February 18th, 2011


WG at Jeremy Scott & Anna Sui Shows

Fresh Celeb: Wonder Girls – Adidas Originals By Originals Jeremy Scott

Korean Pop Sensations Wonder Girls are making their way stateside this year with appearances at Y-3, Anna Sui, and now the Jeremy Scott runway show for the designer’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection. Dressed top to bottom with adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott, mixed with a good dose of Y-3 and adidas Originals. While the girls queued up to their assigned seats, editors from Teen Vogue briefly mentioned the quintet’s appearance on an upcoming issue as a way to introduce them to the American public.

Photography: Poe for Freshness

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source: freshness, followWG twitpic
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Who Whore It Better: Leopard Shoes Edition


Big Bang has had the Christian Louboutin fever for a while, and now Inati seems to have found the designer's work, as well.
Both Big Bang's T.O.P and Dalmatian's Inati whore Christian Louboutin’s Louis Leopard Spike Sneakers.

Who whore them better?

T.O.P, looking fine even when creepin'.
Inati, dogs hate cats, he took out a leopard.
Burn them.
Um, dude, those shoes belong in my closet.

source: onetwo

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lol dear lord, first post. hope everything went well.
i want those shoes, badly. 
have a cute chinchilla for your time. ♥



This is an interview follow-up that came with the Tae-Key feature in ELLE Magazine~ Prepare to be derped by these guys, as usual.

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Korean-Chinese Translations: For SHINee World
Chinese-English Translations: hiyeom
Source: SHINee Shawols SG 1 , 2

My first submission :x Please forgive for any mistakes! D:
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MBLAQ opens official Japanese website and reveals debut date!

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In an interview with ELLE Girl in January, the boys of MBLAQ revealed their tentative plans to debut in Japanese market some time in April.

However, it seems the debut has been pushed back to May as MBLAQ’s official Japanese website opened up today yesterday with a promotional video stating: May 4th, 2011 debut.

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The website also states that the boys will visit Japan on February 21st. They’ve been studying hard in Japanese so it’ll be interesting to see what they have in store for us.

Source: Official MBLAQ Japanese website, Allkpop
Videos: rainyyonme

I'm glad their debut has been pushed with all that's been happening with the members. And the February 21 visit to Japan better not include Mir or Joon...other than that, I wish them lots of luck! ♥

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When Taejin Ah puts his mind to something, it gets done

After recent reports that the Korean Singers Association president, Tae Jin Ah, would personally be mediating the dispute between the three members of KARA and their agency, DSP Media, a recent announcement by Tae Jin Ah show prospects of a final reconciliation between the two parties.

President Tae Jin Ah told Asia Economy on February 18th, “I received replies from the lawyer representatives of both the three KARA members and DSP Media.”

He continued, “We examined the documents, and we believe we will get a very positive outcome, and we think the arbitration was successful. The lawyers and I will be sitting together on one table to discuss the matter as early as tomorrow (February 19th).

On the day of discussion, those who will be present will include myself and the respective lawyers for the three KARA members and DSP Media, as well as the president of the Entertainment Producers Association, Ahn Jung Dae. I will be meeting with the parents of the three members only after in-depth discussions have taken place.

Tae Jin Ah concluded, “With both lawyers sending positive replies, the possibility of a positive outcome to the situation has increased. Please wait a little while longer.


They must be as afraid of him as Eru's ex girlfriend was…
too soon to make those jokes?
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[INTERVIEW] T.O.P’s Japanese Magazine “Aera” Interview! Rate This


AERA: It has already passed the scheduled time for the meeting and he still have not arrived yet. Then I heard that he was not feeling well that day, but he pushed himself to go to all the scheduled interviews. Then he finally arrived. Just as I was feeling relieved, he started to look through the AERA magazine that he bought himself and suddenly said, “I will go and get change”.

It seemed that the clothes he was wearing didn’t match the concept. I waited for a couple of minutes, then he came back with a stunning jacket on. He wore interesting shoes that looked like it had some nails hammered on them. When I asked for the brand, he said “Louboutin”. The Christian Louboutin that has been featured on such blockbuster films as “Sex and the City”. That was my first time seeing a man wear Louboutin.

T.O.P: Yes, these are my personal shoes. I chose the shoes to go with the clothes. I love fashion.

AERA: In fact, when he played the role of a cruel assassin in the drama “IRIS”, he was also concerned about fashion. He says that in “IRIS”, he put out ideas for himself and thoroughly discussed with the stylists. The black suit and trench coat made him look more like a fashion model than an assassin. From the 7:3 style to the loose perm, his hair changed a lot. He can surely be called a model after saying, “I wanted to create the picture of an assassin that everybody would imagine”.

The film to play the leading role for the first time, “Into The Fire”, starts off with this shocking line, “Mother, I killed people”. This spectacular action film is based on a letter that a 10th grade student soldier sent to his mother. T.O.P played the role of the student soldier leader, Jang-bum.

T.O.P: Before receiving the script, I never thought of myself being casted on a war film. However, this film is nothing like the other war films that I’ve seen before. This film is about sensibility and humanitarianism. It is about the 71 student soldiers who fought against the elite soldiers of North Korea.

With my music activities, I want to express to the world certain “sensibilities”, and I felt that I was able to express that by playing Jung-bum. That is why I participated in this film. I believe that those young Korean who are struggling to find a dream might be able to find one by watching this film. Also, I thought that if I participated in this film, a lot of young people might watch it and be interested in the topic.

AERA: He didn’t feel the pressure to play the lead role, he felt “responsible”.

T.O.P: I debuted as an actor in 2007, with the drama called “I Am Sam”. However, this time I had to show the people that I had grown in the three years. I felt responsible for that.

Of course I felt pressured. This film is based on a true story about the Korean war, so as a Korean, I felt the pain. I felt pressured to express that feeling in the film. However, I didn’t feel that I was pressured just because it was a film. In fact, if this was a TV drama, I would’ve felt pressured. With a film, it is released after the video and sounds are put together and everything is ready, but with dramas, the shooting continues while it is on air. That is why I felt that to show something new about me after three years, this had to be a film. I thought a film was something that could wow the fans and audiences. So this was a whole new challenge for me.

AERA: T.O.P is now 23 years old. He says to play a 17-year-old student soldier, he tried to think of what he was like when he was 17 and studied about the student soldiers of the Korean war.

T.O.P: The character of Jang-bum was born when the 17-year-old boy in the script and the 17-year-old me intertwined with each other. There is a scene where during the war, Jang-bum writes a letter to his mother facing a desk. When I saw the scene, I saw the 17 year old me in Jang-bum’s figure. When I was 17, I would sit in front of the desk and write what I felt in my heart as lyrics. Jang-bum wrote the letter in a tragic situation and I was writing lyrics with enjoyment. It seems so similar, but completely different. I was thinking about those things to form his character.

AERA: There is a weird tense feeling you get when you watch the scene where Jang-bum is holding two boxes of bullets with a cartridge case on him, and he is desperately running through the bombs. Like a puppy drenched with rain, the eyes of Jang-bum is filled with fear. T.O.P says that this particular scene was the hardest and yet the most rewarding scene of the film.

T.O.P: Lee Jae Han, the director, values reality in a film. That is why when I did the scene, I ran without being told where the explosives were. It was a dangerous scene, and if I did it wrong it would take a long time to remake the set again. It was as if we were in the real battlefield and I actually felt shocked with the amount of tense and fear around me. There is a scene where I fall and an exploding Jeep flies over me and I thought I was going to break my eardrum with the piercing noise. That time I actually wanted to run away from the set. However, when I saw the scene on the film, there was a young Jang-bum on the screen and not me. I felt proud of myself.

AERA: His acting skills were praised and in November last year, he was awarded with the best new actor award in Korea’s largest film festival. However, he seems to be cool about it. He says, “I want music as my main career, but I want to act as well. From now on, my music and acting activities are 5:5″.

T.O.P: I’ve been creating music since I was 11 or 12 years old. It might be that I’m quite satisfied with music already. However, acting is still a new field for me and I still lack in many things. In order to perfect it, I have to keep acting. If I start something, I seek for perfection. I have the greed to make my acting just perfect. That’s why I want to keep acting.

(source: nanz@21bangs)
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Jo Sungmo Being Sued For $2.7 Million USD by S-Plus Entertainment

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Singer Jo Sung Mo (35) has recently been caught in a lawsuit dispute with his agency for failing to comply with his exclusive contract.

According to the Seoul Central District Court on February 18th, S-Plus Entertainment stated, “Jo Sung Mo failed to fulfill the conditions in his exclusive contract, and instead carried out his own personal activities,” and they filed a $2.7 million USD lawsuit for damage compensation.

S-Plus Entertainment continued, “Jo Sung Mo signed a $90,000 USD exclusive contract with the agency in 2009. However, ever since he received treatment in the hospital for his injury from KBS’s ‘Dream Team‘ last year, our communication with him got disrupted.”

“Without the agency’s consent, Jo Sung Mo participated in four events between October and November of last year, and also released two albums by himself. He violated the terms of the contract, which stated that he would release three albums in Korea and six albums in Japan.”

With regards to their lawsuit, S-Plus Entertainment stated, “We demand him to pay $2.7 million USD for compensation. Also, $1.3 million USD went towards Jo Sung Mo’s activities thus far. This will be demanded later on.”

Source: allkpop and Star News via Nate

Shit just got real for Sungmo. ;__;
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SNSD are goddesses with 'a thousand faces' according to E-Tribe

[TV Report Jung Byung Geun] A hit-songwriter E-tribe praised Girls' Generation.

E-Tribe is a hit-songwriter in the music industry who have wrote Lee Hyori's 'U-Go-Girl' and Girls' Generation's 'Gee.' This year with DalShabet he has started as a producer as well. The best idol stars he picks is Girls' Generation.

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source: nate
translation: kwongildong @ Soshified

This is what I've noticed as well. They can be innocently cute, sickeningly cute, boyishly sexy, slutty sexy, elegant, fierce, cool, mature, kiddish, youthful, dorky, crazy, campy etc.
ch bus scene

sneak peak at BIGBANG's "SECRET GARDEN" parody

According to information revealed by YG Entertainment on February 17th, Big Bang recorded a parody of “Secret Garden” on the 15th and 16th as a special treat for their fans attending their upcoming “2011 Big Show” concert.

T.O.P took on the role of ‘Kim Juwon,’ while G-Dragon played ‘Gil Ra-Im.’ Seungri played ‘Oscar,’ Daesung played Juwon’s mother, and Taeyang played ‘Director Im Jong Su.’

In a picture taken exclusively by Star News, Daesung and G-Dragon are pictured dressed up as their respective roles. YG officials further revealed, “T.O.P perfectly brought together Juwon’s image, complete with the training suit and hair style. Seungri, who’s been imitating Yoon Sang Hyun’s voice for a while, transformed into Hallyu star ‘Oscar,’ while Taeyang showed off a dramatic new hair style through his role as the director.”

Big Bang was also given special permission to record in Juwon’s real home in order to perfect their parody.

The video will be unveiled through their “Big Show” concert scheduled for February 25th through the 27th. ”Despite the recording taking two days, the Big Bang members couldn’t stop laughing over their transformations and were not tired at all. The members will be re-creating the famous ‘foam kiss’ scene, so please look forward to it.”

Source: Star News via Nate , translated by ALLKPOP

Secret Garden parody info..
TOP - Kim Joowon
GD - Gil Raim
Seungri - Oska
Daesung - Joowon's mother
Taeyang - Director Lim

lea and ariana

Yamapi coming to Korea

If you know some about Jpop and Jdoramas, I think most Kpop fans do, you know who Yamapi is. Tomohisa Yamashita, aka Yamapi, is a famous Jpop idol member of the group NEWS and also a successful dorama actor (LOVED him in Nobuta wo Produce and Buzzer Beat). He just began solo activities in January and is bringing it to South Korea. Well with all the Kpop acts going to Japan, turnaround is fair play- ne?

Yamapi just released hi first solo album, Super Good, Super Bad on January 26th and will be having concerts in 5 cities in Japan as well as in Hong Kong, Taipei, Busan, Seoul, and Bangkok. His album will be released in Korea on March 2nd and it consists of 2 CDs and 25 songs, wow. His first solo concerts in Korea will be on April 16th & 17th.

To help promote his album and concerts Yamapi will perform on Mnet’s M! Countdown on February 24th. Oooh, that’s a must see! Last year KAT-TUN, this year Yamapi, will Arashi be next?

Source: Seoulbeats, Newsen

I'm so excited to see him on mcountdown!!!!
ch bus scene


 The scheduled SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama, “City Hunter“, will soon finish casting the characters and begin filming.

allkpop has reported in the past that a dream team has been put together with actor Lee Minho in the leading role, Hwang Eun Kyung as the screenwriter, and the “Brilliant Legacy” and “Prosecuter Princess” producer, Jin Hyuk, in the mix as well.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that actress Park Min Young is likely to be cast as the female lead. According to a drama representative on Ferbruary 17th, City Hunter will finalize Park Min Young as a cast member within a day or two and begin filming this March.

An official stated on February 16th, “There will be a filming rehearsal at the beginning of March, and we are expecting to go into official productions around the middle of March.”

“City Hunter” is scheduled to broadcast its first episode on May 25th.

Source: Star News, OSEN via Nate
Translated by ALLKPOP

[BgBg] GD's sexy hair

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Song Joong Ki is a ‘dandy guy’ in Cosmopolitan Man

Actor Song Joong Ki has transformed into a ‘dandy guy’ for Cosmopolitan Man.

Song Joong Ki, who captured women’s hearts through "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", has recently comeback as a ‘dandy guy’ through the March issue of the fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan Man.

In the magazine spread, Song Joong Ki models several different outfits: a clean Glen-checkered jacket with a white t-shirt, a beige-knit cardigan with linen pants, and a striped shirt with a vest – showing an appropriate, sophisticated style.

Without unnecessary silhouettes, and with the usage of sand beige, blue, and grey color schemes, Song Joong Ki was able to show this season’s trend through the casual shoot.

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src: akp from newsen via nate.

Bada’s mother passes away after a battle with cancer


On February 19th, representatives of singer Bada revealed that her mother passed away earlier this morning after battling lung cancer for the past year.

Bada is currently at her mother’s wake with mourners at the Catholic University of Korea Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital, and the coffin will be borne out on the 21st.

Bada’s brother, Choi Sung Wook, commented, “I believe that she’s gone to a better place. Bada will be returning to her schedule after the funeral because of her obligations in her contract. She’ll be recovering as fast as possible to resume her activities, as that is what our mother would want as well.”

Because of her sudden death, Bada will be re-scheduling her activities with her musical, “Legally Blonde,” for the duration of the funeral, but will be returning to her normal schedule afterward until March 20th.

Source: Korea Economy via Daum & Allkpop

Courts rule that Crebeau was not responsible for JYJ/SM dispute

Cosmetics company Crebeau has been found not guilty for the breakup of TVXQ.

In July of 2009, the three members of JYJ had sued their now former company, SM Entertainment, stating that they were under “slave contracts”. After hearing such accusations, SME released a statement saying that the Crebeau company was to blame, as they were the ones who put such thoughts into their heads.

Upon such remarks, Crebeau fired back, stating that SM was the one that had been hiding the internal problems they had with their own artists, and that the company was purposely misleading the public. Crebeau also proceeded to take legal action against SME due to the defamation of their company.

After reviewing the case this past December, the courts decided that there was an insufficient amount of evidence to prove that Crebeau was guilty, and they therefore closed the case.

Meanwhile, Crebeau has been sponsoring Superstar K contestant Woo Eun Mi and JYJ on their various broadcasting activities.

Source: Nate & Allkpop

2PM’s One-to-One Japanese Lessons

The “Beast Idols,” with their appeal of wildness, are putting effort into their preparations for their advancement in Japan.

2PM, in tandem with Sony Music, will commence their activities in Japan, carrying out promotions and TV show appearances sometime around March. Language is their main challenge in doing full blown entertainment activities overseas. 2PM, in their preparatory period, have been receiving private lessons in Japanese and are aiming to boost their language ability.

Officials from the company they work for, JYP Entertainment, said, “In doing activities in Japan, the most important thing, after all is said and done, is language and [2PM] has been receiving private lessons from a teacher who is Japanese. Because this person can also speak Korean, the lessons have not been a great difficulty.”

They also said, “The members have been receiving one-on-one lessons in between work. They are all enthusiastic but Taecyeon and Nichkhun are especially quick learners. Taecyeon knew a little Japanese from the start and Nichkhun (who has a Thai father and Chinese-American mother) has plenty of experience learning languages, such as Thai, English, and Korean. Thus, their learning seems to be going smoothly. Chansung, Wooyoung, Junho, and Junsu are also studying with utmost effort”

2PM will commence their full-scale promotions in March and their large-scale, nation-wide tour is set to occur in May.

Reporter: Baek Ji Eun
Credit: Sports Chosun Enterntainment Korea (Japanese Website)
Article: link
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org