February 16th, 2011

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Japanese version of Park Charisma’s “Not Alone”

After completing a successful promotion for his solo debut in Korea, SS501’s Park Jung Min has headed over to Japan with YAMAHA Music Media for the release of the Japanese version of “Not Alone.”

The release is in the form of a CD Book, which combines a physical CD along with a 8 page A5 sized photo book. Park Jung Min has been quite busy over the last few days promoting this with events in Kobe and Tokyo.

Following his Japanese tour, he will go to Taiwan to hold his Taiwanese showcase and fan meeting on February 20th, which will kick off his official activities for his Asian tour promotions.

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Yunho got his stage name from an online game?

On today’s episode of SBS’ Strong Heart, TVXQ’s Yunho, was a guest along with fellow member Changmin. On the show, Yunho revealed the origin of his stage name.

He stated, “My singer / stage name is U-Know Yunho, and it stands for ‘you know me and I know you’. To tell you the truth, I thought of the name from an online game I used to play. My username for that game was ‘U-Know Yunho’. In the game, I reached the high level of ’supreme’, which was right before the highest level of ‘God’. Right before I became God, I debuted in TVXQ (Rising Gods Of The East).

It’s quite hilarious that we all expect their names to come from some place more meaningful… well, I guess that game was pretty important to Yunho.


I find this so cute lmao.
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Japanese fans starting to lose faith in kara; they also like to kick puppies in their spare time

As their scandal continues to snowball and gather headlines, Japan’s love for KARA is starting to cool.

Initally, KARA was still able to take #1 on the Oricon charts despite the outbreak of their scandal. However, after it was revealed that Nicole, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung had filed a lawsuit on February 14th, the attitude in Japan quickly became indifferent.

The Japanese media has predicted that KARA will definitely lose popularity in Japan. This is because fans allowed themselves to get their hopes up when KARA members continued filming their drama with a good atmosphere, only to have their hopes taken away in another wave of conflicts. Japanese fans obviously felt betrayed, and they seem to have gotten tired of the protracted conflict. Japanese news programs are releasing citizen interviews with content along the lines of “I’m sick of it now.”

There is also widespread interest about KARA’s relationship with their Japanese agency, Universal Music Japan. In Korea, the KARA members could put a hold on their activities because it’s more or less a domestic dispute; however, it’s a different story altogether when it comes to their corporate agreements with a Japanese label. If KARA should fail to fulfill their Japanese agreements, they will most certainly damage their marketability and overall reputation.

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lol MBC and KBS don't know what to do now that SBS is airing that Big Bang special

The decision of airing the 1-hour comeback special of BIGBANG on SBS has strained MBC and KBS up. BIGBANG’s comeback to the Korea showbiz is regarded by many as the biggest issue in this year. From 25th to 27th, they will hold ‘Big Show’ at Seoul Olympic Stadium. The fierce tickets competition can be ascribed to the eagerness of the fans to see their comeback.

Therefore, the airing of BIGBANG’s comeback show on SBS will certainly garner high viewing rates. SBS has not aired an-hour-long special programme except for Taiji. That is why this is an unprecedented comeback and we can expect the best performances from the programme.

SBS has promised to prepare the very sound set of facilities for their special show in order to tell us the story of the strategy of YG’s making BIGBANG’s comeback album and how they are focusing on the preparation of the big show.

Moreover, in order to understand the reason of airing the comeback special on SBS instead of MBC and KBS, we have to look back at the very beginning. There were times that BIGBANG had to stop their local promotion of their albums in order to advance into the Japan market. The cutting of the local promotion activities somehow distress the TV channels’ schedules.

At that time, SBS broadcasted their Japanese activities first which further tightened their relationship with BIGBANG. It was not long ago that SBS and TBS (*a Japanese TV channel) jointly organised the Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival in which we can see tens of thousands of Japanese fans chanting to BIGBANG. It once again proved how supportive SBS is to the group.

SBS has not yet released the new songs of BIGBANG for they are preparing for the comeback confidentially and wholeheartedly at this moment.

Source: OSEN via bbvipz
Translated and Edit: Rice+Est@BigBangWORLD
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U.N. report says S. Korea restricts freedom of speech

The government is reportedly looking over a draft of a U.N. report stating that freedom of expression in South Korea has been restricted and that the government should make efforts to guarantee it once again.

The administration, unlike in previous moves, is expected to make no official response in the near future.

According to the Yonhap news agency, Frank La Rue, U.N. special rapporteur for freedom of opinion and expression, wrote this in his report to the U.N. scheduled to be released in June. In it, he said the South Korean government has been increasingly sensitive about guaranteeing one of the most basic rights after candlelit vigils took place in 2008 against the administration’s resumption of U.S. beef imports.
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Source: koreaherald
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N. Korean man defects to S. Korea

A North Korean man crossed the inter-Korean border and defected to South Korea on Tuesday, officials said Wednesday.

The 21-year-old defector, identified only by his surname Kim, immediately expressed his wish to defect to the South after he crossed the Military Demarcation Line in the Demilitarized Zone and was spotted at around 5 p.m. by South Korean troops standing guard around the frontline areas.

Government authorities are currently investigating him to find out the exact reasons for his defection.

Some officials said he risked the perilous defection due to the deepening food crisis in the impoverished state, pointing out that it will take several days until the investigation results come out.

It was reported that Kim was expelled from the North Korean military after he was classified as “unqualified” to become a soldier, and that he had yearned for life in the South.

It was the first time for a North Korean to defect to the South after crossing the heavily-fortified land-based border since a North Korean non-commissioned officer defected to the South last March.

More than 20,000 North Koreans have defected to the South since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War.

Source: koreaherald
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Market passage in eastern S. Korea collapses after heavy snowfall

The main roof of an outdoor market in eastern South Korea collapsed under the weight of snowfall on Wednesday afternoon, but all nine people trapped under the wreckage were rescued, emergency authorities said.

The plastic makeshift roof of the market in Samcheok, about 290 kilometers east of Seoul, broke down at around 2:30 p.m., injuring seven people, while two others came out unscratched, the authorities said.

"As soon as the accident took place, we rescued seven residents who were wounded from the collapse. No casualties have been reported so far," an official said. "We are looking into whether there are more people trapped, but no one is believed to be there now."

Witnesses said the roof cracked down while residents were clearing snow around the market, home to 37 privately-owned shops that suffered damage from the record snow.

Emergency staff and soldiers, who were helping with snow removal, were immediately mobilized for rescue efforts and evacuated about 200 people in case of an additional collapse, they noted.

Up to 100 centimeters of snow pounded Samcheok and other east coastal areas in Gangwon Province for three days until early Tuesday, the most snow since record-keeping began in 1911, isolating households in remote villages, devastating farms, temporarily closing schools and forcing massive flight cancellations. Samcheok had 110 centimeters of snow during the period.

Source: yonhapnews
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Artists postpone comebacks/debuts because of Big Bang’s comeback!

As Bigbang officially announced the team's comeback date as February 24th, the people in the music industry are trying to avoid a head to head competition with Bigbang, who is making a comeback after two years and three months.

On the 14th, YG revealed Bigbang’s comeback teaser image on YG’s official blog and announced that ‘on February 24 Bigbang’s 4th Mini Album will be released’. Bigbang after releasing their second full album with ‘Sunset Glow’ as its title track in November 2008, the members caused sensations in the music industry through their solo and unit activities.

After YG confirmed Bigbang’s comeback date, singers, from singers who have not debuted to top-class singers, are trying to change their debut and comeback dates. A spokesperson from an agency that is preparing a new idol group mentioned, “There are no benefits in releasing an album when Bigbang releases its album. We are planning on postponing the debut date to after March”.

Some popular solo artists who were likely to release their albums in March are also trying to postpone their album release dates. Those who had a hard time picking a comeback day in January because of big stars such as DBSK(TVXQ) are facing the same problem now after Bigbang’s comeback date was confirmed.

The music industry is also paying sharp attention to the news that Bigbang is releasing a mini album, not a full album. Many are speculating that Bigbang is not going to end their group activities with just a mini album after a two year break. Considering YG’s unconventional style of doing things, many are guessing that Bigbang’s third full album could be released after the mini album.

The fact that YG and Bigbang have been putting in their best efforts for this comeback supports this speculation. Bigbang went to the States just two weeks (on February 7) before the ‘Bigshow’, which will be Bigbang’s comeback stage for the new album, and filmed a high-budget music video there.

We can speculate that Bigbang will not only release a mini album but maybe something more because Bigbang members, who produce their own music and work on their album until they are satisfied, have waited for two years to confirm a comeback date.

The ‘Bigshow’, the concert which many are looking forward to, is at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium from the 25th to the 27th. Unlike many other idol groups, Bigbang is making its comeback through their ‘Bigshow’ Concert, not through television programs.

The music industry and fans are also very curious about the broadcasting station and the scale of the comeback stage that will be performed. Bigbang’s comeback is definitely a hot issue.

Article from Osen News 

Translated by Beau @ bbvipz, BBVIP
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< BIGBANG 4th EP Album Reservation Info>
- Advance Sales Date: 2011. Feb. 15th ~ Feb. 24th.
- Advance Sales Store : YG E-shop and every online record store
- Release Date : 2011. Feb. 25th.
- Online Album Release : 2011. Feb. 24th.
- Retail Price : KRW 12,000 (Price can be varied depending on store)
- Event for Purchaser : Provide 1:1 Poster, YG Family Card
(Limited to the first produced quantity.)

source: YG ESHOP
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ROYALTIES will be promoting 6 title tracks at once!


BIG BANG will return after two years.

On Sunday 24th YG released through his blog info on Big Bang’s new album. On the published picture, “2011.02.24″ was written, the date of their return “4th Mini Album” was written as well.

Since 2009 Big Bang has been working on their solo careers and separate units, thus songs under all of BIG BANG have not been released until now that their comeback has been confirmed.

Representative of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-seok, stated “On the 24, BIGBANG will release their 4th mini album. Except for the intro, all six songs are planned to be promoted at the same time.” he said.

translated: alee@ibigbang

YES BABY!!!!!!!!


Seungyeon's father makes controversal remarks about Gyuri

Recently, Han Seungyeon’s father was interviewed on a Japanese program, and he firmly singled out KARA’s leader, Park Gyuri, as the underlying cause between KARA’s dispute with DSP Media.

On this week’s broadcast of Fuji TV’s ”Super News“, the reporter asked Han Seung Yeon’s father, Han Jong Chil, about who he thought was mainly responsible for KARA’s dispute. He replied, “I think the leader is acting with no responsibilities. This happened because of bad communication.”

He continued, “As KARA kept growing, the agency failed to be a good back support for them. The kids’ futures have become unstable.”

Han Jong Chil stated that the “members never had conflicts and disputes between each other”, but this is the first time someone has pointed their fingers at a particular member.

Netizens commented, “Why is he doing interviews like this in Japan?”, and “You can’t put all the blame onto the leader.”

Xsportsnews, AKP

Seungyeon’s father (who, by the way, is also a master sword craftsman) has spoken up to clarify the controversy surrounding his recent remarks in a Fuji TV interview.  The situation is “a complete misunderstanding“, he said to Korean news outlets.

He went on to say, What was said in the Japanese broadcast was correct, but I had no intention of putting the blame on Gyuri. In any group, the leader is supposed to take care of the other members’ complaints by addressing them with the company. However, as the group’s complaints got bigger and bigger, Gyuri did not play her role well, which is why I’m disappointed.” However, he maintains that he “did not intend to blame Gyuri” for the problem with the company.



So Ji Sub unveils debut music video for “Pick Up Line”!

After deciding to tackle something new and fun, So Ji Sub has finally unveiled his full music video for his debut hip hop track, “Pick Up Line“!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

His transformation into an ‘homme fatale’ has brought in an incredible amount of interest, as his name is currently dominating portal search engines and his teasers made instant headlines.

The actor himself commented, “I wanted to show myself as who I really am, not someone trapped in what the public imagines me to be. This is not an attempt to create headlines, but an attempt to enjoy something I truly love with the public.

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LOL...I love So Ji Sub, but this is....lol, mixed feelings right now.

DSP reveals Kara's income and contract info

Three days after Seungyeon, Hara, and Jiyoung filed the lawsuit, the agency’s legal representatives have released an official statement refuting the girls’ claims.

On the morning of February 17th, DSP Media’s legal representative, Im Sang Hyuk, spoke with Star News and stated, “It’s said that the lawsuit was filed on February 14th, but it was actually filed on the 11th. Their accusation has not arrived yet, but DSP Media will be preparing to take legal action.  This case is different in various ways from the TVXQ lawsuit.” (Im is also the lawyer for JYJ against SM Entertainment.)

He continued, “The representatives of the three KARA members claimed that each member only received $860 USD from January through June of 2010 from album sales made during their ‘Lupin‘ promotions.  Their claim made it seem as if this amount was all that the members received for their income during this time period, but they are hiding the accurate truth.”

Im continued, “Aside from their album sales, KARA was distributed a total of $200,000 USD per member from income made through CFs, events, broadcast appearances, digital sales, and mobile sales.

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Source: Star News via Naver (1) (2) and allkpop

This is kind of confusing but I guess they're saying that even though they don't make much from album sales, they still make a lot from other activities. They didn't say much about Japan though, which seems to be the real problem.

infinite's dansu machine hoya wows netizens with his skills

A video of Infinite’s member, Hoya, participating in a past dance competition was revealed, and it is currently gaining attention.

As the audition opening information was released for Mnet’s audition program, ‘Superstar K 3’, the fact that Miss A’s Suzy and Hoya participated in past ‘Superstar K’ auditions is getting attention. Along with this, a video of Hoya participating in a dance competition was revealed too.

The video, spreading through online video sites, is capturing attention because it shows Hoya’s brilliant dance skills during the finals for 2009’s “Haeundae World Hip Hop Festival’.

In this video, Hoya is dancing in a hip-hop style to hip-hop songs with strong beats. He displays a powerful, but angled dance skill with no regrets, receiving compliments from netizens like, ‘Dance Machine Terminator’.

Netizens who saw the video showed feverish responses with, “A dance skill that cannot be hidden”, “His skills were amazing since he was young”, “Dance machine terminator”.

On the other hand, Infinite is currently promoting their second mini album’s title song, ‘BTD’.

sauces: infinite updates, nate
and for the curious folk, a clip of pre-debut hoya dancing
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Yoona looks the same since teen years?! This is brand new information!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Photos of Yoona when she was in middle school were recently revealed and have been garnering attention.

An online community site grabbed the attention of netizens by posting capture photos of Yoona during her middle school days.

The photos posted were from TVXQ's 'Magic Castle' music video back in 2004, when Yoona was a 15 year old middle schooler.

What made the photos become such a hot topic was Yoona's unchanged beauty.

Netizens showed various responses saying, "Beauty since birth, confirmed", "Middle schooler Yoona, so loveable", and, "Only her body grew," not hesitating to compliment her.
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video source:sment@youtube
Source:박혜옥 기자 - newscj.com
Translation by:ch0sshi@soshified.com

flawless being.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Jiyoung's dad says something that more or less proves the girl's have NO SAY in this business

Seungyeon’s father is currently undergoing a controversy for statements he had made in an interview with Japan’s Fuji TV. Now it looks like he’ll be joined by Jiyoung’s father, who also made some contentious statements during a separate interview with Fuji TV.

On February 16th, the Japanese network aired an interview with Jiyoung’s father, Kang Gun Wook, through their “Super News” segment, and asked whether it was true that DSP Media only distributed ¥60,000 at the height of their “Lupin” promotions.

Kang replied, “At the time of the ‘Lupin’ promotions, about $400,000 USD in profit were made from digital sales. But all of that went into promotional expenses, and only a few hundred were left. Speaking in terms of the Japanese yen, that amounts to about ¥10,000. The distribution per member is about ¥60,000.

When further asked what Jiyoung herself thought about the recent lawsuit, he replied, “She’s probably upset. Jiyoung did ask whether it was necessary for it to develop into a lawsuit, but this won’t be inflicting any harm onto the girls’ promotional activities. If the company is in the wrong, they should apologize, but they actually said good job. How could I not get mad? They did not apologize even once. If conversing through words doesn’t work, the law must be used.


So…are the 3 actually making ANY decisions on their own? like…at all?
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someone with half a brain will now be representing KARA3

KARA’s legal dispute with DSP Media has now developed into a battle between professional law firms.

DSP Media was hit with a lawsuit three days ago from KARA’s Seungyeon, Nicole, and Jiyoung, and unable to avoid a legal battle, went ahead by bringing in Sejong Law Firm’s Im Sang Hyuk. Sejong is one of the representative law firms in the nation, as it houses over 300 lawyers by itself.

KARA’s trio, who had been working with Landmark ever since the start of this dispute, was recently revealed to have been in a secret meeting with Hankyul Law Firm on February 16th. Representatives of the trio asked Hankyul to take on their case, and Hankyul accepted.

Hankyul is known for their work in the entertainment industry, as they made headlines in 2005 for taking on the ‘celebrity x-files’ case. Hankyul is also responsible for 60% of the film distribution companies in the nation.

The legal representative KARA’s trio chose from Hankyul, Kim Jin Wook, has previous experience working with Super Junior’s Han Geng in his lawsuit against SM Entertainment. KARA’s trio were revealed to have been adamant with their decision on Kim, especially since he won the lawsuit.

Considering the fact that DSP Media is backed by Im Sang Hyuk, who’s currently the legal representative for JYJ against SM Entertainment, industry representatives have interpreted the trio’s move in switching out their lawyers to mean that they are now ready to put up an aggressive fight.


Well, at least we won't have the parents talking at every chance they get
Jake Gyllenhaal
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About Anti-Korean Wave

An anti-Bae Yong-joon sign in Japan

Korean girl groups use sexual favors to get their way and the Korean government has invested over 1 trillion yen ($11.9 billion) to support the Korean Wave, at least according to one Japanese comic.

The comic is not based on fact, but is a microcosm of the backlash against the Korean Wave, or hallyu, which has recently been led by Korean girl groups Girls’ Generation and Kara.

Since the Korean Wave began sweeping across Asia, anti-Korean Wave sentiment has emerged in different countries over the years.

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Source: Nam Soo-hyoun, Lee Soo-jeong @ JoongAng Daily

After School to collaborate with living legend Amuro Namie!

Namie Amuro's official website has been discovered to contain a hidden RSS feed, which includes information detailing a collaboration with K-Pop girl group, After School. The track is titled "Make It Happen," but it remains to be seen whether or not this will be a flawless Mariah Carey cover. She will also be collaborating with Yamashita Tomohisa, Lil Wayne, m-flo's Verbal and CHEMISTRY.

The album, Checkmate!, is a collaboration best-of with new tracks as well, and will be released on March 23.

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Source: Namie's Official Website
Reporting: me


omfg!!! crying so hard

dara look at me

This is a CL post!!!!!! (plus an excerpt on her from her papa's book!)


original message: 씨엘빠분들을 위한 사진투척!!!ㅋ고이고이 아껴왔던 씨엘씨의 미공개 사진한장공개ㅋㅋㅋ씨엘씨폰에서 직접 전송된 사진이랍니다!비록 미투나 기계를 이용하는게 어려워서 잘못하지만 이렇게 가끔 사진도 보내주구 마음을 전하려하는게 귀엽군요!ㅋㅋ씨엘씨가 랙잭이들 사랑한데요!ㅋ

translation: Here’s a picture for CL’s fans. I really wanted to save this photo. I will show you an undisclosed private picture. This picture was sent directly to me through CL’s phone. Even though she can’t handle using me2day or a computer, but she sent this photo to me. It’s really cute, she wanted to show how much she loves the fans! keke CL said she loves her fans blackjacks keke.

source: me2day of the administrator of cl's official fanclub
translations by: sieljjang@clbaddestfemale fanblog

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Phew! That was difficult.Haha these aren't exactly newsworthy, but I miss the technophobe CL bb ;~;


Old MV of Epik High's Run featuring various members of Infinite

Music Video (Starring L. Sunggyu/Woohyun on guitar/base. Sungjong on keyboard)

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Source: 1, 2, 3, 4.

The MV is rather old and has been posted before along with the performances, but the BTS hasn't, and since Infinite is now an established group, their appearance warrants something more than an afterthought mention I think. And of course, Epik High is never a redundant thing to talk about.

Everyone (expect Sungyeol) appears for the MV/performance at one point.

Lee Byunghun won't be making a man out of Zhang Ziyi

'World star' Lee Byeong-Heon gave up the opportunity to be in the movie "Mulan" cast and produced by world famous actress from proud China, Zhang Ziyi.

He was going through the offer to be in the movie "Mulan" last year. He was to start filming "G.I Joe 2" as soon as he finished filming "Mulan". However the plans for "Mulan" kept being postponed so he had to give it up.

A spokesperson from his company said, "Any further postpones of the movie will cause a problem for him in "G.I Joe 2". In addition to some other internal factors he has decided not to star in the movie "Mulan".

Meanwhile, "Mulan" is based on a Chinese epic poetry and has been made into an animation in 1998 and in 2009 as a movie "Mulan: The Return of a Warrior.

Nate / Hancinema