February 13th, 2011


[RADIO] 110211 Infinite at MBC4MU Spring Radio [BTD + Gone]

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Sunggyu - Gone

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Infinite in casual clothing is a beautiful sight to behold.
How cute was Sunggyu motioning for his ideal girl Woohyun to do the Scorpion dance then Dongwoo coming over to join him then they both running back to their positions? Dongwoo not dancing/moving in any way during a song is like expecting a green sunrise; improbable, illogical and really just downright unnatural.

Edit: Added Sunggyu's performance (and he's absolutely amazing!)
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Completely Newsworthy Post: BoA likes 'em big

Netizens have been chuckling over a hilarious photo BoA shared through her Twitter.

The songstress is seen trying to chomp on a giant ‘Chupa Chups’ lollipop, the size of which is just as huge as her head. BoA candidly tweeted, “BIG Chupa chups".

Fans noticed her short hairstyle, and some began to wonder if she cut it even shorter.

Responding to her fans, BoA laughed and said that it was an old photo: "didn’t cut my hair though!!! ;) was my old picture!!”

Netizens and fans left comments including, “It’s really big,” “How do you eat that?“, “You can eat that for a month“, and “Remembering the big pizza, I guess BoA likes big sizes.”

source: akp + @BoA_1105: 1, 2, 3

it's ok bb we appreciate your habit for being smaller than everything n___n

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon throws up, unable to participate in “Inkigayo”

Due to MBLAQ’s Lee Joon’s health condition, he was unable to participate in today’s episode of SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

MBLAQ was originally lined up to perform “Stay“, but had to push forward with Lee Joon for their Valentine’s Day special stage with Sulli.

Representatives of J. Tune Camp spoke through Newsen on February 13th and revealed, “Lee Joon’s health is not in good condition right now. He threw up before their stage, and we inevitably had to cancel his appearance for him to get to the hospital.”

They continued, “We’re not sure of the exact reason yet, but he cannot even stand right now. He will not be appearing on ‘Inkigayo.”

Source: Nate + akp

omg first mir and now joon...;___; please get well soon bb!!!!
bbjung sweet recipe

SHINee to be the new faces for Maypole

Teaser pics for SHINee's 2011 Maypole Endorsement

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It was announced on Dec. 31 that SHINee, an idol group that has led this year’s Korean Wave, will become new faces for Maypole in 2011. Maypole, a casual wear brand for European Neo-preppy looks, is one of the fashion brands led by IN THE F, a leading total fashion company in Korea.

A source in the company said that they chose SHINee, Korea’s top idol group, as new models with name value, star quality, and fashion sense to appeal the brand’s neo-preppy image to the public as well as to increase sales and expand the business.

Maypole also selected Yi Som, a model called “2nd Jang Yoonjoo” as a new face in addition to SHINee. They plan to maintain the existing customer base by continuing the brand’s comfortable everyday wear style with Yi Som, while securing new teen customers through an aggressive star marketing using SHINee.

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preppy!shinee.. i like ;D

MBLAQ Lee Joon vomits due to cochlea disorder “situation not severe”

Idol group member MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has been admitted to the hospital due to sudden vomiting symptoms and has cancelled further activities to take a well-needed rest.

MBLAQ was scheduled to perform a Valentine’s Day special stage with Sulli and ‘Stay’ on February 13th’s SBS Inkigayo. However, one of their performances had to be cancelled with the absence of Mir who is currently recovering from a back injury and Lee Joon who had sudden symptoms of vomiting.

Inkigayo MCs Sulli, Yonghwa and Jokwon said, “The MBLAQ members have cancelled their performance due to sudden health problems”. The show’s staff were also informed after the announcement of Lee Joon’s absence by J.Tune Camp.

A representative from MBLAQ’s agency stated, “Lee Joon is currently receiving treatment in the hospital after vomiting all of a sudden. He has a cochlea disorder, but the results showed that his condition is not severe. Thank you for those who are concerned.

SOURCE: bnt News

ie. The best thing for Joon to do now is to stay still and lie in bed. I hope he gets well soon ;__;

dear mods this article is different it's an update on joon's condition
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Female Trio "Bella" to make a debut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Apple Entertainment is gearing up to debut an impressive and talented girl group trio next month named ‘Bella‘, and on February 12th, the trio unveiled two teaser videos for their title track, “Don’t Let Go“.

Comprised of members Lucy (leader), Kani, and Miu, the girls are known to be dog lovers and were recently selected to be the promotional ambassadors for the Korean Kennel Club.

The trio aims to provide fresh music through the perfect harmonization of their voices combined with a cute and sexy image. Check out the teaser below!

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Source: allkpop, MardiLuminosity2@YouTube, Lucy’s Naver Blog, @bella_lucystar, @bella_kani, @bella_miu

They have really nice vocals and they harmonize very well together. Good luck Bella! ♥
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KHJ attended "Tears of Heaven" musical premiere

Surfacing into the public eye once again, Kim Hyunjoong recently captured the attention of his fans online as he attended the musical premiere of Kim Junsu's Tears of Heaven. Appearing thirty minutes before production time, Kim Hyunjoong greeted the press and his fans as he attended the event in support of Junsu.

With other Korean celebrities giving rave reviews of Junsu's second musical, Kim Hyunjoong's attendance has caught an uproar on Korea's online portal sites. His attendance alone in support of his friendship with Kim Junsu has been one of the top searched tags online.

Source: Sports Chosun, PlanetHyun and koreaboo

lol that picture.

Post Submissions Update!

Hello fellow Omonians~

Just like to give a quick update to inform you all on posts that we are and are not accepting.

First off, we mods have come to a recent decision that we are no longer accepting posts from thejyjfiles. Most of the posts submitted from there are speculation and not real news, so we've decided that they are no longer going to be accepted.

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Korean media gets TMZ on KARA; bbs mobbed at the airport

On the evening of February 13th, all five KARA members returned to Korea via Kimpo Airport after filming in Japan for their new drama, “URAKARA“.

Their schedule had eased up for a little while, so they decided to come back to Korea for 2-3 days before heading back to Japan. Unfortunately, the girls were immediately ambushed by the media as soon as they appeared in the arrival hall; it’s said that there was much pushing and shoving before the girls safely reached their vehicle.
Because of the high media interest revolving around the girls’ unresolved controversy, it seems that their agency, DSP Media, opted to keep KARA’s activities low-key for now. According to the agency’s representative, KARA’s domestic schedules for the next 2-3 days are still being coordinated.

The representative revealed, “No schedule has been confirmed as of yet, but I am not sure how the domestic schedules will be organized.”
Member Park Gyuri had previously returned to Korea on the 10th for a press conference of her upcoming animated movie, “Alpha & Omega“. During the conference, she addressed the rumors of her being a ‘loner’. “It’s not true. We are all getting along well – to the point that the fact that I need to even explain is funny.” It was revealed that she returned to Japan that night after finishing all her schedules.

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SourceAKP, Osen, tinaomina, mrhoneyhamsy, kamihan

Sorry, I don't have a proper kara gif to express my feelings after hearing KARA bbs screaming. Someone shoved my nicole bb.
veep; selina/ what!

dream high wants to serve you a blowjob in a club

The fan favorite drama Dream High has been under the spotlight for the past few weeks for its star-studded cast list, but it looks like a few amused fans have noticed a few intriguing details completely unrelated to the storyline.

On the set of Samdong’s club scene in Episode 11, a list of ten shooters (alcoholic mixed drinks) is written on a large white board for 5000 won (~$4.44 USD). The list includes –excuse me for the language– “abortion,” “blowjob,” “brain hemorrhage,” “blue sky,” “Freddy Kruger,” “hard dick,” “quick fuck,” “rocket fuel,” “suicide” and “tequila slamma,” complete with the alcoholic recipes written on the side.

The hilarious part is that all of the shooters mentioned on the list are actual mixed drinks; as I’m sure our older readers know, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a bartender making these at bars, lounges or clubs in both the States and Asia. Furthermore, alcoholic drinks with offensive names are the norm, such as “pink pussy,” “slippery nipple,” and, my personal favorite, “sex on a beach.”

Although this only appears briefly and oblivious Korean viewers probably wouldn’t understand it anyway (after all, this detail was discovered by international fans — the screenshot was originally posted on Tumblr), it’s pretty surprising that something like this would be deliberately created for the set then put on broadcast. Yet despite its minuteness, I think it’s unnecessary to expose Korean viewers to such profane English words when it could be easily avoided. Props for the accuracy, at least!

source: akp

Spris releases a CF feat. T-ara’s Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun!

Dream High“ co-stars Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun
were recently featured in a new Spris CF!

In the short film, both Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun play dancers While Kim Soo
Hyun’s character falls for Eunjung’s at first sight, her character
doesn’t seem interested at all. However, his persistence and humor
gradually breaks through her cool front.

Later, she spots a poster announcing a “Dream Project” contest (a
play off of ‘Dream High’, perhaps?), and go back to the studio to
rehearse. Eunjung’s character is especially dedicated to practice, but she
overdoes it during a routine and injures her ankle. While she’s sitting
out with Kim Soo Hyun’s character, she frets that her injury will prevent
her from dancing. She then takes the opportunity to ask him if dancing is his

“Dream?” he asks. ”No, I just do this for
But then we hear a voice-over from his character: “But
did you know that a dream has formed in my heart since I’ve met you? I
want to make the dream come true together.”

The rest of the film features cuts of the group dancing together, and some
really cool stunts – check it out below!
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Source: allkpop & spris1996

Korean Rockers Apollo 18 Aim to Thrill SXSW

Already among the top underground bands in South Korea, Seoul hard rockers Apo18 are ready to take the proverbial ‘next step’ in their career.
During their two-and-a-half years together, Apollo 18 have released three albums, been crowned the Hello Rookie 2009 winners and Rookie of the Year at the 2010 Korean Music Awards, gigged in clubs throughout the country and at the likes of the Jisan Valley Rock Festival and the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, and have played in Japan.
They will soon be able to add an American tour to their list of accomplishments. The post-hardcore and post-rock hybrid trio has been invited to perform at the 2011 South by Southwest (SXSW) Music and Media Conference in Austin, Texas.
“SXSW is like a huge musical playground,” says bassist Kim Dae-inn excitedly. “Korea is a small playground. We want to go and play on a bigger playground.”

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Sourse: korea-blog
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What you should do for the 2012 Shinhwa 10th album

We're certainly dreaming of our 10th album.
But the strange thing is...
Some people don't want that to happen.
We could be affected by those people without our knowing it.
It's a scary thing to happen.

You must deliver the same messages you gave me to the other members too.
That you said you want to see the six of us on stage before you cheer for me.

So that even if some fool comes to us and wants us to go on alone, we will still fulfill our dream without wavering,
so that we can each concede some for each other and wait for that dream.
So that we can each gather our strength for Shinhwa's 10th album.

And you have to make it clear that you won't forgive us if we go our separate ways.
You have to make us wake up periodically so that we don't become like the fools who tempt us.

Like we never forget that we are 'members of Shinhwa,'
you must not forget that you are our 'supporters' and also our 'watchers.'

It's not that anything's happened,
it's just that my friends refused to meet me on Sunday evening because tomorrow's Valentine's Day,
so it just popped up in my mind!

Source: Dongwan's Naver blog
Credits: orisic @ shinhwa.biz
Julianne Moore
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Korean dramas stream into America

A scene from the smash-hit series “Secret Garden” from SBS

NEW YORK — Korean fans hooked on American dramas, or “mideu” as they call it, know that it’s only routine to stay up all night with bloodshot eyes and at least half a dozen episodes queued up on the playlist.

Well, guess what? The love is becoming reciprocal as Korean dramas, too, are slowly starting to find their way into the hearts of American viewers.

“NCIS and CSI are good, but this is action drama at a whole new level. It’s one of those shows where you promise yourself ‘just one more episode’ and you end up watching the sun come up,” says Rick Stone, 32, referring to the KBS hit “Iris.”

A newcomer to the world of Korean drama, Stone admits the newfound hobby is beginning to take its toll on his work during the day.

On Hulu.com, an online portal that streams TV shows and movies, it’s easy to find people with the same addiction.

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Source: Jane Han @ The Korea Times
가인; 돌이킬 수 없는
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Yoon Eun-hye in New York

The ex-Baby Vox, now-actress shows off her carefree side in the midst of shooting for the Hexa by Kuho 2011 Fall/Winter Collection. This time Hexa is trying to channel some of that New York feel into their collection.

The above photo was taken on the 11th of this month and shows a Yoon Eun-hye with a giant coat fit to hide a celebrity, wandering around the streets of New York.

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Source: popseoul