February 7th, 2011

Gong Hyo-jin’s quirky charm in High Cut

I adore eclectic, fashion-forward Gong Hyo-jin (Pasta), despite never understanding what she’s wearing and why she looks good in it. It’s a mystery of the universe, but I’m guessing it has something to do with her unique gamine charm. She’s the opposite of the tries-too-hard starlet; she looks younger than she is but seems wiser than she should be; in short, she’s effortlessly cool.

But my favorite thing about her is of course her easy, breezy acting style, which is equally effortless and naturalistic. I literally almost fell over when she was cast in last year’s Pasta opposite Lee Seon-kyun, who is my favorite effortless and naturalistic actor. They were, as expected, insanely cute together and so charmingly real. Now if only the story was…a story. Sigh. I think I’ll break out my Biscuit Teacher Star Candy DVDs and relive the heyday of my Gong Hyo-jin love.
And I don’t know what’s going on with these outfits, but that crazy shade of lipstick is my new favorite thing. Except the second I put it on, I’m gonna look like I have clown lips, while Gong Hyo-jin looks like that. No one said life was fair. girlfriday

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2PM's Junsu colloborates with Lim Jeonghee & Kan Miyeon

A couple of weeks ago, we speculated about Kim Junsu of 2PM writing and composing for different artists, as well as himself, based on information in Korea Music Copyright Association website. It looks like we hit the nail right on the head, Junsu has 2 songs that he has written and composed coming out this week.

The first song is Don’t Go written by Junsu and composed by him and One Ways leader Chance. The song will be a collaboration between Junsu and JYP label-mate Lim Jeonghee or J. Lim, and will feature on the Dream High soundtrack. It is an uptempo R&B song that really showcases their singing talent and vocal range.

The second song is one we’ve mentioned before, also a collaboration, between Kan Miyeon and Junsu called Sunshine. The song was entered into the Korea Music Copyright Association site with a slated release for September so fans were puzzled to if they would ever hear the song. The song will be released February 10th and is speculated to be for Kan Miyeons new album.

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Article - Hellokpop
Youtube - akilovesSJ2, Sunnyzzang2
Junsu - Jun2daKAY

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Woori is the most flawless member of rainbow

Rainbow’s Go Woo Ri showed off her fantastic swimming skills through MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships“.

In this special show, she won the gold medal in the 50m freestyle race.

In the first part of the show, Rainbow performed a synchronized swimming skit that got edited down to just 40 seconds, and the performance was also deemed inappropriate by many netizens because of how revealing their outfits were.

Although their performance was shortened, they made a name for themselves through the swim races. Go Woo Ri won first, and Jaekyung, the leader of the group, got second.

DSP Media said, “Go Woo Ri goes to Korea National Sport University and Jaekyung used to train a lot in dancing, so they are both athletic. They practiced swimming while rehearsing the synchronized swimming performance. This led to their success during the race.



Hyomin apologizes to Seungri

T-ara’s Hyomin recently apologized to her senior, Big Bang’s Seungri, for speaking informally to him on public broadcast.

She recently wrote on her Twitter, “I was in the middle of watching a broadcast, and that day Seungri and I decided to have fun together by jokingly mocking each other and speaking comfortably, but it’s been bothering me cause it looked like I was talking carelessly.”

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Today Is Brought To You by The Number 5. KARA 5 Weeks In TOP5

Korean girl group KARA’s latest album “Girl’s Talk” (Released November 24, 2010), has jumped to rank #2 on Oricon’s Weekly Album Chart this week, after being at #4 last week. This is the 11th week the album has been on sale and it is currently the same rank as it was during it’s week of release, KARA’s best yet. KARA’s album has spent 5 consecutive weeks in the TOP5 and the last foreign artist to do this was 3 member boy group O-ZONE 5 years and 5 months ago with their album “DISCO-ZONE ~Koi no MAIAHI~” (Released March 2005).

KARA has been going through a break up crisis and began working again as 5 members on the 4th, even through all of their problems their sales have continued to stay strong. The foreign artist with the record of sales is “Michael Jackson THIS IS IT” (released October 2009), which sold 453,000 copies, it has been 1 year and 2 months. For a foreign group, O-ZONE still has the most copies sold as of now, with 859,000, it has been 5 years and 5 months.

As of this week, “Girl’s Talk” has sold a total of 313,000 copies (16,000 copies this week alone). The last foreign female group to pass 300,000 copies sold was Destiny’s Child in 2005 with “Number 1’s”, it has been 5 years and 3 months.

“Girl’s Talk” is KARA’s first original album. It has 10 songs, including their Japanese debut single “Mister” and their 2nd single “Jumping”. KARA arrived in Japan on the 3rd to film for their drama “URAKARA”. They resumed work on the 4th.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Oricon

Did you miss me? XD There were a lot of "fives" in this post...
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Enswers to buy Korean pop culture site in U.S.

Local firm to promote movies, music and news from Korea overseas

Video search technology provider Enswers Inc. said yesterday that it has agreed to acquire Silicon Valley-based online company Soompi Media LLC to create a Web portal for Korean pop culture and news in the United States.

Under the agreement, Seoul-based Enswers will introduce this month a revamped Soompi.com powered by its own video search technology in a bid to bring Korean dramas, music, movies and news to audiences outside the country, it said in a statement. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Founded in 2006, Soompi is among the largest online Korean pop culture communities in English. It gained ground on the back of hallyu, or the Korean Wave - drawing about 5 million monthly visitors from some 150 countries.

The Korean Wave was fueled by the huge popularity of Korean soap operas, pop music and movies in Asian countries. But efforts by local online companies to deliver content to global audiences were hamstrung by Korea’s Internet regulations requiring visitors to identify their names and ID numbers. Enswers is a four-year-old company. Yonhap

Source: JoongAng Daily
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Big Bang in United States for MV filming

On the 7th, Big Bang headed into United States. Fans predicted that their trip to the States was for a music video, and it has just been confirmed that Big Bang will be filming their newest music video in the United States. The Big Bang members will have a new style of music with foreign scenes as the background for their music video.

Since going to the States and setting up the preparations there requires an extreme amount of budget, fans are anticipating to see what impact they'll make into the music industry this time.

Big Bang will be in the States for about a week. Are you looking forward to their music video?

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Seungri is a Troll; netizens are butthurt,the grass is green...

Big Bang’s Seungri took part in an interview that’s stirred up some controversy amongst netizens.

Seungri was interviewed by Daum’s micro-blog ‘Yozm,’ where fans were able to upload questions for the artist to answer. One fan asked him to name a few celebrities that he was close with, to which he replied, I have a lot of celebrity friendships now. I was close to SNSD, but we’re not on good terms lately.. ^^ I won’t talk about it ^^ We fought once so.. ^^”

He continued, “Another one is KARA’s Goo Hara but we’re not on good terms right now either, so it’s a bit upsetting…”

Seungri went on to list 2PM’s Chansung, Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In, F.T. Island’s Jong HoonMBLAQ’s Thunder, and many others, but netizens expressed that they felt unsettled with the way he listed SNSD and Goo Hara.

Criticizing the star, some netizens posted: “Did you need to publicly state that you had a fight?,” “I’d like for you to think of others when you’re taking part in interviews,” “There’s a difference between being honest and being thoughtless,” and “What does that make SNSD then? They were quiet about it this entire time.”

However, others supported Seungri by leaving understanding comments like, “It looked like he was trying to be honest throughout his interview, let’s try not to push him into a corner.”

Source: Newsen via Nate
Translated by: allkpoop

-----i guess honesty isnt always the best policy ;p
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Yoseob sings for My Princess OST II

MBC’s “My Princess” recently unveiled ‘Part 2′ of their OST series, and B2ST’s Yoseob sung a sweet ballad that’s sure to soften the iciest heart.


Titled “Cherish That Person“, the song soothes with its sweeping string arrangement and light acoustic guitar. Yoseob’s soft voice also adds to the relaxing feel of the track.

credits: allkpop, mybeastyboys9

Kim Kyujong emerges from hibernation to give KARA advice

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong gave his thoughts on the KARA dispute with DSP Media through an interview with Daily Sports.

KARA’s former labelmate expressed, “I might have to give the girls a light clout when I see them. It’s upsetting that such a situation arose when they were doing so well. No matter what agency they go to, they have to remain as one. I hope they never forget that.”

Kim Kyu Jong continued, “I’ve been watching over KARA since they were trainees, so it feels good to see the level of popularity they’ve achieved in Japan. It’s only just now that they’re finally harvesting the fruits of their labor, but it’s upsetting that this had to happen. I hope that they don’t become swayed by the words of those around them, and focus on gathering their opinion as one.”

Kim Kyu Jong left DSP Media in 2010 and is now a part of B2M Entertainment.

Source: Korea Economy via Daum, AKP

It's not exactly news, but...well, it's Kim Kyujong!

And it was always nice seeing all the SS501/KARA and Rainbow love.


Key and Taemin are featured at “eshop by star”, a project at d&shop, an online shopping site, in which stars give styling tips for new products. Key and Taemin recommend Kipling and Eastpak’s new products with their styling story. All buyers of the products will receive badges with Key’s and Taemin’s face printed. It says a more detailed story of the photo shoot will be on the March issue of Elle Girl.
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key in glasses ;___; omg
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Sunny's Parents Did Some Serious Planning

[Seoul=Newsis] Sunny and Her Sisters Are 1 in 130,000?

For the families of Pam Vanwell (35), who live in United Kingdom's South Wale's Burry Port, their special day is the September 5th. It is because three of their kids, Jack (9), Alicia (7), and Miley (1), share the same birthday. It is known to be true that there is a 1 in 133,000 chance for three sisters and brothers to be born on the same day.

For the families of Sunny (22·Lee Soonkyu), their special day is May 15th. Including herself, her oldest sister, Eunkyu, who is 15 years older than her, and her second sister, Jinkyu, who is 10 years older than her, share the same birthday. Sunny's mother follows her birthday on lunar calendar, and sometimes her birthday overlaps with the date of May 15 on solar calendar.

Sunny's father, who is the only man of the house, goes through the burden whenever this day approaches, treating out three ladies of the house.

Meanwhile, Pam's family, who owns a car rental shop, stated that it's like celebrating another Christmas when their kids' birthday comes up.

Members of Girls' Generation told us, that "whenever May 15 approaches each year, all of Sunny's family members get excited from the party-like atmosphere."

In the meantime, Girls' Generation is currently promoting in Japan with their new Japanese single, 'Run Devil Run', and is busy with various promotions, traveling back and forth from Korea to Japan.

Translated by: soCOOL@soshified.com
Edited by: iTriscuit@soshified.com
Credits to: Lee Jaehoon (이재훈) Reporter (realpaper7@newsis.com)/ Newsis.com
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10Asia Gallery Updates feat. INFINITE, TEEN TOP & Dream High BTS

Why not make several posts when you can put them all together? There were too many images for each batch so I included DL links to save everyone the trouble of saving each one (and me uploading all of them). Enjoy~

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Dream High
Teen Top

ngl, I signed up for Kim Soohyun's fanclub~

GTOP Shoe Envy

Ever since GD & TOP started promoting as a duo around December, the thing that caught my eye aside from their stage antics and crazy fashions are the drool worthy shoes. GD, Big Bang's leader with his crazy clothes and TOP, Big Bang's resident looker (in the words of seungri, not mine) who usually wears more classic suits being all bamf. Scroll down and experience the ultimate shoe envy, ponder on what you are doing wrong with your life and why don't you own anything close to the amazing shoes they own.

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Sources: korean-chic.com|21bangs|21bangs|21bangs|21bangs|21bangs|21bangs|bigbangupdates