February 6th, 2011


Goguma Couple ep 43.. An underweight wife and a caffeine addicted husband



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Seohyun is 9kg underweight!


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Translated by: ch0sshi @soshified.com

Credit to: bntnews.co.kr

Taken from:Soshified & SNSD -girl generations- fan page

Source: Iloveyongseo

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Synkiss where are you?????? and can YongHwa please get his own tag? nearly all of CN Blue news is mostly about him....just saying.
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Marriages with foreigners soar in Korea

One out of every 10 South Korean men and women gets married with a foreigner, with Chinese and Vietnamese brides being the most popular, according to data released Sunday.

Statistics Korea said 33,300 South Koreans tied the knot with foreigners in 2009 alone, accounting for 10.8 percent of all marriages here. It marks a big increase from 4,710, or 1.2 percent, in 1990 but a decline from 42,356, or 13.5 percent, in 2005.

In particular, 11,364 South Korean men wedded Chinese women and 7,249 others married Vietnamese women in 2009, the agency said.

The number of Filipino brides stood at 1,643, followed by Japan with 1,140, Cambodia with 851, Thailand with 496, the United States with 416, Mongolia with 386, Uzbekistan with 365 and Nepal with 316, it noted.

Source: koreatimes>
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N.K. has ulterior motives for offering talks

Seoul remains firm that Pyongyang should first show ‘sincerity’

Through its continuing overtures for talks with the South, North Korea apparently seeks to be seen taking the initiative to enhance inter-Korean relations that plunged to new lows over two attacks last year, experts here said Sunday.

Other motives behind its recent “peace offensive” include creating a mood conducive to the resumption of the multilateral aid-for-denuclearization talks and causing an ideological dispute in the South over divisive issues involving the North, they said.
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Source: koreaherald
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I want to be reborn as a hoopoe

Famous ornithologist demands government stop developments that destroy birds’ homes

Self-acclaimed “walking bird encyclopedia,” Yoon Moo-boo, says he can list all 8,626 species of the world’s birds without faltering. He can guess a bird’s type by only a glimpse of a shadow.

“Because all I know about is birds, people sometimes call me a bird-head, but I actually kind of enjoy being called that. I mean ... it is true, I’m completely ignorant in other stuff.”
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Source: koreaherald
Just wow....
____ 레인보우 재경♥

The Truth is Revealed; Rainbow's Pool Dance Wanted by No One

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Idol group Rainbow’s synchronized swimming performance is on the chopping blocks again, this time for being too sexual.

On MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships”, Rainbow revealed their amazing synchronized swimming performance to their song “A”. It was reported that the members trained for 4 months with a professional just for this performance.

The performance is now being criticized for being overly sexual, as the camera angles inappropriately captured the Rainbow members’ body parts, such as their butts.

Viewers commented, “There were moments of the performance that I just couldn’t watch”, “I didn’t feel comfortable watching the parts where they showed off their butts”, “I can’t believe it was a special performance. It was just too much“, showing off much of their discomfort at viewing the ’sexual’ performance.

The program was already a hot topic even before it was filmed. Viewers were concerned about the idols wearing revealing bathing suits arguing, “I feel uncomfortable at the idea that young girls have to reveal their bodies“. To counter this criticism, the production team decided on a closed filming, but the idea of the championships being too sexual has not been avoided.

Dr. Who - Lost

IU and Nicole speak English in latest Heroes episode!

IU’s English skills were revealed on the latest episode of “Heroes“. On this particular episode, the singer transforms into a hotelier, and tries her hand at leading the foreign hotel guests to their rooms.

While assisting one foreign guest, IU tries her best at explaining the emergency button to him. In a weak and diffident voice, she uses every English word that she can think of, closing her statement with the name of a famous song, “Run To You” by Whitney Houston.

Drawing many laughs for her cute English, she made further use of the song title by saying her goodbyes to the same guest, repeating “Run to you” once again.

Source: AKP + TVdaily + Pilsuk

omg lol. iu is so cute, she tries her hand at japanese too. the clip also includes a cut of nicole speaking english too.

“Korean Celebrities Only Know How to Ask After ‘Money’”

JP News’ coverage on why Korean celebrities file lawsuits against their companies

[New Daily] Feb. 2, 2011 10:11am

“Even if a sunbae (aka senior) songwriter sells the copyright of his hubae’s (aka junior) song, the hubae is unable to object and is reduced to swallowing his own tears. There are hierarchical relationships in Korea that would be unimaginable in Japan.” (a Japanese record label representative)

On the 2nd, JP news reported, “a Japanese weekly magazine attributed the reason for conflicts between Kpop idols and their management companies, such as those involving Dong Bang Shin Ki and Kara, to Korea’s peculiar ‘Family discourse’.” Influential Japanese weekly magazine Shukanbyun for its Feb. 3 edition interviewed Kpop expert and radio DJ Furuya Masayuki, a music representative who worked with Kara, a Japanese entertainment reporter, a Japanese record label representative, etc. and released a comprehensive, investigative piece on why ‘the Korean entertainment scene has no other option but to run into conflicts.

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- Reporter Ohn Jongrim-

Source: kr.news.yahoo.com
Translated by: Jimmie of TheJYJFiles
Shared by: TheJYJFiles
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The February 4th episode of KBS's Music Bank did not air, due to the 2011 Asian Winter Games. However, on the 7th of February, the winner of last week's K-Chart was revealed on Music Bank's official site.

After one year and four months since their debut, Secret is now enjoying a rise to the top, as they took home this week's award with their hit song, "Shy Boy". IU followed in second place with "Good Day", and TVXQ took third place with "Why (Keep Your Head Down)".

Check out the rest of the chart for the February 4th episode of Music Bank, below! Congratulations to Secret on their win!

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Source: Newsen and Music Bank's Official Site + koreaboo<br

Shin Sekyung endorses the lingerie brand "Vivian" AKA : STUFF JJONG HAS ALREADY SEEN.

Shin Sekyung has dropped the "innocent" part of her image to be the main endorser for the lingerie brand Vivian. In the new Vivian photoshoot, she is wearing a black mini one-piece dress that reveals her pink bra, showing off her "glamor" to the fullest.

Vivian's representative said, "We tried to put her image of the past behind and gave her a confident, womanly image instead."

Check out the teaser pictures below. What do you think of them?

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cr. koreaboo / Sports Chosun
Wanna One Energetic

Gaon Chart names Super Junior as the #1 album seller of 2010

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‘Gaon Chart‘ will hold a vision announcement conference for 2010/2011 on February 9th.

While that may sound a little dull, the organization plans to reveal 2010’s top albums through a special awards ceremony. The nominees were based on the most online and offline album sales of 2010.

The ‘#1 album sales of 2010′ distinction went to none other than Super Junior, thanks to their fourth album, ”Bonamana“. miss A, G.NA, Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Chul and many others will also receive awards for their performance in the album and digital sales categories.

A representative from the Music Industry Association of Korea stated, “We’ll be releasing accurate data for fairness in our analysis of the music market. After the conference, we will be releasing all music-related data through our homepage.”

The event is certainly substantial, as invitations sent out to the singers, important representatives of the music industry, broadcast writers and producers, as well as to the members of the press.

Stay tuned to allkpop for further updates on the winners’ list!

Sources and Photo: allkpop and Asia Economy via Daum

Get it Suju. ♥

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Taeyang watches Kanauru's Wedding Dress remake

So while we were down in L.A at the Movement Lifestyle office Taeyang paid a visit. I think Amanda or someone came up to me and told me to show Taeyang the remake and so this is what happened.

I love it when Shaun is laughing at Qui haha.
I was expecting a bigger reaction from Taeyang for the ending but that wasn't the case :P

Thanks for watching our video Youngbae.
We hope you come back and visit soon!

Q. Is that really Taeyang?
A. No, that's Qui :D

Q. How come didn't get a front angle of Taeyang?
A. I didn't want to be rude and all up in his face :P

Q. Is that Shaun with long hair?
A. That's his evil twin brother.

Q. Who won in Ping Pong?
A. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


Taeyang: "yo, that's better than me", lolol. Too bad about the angle but the video is cute and meta.

SM is spoiling me and I don’t care, 2 hours of sexy Changmin for 2 weeks


TVXQ’s Changmin cast for “Athena: Goddess of War”

’s Changmin will be joining the cast of SBS’s “Athena: Goddess of War” alongside labelmate Super Junior’s Siwon.

Changmin began filming last week, and he’ll appear for the drama’s 16th through 20th episodes. The idol/actor took on the role of a nuclear bomb specialist from the National Intelligence Service.

Viewers will be able to see him for two hours in a row starting from 9 PM and 10 PM respectively, thanks to his leading role in “Paradise Ranch” as well.

Changmin will be making his first “Athena” appearance in the February 7th episode.

Source: Newsen

Sexy scientist Changmin. Life is getting better and better ♥♥
is 2 weeks cause is 2 epsiodes per week no 1 lol sorry to exited to do math XD


TVXQ's penalty for breach of contract estimated to be over 121 million USD

ZAKZAK, an online news portal associated with Sanspo, one of the largest newspapers in Japan, recently published an article on February 5th estimating the penalty cost for TVXQ's breach of contract at 10 billion JPY (approximately 121 million USD).

The article made reference to the difference between the Japanese and Korean industry, or more specifically, particular terms and clauses within TVXQ's contract which were considered "shocking." The terms referred to were where "all rights and privileges that the group get from TV programs and stage performances, as well as public activities in and outside of Korea, belong to the production company." It was also stated that the decision meant "all copyrights, including the copyrights for lyrics, music, arrangement, reproducing right, duplicating right, recording right, distributing right, broadcasting right, performing right, karaoke distributing right, and the right to produce secondary products, are all transferred to the company."

An unnamed expert official explained that, "In Japan, artists are paid a part of their singing right, and copyrights of lyrics, music and arrangement. At that time, among the 5 members, each of them were paid 0.4-1% of their profits. Moreover, if they were not able to sell more than 50,000 copies, then there would be no guarantee for their pay."

Perhaps what was most shocking was the amount of the penalty should there be a violation of the contract. ZAKZAK outlined the amount at 3 times the investment made into the group, plus twice the profit expected to be made in the remaining years of the contract duration. The cost to JYJ for breaching the contract was estimated at "more than 10 billion JPY (121 million USD)."

Diplomatic as always, the Japanese article reasoned that this was the way things were done in the Korean entertainment industry: to invest heavily in their idols, and as a result, bind them with long-term contract and to continue training them. "It may be difficult for the Japanese to understand, but this is the way the Korean wave is taking over Asia."

Source: ZAKZAK and onetvxq

An online sanctuary for Korean gay teens

The internet has allowed for some sexual freedom, though Korean gays still struggle.

Guest Writers

By Michael Rhee - Special to GlobalPost
Published: January 14, 2011 06:25 ET in Asia

SEOUL, South Korea — When Suh Eun-pil was being harassed at school last year because of rumors he was gay, the internet was one of the few places he felt safe. One website in particular, called Rateen, provided a haven from critical eyes and verbal abuse.
Suh began visiting Rateen regularly, and six months later his life had completely changed — for the better.

On a recent Friday afternoon, Suh, 18, was surrounded by friends, everyone chatting and laughing. The small group of friends — all whom met through Rateen — was planning a social event for gay and lesbian teens, with games, prizes and special speakers. They were expecting about 150 guests, one of their largest turnouts yet.

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source: globalpost | rateen

Pictures of The Week: Special Edition

사진 찍자!

Maybe it's because it's Korean New Year that this weeks pictures were especially charming. So here is a look back.

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TY4YT!! Hope everyone had a great holiday
& please feel free to share recent pictures that you thought had that certain charm.
see what life is like on jupiter &amp; mars

IU to guest perform in Corinne Bailey Rae’s first Korean concert

Singer IU was given a unique opportunity to guest-perform for Corinne Bailey Rae’s first Korean concert! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Corinne Bailey Rae’s work, she’s a phenomenal singer/songwriter/guitarist, whose work leans toward contemporary jazz and soul.

Going back to IU, the young star revealed that she was delighted to perform for the British musician, simply because Corinne Bailey Rae is her personal role model. “As a dedicated fan, I am very excited to be on the same stage with her,” said IU. “It is an honor.”

The two previously met at the Jisan Rock Festival, which IU attended for a recording of “Infinity Challenge“. At the festival, the two exchanged greetings, which eventually lead to Corinne Bailey Rae inviting IU to be a special guest in her upcoming concert.

Corinne heard IU sing and complimented her with,“She is young but the soul in her singing voice is outstanding.

The concert will be held at AX Korea on March 10th.

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source: akp/Newsen + pchome123520 + ProtoTypeIU

Gyuri's foreveralone seating worries fans and Seungyeon's camhogging pushiness angers them

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Japan's FujiTV revealed how the Kara girls sat on their plane to Japan. According to FujiTV, Seungyeon, Hara, Jiyoung and Nicole sat in one row together, and Gyuri sat a few rows ahead by herself.

Fans thought it was strange that Hara and Jiyoung would sit next to each other, as the two have different opinions on the current situation. Fans were also worried when they saw Gyuri sitting by herself, apart from the members. They wondered if the rumors of Gyuri getting bullied by the rest of the members were actually true.

Source: Joins, Koreaboo

Kara's situation seems to be at a standstill, but fans are finding new evidence that the conflict may be due to friction between the members. Their suspicions increased when FujiTV released a seating chart on the plane where Gyuri sat alone.

However, this time, a fan found a performance of "Pretty Girl" on Music Bank. In the performance, Seungyeon stayed front and center even though it was Nicole's turn to be center, making the formation of the choreography crooked. Nicole was completely hidden from the camera, and in the end she chose to straighten the choreography by going off center.

Gyuri then glared at Seungyeon, and fans guessed it was because, as the leader, she was criticizing Seungyeon for her behavior on stage. This caused Seungyeon to pause for a bit with an unsatisfied face, and be slightly late in coming into line for the choreography. When she did come into line, she gave Nicole a slight push.

When fans saw this, they were extremely angry at Seungyeon and guessed that it was Seungyeon that was causing all the problems, not Gyuri as they first guessed.

Check out the video below. Seungyeon's turn is over at 1:59, but she stays in front of Nicole until Nicole moves in 2:07. Gyuri looks slightly annoyed at 2:08, and gives Seungyeon a glare at 2:12. Seungyeon is late into the line at 2:13, and gives Nicole a push at 2:14.

Source: holypraiselee, Koreaboo