February 8th, 2011


SNSD are going to be high class ladies for Christian Dior

According to multiple officials in the cosmetic industry, it was been revealed on February 8th in Korea that SNSD was picked to be Christian Dior's new models, and they have already started a photoshoot for their new advertisements.

It is unusual for the luxury brand to choose a Korean/domestic star to be their spokesperson, and SNSD will be the company's first "girl group" to model for them.

It was also revealed that aside from Taeyeon, Yoona, and Seohyun, the other six members (Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny, Yuri, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung) have already finished their photoshoots.

Are you excited to see the girls modeling for such a high-class, world renowned company?

Star News / Koreaboo

I heard it was mostly for skincare products, but as long as I see them in amazing clothes idgaf.

Supernova caught in controversy due to remarks on Japanese variety show


The members of Supernova were recently swept up in a controversy for a few statements they made while guesting on Japan’s TBS variety program, “Kuraberu Kurabera.”

The members were asked their thoughts on the cultural differences they found while promoting in both Korea and Japan, as well as the differences in the way Korean idols are trained.

During the segment, Supernova mentioned, “Korean idols confidently confess that they’ve underwent plastic surgery. It’s become a lot more popular lately, and has even become a form of PR. When idols confess about their plastic surgery to their fans, they earn a lot more popularity.”

Member Geon-il was asked his thoughts on plastic surgery, to which he replied, “It’s not something to boast about, but I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed about either.

The panelists of “Kuraberu Kurabera” went on to claim that, “Korean parents present plastic surgery as a gift to children who enter college or become of age.” Supernova added, “In Korea, there are gift certificates for plastic surgery.

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Source + Photos: allkpopReview Star, Seoul News via Naver & Newsen  Videos: chima3231 1 2 3

Even though it seems just like an other overreaction from netizens to me, I'm a bit concerned at how this might affect their comeback next month.

G.NA Talks About Her Big Boobs Again

After revealing that she had D-cup breasts in a previous interview, singer G.NA made many wonder whether she went through cosmetic surgery to achieve them.

She confidently replied, “I’m thankful towards my mother. I lost about 3.5 kg for my comeback, and I was originally a DD-cup, but they shrunk down to Ds.”

Although she’s able to make such brave statements with a laugh now, there was a time when she was embarrassed about it. “I wanted to hide them out of embarrassment. I was known for always wearing black clothing, and it was difficult to dress myself.”

When netizens began making gifs and caps of her breasts and circulating them on the internet, she also revealed that she was deeply hurt. ”My mother visits my mini-homepage, and some netizens even uploaded those pictures on there. My mom said it was disgusting.”

She continued, “I think it all depends on how I present myself. I just have to be confident and make sure that I give off my own feel. I’d like for the netizens to capture my face next time, though.”

Since she has the physical attributes to back up any sexy concept, many expected her to go down the sexy route for a quicker rise to stardom. G.NA thought differently after the disbandment of Five Girls and refused to be that ‘one shot star’.

She explained, “My mom once told me that it won’t be easy for me. I consider my physique just one of the many charms inside of me, but I felt that using that trait was a waste. My days as a Five Girls member is also important, but as opposed to staying immersed in the past, I’d rather work towards the future.”

Behind her sexy and cute exterior lies a tenacious and feisty girl. “I’m strict with myself, so I make myself tired,” she explained. In preparation for her comeback, she’d go on for days without sleep by recording at 6 to 7 AM, and then beginning rehearsals from 10 AM to 1 AM.

Even when composers were leaving her side one by one, she stuck through it and remained in the recording room. ”Being able to do my best like that left me with no regrets and I had a lot of fun. If there were no effects, I’m not sure how I would’ve felt, but since I saw how the album improved, I’m going to continue working like this.”

She concluded, “I’m still lacking in so many aspects that I can’t even name a rival if you asked me to. I will, however, show everyone how much I’m improving.”

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Sports Chosun via Nate
[Korean] MBLAQ - Seungho Pout

MBLAQ’s Mir sustains a spinal injury

Currently promoting their title song “Stay“, MBLAQ’s Mir has sustained a minor spinal injury.

J. Tune Entertainment officially made an announcement through Money Today Star News on February 8th, stating, “Mir has been hospitalized on the 7th due to lower back pain. For the time being, he will be resting. Mir’s lower back has not been in good shape and because of the packed filming schedules, his condition got worse. He needs to receive physical therapy daily in order to get better“.

Mir is now taking a break from his hectic schedule, dividing his time between the hospital and his home. Therefore, MBLAQ will continue promoting their album as 4 members, excluding Mir.

The upcoming filming of Mnet’s “M! Countdown” will proceed with only 4 members. J. Tune Camp has decided that although Mir’s condition is not serious, they are going to take every precaution in order to prevent any further injury.

Source: Star News via Nate
Translation: allkpop

Kara to resume making money in Korea first, think about the lawsuit later

After returning to their Japanese schedules last week, KARA has announced that they’ll be tending to their Korean activities as well, starting with leader Park Gyuri’s attendance at the “Alpha & Omega” press conference on February 10th.

After meeting with DSP Media on January 27th, the group decided to fulfill the commitments they’ve made prior to the dispute. The continuation of the team, as well as the status of the lawsuit, will be discussed at a later date.

On February 8th, a representative confirmed, “Gyuri will be attending the interview at the press conference on the 10th.“ The girls will also be participating in fan signings, CF recordings, and many other activities over the coming weeks.

Sources: Ppl-who-say-Seungri-ain't-chingus-w/-Alien-Hara!!!akp, Daum

Meh, nothing new, just an excuse for me to take a study break to post this 

[info]toomanysides tells me to shut up, quit stealing, and sit in a corner OTL

N. Korea tries to reinvent itself

SEOUL--The odds of North Korea reaching a level of prosperity on a par with industrialized nations in just a decade would seem to be remote.

But that is precisely what North Korea is setting out to do with its 10-year State Strategy Plan for Economic Development trumpeted Jan. 15 by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

It is the first long-term economic goal to be announced by the reclusive country in at least two decades.

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Dong Yong-sung of the Samsung Economic Research Institute said the latest economic plan appears to be an attempt to create "a sense of relief" among the masses as the government prepares a new leadership.

"But the contents are basically a rehashing of old targets and goals. The plan underlines how few cards Pyongyang has in rebuilding its economy," Dong said, adding that the introduction of 2020 as a target year was simply pushing back the deadline.

source: www.asahi.com/english/TKY201102070257.html
{진운} 좋은 이야기 형

This is an actual news post.

N.Koreans Picked up by S.Korea Show No Intent to Defect

South Korea says the 31 North Koreans who crossed the inter-Korean maritime border in the Yellow Sea on Saturday have expressed no intentions to defect to South Korea.

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Source: KBS World

S.Korea Proposes Working-level Talks with NK

South Korea has proposed that the two Koreas hold a working-level meeting at the truce village of Panmunjeom at 10 a.m. on February eleventh to discuss preparations for high-level defense talks.

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Source: KBS World
*this was written in January, but as the 11th is approaching, I thought it'd be a good update.

S. Korea Demonstrates Prowess in Winter Sports Again

South Korea has highlighted its status as a leading player in winter sports. South Korea had its best-ever Winter Asian Games in Astana and Almaty, Kazakhstan this year, winning 13 gold medals, 12 silver medals and 13 bronze medals. It is worth mentioning that the nation earned four gold medals in snow events such as alpine skiing and cross country, while rising stars turned in solid performances in ice events as well. South Korea demonstrated its potential to further elevate its status as a winter sports powerhouse. And this could lead the way for PyeongChang to host the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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Source: KBS World

Park Jungah and Gil break up

Gil and Park Jungah have smoothly ended their relationship. According to an acquaintance of both Gil and Park Jungah, they explained the situation to Newsen on 8th. They said, "It happened near the end of the year last year. They both started drifting apart from each other and starting this year, they set their relationship straight and decided to end up as friends."

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sources: newsen, koreaboo


Kahi’s solo album cover & tracklist revealed!

The tracklist for After School’s Kahi’s much anticipated solo album. The album is set to be released on February 14th.

돌아와나쁜너 (Come Back You Bad Person)
선물 (Gift)

Before the releasing of the album, Pledis Entertainment has decided to give the fans a taste through the cover of the album. The album is called “Kahi: The first mini album – Come back, bad you”. Kahi is posing in a beautiful, long, black dress with her hair tied back, revealing an elegant side of her. With this kind of cover concept, one can only wonder what the tracks on this upcoming mini-album will be like. Stay tuned for more on Kahi’s solo debut!

Source: Pledis via allkpop, 2,

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YouTube taking 'hallyu' on international ride

A video grab of the official YouTube channel of YG Entertainment. Entertainment firms are using YouTube as a means to attract fans.

Firms taking advantage of user contents sites

The management of SM Entertainment, one of the biggest pop music agencies here, was amazed when they saw fans waiting in line for “SM Town Live 2010 World Tour in LA” last September. Among some 15,000 fans who gathered in Los Angeles for the concert featuring K-Pop singers including Girls’ Generation and Super Junior, Korean fans made up only 30 percent. Asians other than Koreans accounted for 20 percent, and half were non-Asians. Fans came from not only within the United States, but also from Europe and Latin America. Hallyu, or the Korean wave, seems to have turned into a truly global phenomenon.

YouTube globalizes Hallyu

The first wave of Hallyu started in Japan a decade ago with the Korean TV drama “Winter Sonata.” Its hero Bae Yong-joon won hearts of Japanese ladies, who gave him the affectionate nickname “Yonsama.” Bae and a number of handsome actors led the first wave of Hallyu, mostly in Japan and other Asian countries as non-Koreans came to enjoy Korean dramas.

The second wave of Hallyu reached beyond Asia, with singers like Rain, Boa and the Wonder Girls advancing into the United States.

The third wave of Hallyu has broadened the sphere. It has become a global phenomenon. Music videos of idol stars like Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, Big Bang and 2PM are popular around the world. Behind this new wave of Hallyu is YouTube.

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Source: Yoon Ja-young @ The Korea Times

Sohee and Lim are just like us; addicted to Fruit Ninja and Angry Bird


Sohee: It’s easy up to here
Sohee: Is it better if you slice it into more pieces? Oh, I broke the poison. You can’t break the poison.
Jane: Lim is awesome at this game!
Lim: Ahh, I am good at this game!
Sohee: at Hong Kong…
Lim: Oh, I didn’t know you were playing this. I thought you were playing Angry Birds.
Lim: Ahh, I’m…I got over 300 playing for the first time..
Sohee: I…no…I’m dead! Gosh
Lim: hahaha
Lim: It’s better when you use two or three fingers…you can cut more
Jane: You’re going to break poison bottles doing that!
Sohee: haha I know…oh
Sohee: Do you have to keep turning?
Lim: You have to use two or three fingers..
Sohee: Oooh…vertically like that…
All: OohoOOoh
Sohee: How do you kill stuff like that!?
Sohee: She got angry..
Lim: hehehe
Lim: Ahh, I lost
Sohee: What did you get? You only got 164? I got 17-something before
Sohee: Ow…This is when you have to restart
Jane: You have to give u fast..
Sohee: Redo…
Sohee: Ohhh…
Jane: She’s been doing this for an hour and a half…
Sohee: Really? Oh my…there’s things like these?


I see you Lim on Facebook.....


Teen TOP continue to stan Big Bang, things takes a sexy turn.

Covering Dirty Cash

L.Joe: I began to like G-Dragon from boy band Big Bang from when he promoted his song "Heartbreaker." He has a very sexy gaze. I had the chance to say hello to him in the waiting room and I was more nervous than when I gave my debut stage performance. Seriously, that was the first time I thought a guy looked so cool. I couldn't say anything to him because I was so nervous and when I get another chance to talk to him...Uhm, I will ask him to memorize my name.

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Video: itsteentop2
Original: thestar.chosun.com 1, 2, Asiae
Sources: dkpopnews 1, 2, bigbangupdates

So adorable. And this song suits them much better than Sunset Glow did. Not bad at all.

Super Junior occupied first place on Taiwanese music chart for 34 consecutive weeks

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior has occupied the first place on Taiwan’s music chart for 34 consecutive weeks, displaying their image as Asia’s superstars.

On the Korean Music TOP100 Charts, which is published by Taiwan’s largest online music site KKBOX (http://tw.kkbox.com), Super Junior’s 4th official album’s title song “Miinah” was crowned first place on the weekly chart for the 16th – 22nd (January) period. They have been occupying the first place on the Korean-Japanese Music TOP 100 Weekly Chart for almost 34 consecutive weeks since its release last 6th of June (2010), and (this win has) cemented their dominance.

In addition to that, “Miinah” also came in at first place on the monthly charts for a 7-month period, starting from June until December, and naturally they came out as first place on 2010’s annual chart as well. In particular, they are still marching on in first place even though it is already the new year, showing the popularity of Super Junior who has captured Taiwan.

Prior to this, Super Junior has already established a remarkable record for occupying the first place for a total of 36 weeks on KKBOX’s Korean-Japanese Music Chart with their 3rd album’s title song “Sorry Sorry”, which also came in first on another Taiwanese music site, ezpeer+’s charts for a total of 34 weeks. It is worthy to note until when they will continue to march on in first place this time.

Original source: sports world
Source: sj-world

Jung YongHwa.."Seohyun is the prettiest out of all the celebrities"....

While guesting on tvN’s “ENEWS Behind Star,” CNBLUE’s Yonghwa revealed his inner feelings about his ‘wife’ Seohyun from MBC’s “We Got Married“.
His self-composed track, “For First-Time Lovers“, has been ranking at the top on major music sites, and is also being much loved by fans of the ’sweet potato couple’ since it’s a re-arrangement of their duet track, “Banmal Song“.
Yonghwa explained, “The song features an easy melody with lyrics that anyone would have experienced. Seohyun, who participated in the album with me, said she enjoyed listening to it, which makes the song that much more meaningful to me.”
He continued, “Seohyun is the prettiest out of all of the celebrities. Out of us two, I think it’s a waste for Seohyun to be with someone like me.” 
When asked about the ‘acting rivalry’ that went on between him and fellow bandmate Minhyuk over “You’re Handsome“, Yonghwa revealed, “I later heard that Minhyuk cried in front of the CEO once my casting was finalized. To call it a competition is a bit of an exaggeration.”
Yonghwa was then asked to grade his physical appearance, “60 points out of 100.”
Catch his full segment at 9:10 PM KST on February 8th.
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Source: Newsen via Nate
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Yang Yoseob’s perfect reenactment of MBLAQ’s ‘Stay’ leaves Lee Joon embarrassed

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob became a ‘dance copier’. On KBS 2TV’s school variety programme ’100 Points Out of 100′ on the 5th, with guest MBLAQ’s Lee Joon showed of the trademark sparkling dance of their latest song ‘Stay’. Lee Joon was flustered because he received comments saying that the dance was more like a ‘parking attendant dance’. This ‘sparkling dance’ personally choreographed by MBLAQ’s producer Rain suddenly changed into the ‘parking attendant dance’.

Lee Joon’s dance on ’100 Points Out of 100′ was taken aback once again because BEAST’s Yang Yoseob showed off his unusual skill in familiarizing himself with the dance rather quickly. Follow the MCs’ suggestion, ‘dance copier’ Yang Yoseob digested ‘Stay’ choreography flawlessly after a short lesson by Lee Joon.

Lee Joon was taken aback when Yang Yoseob perfectly reenacted the sparkling dance he had demonstrated earlier. Yang Yoseob drew more attention when he also presented Lee Joon’s solo part with 100% synchronization.

Finally, Lee Joon had a hard time when he was asked “Isn’t it your song?”. He merely replied in awe, “Yang Yoseob has skills” and caused everyone to burst out in laughter.

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Source:Review Star
Trans: Choi Yoori@AbsoluteMBLAQ forums
Video: UnknownCarrot170