February 19th, 2011


IU's "Oppa" Fans Continue to be Creeps

 IU, past sticker photos of a sweet couple pose… male fans are in a ‘jealous rage'

Singer IU’s past sticker photos are invoking jealousy from many netizens.

Recently, these past sticker photos were uploaded onto an online community site and show IU posing sweetly with an unknown male whose face has been blurred out.

Upon seeing these photos, male fans have been furiously debating the identity of the male in the photos. They speculate “Judging from her young face, this must have been one of her friends from elementary school.”

Many are wondering “Was this her boyfriend?” and in response, others have stated “Seeing that the guy is posing with her from the side proves that they weren’t anything other than just friends.”

Netizens have shown much interest, commenting “It’s surely because the sticker photo booth was too small”, “I don’t know who you are or where you live, but how about you come and meet me”, “Even a younger IU is seriously cute.”

Meanwhile, IU is receiving much love for her role in KBS2TV’s ‘Dream High’ and through her promotions for ‘A Story Only I Didn’t Know.’

Translation: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
Source: Seoul News NTN
Original Article: Nate

Looks like her haircut from Boo/Ittjanha promotions, so I doubt it's from elementary school. My first thought was that it could be Thunder since they were trainees together. Any Thunder stans who can tell me if those look like his fingers?
Changmin → Cry [GIF]

Reporters uncover the dark reality behind celebrity auditions

The alarming hidden truth behind celebrity auditions was revealed through the February 18th episode of KBS’s “VJ Special Forces.”

Reporters of the show went under cover in discovering what actually happened behind the scenes in auditions and what trainee hopefuls were forced to endure, especially since many more teens now are choosing celebrity career paths than ever before.

One trainee was found stating, “Even I knew that I wasn’t able to show off my full potential during my condition, but they gave me a positive review. But after I passed the audition, they demanded that I pay $2,700 USD.”

The trainee was also asked to call the director of her agency without alerting him that he was being recorded. When asked about the contract fee she was forced to pay, he replied, “There are no agencies these days that support you financially 100%. Since we do support you 100%, don’t leave us. Even if you say that we forced you to provide sexual favors, you really have nothing to say in the end.

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Source + Photos: allkpop, Newsen via Daum

Daniel Henney in Cosmopolitian looking like a pornstar

Daniel Henney made a dramatic transformation for the latest edition of ‘Cosmopolitan‘.
Shot in Hawaii, the photoshoot aimed to deliver a new look to the actor/model, as seen by his lighter dye job and rugged moustache. The ending cut was conducted in a cold bathtub, and the actor tried hard to find the right dramatic (yet still masculine) pose for the scene.
The actor was also interviewed for the magazine, and commented about acting in “Fugitive Plan B“. “Filming the drama was a great experience. Its actors and staff are like my second family now. I have learned a lot by meeting new people and also learned to look back at myself“.
Remaining coy about love, Daniel Henney commented,”I haven’t thought about it seriously yet, but I want to meet a person who I share a real connection with and understands who I really am“.

Daniel Henney’s talk about acting and more will be revealed in the March edition of “Cosmopolitan”. In the meantime, enjoy Daniel’s sexiness:
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Sexy Source: Nate, Allkpop
SO UNF, hair colour is questionable
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Suju Eunhyuk suggested a kiss performance to KhunToria couple

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Super Junior Eunhyuk suggested a passionate kiss performance to the KhunToria couple.

In the coming MBC's episode, it will broadcast the preparation process of Nichkhun-Victoria couple dance which was performed in the <2010 MBC Gayo Daejun>.

Also (,) the broadcast will too, feature the helper of the duo's "Passionate couple dance" -- Super Junior's representative dancer, Eunhyuk.

Although Eunhyuk has no experience of couple dances, however under all sorts of imagination, (he) provided the KhunToria couple with ideas for the "Passionate couple dance", and one of them, which is the "Kiss performance”, got Nichkhun and Victoria flustered.

After which, Eunhyuk said that for the sake of the stage, he suggested the "Kiss performance" to the couple repetitively, and regarding the decisions the couple will make, aroused the audience's attention.

Original Source: starnews
Source: SJW
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Heechul's Interview in February Issue of GQ Magazine

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"I don't act according to how my company wants me to act or how my fans want me to act. I only act how I want to act. The thing I'm thankful for is that my fans respect my tendency and the company thinks that I'm a free soul and let me be."

"The reason I'm in Super Junior is because I love my members and there are fans who love Super Junior. I don't want to betray them so I work hard at concerts. My interest in singing has faded long ago."

"I really hate sasaeng fans. I'm thankful to fans that quietly buy our albums and visit us at our concerts."

"We're number 1 in Taiwan for 38 weeks...Next time, let's do the photoshoot in China, I'm like a god in China."

"Ah, we've been on good terms with Mnet lately. I think it would be fun to do a Super Junior reality show."

A really honest interview. A tad long but worth a read.

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Credit: sujuism



Look at the time. It's lucky #7 in our ongoing series of Weekly quotes here at Omona. As always we have a mix of varying quotes but lets start out with an OMNTD 1st! A little quote on CHEMICAL CASTRATION.

“Imagine that I committed a crime like this. I know I won’t, but on accident. And then I get married. (After you serve) and become a free person, it’s so sad for the person to not be able to live a happy life because of the chemical castration.” - MBLAQ’s Lee Joon


Do you believe in chemical castration for rapists ?


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Yoona's new Innisfree CF's

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In this month of love, SNSD has been surprising us with all sorts of things—from UFO replies to leaked CF pictures. On this particular day, Innisfree has chosen to blow our minds with two new CFs starring Yoona.

The two short CFs feature a natural image of Yoona, emphasizing the Melting Mineral Foundation Innisfree is promoting. The shorter clip (15s) shows Yoona wondering how to maintain the moistness of her skin throughout the day while the the longer version (60s) consists of three parts. The first introduces the use of the new foundation for girls who use makeup everyday. The next part shows that the foundation doesn't darken after using it for a whole day. Lastly, the third part features Yoona demonstrating on how to use the new foundation in only 30 seconds.

Check out the two new clips below!
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video source:ecoinnisfree11
Written by:spiceshoe@soshified.com

I know Eli, too much perfection we can't handle.
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The 2011 rising stars of Chungmuro

In 2011, those who have the talents and visuals will be taking over the screens enough to be said that Chungmuro is the arena of competition for rookies.

First of all, there are two rookies who stand head and shoulders above others from the start of the year. They are Kang Ha-neul from the movie "Battlefield Heroes" and Jang Ki-beom from the movie "GLove". Kang Ha-neul was chosen by director Lee Joon-ik and perfectly played out Nam-san; the role of the third son to Yeon Gae So Moon and is being called the second Lee Joon-ki.

Jang Ki-beom, who plays a deaf pitcher in the movie "GLove", draws attention with his more than 180 cm height and his sculpture like features. His fierce looking eyes also emphasize his existence.

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sources: nate, hanacinema

Ahin ♥ I'm gonna find some kind of way to watch his movie... XD
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary
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Would more members get added to Super Junior-M?

1. That’s right, the first broadcast of the MV in Taiwan is for the Golden Melody Awards. Hope this time they will get an award^^
2. At the broadcast press conference on 24 February it will mainly be for the media and will not be open to fans.
3. This time SJ-M will be using the form of 6+2, in the future it will also be maintaining 6 people and above, 6+ how many is not certain, but the members who will be added will all be people we like^^
4. SJ-M might hold a Fan Party but it will not be held that quickly.
5. SJ-M’s promotions hope to be held in Taiwan but still to be confirmed, it should be flying back and forth~
6. Ryeowook’s Chinese version of “One Fine Spring Day”, also other Chinese songs sung by Kyuhyun, at present there is no plan for these to be released><

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Source: SUPERJUNIORM.NET - Tiffany@痞客邦 and Lee Donghae Baidu & ELFISH.cc @ Weibo 1, Weibo 2, Weibo 3
Translated by: purple_princess@superjuniorm.net

Mods: The articles are the Weibo's themselves.

Guess who the public ain't happy with~

The public points out, “the only thing greed leaves is destruction… they need to draw a big picture”

On the 17th, the Seoul Central District dismissed all injunctions filled by SME against the court’s decision to suspend their contract with JYJ (Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu).

In response to the courts’ decision, SM Entertainment rebutted that “the legal battle between SM and JYJ isn’t finished. The courts’ recent decision is only on the injunctions and not on the invalidation of the contract between SM and JYJ.”

SM also claimed, “furthermore, the original lawsuit is still ongoing and the date for pleading the case will begin in mid-March. We will use the original lawsuit to objectively investigate the facts and the truth to prove the validity of our contract with JYJ.”

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Original article: Nate

Translation by: WithJYJ (@_withjyj)

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forever loling @ Tweeterian tho

“KARA, Just Disband!” petition started

The members of KARA, who are currently in a legal dispute with their company, DSP Media, have suffered a rather painful blow, but this time from netizens.

On February 16th, a petition was opened up on the portal site Daum, titled “KARA Just Disband“.  The members of this petition are trying to gain at least 100,000 members, but are currently only at 665 members and counting.

The creator of this petition, a netizen who goes by the name “Burning“, stated that, “I loved KARA and supported their Japan debut and expected to see an improved KARA after they came back“, but that he instead got, “People who call themselves parents who block the path of their children, so I think it would be better for us if we didn’t have to see KARA anymore.

[UPDATE: As of 8:45 PM (Korean time), February 18th, the original (stated above) petition has been removed.

smells like controversy!!

Source: AKP, BNT News #1, #2 via Nate


2PM's Nichkhun Reveals Photo From Men's Health Magazine Photshoot

Following 2AM's Seulong and Jo Kwon's photoshoot, 2PM member Nichkhun is the latest member to show off his abs for Men's Health Magazine.

Earlier today Nichkhun gave fans a sneak peek through his twitter, tweeting “Check out next month’s issue of Men’s Health!!! I worked really hard for it so ENJOY~."

What do you think of Nichkhun's hard work and which 2AM/2PM would you like to see pose next?

Source: Khun's twitter & gokpop
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ZE:A to become super relevant in March and will reveal 3 new songs at first fan-meet!

On February 20th, ZE:A will be revealing three new songs in celebration of their first-ever fan meeting, “Happy ZE:A’s Day 2011“!

A representative of Star Empire revealed, “The boys will be revealing three songs from their comeback album for their fans to hear first.”

The boys are currently scheduled for a comeback mid-March and are focusing on their rehearsals and track recordings. As they’ve still a month left before their comeback activities officially begin, revealing three tracks in advance is considered a rather exceptional case.

Star Empire explained, “This fan meeting is especially meaningful to them, so they wanted to show something special for their fans. They’re all really looking forward to it and are barely able to catch three hours of sleep a day in order to prepare. It will be a fun event, so please look forward to it.”

Sources: Allkpop+Sports Chosun via. Daum

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Actingdol Choi Siwon’s Surprise Confession “I bought a handgun for practice”

Super Junior Choi Siwon revealed an extraordinary effort he had done for his transformation as actor.

On February 17 on the broadcast of SBS "Night's TV Entertainment" (MC Seo Kyeongsuk, Song Jihyo), Choi Siwon said "Before the filming of Athena : Goddess of War started, I bought a handgun".

He said ," I bought a handgun which has the same weight and feeling like in the drama." "I had practiced (it) diligently, but when I entered the real filming, I didn't use handgun but a (long-barreled) rifle"

"Athena : Goddess of War" which Choi Siwon is staring in it will end after the broadcast on February 21.

SOURCE: NEWSEN , translated article post
Translated by ♥~pinkninja @ SJ-WORLD.net
Thanks to LacusClyne for the heads up
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Eunhae are the biggest shippers of themselves

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트위터 팔로우가 40만이 넘엇네요 ㅎㅎ 더 달려볼까요 !! 오늘도 주님의 축복아래 행복한 super show 3 이틀째 !!잘마무리 햇습니다!! 내일 마지막 !! 화이팅 !! ELF Japan <3

[TRANS] My twitter has over 400,000 followers ㅎㅎ Let's work harder !! Today is the happy 2nd day of Super Show 3 under the blessing of the lord !! It ended well!! Tomorrow is the last day !! Fighting !! ELF Japan <3

Donghae's twitter (1) (2)
Trans: sujuELFline (1) (2)

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Vogue Girl interview with Infinite


Vogue Girl: Are there still people calling you ‘Infiniti’?

Sunggyu: There are a lot. The name ‘Infinite’ means that we have infinite potential and there’s no limit; that we can develop infinitely—-. (Omit) Our CEO gave us the team’s name, and I think of it as a good thing.

Sungyeol: I feel like adults can think of us when they think of the car.

V.G: Were all the candidates like, ‘The Big Dipper, G7, Blackberry’, ideas from the company?

Woohyun: Yes, although we’re ‘2nd album singers [T/N: released their second album]’, our opinions still don’t really get used. Even what we want to eat—-.

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Original source: murisu
Translation: hyejin @ infinite updates

This is my first post here, so if I did anything wrong.. look, Hoya's sending you a kiss!
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