February 22nd, 2011

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Secret will wrap up "Shy Boy" promotions next week

Four-member girl group Secret, who have currently been enjoying a peak of popularity with their song "Shy Boy," will be ending their activities next week. Their agency, TS Entertainment, said on February 22nd, "This will be Secret's last week of promotion for 'Shy Boy' on music programs."

On KBS Music Bank's February 18th episode, Secret won the K-Chart award for "Shy Boy," marking it the third week in a row they came in first place. On SBS Inkigayo's February 20th episode, Secret also won their first Mutizen award for "Shy Boy," showing the girls' growing popularity.

Secret first made their comeback on January 6th on M! Countdown and won their first ever award since their debut the following week. "Shy Boy" is still continuing strong on the charts despite the group ending promotions. Usually, songs lose popularity on the charts over time, especially towards the end of promotions. However, "Shy Boy" is continuing to show growth in popularity.

An agency official from TS Entertainment said, "We could choose to continue promotions, however it would mean more if Secret stepped down now. For the time being, the members will focus on individual activities and they will introduce new songs as early as April."

Source: Koreaboo, E-Daily
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Secret's Jieun to make a solo debut

Secret will be wrapping up their promotions for "Shy Boy" this week and will begin to focus on individual activities until April. Meanwhile, it's been announced that Secret's main vocalist Jieun will be making her solo debut.

TS Entertainment official announced on February 22nd, "This coming March, Jieun will be promoting as a solo singer. She will be releasing an emotional ballad song. She will show another side of herself that you have not seen through Secret."

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Source: Koreaboo, AKN, Luvbirain4
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Are they celebrities or are they gamers?

Due to the fact that they grew up in Korea, a world leader in internet, there are people in the entertainment industry whose gaming skills are above average. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and NRG’s Noh Yoomin are such examples. There are many celebrities who relieve stress from their busy schedule by playing online games which have no time or space restrictions.

Kyuhyun, who is great at playing Starcraft is estimated to be in the same level as that of a professional gamer. His skills have been recognized by professional gamer Seo Kyungjong. Kyuhyun was called “the son of mom’s friend” for having being ranked number one in his high school class as well as having superb gaming skills.

*'The son of mom’s friend' refers to males who are good at everything.
**Parts of the article were omitted.

Source: Hankooki, SJ World
Translated By: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Never forget...

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Seoul's real one and only baddest female might be coming back.

Fans of sexy singer Lexy can finally hope for a comeback after she had left an inspiring message on her minihompy recently.

The singer began her message with, “Two years. After the occurrence of so many things, I’m here after walking through that dark tunnel. I’m alive.

She continued, “I had sudden thoughts like, my face in general just isn’t feminine, thats why I was more popular amongst girls. That’s why I need to put on red lipstick in order to make myself feel more feminine.

Lately, I’m working to finish the organization of my thoughts. I try to look at myself objectively, and even try to think of myself as a gift. It’s the real start now. I want to tell myself that. There are now things to do for me and myself.

You hung on there well. You overcame it well. I’m thankful. I’m hopeful for the new year. How much will they like me on stage, how much will I let go of myself.

Lexy concluded, “To all those people I love, to all those people who hurt, 2011 will really be a good year.

The singer debuted in the music industry back in 2003, but put a sudden stop to her activities since March of 2008, leaving many curious about her whereabouts. Fans left hopeful comments like, “Please comeback quickly”, “I miss you”, “I’ll be waiting”, and “Let’s leap forward again.

Wanna One Energetic

Soulful Hwanhee Features On Gifted Newcomer IM's Debut Song

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Veteran pop star Hwanhee has stepped in to support rookie singer, IM.

Hwan Hee participated in the production of IM’s debut song “Why Love”, which was revealed through various online music sites on February 22nd.

IM and Hwanhee share a special relationship, as they both shared the same practice room. Approving of her skills and vocal talent, Hwanhee took the initiative to take the trainee under his wing, and gave her personal vocal lessons on tone, emotion, and much more.

“Why Love” is an R&B song produced by composer Rhee-Jaye, which expresses the pain of a break up through IM’s powerful vocals, and is bolstered by the addition of strings and piano. The singer, who trained for five years to reach her debut, is sure to astound her listeners with this gorgeous new song.

Netizens also approved of the debut track, as they complimented, “The beautiful video fits the sad melody so well,” “Rookie singer IM and Hwanhee’s voices are heavenly harmonious”, and “It’s this winter’s last sad ballad”.

Check out the song and music video drama below:

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Sources: allkpop, TheFredoommk@YouTube.com, and Sports News via Nate
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In Which Leader Eric Is A Bit Insane

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Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan brought everyone to laughter when he disclosed a picture of the whereabouts of fellow Shinhwa member Eric.

On the episode of SBS "Strong Heart" aired on the 22nd Kim Dong Wan disclosed a picture of Shinhwa fellow member making everyone laugh.

He was asked, Is all shinhwa members doing well? Kim Dong Wan replied, "Yes, everyone is doing well". "Eric came too, he took of picture of himself and shared with members". The picture Eric sent to members were disclosed.

Eric was in the picture. Unlike the charismatic Eric look like a little bratt inside a golf bag which brought everyone to laughter.

Sources: Osen and Rubylovefaith@Shinhwa.biz

LOL ILU Eric. ♥

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Some flower namja for Marie Claire Korea

Through his latest photoshoot with Marie Claire Korea, actor Kim Soo Hyun shed his school boy charms for a more mature style that emphasized his charisma in black and white.

Different from his role of ‘Sam Dong’ in KBS’s “Dream High,” the photoshoot aimed to capture his real age of 24 through crisp and modern clothes and deep, emotional gazes.

A representative of the magazine commented, “He’s an actor with a smart feel of what he needs to do in order to express a certain image. He created beautiful cuts that led us all to believe he was a professional model, and also understood all of the clothing and concepts we were aiming for. His ability to express all of that is amazing.”

The rest of his photoshoot and interview can be found in the magazine’s March edition.

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sauce; twenty2 + akp via Sports Chosun



Korean singer Se7en makes a comeback with his latest album which bears influences of the time he spent in the US

Three years ago, Korean singer Se7en was one of the biggest singers in the business, second only to superstar singer-actor Rain. But he gave it all up to pursue a career in the United States.

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Reported by Rachel Boon for The Straits Time (Singapore) [accessible to paying subscribers only]


Nine years on, the Korean pop star is still very much in love with his girlfriend Park Han Byul

KOREAN pop star Se7en has truly fallen in love.

And, well, he went on to fall on stage too.

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Reported by Charlene Chua for The New Paper

Anyone who went for the show spotted ahjummas? I saw a few senior citizens at Super Junior's Super Show 3 in Singapore XD

Yoseob comforts a fan diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule

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Yang Yoseob’s kind heart has impressed his fans once again, after it was discovered that he had personally replied to a fan who was recently diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule.

On February 21st, the B2ST member wrote on his Twitter, “Vocal cord nodules are a frequent occurrence to people who sing!”

That was the direct reply to a message left by his fan, who was also an aspiring singer. The fan’s message read, “B2ST Yoseob, I’m very sick right now. What do I do.”

The fan added that she had visited a hospital and received an official diagnosis for her vocal cord nodule. The fan wrote, “I went to the hospital today and saw my throat’s condition directly for myself. It was scary. The reality is very scary”. Alone and scared, she admitted that she had even wanted to jump in front of a passing car.

Yoseob said, “When I was first diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule, I thought like that too! But just think of that nodule as hardened skin over the vocal cords! It means you’ve practiced a lot. People who practice as hard as that end up becoming successful.”

He continued, “Since I have a lot of singers around me, I’ve seen some who even went into surgery for it. But after the surgery, they comfortably started singing again. So don’t worry too much, and I hope you go to a big hospital and receive a correct diagnosis. Have strength!”

The fan then replied to Yoseob’s message with, “Just like you said, I’ll start singing comfortably again. I’ll show you an awesome image, rather than my hurt image.”

Source: Star News via Daum Media
Cre: Allkpop

Yangyo being his awesome self as usual


Hyunbin Tea CF (30secs)

source: aleexbby@youtube

Samsung Smart TV CF Photos
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Hyunbin for Movie Week Magazine March Issue
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source: kanggu104

Hyunbin's 10Asia Spread
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source: 10.asiae.kr

Hyunbin leaves for Berlin looking like the GQMF he is
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source: DCHyunbin

this man is so painfully gorgeous♥
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Complex Exclusive: Jay Park Talks U.S. Album, Covering B.o.B, and Life After 2PM

It’s a story that has captivated the international world of Korean pop with a potent mix of youth, celebrity, and scandal. In four years, Jay Park went from being a regular American teenager to one of Asia’s most famous singers as part of K-pop group 2PM. Then, at the peak of his popularity, a media controversy precipitated his sudden exile from Korea. After briefly disappearing into obscurity back in the U.S., Jay is preparing for a second foray into the spotlight, both here and in Asia—this time as a solo artist, and on his own terms. How did he do it?

First, a primer: In 2004, Jay was a typical high school kid in Seattle when he auditioned for Korean entertainment mogul Park Jin-young (JYP), who was in the U.S. to scout for new talent. Impressed by the 17-year-old’s potential, JYP sent Jay to Korea to begin a “trainee” program. (Korea’s major entertainment companies operate rigorous youth academies that churn out K-pop’s never-ending supply of new artists.) Having never lived in Korea, and without his family, Jay struggled to adjust to the culture shock and the demands of his new environment. But, in the fall of 2008, after nearly four years in JYP’s talent factory, the hard work paid off: Jay (now called Park Jae-beom) emerged as the leader of a new group called 2PM. By the summer of 2009, with the success of their hit “Again & Again,” 2PM was Korea’s most popular male group, and Jae-beom became a pop idol across Asia.

Then, it all came crashing down. On September 4, 2009, the Korean blogosphere caught wind of several private messages written by Jay to a friend in 2005, leaked by a “netizen” who hacked Jay’s MySpace account. The damning words, typed by a then 17-year-old Jay just months after arriving in Korea: “korea is gay….i hate koreans.” The public furor was immediate and relentless, and Jay quickly issued an apology. But the media scrutiny and blogger hate only intensified. Less than a week after the story broke, Jay abruptly left 2PM to return to Seattle.

In the months following Jay's exit from Korea, rumors constantly circulated about his possible return to the group. But in February of 2010, JYP announced the permanent termination of Jay’s contract, cryptically alluding to an additional, unnamed controversy that supposedly trumped the MySpace incident. Thus, with his 2PM career officially over, Jay began the process of rebuilding his career as a solo artist. Jay spent much of 2010 touring with his b-boy crew, Art of Movement, while also putting plans in motion for a comeback in Korea. Now, with the controversy behind him and on the cusp of releasing his new Korean mini-album, Jay granted us his first in-depth interview about 2PM, Korea, and his plan to tackle the U.S. market.
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Source: Complex.com

2NE1 to make their debut in Japan this Spring with 'Go Away'

The 4-member Korean girl group 2NE1 released their debut single in Japan, entitled "Go Away", on the 22nd February. Since their 2009 debut, they have become the 30th biggest group in Asia and their music videos have been viewed over 2.6 million times on YouTube. They are really taking the music world by storm and are gaining a name for themselves as a super unit. K-Pop's biggest group are looking forward to doing battle in the J-Pop market.

(omitted irrelevant info)

In the middle of all this, they have secured their Japanese debut. Japanese record company Avex saw one of their performances and were reportedly shocked by the perfection of the girls' songs and their refined fashion sense. After hearing about their success in Korea, they immediately set up negotiations with the group.

The single 'Go Away' is their first Japanese language song. The ringtone of this song will be available from 9th March. As well as Japan, entry into the western market is also in sight. The leader of the group CL (19) says that she hopes that they can live up to the fans expectations.

This popular K-Pop group will surely light up the Japanese chart race.

Disclaimer: This article was translated word for word from the article provided by Sanspo.com; there may be factual inaccuracies~

S: Sanspo 12
TRANS: Dan @YGLadies.com

The song has been released?
taec cute


Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan confessed that he had plastic surgery!

On this week’s broadcast of SBS’s “Strong Heart”, Kim Dong Wan revealed a behind-the-scenes story that took place before Shinhwa’s debut.

The star explained, “Usually, before a debut, the company takes profile pictures to see how you look (on camera). When CEO Lee Soo Man saw my profile pictures, he said something to me.”

Kim Dong Wan continued, “CEO Lee Soo Man said, ‘Your nose looks weird. I’ll give you a present.’ And with that, he gave me a new nose.”

Laughing, the star concluded, “Before the surgery, I had a really big nose. I think he didn’t like it because he saw the side profile of my nose. It looked okay from the front view.”

source: nate and allkpop
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Alexander & Kim Kibum to leave U-KISS

Industry representatives revealed on February 23rd that U-KISS‘ Alexander and Kim Kibum disclosed that they would be leaving the group. As such, the two will not participate in U-KISS’ comeback album.

Alexander was reported to have discussed the issue at length with his agency, and eventually decided to leave for personal reasons; it’s also said that Alexander wanted to pursue his studies.

Kim Kibum will be leaving in order to focus on his character company with his older brother, SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon. Some fans felt that their premonition had come true when they read Kim Kibum’s earlier tweet, which said, “This March, I have news you might not like. But when the time comes, I will tell it like it is.”

Source: akp, daum

It makes no sense, but I've got my popcorn ready
『윤은혜』 glamour girl

IU's Story Only I Didn't Know MV (Version 2)

source from TheFredoommk

IU is beautiful here, but I don't like this version as much, partly because it's missing the underlying story, which I think brought a lot to the song, and the fact that the switches between different scenes/perspectives are so sudden and each part is so short that it felt a bit difficult to even connect with IU herself. That's just an editting thing, but overall, it's beautiful, just not as much as the first version, imo.
NARSHA // lady crimson

Brown Eyed Girls on NicoNicoLive w/ English subs

Sexy Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls appear on the MusicNico programme as part of NicoNicoLive, the live streaming arm of popular Japanese video site NicoNicoDouga. Fans are able to interact with the studio through the form of real-time comments appearing on screen and the programme has a casual and fun feel.

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4elsub 1, 2, 3
Miryo managed to explain how to do the Abracadabra hip dance in Japanese, wow :O (she needs to stop covering her mouth though) And lol at JeA shouting "AISHITERU" at that random caller
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KARA’s appearance at KBS’s ‘50th Anniversary Hallyu Concert’ still possible

KARA fans are feeling a much-needed boost of hope, as it’s being revealed that all five members may be seen performing together on one stage.

According to a representative on February 23rd, there’s still a possibility of KARA performing at MBC’s ‘50th Anniversary Hallyu Concert‘, which will be held on March 12th in Bangkok, Thailand.

The MBC representative told Star News, “Discussions for KARA’s appearance on the show began before their dispute came about. Discussions are still taking place even today.”

They continued, “We have not yet finalized a decision on whether KARA will be making an appearance. This is due to a variety of reasons many are already aware of.”

KARA’s side also stated, “It’s true that we are discussing the group’s appearance on MBC’s Thailand Hallyu concert. Currently, both sides have not made any finalized plans.

The MBC Thailand Hallyu concert will get to see performances by some of Korea’s top idol groups and singers, including TVXQ, SNSD, Wonder Girls, B2ST, 2PM, SECRET, Brown Eyed Girls, miss A, CNBLUE, F.T Island, 4minute, T-ara, After School and Son Dambi.


HyunA's emotional breakdown haults "Mr Teacher" recording

Recently, 4minute visited Taiwan to record Echannel's '4minute's Mr. Teacher'. During the trip, the members were given the mission to write letters to the people they cherish and to mail them from Taipei 101.

Whereas most members read their letters calmly, Hyunah started to shed tears while listening to the other members reading their postcards. Hyunah spent her childhood away from her parents to endure the severe trainee life. She said "I missed my parents so much" and wasn't able to talk for a while.

Also, Hyunah couldn't stop crying while reading the letter she wrote to her mother and it is said that the recording was eventually put on hold.

In the same episode, 2PM's Nickhun asked 4minute to take good care of his brother while in Thailand.

The 6th episode of Echannel's '4minute's Mr. Teacher' will air this February 23rd at 12:00AM KST

Source : Review Star
Translating & editing : Meeli @4-minute.com

this girl is amazing, i wonder if people even realize she debuted at age 14 and has been in the biz for over 4 years... anyway keep ur head u diva!!!!!

So Kibum (and possibly Xander?) Got Kicked Out... =/

After announcements were made on Alexander and Kibum's withdrawal from U-Kiss, Kibum left a long message for fans on his Twitter account. In his message, he explains his withdrawal and hope that fans understands the decision. He continues to say that he is grateful for being in the group and that he has learned a lot from his experience in the group.

Read the translation to his tweet below:

"Hello, it's U-Kiss's Kibum. Actually, it's Kibum who used to be in U-KISS. I've been holding this off for 2 months and I finally gathered up some courage to write this. To start with the point, I've come to an agreement with my company to end my contract since February 2011.

They wanted a change of members and I agreed to it. Since that day I was not part of U-KISS any longer. It's not at all like many people think. I neither quit because of my company nor because I lost interest in U-KISS.

I held U-KISS as the best and I made sure that the character company never got in the way of U-KISS promotions. I thought of U-KISS as more than family and I'm disappointed to leave them like this. But I'm lacking in many points and I respect my former company's decision to switch members.

Of course it seems so sudden but I learned so much and I was able to meet so many people including the U-KISS members and I'm thankful.

I'm sad because the people that used to love me may be hurt by these few lines. I'm planning to be on broadcast by myself for a while. I'm thankful to all the people who cheer me on no matter what. I'll be back as the Kim Kibum who is a TV personality as well as a businessman.

Thank you."

Many fans have been leaving messages on Kibum's Twitter. They have left encouraging messages such as, "Please stay close to U-Kiss member oppa. You can't be replace in our heart. it's weird if I can't see you and Alexander," "Even though I am sadden by the news I will support you and hope the best for you and Alexander!!!" and "Kibum you're leaving for real huh? I'm a new kissme and am really hoping for you guys to come to sg this year. Kibum stay strong!"

Source: @90KKB & Koreaboo
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Fans of late actress Lee Eun-joo come together to pay respects on the 6th anniversary of her death

Fan's of late actress Lee Eun-joo arranged a memorial in commemoration of her death 6 years ago.

They are going to gather in the Kyeonggido Goyang-si Cheong-ah Park where she is resting, on the 22nd at 2PM.

Later there will be a dinner meeting with the fans and the members of her past company, Namoo Actors.

Lee Eun-joo's mother is also expected to be attending.

One of the members of a fan club that is helping to arrange this event said, "We hold a memorial for Lee Eun-joo every year but this year her mother is to be with us so we think this year is especially special for the fans".

Lee Eun-joo made her debut in the 1999 SBS drama "KAIST" and has been loved by fans for movies, "Bungee Jumping of their Own", "Lover's Concerto", "Taegukgi" and more.

She caused fans sadness by committing suicide in her own home, provoked by depression in February 2005.

Source: movie.daum.net
Translation: Hancinema

She was only 24 when she committed suicide by hanging and slitting her wrists, people think that her depression was caused by her role in "The Scarlet Letter" in which she played a mistress to a police officer and I'm assuming she was heavily slutshamed for that role. To be quite honest, you see more nudity from the leading man than from her.
But anyway, I hope she continues to rest in peace and people will learn from her death.