February 21st, 2011

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hater bitches just can't handle perfection.

Netizens have been critiquing Suzy and her body in a particularly negative light.

People are pointing out that she has gained weight after joining “Dream High“. Because of a few comparison photos, they say that she was thinner while she was working with miss A for promotions.

Still, opinions remained divided. Some wrote, “I think Suzy gained weight”, while others asserted that “It’s just the angle of the camera.”

“Dream High’s” representative stated, “Suzy has been working very hard and she’s eating all her meals as well as healthy foods. She’s gained a tiny bit of weight and went up one size in her school uniform.”

don't people known that chipmunks store food for the winter? she obviously gained weight, but not like some haters out there are making it to be, she is nowhere fat. also i feel like i'll start a campaign for a suzy tag pretty soon :P
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SBS Is Still Playing with Your Emotions: Poisden is ALSO Canceled

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Contrary to initial reports, SBS will not be airing ”Poseidon” through their network.

On February 21st, a representative of SBS’s drama center revealed, “Earlier, reports stated that ‘Poseidon’ would begin airing after ‘Midas‘ this May, but SBS has not once confirmed this. We were in discussion for broadcast rights, but we’ve decided not to.”

Instead, the broadcast station is in discussions for other dramas to fill in for ‘Midas,’ which is scheduled to air its pilot episode on the 28th.

This new development marks yet another chapter in Poseidon’s lengthy history of mishaps, as the drama was forced to pause its filming after the Yeonpyeong Island skirmish last year. A representative from one of the cast members also revealed that other issues, such as the weather, postponed the recordings ’til March.

The Poseidon announcement followed an earlier one about how SBS would not air “What’s Up” as well. On February 20th, SBS’s Kim Young Sub CP revealed the reason why the broadcasting network decided to drop the series.

“I think we need a new challenge, as well as change. It’s not only for the Friday line-up, as we’d like to try new things, in addition to aiding the promotion of the visual industry,” he explained.

The drama began filming last July and is currently 90% complete in all its pre-broadcast preparations.

Source: Allkpop, Star News & TV Report via Nate
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Kara's Alien member does something good for once, and the girls to stay in Japan forever

Despite the seemingly endless battle between the three members of KARA (Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Kang Ji Young) and DSP Media, it looks like KARA fans have a positive indication that the friendships between members haven’t changed significantly, thanks to a statement making change in display picture on Hara’s official Twitter.

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HAra's tweeter+AKP

KARA was recently revealed to be staying in Japan for another 20 days in order to fulfill their Japanese schedules amidst their ongoing lawsuit.

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Star News+AKP

Nevermind, I still want to watch Hara while she's on fire.
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‘Yeorim’ and ‘Geol Oh’ splits....

Song Joong Ki’s relationship with Yoo Ah In became awkward after winning the ‘Best Couple Award’

On February 19th, actor Song Joong Ki guested on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay” and confessed that his relationship with Yoo Ah In became really awkward ever since the ‘2010 KBS Acting Awards‘.

Earlier, we reported that the two were nominated for the ‘Best Couple Award’ at the 2010 KBS Acting Awards for their roles as ‘Yeorim’ and ‘Geol Oh’ in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“.

Although their characters were depicted as ‘just friends’, the relationship garnered enough interest and votes to eventually win the ‘Best Couple Award’. At the time, Yoo Ah In had wittily stated during his awards speech, “You all are really persistent!”

The reporter asked, “When you search for ‘Song Joong Ki’, Yoo Ah In’s name comes up in the related search term box. Do you guys still keep in contact?”

Song Joong Ki answered, “Honestly, it’s gotten sparse. Votes for us really dominated the ‘Best Couple Award’ poll, and it was actually quite surprising. I lost contact with Yoo Ah In after that (laughter).”

When asked to record a video message for his former castmate, Song Joong Ki stated, “I used to call you ‘Ah In-ah’ before, but I guess now it’s ‘Ah In-ssi’, how are you? It’s gotten a bit awkward.”

Source + Photos: Review Star
Translated by: VITALSIGN of AKP
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How Infinite got their nicknames (interview with TV Daily)

In an industry flooded with idol groups, it’s become increasingly difficult to remember which member belongs where unless one is a fan of that specific group.  INFINITE has done remarkably well for a rookie group so far, but their comeback still needs that extra push to catapult them into superstardom.

Considering the overall level of perfection found in their comeback track, “Before the Dawn“, one would assume that the song would do better on the charts.  In an interview with TV Daily, the reporter joked to INFINITE that “the song would have won #1 on music programs if it was performed by another popular artist.

INFINITE coolly replied, “We talk about that a lot too.  It’s been six months since our debut, and our comeback album’s been released now for a little over a month. Winning #1 is something our CEO must worry over (laughter).  All we have to do is focus on the stage.  We’ve certainly grown a lot in our mentality, and even matured from boys into men.  There’s still some disappointment left, but whenever we feel that, we try to go back to how we felt when we first debuted.”


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Source + Photos: TV Daily via Daum , allkpop

Cracking up on Woohyun's special meaning for Bolmae LOL
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Two Flawless Men To Grace An Award Ceremony With Their Presence

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"Shinhwa" members Eric and Kim Dong Wan will be presenting awards at the "2nd Seoul Culture and Arts Awards Ceremony".

Released from military service in October and December respectively, Eric and Kim Dong Wan will be participating as presentator for the "2nd Seoul Culture and Arts Awards Ceremony". The event will take place on February 28th at 7:00 pm at Olympics Park Gymnastics Hall.

Republic of Korea "2nd Seoul Culture and Arts Wards Ceremony" (chiarman Choi Ran) has the objective of: A free nation-wide cultural programme in aid of disadvantaged groups in society and to develop Korean popular arts and culture towards a culturally strong country.

Eric and Kim Dong Wan has volunteer to participate at this event as presenters of awards along with many such as, Hyeon Jeong, Son Dan Bi, couple Son Ji Chang-Oh Yeon Su, Eugene, Lee So Yeon, So Yu Jin, Park, Shin Hye.

Source: My Daily and Rubylovefaith@Shinhwa.biz
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BREAKING NEWS!! concept photos for APINK!!

Cube Entertainment's sub-label, ACUBE has uploaded new stunning photos of girl group Apink. Three members have been revealed in the latest photos. Cube has even given the name of the newest member they revealed, saying "Apink the 3rd member OH HA YOUNG! Please give them lots of love!!" The girls are giving an excellent, sexy and pure look which is stunning netizens like myself!

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Source: ACUBE2001 Twitter - #1 #2 #3
Reporting: me

omg!!!! finally!
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Shinhwa and Their Sons Teen Top

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Idol group Teen Top attended Eric’s birthday party on behalf of Andy who’s currently serving his military duties.

At Eric’s birthday fanmeeting held on 20 Feb, Teen Top amused the Shinhwa members with their special entrance.

Teen Top maknae Ricky made his way on stage wearing an Andy mask and doing Andy’s trademark heart dance, to the cheers of Eric, Kim Dongwan, Lee Minwoo and 2,000 fans present at the fanmeeting.

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Sources: Teen Top's Twitter, Newsen, and absolutshinhwa

Lol at Dongwan being jealous of Andy's love for Teen Top. I want to see more of the Shinhwa and Teen Top relationship.

Oh look, another unwanted comment from someone's parentals.

BoA’s mother, Sung Young Ja, guested on tvN’s morning talk show, “Brunch,” and shared her thoughts on BoA’s income, her relationship with SM Entertainment, as well as her view on the current KARA lawsuit.

Sung, who previously published a book on her know-hows of raising a Hallyu star, a pianist, and a music director, began by stating, “In a society driven by competition like today, it’s only when they’re allowed to play and experience to their heart’s content that they discover what is truly best for them.  Becoming a mother who is like a friend and a sister is very important in raising children.”

On managing BoA’s income and investment techniques, she commented, “I personally manage BoA’s income.  As opposed to going ‘all-in’ in one area, it’s important to diversify your investments.”

When asked about the ongoing disputes between JYJ, KARA, and other celebrities against their agencies, Sung Young Ja revealed, “Instead of looking at the money, one should live life as honestly as possible.  You should never hurt the feelings of another, because when you achieve honor, money naturally follows.”

Check out the full segment, as well as her thoughts on how BoA has been able to manage her relationship with SM Entertainment, through tvN at 10:00 AM KST on February 21st.

Source + Photos: Newsen, Star News via Naver, Credit: Allkpop

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Tracks for MBLAQ's "BLAQ Style – 3D Edition" Released~

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MBLAQ’s repackaged album, “BLAQ Style – 3D Edition” was released just moments ago on the various Korean music portals.

The repackaged album contains the 13 songs from their first full-length album, plus three new songs that were composed by the MBLAQ members themselves. The new songs are titled ‘Again’, ‘Can’t Come Back’, and ‘You’.

Check out the new tracks below and remember to support them by purchasing the music.

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Sources: allkpop and GeeLjnh@YouTube.com
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KPOP RIAJ certifications for January 2011

"Chaku-Uta (R)"
Double PlatinumMr.KARA07/28/2010Universal Music

"Chaku-Uta Full (R)"
Double PlatinumMr.KARA08/11/2010Universal Music
PlatinumHow Did I End Up Falling in Love with You?TVXQ07/16/2008AVEX
PlatinumJumpingKARA11/10/2010Universal Music

"PC distribution (single)"

GoldGeeSNSD10/20/2010Universal Music
GoldGENIESNSD09/08/2010Universal Music
GoldJumpingKARA11/10/2010Universal Music

Summary for Jan 2011 certifications by Recording Industry Association of Japan
KARA = 2 double platinums, 1 platinum, 1 gold. TVXQ = 1 platinum, SNSD = 2 golds.

Gold = 100k, Platinum = 250k, Double Platinum = 500k

Oh and apparently I have to explain this... this are digital sales.

Source: RIAJ
[Korean] MBLAQ - Mir & Seungho Hug

Mir Spends Time With MBLAQ's #1 Stan

Feb 16
Words that Hajin says to me the most~ "Hey~ Mir~ Ey black~ Poop poop poop~"

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Bonus 91-Line Bonding:

Feb 20
기범이랑민호랑재진이랑동운이랑병문안와서4시간째수다중..난누워있당 ㅠㅠ
Kibum and Minho and Jaejin and Dongwoon came to visit me and we chatted for 4 hours..I was lying down ㅠㅠ

Source: Mir's Twitter
Translation: AbsoluteMBLAQ (1, 2, 3)
Videos: absolutemblaqchannel @ YT (1, 2, 3)

I guess one good thing that came out of this injury is Mir gets to spend more time with his family.
And someone his own mental age.
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Soomi would like you to know that they do, in fact, sing live.

5dolls' Soomi confesses her feelings on a lip-syncing controversy.

5dolls is the sub-unit of the 10-member mixed group, Coed, featuring the members Soomi, Hyewon, Chanmi, Hyoyoung and a new addition, Eunkyo. They recently made a comeback and resumed activities with the track "It's You", and gained comments like, "It seems like everybody lip-syncs except Chanmi." After taking part in Coed activities, attention became focused on how Chanmi had a lot of parts and the other members didn't sing in the chorus and caused controversy.

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Sources: Nate+Coreclique
Translated by: Nathaniel & justastar. @ Core Clique - #1 Source to Coed School
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KARA to end the hallyu wave?

Ever since KARA’s dispute broke out earlier this year, the music industry has been focusing on the possible negative effects it might have on the Hallyu wave.

Fortunately, the majority of industry representatives have assured that the issue has not in any way directly impacted their personal success, nor has it affected the Hallyu wave overseas.

OSEN spoke with an anonymous representative who had recently interviewed Japanese reporters and revealed, “The Japanese staff and reporters do not directly ask about uncomfortable situations. The same goes for the KARA controversy. The reporters did not directly ask about it, but did show interest when the issue was mentioned amidst general discussions on agencies.

Another representative who recently returned from visiting Japan added, “Nothing has changed regarding the direction of the girls’ promotions, as well as their contractual relationships. The KARA controversy gained a bigger response than predicted, but that won’t change or get in the way of other artists advancing into Japan.

Despite the positive assurances, some did express that the controversy would inevitably lead to side effects. A representative working with artists preparing for Japanese advancement commented, “Regardless, it’s definite that this controversy gave some new material for those who have been trying to bring down the Hallyu wave. Negative news reports about KARA were aired on TV daily, and I’m sure there were many people who were exposed to KARA only through such news, and not through their music.

Korean celebrities such as Won Bin (and more recently, SNSD at their “E-ma“ press conference) also received questions from the Japanese media about their thoughts on the KARA controversy. One Hallyu representative commented, “For now, KARA has been working as five members, so the interest from the Japanese about this issue has been settled somewhat. I don’t predict any further issues arising, and they will not be asking about KARA anymore.

angry dog


Dalmatian's Inati stands on stage after 2,798 days & endures brain aneurysm, a touching story

In fighting off an illness and making his debut after 2,798 days, he is the true hero.

Group Dalmatian’s member Inati had promoted with People Crew in 2000 and started his training in 2003 as he returned to the stage after 9 years. He made a record of beating 2AM’s Jo Kwon who took 2,567 days to make his debut.

The fatal incident took place in April of 2004 as he was taken to the hospital after feeling severe pains in his head. The results were shocking. He was diagnosed with a rare case of brain aneurysm as he fell into a coma. The doctors had claimed that it would be difficult for him to wake up. After two months of hardships, he was able to miraculously leave the hospital in 2005.

“It was unbelievable that I woke up,” said Inati who smiled. He said his one form of support was music. He was able to join the other 5 in becoming Dalmatian and standing on stage together. They began promotions with their debut song “Round One” on September 1st of last year and his movie-like story is being known again through Dalmatian’s recently released first mini album.

A representative of the company said, “The doctors said it was a miracle that he could even stand on stage. He recently got a check-up too as his recovery process took a fairly long time. In being taken away from the stage for so long, his passion to stand on it is even greater.”

Dalmatian is currently promoting with the songs “The Man Opposed” and “Lover Cop.”



SNSD are playing it smart by not talking about Kara

Recently, SNSD encountered some rude reporters who asked the girls for a statement on the on-going dispute between KARA and DSP Media.

Japan’s Sankei Sports reported on February 22nd, “During the press conference for their first Japanese commercial shoot, SNSD became upset over a barrage of questions regarding the issue of KARA’s possible divide.

SNSD was holding a press conference for their CM with ‘e-ma Nodame‘, their first Japanese commercial since their debut. After discussing the advertisements, reporters then unleashed a flood of questions about SNSD’s fellow Hallyu group, KARA. They asked, “What do you think about the dismantling of KARA?”, “You don’t think KARA will disband, do you?”, and “Does SNSD have a good relationship with their agency?”, surprising and upsetting the SNSD members.

To these sudden questions, SNSD displayed a perplexed expression, and the members eventually had to leave the event without answering.

Although it was an upsetting experience, fans are cheering on the girls as they plan to unveil their CM (titled “Girls’ Dinner) on February 26th in Japan.

Yahoo News / AKP

Good thing they did, whatever they might have said would have been taken in a negative way no matter what.