February 9th, 2011

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Teen Top screws with their own OTPs

Looks like idol group Teen Top has also joined the "Secret Garden" craze! Teen Top recently celebrated their 200th day since debut. They held a fan meeting to commemorate the special occasion. The boys surprised their fans when a video clip of them parodying "Secret Garden" and "Secret Dance" showed up on the big screen. L.Joe and Chunji caught the attention of fans as they attempted the famous "cappuccino kiss" that was demonstrated in "Secret Garden."

The parody video will be broadcast on a reality TV program called "Making The Artist: Teen Top Season 2".

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Hyuna wants Krystal to take her shirt off

A picture involving 4minute’s Hyuna and f(x)’s Krystal has been firing up the internet.

Involving a recent set of photos uploaded on an internet discussion board, netizens have been battling each other by arguing in favor of either idol, as the photos in question show Hyuna pulling forcefully on Krystal’s shirt.


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Source: Daily Sports via Nate and allkpop

first post hope I did everything right!

Who will be the majestic one to create a romantic scandal with a Hallyu Star?

Arirang STAR DATE with U-KISS in Hong Kong

■ A Miracle Meeting with a Hallyu Star!
An event which men and women of all ages have surely dreamed of~!
A legend, that will hit hard on Asia, is about to be presented!
A Miracle Meeting between and !!
(Casting Stars: U-Kiss Eli & Kevin)
Fantastic Public Date based on the theme of Journey!!

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U-KISS Japan Concerts DVD Release!!!

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U-KISS 「First Kiss」 Live in TOKYO & OSAKA DVD
March 28, 2011 pre-order on-sale date
Cost: 5670 yen including tax (for fan club members 5100 yen)

Please be aware that this will be a Japanese region-coded DVD.
It doesn't say specifically that March 28 is the on-sale date for non-fan club members, but I am guessing that is the case. (Please comment if you know!)

Kevin: fans in Japan and Hong Kong
Dongho: the rest of the world

Sources: (1) arirang's website
(2) U-KISS Japan website [translation by me]
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More North/South News

2nd round for North-South talks

The first military working talks between South and North Korea in four months were held yesterday in Panmunjom from 10 a.m. until late in the evening with numerous halts, signaling a long slog ahead for the two sides to agree on high-level military talks. Collapse )

Source: Joongang Daily

1 in 3 defectors in prison convicted of drug crimes

More than one in three North Korean defectors put behind bars in South Korea were convicted of drug crimes, a study showed yesterday.

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Source: Joongang Daily
{진운} 좋은 이야기 형

Media art explores Korea-Japan relationship

Those who pass by Seoul Station in the evening are probably familiar with the moving light displays on the facade of the Seoul Square building across the street. But from now until the end of March, the building will feature large-scale media works by Korean and Japanese artists that deal with the relationship between the two countries.

“Make-up,” left, by Japanese artist Daito Manabe and “With or Without You”
by Mioon, a team of two Korean artists, are part of the show “K-J Collaboration
Project,” which will be projected onto the facade of the Seoul Square building,
opposite Seoul Station, through the end of March.

Gana Art, the nation’s leading art gallery and operator of Seoul Square media facade, said it launched the exhibition titled “2011 K-J Collaboration Project” yesterday. The show has four pieces of media art that deal with cultural similarities and differences between Korean and Japanese culture and how people in the two countries see each other. They were made by three Korean and two Japanese artists. They set the theme of the exhibition together and exchanged ideas before making the display, Gana Art said in a statement.

Among them, Japanese artist and programmer Daito Manabe made the media-art piece “Make-up,” which is about the conventionalized facial expressions of masks - or of actors in heavy makeup in Korean and Japanese traditional theaters.

“Those expressions symbolize the characters’ social statuses, personalities and many other things,” the artist wrote in a note for the exhibition. “In addition, such conventional expressions sometimes appear on the faces of the two countries’ people in our time.”

Mioon, a team of two Korean artists, is showing a media art work titled “With or Without You” based on typical group photos such as graduation pictures in Korea and Japan, which show some similarities.

"Both Koreans and Japanese seem to attach greater important to belonging to a group than people of other cultures,” Miooon wrote in a note for the show. “Our work is about individuals who continually seek various groups that they feel they should belong to through their lives.”

The other artists participating in the show are Masayuki Akamatsu and Yang Min-ha.

The media art pieces will be shown between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays through the end of March.

Source: Joongang Daily

It's always nice to see these kinds of colaborations between Japan and Korea.

BEAST's Yoseop to Jihyun "You look better with make-up"

During the recording of the Lunar New Year special episode of Bouquet, it was revealed that 4minute's Jihyun recently gained great interest from netizens as "a natural beauty terminator".

BEAST's Yoseob then surprised everyone by stating otherwise telling her that she actually looked better with make-up.

Hereupon, Jihyun was seen flustered and seemed not able to admit it. In the end, her fellow group member, Hyunah, asserted that Jihyun's bare face was indeed prettier, thus she vanished suspicions that Jihyun was not a true natural beauty.

On the same episode, 4minute showcased their skills in 5 different languages by introducing themselves in English, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Korean and earned the nickname of global idols.

Source : TVIan (1 & 2)
Translating & editing : Meeli@4-minute.com

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North Korea to Northern Norway

North Koreans examines the peaceful border between Russia and Norway.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ri Young Man, Ryu Sung Rim and Morten Traavik.

"Norway and North Korea are closer than you think," said Ryu Sung Rim, vice president of the European Department at the North Korean Committee for Cultural Relations. Collapse )


Translated by me, which is why the structure of the whole thing is so damn bad. But I found the article interesting and wanted to share. If you see something wrong tell me and I'll fix it.
Wanna One Energetic

Another Update On Shin Hyesung's 4th Album

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is Liveworks Company.

We have come with some regretful news.

we announce that the release of Shin Hyesung's 4th album,
initially planned for the end of February and beginning of March,
has been postponed.

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Source: Liveworks Company
Credits: orisic@shinhwa.biz

I'm sad that we have to wait a little longer but his health is more important. I'm glad that Liveworks is letting him fully recover before resuming the recording. Feel better soon Hyesung!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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f(x)’s Sulli admits she was disappointed in TVXQ’s Yunho’s greeting

During this week’s recording of KBS2’s “Happy Together Season 3″, f(x)’s Sulli confessed about a time when she was disappointed in TVXQ’s Yunho.

When MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Sulli if there was anyone out of the guests who were awkward to be around, she answered Yunho, and said, “Yunho always greets the other f(x) members kindly by saying things like, ‘Our cute Luna, hello! Charming Krystal, hello!’, but to me he just says, ‘Sulli, hi’, which makes me a little disappointed.”

Yunho explained, “Out of the f(x) members, I’ve known Sulli the longest and always thought I talked the most with her, so I didn’t know Sulli thought things like that.” Onew then went on to improvise a three-second time of reconciliation for just the two, making the studio crack up in laughter.

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4minute charms Billboard head honcho; wants them and said charms in the US ASAP

On February 7th, the online newspaper CNNGo covered the Billboard Japan Music Awards 2010 that took place on the 6th and eventually introduced 4minute, who won the "K-Pop New Artist of the Year" award.

Among the pictures of the winners of the night, CNNGo only uploaded 4minute's shot and reserved them few detailed paragraphs in their article.

CNNGo reported "The five-piece showed exactly why South Korean acts are stealing a march on their Japanese counterparts with tightly choreographed performances of 'First' and 'Muzik', with the hall's speaker system booming." Their article also says that the fans screamed the girls' names as they were performing on stage.

The American website Billboard Biz, that also covered the event, also introduced 4minute and even linked to their 'FIRST' MV on Youtube.

A 4minute's representative revealed "On the day of the event, the American Billboard's editorial director Bill Werde requested a big applause from the audience after 4minute's performance and said "It's sad that a group like this is only acknowledged in Asia." He highly praised the group and promised he would publish an article that only focuses on 4minute on billboard.com."

4minute are said to prepare their advancement into the American market.

Edaily SPN
Billboard Biz
bwerde's Twitter

SNSD's Messages to each other and to their fans from All About SNSD

*NOTE* These are the official translations SME provided that were typed out by a kind user on SSF. The originals are in Korean, but they were also translated into Japanese and English for fans so it might sound a little weird.

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Typed out by kwongildong@soshified.com

Such genuine and precious girls. ♥

Lee Soo Man advised Super Junior’s Heechul to date within the company

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior’s Heechul recently revealed some insight onto what SM Entertainment chairman Lee Soo Man had said in regards to dating amongst idol celebrities.

On the February 9th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Radio Star,’ Heechul said, “Lee Soo Man advised to date within the company.”

While imitating Lee Soo Man’s voice, Heechul revealed, “Alright, go ahead and date within the company. It’s more comfortable for us too… That way if a scandal breaks loose, we can easily block it.”

SES’s Shoo responded to Heechul’s voice imitation laughing, “‘It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that.”

To this Kim Gura agreed, “He’s saying that he’d rather have you guys [dating] inside rather than outside.”

Heechul’s comments has sparked the interest of fans and some have inquired whether there has been or if there currently is any in-company dating going on amongst the SM Entertainment artists.

Original source: nate
Source: allkpop
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Big Bang's fanclub 'VIP' floods T-ara Hyomin's minihompy with malicious and dangerous comments

T-ara member Hyomin is being bombarded with malicious hate comments from Big Bang's fanclub 'VIP' even after confronting them with politeness. Her current state of mind was written in her diary and said, "Should I... disappear..?"

On the 8th, Hyomin left a post through her Cyworld, "Should I disappear?" Netizens began speculating about what she said and the reasons behind it.

This is similar to a situation before where she posted short messages without explanations, and it has raised concern amongst netizens. Hyomin has survived malicious comments back to back and fans think that is the reason for the post.

On SBS 'King of Idols', Hyomin was coupled with Seungri in a water course game and said to him, "This guy's weird” and “He’s too short," even though their relationship wasn't significant enough for her to say those remarks.

Shortly after the broadcast, the comments she made angered some Big Bang fans. Because Big Bang is a senior group to Hyomin and T-ara, she should of spoke with more politeness.

Hyomin was born in 1989, making her one year older, but Big Bang debuted three years before T-ara. It hasn't been confirmed if Hyomin had a friendship with Seungri before appearing on TV with him.

After angering fans, Hyomin said via Twitter, "We both agreed to do it for fun, but if it was uncomfortable for you to watch, I'm sorry. I hope that you don't think badly because of this," she said apologizing.

But even after this, Hyomin's Cyworld is full of hate and profanity including threats of violence. Distinguishing between the broadcast and the real reality is when you need to have a mature perspective.

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Koreans Love Porn

South Koreans are found to be the world’s top buyer of pornographic materials, according to Newsweek.

The U.S. weekly magazine said on its latest online edition that Koreans spent an average $527 per person in 2006 to watch pornography through CDs, videos and other mediums, followed by Japan’s $157 and Finland’s $114.

Pornography revenue per capita for Australia came in third at $99, followed by Brazil at $53, Czech Republic at $45 and the U.S at $45.

The magazine said the figures are derived from the data quoted by a blog maintained by Mark Rice, a professor of American Studies at ST. John Fisher College. (http://rankingamerica.wordpress.com).

It also said the Ranking American graphics are based on data from Durex and www.toptenreviews.com.

The toptenreveiws.com said the revenue of the world’s pornography industry reached $97 billion in 2006. By country, China was the largest market at $27 billion, followed by South Korea’s $25.7 billion and Japan’s $19.9 billion.

Source: Lee Hyo-sik @ The Korea Times

Video source: sment
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Money Is Top Life Goal for Young Koreans

Young people who experienced the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s when they grew up tend to feel that money is a more important life goal than for any other generation, a straw poll suggests.

In the poll of some 200 people nationwide by an advertising agency, 78.5 percent between 25 and 31, who experienced the financial crisis when they were in middle or high school, named money as an important life goal. Many of them remember their parents or their acquaintances suffering economic difficulties.

Sixty percent of them also agreed that wealth means success, and 68 percent agreed that the higher their material living standard is, the happier people are.

But among people between 41 and 49, who witnessed the democratization process when they were in college, the proportions were only 50.7 percent and 65.6

Source: The Chosun Ilbo
all the love inside ceases to exist
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DBSK's Short and Sweet Interview for S Cawaii

[full shoot here]

Mr. Gentleman who is gentle and exudes manliness: Yunho

“Sometimes he’s my friend, sometimes he’s my older brother, sometimes he’s my younger brother,” says Yunho, the leader of the new Tohoshinki, further strengthening his bond and trust with Changmin.

Yunho is such a gentle yet fortuitous man with amazing magnanimity. So I am really surprised when he says, “I love children! I want to be married by 30 and become a good father.” But I see why.

My battle dress is suits! But when I sleep……

A suit-wearing Yunho appears dashingly in front of the camera.

He says, “Suits is my battle dress for dates!” As expected, he looks fantastic in suits. Perfect! For dates that determine his victory or defeat, his choice is “a meal at a restaurant with beautiful scenery”. Yunho is a complete gentleman inside out ♥.

He continues, “But I sleep in my underwear only”. This difference is also unforgettable.

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source: continuetvxq

lol changmin w/e just fuq them ok boy ur a fox


CN Blue Jung YongHwa is the most wanted boyfriend

Posted Image

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa is now a model for an accessory brand!

Because of his clean, youthful looks, Jung Yonghwa was labeled by many female fans as ‘the idol who every woman wants as a boyfriend‘, or simply, the ‘boyfriend-idol’. His immense popularity prompted LG Fashion’s Hedge Accessories to chose him as their new model.

The representatives of LG Fashion stated, “Jung Yonghwa was selected as our model because of the comfortable image he has shown through entertainment shows like MBC’s ‘We Got Married’.”

Jung Yonghwa will soon meet his fans through various CFs and marketing events.

allkpop via Sports Chosun via Nate AllKPOP
Junhyung The Fact

Mir gets surgery brb crying

Earlier, allkpop reported that MBLAQ’s Mir had sustained an injury to his lower back while recording for a show. It’s just been revealed that the injury was severe enough to require surgery.

A representative of his company, J. Tune Camp, stated: “On the 7th, Mir visited the hospital after recording for SBS’s “Star King” after feeling constant pains in his lower back. He was told by the doctors that he had spinal disc herniation.

They continued, “On the 9th, he received surgery at a hospital in Kangnam and is now recovering.

Relieving anxious fans, the representative assured, “The surgery went well but we have to wait on his condition. …Requiring immediate rest, this also complicates MBLAQ’s current promotions.”

When asked about Mir’s return, they said, “Right now, we’re not sure how long he has to rest for. His discharge from the hospital depends on his examinations and treatment process, but we wish for him to recover quickly.

Considering the status of Mir’s health, it’s inevitable that the boys of MBLAQ will continue to promote without him. We’re hoping that Mir makes a safe and full recovery, so we can see him on stage once more!

sources; allkpop, Nate


Park Min-yeong, elegant spring girl "Goddess beauty"

Actress Park Min-yeong showed off poses like a elegant goddess in the spring. She has currently been chosen as exclusive model for female brand "Compagna" and shot the first spring season advertisement pictures under the concept "romantic girl".

In the pictures released on the 9th, was a feminine Park Min-yeong with a fresh smile.

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Source : news.nate.com/view/20... (Korean) via Hancinema

IU to return with mini-plus album, “REAL+”, and three new songs

Singer IU was forced to cut short her “Good Day” promotions due to an overwhelming schedule, but she promised her disappointed fans that she would make a worthy comeback.

It’s just been revealed that the singer will officially return with follow-up promotions through the release of her third mini-plus album, “REAL+“!

On February 10th, representatives of Loen Entertainment stated, “On February 17th, IU will be releasing her ‘REAL+’, which is an album that features additional content to ‘REAL’. It is not a separate album on its own, and is a follow-up to the original.”

Rumored to have been a re-packaged album, it’s clear that IU sought to make up for the interrupted promotions by dropping a ‘mini-plus’ album instead. “REAL+” will feature three new songs, as well as her promotion track, “Story I Didn’t Know“, a ballad track by Yoon Sang.

Her representatives continued, “This album will be continuing IU’s musical direction, but with an added spectrum. Fans will be able to hear an analog style and an overall deeper musical quality.”

Pre-orders for the album will begin on February 10th.

Source: SPN via Nate via allkpop

can I just say Pilsookie and Jason were flawless as usual this week

창민; lol crying
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"Changmin is too tall and he’s also too good looking" - Yunho

Thanks to TVXQ, the SBS variety show “Strong Heart” snagged the number spot for ratings in its slot. According to the numbers by AGB, the episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on 8 February created a record of 14.6% ratings for nationwide viewership. Compared to last week’s ratings of 9.9%, there was an increase of 4.7%.

Last week’s “Strong Heart” tasted bitterness in terms of ratings, however, they drew the TV audience this week thanks to Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ, who recently made their comeback.

On that day, with their honest charm, TVXQ revealed exciting information regarding the truth behind shoe lifts.

Yunho, who is 183cm, said this of Changmin who is 185cm tall, “To be honest, Changmin is too tall and he’s also too good looking, so I feel very burdened. So I wear cushion insoles whenever I stand next to him,” drawing laughter from the audience with his confession.

Changmin also made the audience roar with laughter when he revealed, “And it’s not just a little. I always feel like he’s floating on air.”

Source: [Newsen + NeverEnd]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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Lady Seohyun

Onew One-day MC for Happy Together

SHINee Onew showed off his splendid MC skills at KBS 2TV Happy Together3 to be aired on Feb. 10.

All the attention was on the program with DBSK appearing as guests after a long break, and the filming site was warmed up as Onew, who is known for his entertaining sense, joined them.

Jeong Heeseop PD said over the phone, “We finished the filming well. Especially Onew did a good job.”

He continued, “Onew sat next to Shin Bongseon, one of the MCs, because there were so many guests. He did very well maybe because he’s experienced as an MC for Yahaengseong.”

“Onew made adlibs or witty remarks to surprise other guests and staff. Other MCs including Yoo Jaeseok felt their positions were threatened,” he added.

source: Newsen // Trans: jujugal


Hyunah and Sohyun revealed that their heights, as reported on their profiles on portal sites, were false.

During the upcoming episode of Echannel 4minute's Mr. Teacher, recorded in Malaysia, Hyunah started the discussion about their heights by unexpectedly stating "There's a height difference of nearly 4 cm between me and Sohyun"

On one internet portal, Hyunah's profile reads that she is 164cm while Sohyun's says that she is 162cm tall, the height difference between the two members should then be 2cm. However, Hyunah clarified that their profile information was false and revealed "The truth is that Sohyun is 159cm and that I'm 162.8cm tall".

The two further added "It's not that we deliberately faked our information" and "We're sorry that we weren't honest towards our fans" expressing their wish to see the information corrected.

4minute's new dorms will be revealed for the first time in the same episode, broadcasted this February 9th, at 12:00AM .

Source : Star News via NATE
Translating & editing : Meeli@4-minute.com

thank god for honest idols like 4minute. waiting for YG to announce the truth that Taeyang is legally considered a midget.
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The lovely Brown Eyed Girls in Japan

Brown Eyed Girls First Japanese Single "Sign" audio tracks

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Taken from my personal copy of the Type C single. If you are a fan of BEG and have not heard of Love is... yet you should be ashamed and listen to it NOW because it is probably one of the best crafted pop songs I have heard. I've not got 近づいてきて(Korean version) or Abracadabra (FRAKTAL Voodoo Remix). But chances are for the latter it's the same one from the original Sign repackage.

soshitebokuwa @ youtube 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


"Sign" Limited Version DVD Extra - Sign PV Behind The Scenes video

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soshitebokuwa @ youtube


"Sign" Limited Version B Calendar Scans
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source: BEGasia
shared: ravenngo@4-Everlastings.com


Sony Music Japan Website Photos

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source: Sony Music Japan
shared by: Love Is...@4everlastings


Sign Official Promo Photos

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source: amazon jp
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Brown Eyed Girls in Nikkei KPOP GIRLS magazine

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source: Nikkei KPOP Girls
shared: ravenngo @4-Everlastings.com


FM Yokohama KPOP! NOW! Official Photos

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source: FM Yokohama KPOP! NOW! blog
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ELLE Japan February 2011 Scans - Narsha & Jea
JeA and Miryo take ELLE Japan to Seoul to explore the best places to shop.

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Tears of Heaven post - news, ad & audio recordings

[TRANS] 110205 'Tears Of Heaven' Kim Junsu, Idol? No, A 'Musical Star!'

JYJ member Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu) has announceed his extravagant rebirth as a musical star through the large-scale production 'Tears of Heaven'.

Kim Junsu plays the role of Jun, a Korean soldier in Vietnam in the musical 'Tears of Heaven' which opened in the National Theater on the 1st. Through the role of the solider who falls in love with a Vietnamese woman Lin, Kim Junsu showcased charismatic singing and acting.

He has already debuted as a musical actor through the musical 'Mozart!' last year. With a caliber not usually found in rookies, Kim Junsu won two awards at The Musical Awards as well as the Rookie of the Year award at the Korea Musical Awards. Kim Junsu, who has proved his potential, has vowed to appear in at least one musical per year from now on. He decided upon 'Tears of Heaven' for his second production.

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Source: [asiae+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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ADV 30s Spot - Tears of Heaven / audience crying, standing ovation etc ;~;

Fan audio recording. Chronology might not be exact.

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Source: wickedinutopia2 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

The full audio is unbelievable and the entire cast is amazing. The company is mindblowing, I wish there were clips of those on YT so you guys could hear them too ;~;