasn't immediately made clear when the new test will start.

The ministry said it will gradually increase the proportion of "undisclosed questions" in the Korean language test to prevent a sharp decline in the number of workers who pass the test.

South Korea plans to hire some 48,000 non-professional foreign workers this year, up from 34,000 in 2010, according to the ministry's Web site.

Those workers are mostly hired by employers in the sectors of manufacturing, agriculture, livestock and fishing farms, it said.

Source: yonhapnews

guess what? 2NE1 SEASON 3! :D

Great news, Blackjacks! 2NE1’s ‘baddest female’ has confirmed that ‘2NE1 TV‘ will continue for a third season.

Seungri participated in Mnet’s “Took” program, through which he gave fans a glimpse into his world. When they followed him into YG Entertainment’s headquarters, they ran into his four fierce labelmates, 2NE1.

In the midst of their exchange, CL held up three fingers and grinned, ”Everyone, please look out for ‘2NE1 TV season 3′!”

*fast forward to 4:40*

Sources: ENNVITY @ YT, AKP

'Kiss of Spider Woman' ready to lure audience

A Korean version of "Kiss of the Spider Woman", a theatrical adaptation of Argentine playwright Manuel Puig's novel, will take to the stage from Feb. 11 to April 24.

Set in a cell in Buenos Aires in 1976, the play revolves around two inmates--the revolutionary Valentin and homosexual Molina. The play has sparked controversy over the relationship between the two main characters, but it has been widely produced in film and musical form. The musical version swept seven Tony Awards in 1992, receiving rave reviews both from critics and fans.

Lee Ji-na directs the Korean adaptation. She has built her reputation with the play "The Vagina Monologues" and musicals "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and "Gwanghwanmun Yeonga". "I will create new characters suited to each actor", said Lee.

For the role of Molina, comedian-turned-actor Jeong Seong-hwa, who is actively engaged in musical productions, will depict the romantic homosexual. Jeong has shone in his roles in "Man of La Mancha", "All Shook Up", "Radio Star" and recently " Hero " with his strong baritone vocals.

Rising musical star Park Eun-tae will alternate the role of Molina with Jeong. The play is Park's debut work. "I couldn't sleep because I worried about my first play. I will try hard not to make this homosexual role just gossip", he said. Park who recently drew attention in Austria for his performance in a musical gala concert there, also performed in musical productions such as "Notre Dame de Paris" and "Mozart!"

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Credit: HanCinema
Sorry, I don't have a source for the pics; they were linked to me individually by a friend a while back. Some may remember Park EunTae as one of the alternate lead actors for Mozart.
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MBC cuts the Perfect Prismatic Princesses short

MBC’s ”Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships” is being heavily criticized for airing only 40 seconds of Rainbow’s synchronized swimming performance.

On February 5th, Rainbow revealed their fantastic aquatic performance of “A” before the men’s 50m competition. Reportedly, the girls trained for 4 months with a professional, and so their segment became one of the program’s most highly anticipated events.

Unfortunately, only 40 seconds of their performance was aired on the show, and viewers couldn’t hold back their disappointed responses.

Viewers commented, “They practiced for 4 months? They just shouldn’t have done it”, “Almost everything was edited, the members would be very disappointed”, “I even thought this was disappointing before it was revealed that they practiced for 4 months. They would be shocked“.

Poor Rainbow. I hope the members get to show off their synchronized swimming completely at another time.

Also, inb4 "who cares, got to see the guys swimming sooner"
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VIPS prove they're #1 fanclub

Ever since After School’s UEE appeared on SBS’s “King of Idols“, her mini homepage has been off-the-wall busy.

For those of you who haven’t heard of “King of Idols”, it was a Lunar New Year special that had numerous idols competing against each other in various games. But it had an interesting twist – the idols also had to participate in a ‘couple game’, where they had to pick a partner of the opposite sex. The filming took place in Pattaya, Thailand for two nights and three days.

When the episode aired on February 2nd, fans of Big Bang’s Seungri became enraged by UEE’s disregard towards their idol.

First, during the game ‘King of Strategy‘ game (in which opposing teams had to push one another into the water), UEE stated, “I just want to beat Seungri” and ended up pushing him into the water during the game. Additionally, during the couple picking game, Seungri opened his heart to UEE – only to receive a “No thanks</>” from her end. UEE ended up picking 2AM’s Jinwoon.

After watching UEE’s behavior, Seungri fans attacked UEE’s mini homepage with malicious and abusive comments.

Seeing these negative comments, a few netizens stated, “This is too much. Even if you are upset as a Seungri fan, I think this kind of comment is manner-less” and “What would Seungri think if he saw these comments?

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infinite shows their gratitude to fans on mbc

The 7 membered idol group, Infinite, prepared a special saebae [T/N: Bowing to an elder as a sign of giving good New Year’s fortune] performance, making it a hot topic.

On the February 5th airing of MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’, Infinite showed a performance of doing saebae with a unique movement during the stage of their 2nd mini album’s title song, ‘BTD’.

Instead of gathering into a circle during the scorpion dance part, ‘BTD’s highlight, Infinite stood in two lines and sent greetings to the viewers by doing saebae and saying “Receive a lot of new year’s fortune.”

After finishing the saebae, Infinite went back to their own spots and did the scorpion dance, causing them receive more attention.

Shortly after Infinite’s saebae performance, viewers posted comments like, “I was really surprised that they showed a saebae performance rather than doing their scorpion dance”, “It’s a stage concept that’s rare to see recently”, “Think that Infinite is going to become daebak/a hit in 2011”, showing feverish support.

On the other hand, Infinite’s company revealed, “They were thinking about how to repay the fans who gave them a lot of love” and “The members suggested the saebae performance, which is how they sent their greetings.”

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
sauces: newsen, infinite updates