February 10th, 2011

Jung Juri and Jihyun's "Same clothes, different feeling" pictures have netizens laughing

The recently released pictures of comedian Jung Juri and 4minute's Nam Jihyun wearing the same clothes and posing the same way have caught the attention of netizens.

Ahead of 8eight Lee Hyun's solo comeback, it was revealed that these pictures were released on his official homepage as a teaser for the "You're the Best Thing that I Have" MV.

In the pictures, Juri and Jihyun are seen wearing the same clothes and staring at a man. However, if Jihyun gives the vibe of an innocent girl, Juri looks funny and wily.

Upon seeing the pictures, netizens left comments such as "Humiliated by Jung Juri! Nam Jihyun loses", "Nam Jihyun looks pretty when she looks innocent~~", "I think that their contrasting images are funny"

Lee Hyun will make a comeback soon after the release of his second mini album, "You're the Best Thing that I Have" on February 15th.

Source : Newsen via NATE
Translating & editing : Meeli @4-minute.com

this is qt. also I'm glad Jihyun is getting attention and solo work even if it's just modeling etc. so deserving not to mention diva and hot and sexy and turning me straight rn unffffff

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Two new members added to Super Junior M?

A CCTV director announced that SJM will be filming for a special TV program in Beijing as 8 members:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ALSO: SJM's new song will be released next Monday based on this Taiwan HITFM Website!  It has been deleted??

Sources: 风鹏正举 @ Weibo and zhouminews
Picture cap: dkpopnews

So does this mean the rumors about Sungmin and Eunhyuk joining SJM were true?

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During a recent appearance on "VIP Entertainment Magazine", JYJ sat down to discuss their ideal woman as well as the type of kiss they prefer. Jaejoong shared that he would like "bathtub kisses" and most particularly, "with my wife after I marry, with bubbles in the tub."

Junsu showed concern, because he was wanted the interview to be aired to everyone, not just viewers over the age of 19. As for the type of woman, the boys' preferences ranged from "homemakers to someone their parents would approve of".

JYJ's full interview will be revealed on February 11th. Are you shocked by Jaejoong's response?


source koreaboo|nate|syc
F.T Island Hongki/Jaejin ~ Piggyback

FT Island's New Japanese Fan

A popular Japanese rock band member has recently been revealed as an FT Island fan.

Alice Nine guitarist Hiroto recently found FT Island vocalist Lee Hongki on Twitter and stated that he likes FT Island’s music. Hiroto tweeted Hongki in Korean stating,

“안녕하세요!!!!! 일본의 밴드 Alice Nine의 Guitar입니다. FOLLOW했어요. FT Island의 곡이 좋아해요~ / Hello!!! It’s the guitarist from the Japanese band Alice Nine. I followed you. I like FT Island’s songs~”

Lee Hongki responded to Hiroto and wished him “good night.”

Lee Hongki has recently undergone lasik eye surgery and has also kept busy with his appearances on variety shows.

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Source: Allkpop, skullhong, alice9_hiroto 1,2,3,4
Translations: ying1005@withtreasures , notefromkaori + hk_c@twitter

I don't really know who he is but that's pretty cute


Teen Top members Chunji, Changjo, Ricky, and Niel have had their passport pictures revealed today. The bare, young-fresh face of the four boys have attracted attention from netizens.

Leader C.A.P. said, "The younger ones left their passports to me and L.Joe and left for a bit. I'm going to reveal the passport pictures while they're gone," and revealed everyone's passport photos on his me2day except for his and L.Joe's.

Fans left comments such as, "They all look cute and handsome," "upload the other two's photos," and "thanks for uploading the pictures." What do you think about their passport pictures? Should C.A.P. and L.Joe reveal their passport pictures too?

Teen Top will be performing at the "K-POP Festival" in Sapporo, Japan on February 11th, along with Orange Caramel and Rain.


sources koreaboo|newsen
____ 애프터스쿨 유-이♥

Netizens fascinated with Jiyeon's gorgeous eyeliner

Makeup is an idol girl’s best friend.

T-ara‘s Jiyeon isn’t the first, nor will she be the last, female idol to be analyzed for make-up enhancement. This time, it’s the eyeliner.

Netizens are fascinated by the difference in Jiyeon’s appearance with and without the black magic ink. One of the top searched items is now "Jiyeon's eyeliner" on search portals. Because Jiyeon’s eyes are naturally big, it’s not relatively not an extreme difference, but the feeling is obviously different.

Netizens have discussed and decided. Naturally, with the (heavy) eyeliner, Jiyeon looks gorgeous and chic. Without the makeup, Jiyeon is more true to her age, and appears more innocent and cute but still gorgeous.

keizoku - s - paint me (lady) red

Actress Kim So Yeon talks about her appearances in 'Athena'; says what everyone's thinking

“The drama is riddled with loopholes but even I was surprised at the good response we’ve been receiving. All actors are doing the best they can. Lots of interesting plots are slowly coming through in the drama too, so I think it will turn out great. I’m looking forward to it.”

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Source: Allkpop

Oh this show. I can't even. It's like a lava lamp of WHUT
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Evidence of Kim's Worrying Misjudgments

Kim Jong Il will turn 69 in the middle of next week. As is the case with any iron-fisted dictator, concerns over the judgment of an ageing leader grow larger as time passes, and the fact that Kim apparently suffered a stroke on August 14th, 2008 only makes those fears greater.

As a result, South Korean and international intelligence agencies have been observing Kim’s health closely for some time, particularly since the stroke, and are apparently confident that he has recovered to the extent of being able to carry out his daily tasks. However, it is widely rumored that he has been left lacking in judgment and with a much depleted memory. Indeed, a high official in the South Korean administration publicly asserted precisely that last year, adding that Kim is prone to talking completely illogically.

On this note, a source in China well-acquainted with the North Korean authorities introduced a few stories to The Daily NK.
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He explained, “Evidence of Kim Jong Il’s mental situation has been spreading despite the authorities’ complete control over information. This is partly because cadres who have witnessed it talk about his behavior with others, so the secrets continue to spread.”

source www.dailynk.com/english/read.php


Seungri plays with IU’s hair

A photo of Seungri and IU is gaining attention on portal sites at the moment.
This photo was taken from the Lunar New Year special “Idol athletic championships” and Big Bang’s Seungri is playing with IU’s hair.
Netizens commented “How dare you play with IU’s hair?” “Stop your hand”

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smh at netizens
on the plus side, this line is pure win XD 'I went online to search ‘how to cook meat’ and played online games to learn'

sources article1: ibigbang | dkpopnewsTranslated: Eric@dkpopnews.net

sources article2: ibigbangTranslated: alee@ibigbang | tvdaily
Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

Ready to burn a hole in your CC? This is a JYJ post!

JYJ is opening a fan membership service!

Beginning on February 14th, JYJ’s agency (C-Jes Entertainment) will be recruiting members to receive special privileges from the trio.

As C-Jes members, JYJ fans will get access to undisclosed contents from JYJ, including special quarterly email newsletters that will announce upcoming album releases, concert schedules, and much more. Additionally, when JYJ releases an album in the future, fans can receive special gifts and will have the chance to attend their fan meetings. All registered members will be also get the chance to grab JYJ memorabilia and special possessions from the trio.

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Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


[INFO] Jaejoong in Elle Japan April Issue 

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Source: JYJ3

Go get it Joe!
...About the rumour of Jaejoong being in Elle Korea March Issue, I still don't have idea where it says that he will be there too in KoreaPOP :/


[trans] 110210 mbn celebrity magazine vip – jyj’s favourite type of kiss revealed!

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Source: [BaiduTVXQ] + [mbn.mk.co.kr]
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[trans] 'multitalented idols' JYJ, what are their acting plans for 2011?

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Source: [osen+Yuaerubi]
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This entry was brought to you by...

frenchy → 5


Beast has recorded a CF for ClRIDE together with Kim Ji Won. The theme of the CF is said to be recorded at unique dance studio set by introducing BEAST as the best dance group. It shows the concept of a fit attitude. Beast will be representing Clride for its high quality denim products.

Beast is said to have recorded the video at early dawn and the staff were very happy to have them for making the set much more cheerful.

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Source:mybeastyboys, CLRIDE.N, lovesomeys@twitter,
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Dongwan and His Fans "Squabble" Over Sulli

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The interesting “psychological battle” between Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan and his fans has turned into a hot topic lately.

Footage of Kim Dongwan’s first post-military service fanmeeting in Seoul was unveiled on KBS2′s Entertainment Relay. Kim Dongwan, who was recently discharged from military service in December, chose KARA’s Han Seung Yeon and f(x)’s Sulli as his “energizers” during his service period. When Kim Dongwan justified his choice with the reason that “Sulli has a pretty face”, he was greeted with playful jeers from the fans who said, “She can be your daughter!”

Kim Dongwan got up from his seat and yelled in mock rage, “I don’t mean it that way!” – leading to an adorable squabble with the fans. The unexpected “standoff” between Kim Dongwan and his fans has amused many.

Netizens who saw the footage commented, “You can feel their affection amidst the noisy banter”, and that “Kim Dongwan and his fans are really adorable”.

Sources: Sports Chosun + Absolut Shinhwa

LOL I found this to be hilarious.
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Shin Hyesung Will Be On MNet's "Director's Cut"

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Singer Shin Hyesung will make a comeback with an appearance on the 11th Feb episode of Mnet’s music program ‘Director’s Cut’. He recently recorded the first episode of the show in Mokpo.

According to the production team, “Shin Hyesung, together with MCs Yoon Jong Shin and Harim, as well as guitarist Jo Jung Chi, Lyn and ZE:A member Hwang Kwanghee, all participated in the production process of the 2011 remake of the classic “Tears of Mokpo”. Shin Hyesung’s enthusiasm is evident as he even prepared materials about Mokpo before the trip.”

In the first episode of the show scheduled to air on 11 Feb, Yoon Jong Shin manages to speak to trot legend Nam Jin who hails from Mokpo, and hears about his memories of Lee Nan Young, who’s the original singer of “Tears of Mokpo”, and other heartwarming stories.

Sources: Osen + Absolutshinhwa

Well this is something to tie us over until the official comeback. And OMG Lyn and Kwanghee were there too!

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MBLAQ's G.O. shows us his ABS ◕‿◕

MBLAQ’s G.O. caused a lot of hearts to race after photos of his six-pack were unveiled on the web.

In the pictures, the idol is rehearsing choreography without a shirt on, revealing a muscular body that rivals fellow member Lee Joon’s. The photos are becoming an especial hot topic, since it’s the very first time that G.O. revealed his body.

Fans are mooning over the images, as they commented, “I thought only Lee Joon’s body was good. This is totally unexpected”, “Is G.O. going to rip off his clothes too? I’m greatly anticipating the next album”, and “This is the best of the ‘bodies of reversals’“.

Source: BNT News via Nate, AKP

In Case You Missed It: 02/10/11 Wonder Girls Live Chat

The chat includes them talking about their upcoming English album, the group's 4th anniversary together, Lim's 1st anniversary with the group, experiencing New York Restaurant Week, Lim's dislike of Spanish food, whether or not they've ever received Valentine's Day gifts + many awkward, silent moments.

LOL'ing irl at their reactions when they forgot to mute the computer!

Source: Wonder Girls UStream Channel
[Music] f(x) - Victoria mustache

Sulli wants to get it on with her bodyguard

On February 10th, f(x)’s Sulli talked about her first love on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3‘. During the recording, she confessed that she had a crush on her bodyguard.

Sulli stated, “The moment I got on an elevator after a concert, fans started to crowd me – I didn’t know what to do.” She continued, “Then, the bodyguard appeared making a shield with his hands and protecting me. My heart started fluttering.”

To this, Krystal added, “After that, she only looks for that bodyguard” – embarrassing Sulli.

Source: akp & Yahoo!Korea

Sulli thanks you for your time.

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Former B2Y members Nara & Seoyeon being sued for ‘committing immoral acts’


B2Y’s agency has announced that they will be pressing charges against the group’s former female members, Nara and Seoyeon.

On the morning of February 11th, representatives of 2B Entertainment stated, “The two were kicked out of the group for committing a shameful and scandalous act. We will be pressing charges against Nara and Seoyeon, as well as their former road manager for being involved with it.”

They continued, “Nara especially has done something that is unacceptable as a female singer, and maintained connections with an extremely dark and inappropriate place. Due to her immoral actions, she’s put the company in a very embarrassing situation.”

2B Entertainment concluded, “Although we feel regretful about how they should have worked hard to succeed in the music industry, they opted instead to sell their conscience by committing immoral acts, and so we will be continuing with the lawsuit. Should they be found guilty, we will be aggressively pursuing action to make sure that they receive penalties.”

Source: AKP & Sports Today

Let the theories begin... my first thought was stripping or prostitution :-\ 

tv daily interview with infinite, part 2

(continuation of this interview)

The 7 boys who made the hearts of girls beat with their innocent and fresh charms last year, Infinite, has returned as ‘fierce men’ with a dark charisma that makes the hearts of girls flutter.

Through their second mini album, Infinite armed theirselves with a detailed choreography that seems like even their finger angles are matched. As almighty-dols that can sing, dance, do rap making, and have variety show skills, which is the trend these days; they give off a cheerful feeling.

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trans. cr; jihye, hyejin
sauces: infinite updates 1, 2
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Could H.O.T be able to reunite once more?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Could H.O.T be able to reunite once more?

Last year, former member Kangta revealed that there may be a possibility of a “H.O.T reunion”.

He had stated, “We are always together as 5 members. I hope that we can perform again. Currently, Lee Jae Won is serving in the military and will finish next year. When he is finished with his services, we will talk and plan our reunion.”

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Source: allkpop and Star News via Nate

I would love to see them comeback.

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The SECRET members still don’t have cell phones

Despite being a year and four months into their careers, the SECRET members revealed that they still lack cell phones.

With a laugh, they casually stated, “We still don’t have cell phones. At this point, we’ve all forgotten what cell phones are even used for.”

They revealed that of course they still wanted cell phones, especially now that there’s a variety of smartphones with cool applications. Hyosung revealed, “I honestly do really want one, but there’s nothing uncomfortable about not having one. And since all of us equally don’t have one, there aren’t any big problems.”

The reason behind why they aren’t allowed to have cell phones is said to be because of team solidarity. In SECRET’s case, they were born out of a start-up company and had to reach where they are now through pure passion, effort, and team work.

Sunhwa explained, “Even if we fight on our own, we have no choice but to make up on our own as well. These experiences help us to become stronger, so we understand. We don’t even ask to use cell phones.”

Won Geun Young, director of TS Entertainment, also commented on the issue. “Depending on your viewpoint, the rule can seem forceful from the company’s end, but we’re very thankful for the members’ understanding. We’re also proud of them as well. For their two year anniversary, we’re planning to present them with the latest cell phones from the market.”


Hi guys! I've finally joined Omona a few days ago after lurking around here since last summer. I hope I posted this properly.

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Eeteuk Injures His Pinky Finger

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has revealed that his pinky finger was injured during the recording of MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight“.

On February 1st, the members took part in a tile breaking game, but unfortunately for Leeteuk, his hand slipped midway, leading to a fracture on his pinky finger.

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Source: allkpop and Sports Chosun via Nate

JFC Teuk can you go a day without injuring yourself UGH.
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SNSD’s Sooyoung once thought she was the prettiest in the world

SNSD’s Sooyoung confessed that she once thought herself to be the prettiest in the world.

SBS’s “Nightly TV Entertainment” recently visited SNSD while they were filming a CF for a cosmetic company. In response to the reporter’s question, “Don’t you feel awkward about having to pose ‘prettily’ for the shoot?”, Sooyoung said, “Not really“.

Sooyoung explained, “In fact, before I met the members, I spent half of my life thinking that I was the prettiest in the world“.

Chuckling at herself, “But after meeting the SNSD members, I finally realized that I wasn’t pretty.”

During the interview, SNSD picked Tiffany as the member who devotes the most care to her skin, and Sunny as the member who cares the least. They also revealed that they would like to film a CF for a coffee product.