February 20th, 2011

dnt: king of fanservice

This is a DNT post, aka get your tissues ready for bad and good news

"Hello this is Orange Entertainment.
We're terrible sorry to be revealing unfortunate news once again.
In December, with the end of "Knock Knock" promotions, Dongwook and Karin will be preparing to fulfill their military service duties.
In 2011 we expect to release a new album along with a new member.*
We are also saddened for this to happen, however the situation is inevitable.
For the remaining period of promotions and through future military obligations please continue to give your support and continue to love DNT as it is now."

*T/N: It's unclear if there will be more than one member.

They are expected to leave sometime this month, although a date hasn't been released. As of 2/8, Karin still had a full head of hair and his last tweet was 2/12. Dongwook's last tweet was 1/22.

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I'm really excited about their Japanese debut and seeing what they'll come up with, but completely heartbroken about Dongwook and Karin. T_T

SOURCE: DNT Offical Fancafe, DNT Forums, Dongwook's Twitter, Karin's Twitter, KpopLIVE, WhimsicalKimbap@YT

Yang Yoseob, crowned as 'Dance copying machine'

BEAST Yang Yoseob was crowned as dance copying machine.

Yang Yoseob revealed his splendid dancing skills on KBS 2TV '100 points out of 100' aired on February 19th. He immediately started dancing to NRG's 'Hit Song' after seeing Chun Myunghoon's dance.

To this, the MCs valued his skill by calling him 'Danja', abbreviation of dance vending maching, 'danfac' for dance facsimile, and dance copying machine.

On the other hand, Miss A Min, Tony An, and etc. caused a laughter for mimicrying Chun Myunghoon's dance.


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All B2uties Will Be Broke by March

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“With the large number of Hallyu debuts announced in Japan, including that of Korean pop group MBLAQ, pop fans all over the world are bracing themselves for impact. B2ST is about to make their much-anticipated Japanese debut, and why not with an appropriately titled debut single? ”SHOCK“, a remake of the title track from their second Korean mini-album, is set to hit shelves on March 23rd, paving the way for their Japanese career.

B2ST will be joining the likes of fellow boy bands Choshinsei and Tohoshinki, and they’re expected to charm a large number of Japanese fans with their impressive dance routines, good looks, and catchy melodies.

The debut single will come in four versions, three of which are of limited edition:

> ‘Limited Edition A’

- Box, T-Shirt, Sticker

> ‘Limited Edition B’
- +DVD (“SHOCK” PV Japanese Ver.)

> ‘Limited Edition C’
- +DVD (Live performances)

> ‘Normal Edition D’
- Trading Card

B2ST will also be releasing a 2-disc DVD, “Genesis of BEAST“, to be released on March 2nd. It will contain music videos and rare footage of the boys; meanwhile, the ‘limited edition’ will contain a special 8-page postcard set and a trading card.

Source: allkpop
Just add a concert dvd to that and I can die happily
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fly me to the moon

IU, Jiyeon, Yoo In Na, Kahi and Noh Sa Yeon’s half-makeup faces revealed

IU, Jiyeon, Yoo In Na, Kahi and Noh Sa Yeon’s half-makeup faces were finally revealed on the latest episode of SBS ‘Heroes‘.

Airing on February 20th, the members who lost the mission to ‘become the perfect hotelier’ were punished by only getting makeup done on half of their faces. After getting their ‘lacking’ makeups, the losing members turned away from the camera, disappointed by their harsh punishment.

MC Lee Hwi Jae revealed his deep dark circle after getting ‘half makeup’, and Jiyeon shocked everyone by showing the size difference between her makeup-free eye and her makeup-on eye.

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source: akp, nate, pilsuk

maybe I'm just used to eye make-up, but I wasn't surprised by any of their "transformations".... I want to know all their skincare secrets, though.

i've got a wet pussyokcat for you!

ajumma is now pretending to be hyemi so she can get jingook&samdong

The judgement that actress/broadcaster Ahn Sun Young looks the same as miss A’s Suzy was recently revealed. For those of you who may not recognize her name, Ahn Sun Young is currently acting alongside Suzy on KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” as Mr. Kang’s sister. She also made headlines recently because of her kiss scene with 2PM’s Chansung.

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i personally think that suzy is yoon eun hye's mini me. i love this cast so much and i'm so sad, dream high has only two more weeks/three episodes to go, i'll miss this drama and this cast so much ;-;
» allkpop » osen » ahn sun young's twitter
Wanna One Energetic

International Fandom Loves Them Some Eric

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On February 20th Shinhwa member, actor and singer Eric (real name Mun Jung Hyeok) held his fanmeeting and birthday party at Yonsei University Hall.

Eric fanmeeting titled "HELLO AGAIN" received the support of his international fan base, sending many Rice Banners.

Among the many flower and rice banners cheering for Eric were from countries such as, United States, Canada, China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong.

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Source: Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz

International Love. ♥

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6/9 of SNSD + Allure Magazine + Dior = Perfection.

Radiating with the aura of goddesses, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Yuri were dressed up in white outfits and showcased the Dior products with elegance and style. The products include the DiorSnow line of whitening products, and makeup foundation. The other members were not featured due to on-going contracts with other cosmetic brands such as Clean & Clear, Innisfree and A-Solution.

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source: WTG@bestiz
cr: soshiluv9@soshified

Respected Journalists call out SME /KFC / Broadcasters on their OT3 bullshit

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Source: Dogsul’s blog (Dogsul is an important and respected korean reporter)

Trans by: @jyjholic2010


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Source: [baidutvxq]
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Source: News Nate + TodayKorea

Trans by: withjyj (@_withJYJ)

tbh, imho, only good can come out of calling out the stations pandering to big entertainment companies even when the law says otherwise
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Official Pictures of Flawless Henry Lau on Strong Heart

There's been an article long time back saying that Henry WOULD be on Strong Heart so here are the official pictures. I'm pretty sure this is the episode with G-Dragon & Seungri as well :)

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Credits to. www.sbs.co.kr | Shared by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET

it looks like the boy has a fair bit of the spotlight (sort of) and I hope they don't cut out his parts or anything ><


Regarding cancellation of JYJ's Jejung ELLE Japan April Magazine Issue:

We were originally scheduled to receive the materials and photoshoot from the Korean edition, then make the relevant adjustments from the Korean edition together with the Korean office.

However, due to various reasons, this article has been let go.

To all the fans who have anticipated this issue, we express our sincere apologies, but we want to thank the staff who have fought on to ensure the continuance of this issue.

In the future, we will work our hardest in the editing and production of the magazines to allow everyone to be satisfied. Please take care of us!

February 16, 2011
Lagardere Active - HACHETTE FUJINGAHO Co., Ltd.
ELLE Editing Department

NOTE : Article has been amended to clarify that only the JAPANESE version was cancelled.

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Daesung got trolled by SBS; WHAT'S UP Broadcast CANCELLED!

Campus musical drama “What’s Up” starring Daesung and Im Ju Hwan, was forced to cancel on SBS.

“What’s Up” had been known to debut this March through SBS. However, in a meeting with reporters on Friday 20th SBS CP, Kim Young Seob stated, “Even though we wanted SBS to work on ‘What’s Up’ because of various circumstances we were forced to cancel it.”

She continued, “There were some parts that were difficult for SBS to organize. SBS’s changes in programming seem to be too big.” she explained.

“What’s Up” drama started the shooting in July last year and it’s currently at a 90% completed stage. This musical drama depicts the passions and dreams of young students enrolled in the musical area.

The drama gathered lots of attention before even beginning to shoot with famous writer Song Jina who wrote drama “KAIST”, as well as with Daesung who raised many expectations as a debut actor. Also with Im Ju Hwan from (Tamra the island) and Im Ju Eun (Soul), Jang Hui Jin, Lee Su Hyuk, etc. the drama is composed of mostly fresh, young and passionate actorsthat play the role of aspiring musical students.

The work they have done during the past six months has been thoroughly vocal and dance training.

Source: Newsen
Translated by:Sammi@ibigbang
dara look at me

A GIANT 2ne1 post

2ne1 on YG Family Concert Photobook!

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Source: DC2NE1 & leechaelin.com
Dara solo pictures: DCpinkMIC@twitter
Bommie's solo pictures: TheBom
Photos re-uploaded by: nyxtime@YGLadies.com and szekay@ YGLadies.com and scarlet_cryssie @ YGLadies.com
sorry for the severe lack of Minji! But I can't find any more reuploaded pictures of her :( 

2ne1 on Tap Tap Revenge 4

2NE1's Bundle will be available as a 2-pack in Tap Tap Revenge 4 on 2/18 PST !
Look forward to "GO AWAY" & "I DON'T CARE" at iTunes, App store !!

source: official 2ne1 fb page

Dara cheats on CL with Minji for a bit
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source: dara's m2d
translations by: GEE at ygl forums

then got a little guilty, so she updated about CL again lol
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source: dara's m2d
translations by: GEE at YGL, 

er mods, I deleted the last post because the post I got the translation from seems to have vanished.