February 15th, 2011


Song Seung-heon will make your ovaries explode

Song Seung-heon showed quite the possibility of being a 'daughter babo' (a father who adores his daughter) when married.

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Nate / Hancinema

What was that My Princess cliffhanger anyway, Seol and Haeyoung go into a small house together and right before they do Haeyang is all "I've been considering your feelings for a long time now, but now I want what I want and I'm going to be the bad guy." DUN DUN DUN

hyunA's graduation picture is revealed and destroys yours!!

Hyunah's graduation photo was recently posted on an online community. Her fair skin as well as her innocent and plain look as a student caught the attention of netizens.

The netizens who saw the pictures commented "She looks really good. It's good to see her young and simple appearance", "If my graduation photo was that good, I'd dance joyfully", "She looks pretty", "Compared to my graduation picture, hers is one hundred million times better", "Her innocent looks are superior, she's so pretty", etc.

Hyunah couldn't attend her graduation ceremony last February 9th due to her scheduled activities in Thailand. She will begin her freshman year this March at Konkuk University and will major in performing arts.

Source : Newsen via NATE
Translating & editing : Meeli @4-minute.com

i'm so happy for her she is such a role model for all women... sexy with lots of brains to back it up. haters are mad cuz their school pix look like this:

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When TaejinAh tries to stop you from breaking up, you shouldn't break up

As lawsuit complications between the three members of KARA and DSP Media become more and more troubled with turbulence and uncertainties, veteran singer and president of the Korean Singers Association, Tae Jin Ah, recently came forth to intervene in an attempt to settle the situation.

A representative of Tae Jin Ah told Newsen on February 15th, “The presidents of the Korean Entertainment Producers Association and the Korean Singers Association, Ahn Jung Dae and Tae Jin Ah, have been in discussions for several hours in an attempt to resolve problems between KARA and their agency. Nothing is known in detail, however after receiving information from both sides, we are aware that the members of KARA are also in discussions with DSP Media.

They continued, “The Korean Singers Association has been managing the Victim Complaints Center to resolve unfair misconduct of singers. The center received information about the current situation of the three KARA members, and when Tae Jin Ah was informed, he decided to personally arbitrate the matter.

The biggest problem between the agency and the three members seems to lie in the allegedly unfair sharing of revenue. We think the depth of the conflict is deeper than we first thought.

If KARA disbands, not only is it a big loss to the country, but the media will also begin to take notice of every move of the rough patches between a singer and their agency, thus bringing forth unnecessary noise into the industry. We hoped for the situation to resolve as quietly as possible, so we were really upset when KARA’s side filed a lawsuit.

The representative concluded, “Even though Tae Jin Ah is slowly urging for both sides to reconcile, we feel that it will not be easy to find an immediate agreement.

According to the representative, Tae Jin Ah is encouraging the three members of KARA to take action, while also asking for the agency to have a more open mind about the singers’ perspectives.

AKP+New Daily

“What’s Up” to begin airing next month

Big Bang’s Daesung will finally make his small screen debut on March 21st through the musical drama, “What’s Up“!

On February 15th, producers of the show revealed that the series will be airing after SBS’s “Paradise Ranch” in the 9:00 PM KST time slot.

The drama is based on the true story of a musical class at the Chungkang College of Cultural Industries and aims to feature the dreams, passions, and love stories of the young musical majors. The drama has already received widespread attention because it’s both Daesung’s small screen debut, and is the work of writer Song Jina.

Daesung will be seen with his castmates Im Ju Hwan, Im Ju Eun, Jang Hee Jin, Lee Soo Hyuk and many other young rookie actors. Since they’re playing the role of 20-something theatre aspirants, each cast member received strict vocal and dance training for six months in preparation for their respective roles.

Currently, the drama has completed about 90% of its total filming after beginning last July.


yes!!! finally! been waiting for it

source: allkpop | sports world via nate


Rookie actor Park Yoo Hwan recently expressed his gratitude toward his older brother, JYJ’s Yoochun, for giving him a car as a present.

Park Yoo Hwan told Star News on February 15th, “I’ve always really liked cars and had a lot of interest in them. After passing my driver’s test recently, I found a car that I liked and pestered my brother about it; he really ended up buying it for me as a present.”

The car Yoochun bought his brother was a mid-sized sedan. Yoo Hwan explained, “I know that the prices of cars depend on the car options. It wasn’t over $80,000 USD.”

He continued, “I nagged him, saying that I’ll try my best if he buys it for me. It was Christmas at the time, and since it was around the time I was preparing for my debut, he bought it for me as a message of encouragement.”

“When I told him that I wanted to become an actor, hyung became worried and said, “It’s not an easy path to take”. I became worried as well, but in the end I made my decision. Hyung supported me and said that since I’ve already started, he told me to earn myself a good result.”

Yoo Hwan concluded, “I’m really thankful that I received such a big present. I want to work my best and give back to my hyung to avoid disappointing his expectations.”

Park Yoo Hwan is currently acting in the new MBC drama, “Shiny Shiny Shining”.

lol at the drama title, is that a drama about SHINee?

allkpop | star news via nate
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Eric To Hold A Fanmeeting Tour

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Singer/actor Eric will have his first individual birthday party/fan meeting, titled ‘HELLO AGAIN‘, on February 20th.

The title ‘HELLO AGAIN’ represents Eric’s desire to reunite with his fans after his 2-year hiatus due to military service. His fans are continuing to show strong support and interest. On January 20th, tickets to his birthday party were released, and within 10 minutes, the 1700-seat event was sold out.

Because he is meeting his fans for the first time in a while, Eric is of course preparing various events, including a surprise gift for the fans who attend.

Also, he is planning to talk about his comeback drama, “Poseidon“, and set a time to share with guests – making the event an even more memorable time with fans.

Eric will start with a domestic fan meeting, and then, starting with Taiwan, a tour across Asia.

Source: allkpop and Osen

Happy Birthday Eric! And I wish that he would expand this tour to the US. ;__;
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Yunho is a heartless bitch who has never cried

On February 15th, TVXQ’s Yunho will be seen on SBS’s “Strong Heart“, through which a more ‘human’ Yunho will be seen (as opposed to his mask as an idol of a popular band).

SBS recently revealed some of the content ahead of the episode’s broadcast, and Yunho was recorded saying, “Up until now, I’ve been met with both happy and difficult moments as I promoted through TVXQ. But never once was I able to cry to my heart’s content.

He continued, “I’m a human being, so I do have times when I want to cry. I always felt that it wasn’t the right time to show my tears, so I held it in for a long time. Now, I feel that the time is for me to work hard, and if were to say one wish, I want to be able to cry and let it all out until I have no regrets by the year-end.

Bandmate Changmin added, “Hyung really hasn’t cried once,” and revealed his feelings from the viewpoint of a dongseng who has been by his side for so long.

Check out the full segment on February 15th.


박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

Changmin transforms into Orange Carmel!

’s Changmin has joined the list of artists who have dressed up in Orange Caramel’s signature cute outfits.

On February 15th, Changmin tweeted, ”Orange Caramel~ eek! keke.” In the photo, the idol is wearing a yellow dress and giant orange bow while holding a princess mirror. His outifit is very much like Orange Caramel’s stage costumes from their “Magic Girl” days.

Fans commented, “Who will play the other Orange Caramel members?” and “Old Caramel… A-ing♡!

In other news, 2AM plans to continue their ‘Saint O’Clock‘ concert tour with their next stop in Daejun on February 26th.

Do you guys like the outfit? What do you think of Changmin as a girl?

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source: Star News ; his twitter

I love you Changmin, but..
____ JOO♥

Nam Goddess receives love calls for shining like an innocent diva

In the music video for "You Are the Best of My Life", Lee Hyun's new song, 4minute's Jihyun flaunts her innocent looks.

In the music video, Lee Hyun gets bewitched. He falls under the illusion that Jung Juri is Jihyun and falls in love with her.

The netizens complimented her good looks commenting "Her beautiful face shines", "She has the face to become an actress". In particular, Jihyun captured the netizens' attention for showing enthusiasm to even have a kissing scene.

Jihyun has already made her acting debut as the bubbly law student Shin Sunhae in the SBS drama "It's Okay, Daddy's Girl" that went off air last January. The whimsical but cute Shin Sunhae, said to enjoy the difficult legal studies, gained much popularity in the drama. Jihyun was praised for her easy playing despite it being her first acting challenge.

A CUBE representative revealed "After 'it's Okay Daddy's Girl', Jihyun has been receiving love calls from here and there." He went on to say "Above all, Jihyun is doing her best for the preparations of 4minute's new album, which release is scheduled for March, and, if there's a good opportunity, she intends to study and do acting."

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This just in: NO one, absolutely no one, wants KARA to break up

Singer Kan Mi Youn recently expressed her disappointment in the ongoing dispute between KARA and their agency, DSP Media.

During an interview with Star News, the singer stated carefully, “It’s difficult for me to say anything as it is a sensitive problem, but I hope it gets solved.”

She continued, “It’s upsetting in itself that TVXQ is divided, so to see KARA in this situation, it’s really saddening.

To be honest, when you get to promote overseas, you become very envious of Hallyu stars like TVXQ. TVXQ was popular in China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines – in every Asian country. Just as a Korean singer like myself, it gave me pride.

Kan Mi Youn concluded, “It’s upsetting that we’re not able to see these proud singers in action. To see that something similar has happened to KARA… the best thing is to maintain their current image. I hope this wraps up on a positive note. I want to keep seeing KARA actively promoting. I hope their problems resolve soon.


inb4 more KARA=DBSK comments/comparisons
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SM Entertainment Donates to Korea University's American Football Team

Management agency SM Entertainment, which manages popular bands such as TVXQ, Girls' Generation and Super Junior, has donated W18 million (US$1=W1,123) to Korea University's American football team, the Korea Tigers.

An Sang-eon, coach of the team, said, "CEO Kim Young-min of SM Entertainment who used to play on the team donated the money to support the athletes." As American football is not a popular sport in Korea, the team receives little funding from other than the university and mostly relies on donations from former players.

SM Entertainment and the football team had already built a relationship, as players from the squad appeared in the music video for the Girl's Generation's song "Oh," in which the singers played cheerleaders at an American football game.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Video source: sment
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Choi Jonghun to Join Kim Haneul and Jang Geuk Suk In "You Are My Pet"

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Actress Kim Haneul has a new pet in the form of Jang Geun Suk!

Kim Haneul and Jang Geun Suk will star in a new film titled, “You are My Pet,” a story about growing up through understanding and caring for one another as pet owner and her pet. The original story was written by the Japanese writer Yayoi Ogawa and was later adapted into a popular TBS drama starring Matsumoto Jun.

FT Island’s Lee Hongki confirmed Kim Hyo Jin’s tweet earlier today that announced the main cast members of the upcoming Korean film that also includes fellow FT Island member Choi Jong Hun.

In the film, Kim Haneul plays ‘Eunee,’ a beautiful and successful woman who is socially awkward. Jang Geun Suk plays ‘Inho,’ an aspiring danseur / ballerino extremely popular amongst women. Through certain circumstances, Inho will live with Eunee as her pet and display various sides of a pretty boy.

According to Kim Hyo Jin’s tweet, a press conference for the production will take place on March 3rd at Ibaraki Airport. The filming will begin in May in both Korea and Japan.

Source: allkpop, Movie Week, @skullhong, and @jonekimhyojin

I'm worried as to how they're going to fit a ten episode drama into two hours but I can't wait to see how this turns out. And yay Jonghun!
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Rain, Girls' Generation win Seoul Art Awards

Pop singers Rain and Girls’ Generation, and actress Jeon Do-yeon, among other high-profile stars have been chosen as grand prize winners of the 2nd Seoul Art and Culture Award.

The awards, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Seoul City, features 11 categories and recipients were revealed Monday ahead of the ceremony later this month, in Seoul.

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Source: Lee Hyo-won @ The Korea Times

Korean Rock invasion of North America. Seoulsonic takes the best bands....

 (SEOUL KR) : After weeks of anticipation, K-Pop creative agency, DFSB Kollective, has just announced the confirmed lineup for its SEOULSONIC concert series. Stagediving into Seoul's dynamic music scene, SEOULSONIC breaks the speed of now with a pulsating radar on Korea's top breakthrough artists. From indie clubs to international festivals, SEOULSONIC pushes the tempo of Korean music acts making waves across and beyond Asia.

For March 2K11, SEOULSONIC will be rolling out its first ever North American tour featuring AltROK sensations Galaxy Express, Idiotape, and Vidulgi OoyoO.
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Sourse: seoulsonic.kr, seoulsonic official youtube
it me

Big Bang to promote only one title track for comeback

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Debunking rumors about Big Bang making a comeback with a whopping six title tracks, YG Entertainment has asserted that the group will be promoting only one title track for their upcoming mini-album.
With eight days remaining until their great comeback, a representative of YG Entertainment confirmed on February 16th, “Big Bang’s album will only contain one title track.”
They continued, “Recently, YG artists have been coming out with more than two title tracks to allow their fans to listen to more songs. In Big Bang’s case however, though the album will be their first in two years, the group will be focusing on just one song in order to make it a big hit, just like their past songs “Lies” and “Haru Haru“.
The K-pop industry has been seeing many artists emerge from the studio with more than one title track for their albums. Considering how 2NE1 and GD&TOP kicked off their promotions with at least three songs each, many began to wonder whether YG Entertainment would carry on their trend for Big Bang’s highly-anticipated comeback.

YGE stated, “We’ve decided for Big Bang to carry on with just one title track, but we can’t yet reveal any concrete information about their title track yet.”