February 24th, 2011

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big bang not your bias? scroll on, BIG BANG’S ALBUM DOMINATES KOREAN CHARTS INSTANTLY!

After a 2 year hiatus, Big Bang fans have been anxiously for a comeback to the Korean music scene. Within minutes of releasing their 4th mini album, the album’s topped real time charts on Mnet, Soribada and Cyworld and is currently the most searched on Naver, Korea’s largest search engine

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Source: ibigbang and 21 bangs

G-Dragon picked YoonA as his ideal girl

On ‘Ideal-Type-World-Cup’, G.Dragon picked YoonA as his ideal type over the other 3 SNSD members – Tiffany, SooYoung, and Hyoyeon.

On the episode of “Strong Heart” aired on the 22nd, G.Dragon revealed an incident that happened during his friend’s birthday. He went bowling with his friends, and because he was drunk, he performed a comical dance [막춤 (makchum)] in front of SNSD.

G.Dragon stated “I’m not really close with SNSD members. However, when I heard afterwards that I danced in front of YoonA, Tiffany, HyoYeon, and SooYoung, I was pretty surprised. I’m not usually a person who would do those kind of things.”

As Kang Hodong was listening the story, he asked G.Dragon who, amongst YoonA, Tiffany, SooYoung, and HyoYeon, is his ideal type.

G.Dragon picked YoonA as the final winner. Upon the request of a video message, G.Dragon said “I really don’t know why they are telling me to convey this message. The last time we met at a bowling game, I made some mistakes. I’m usually not like that.”

Credit: osen.co.kr
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com
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Japan favourite #deadfisheyes lands in Korea and everybody is blinded by his perfection

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Popular Japanese idol, actor and singer Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) landed in Seoul, South Korea on the 23rd.
Over 200 fans crowded around Kimpo Airport in Seoul to greet the Japanese Star. The fans were waiting at the entrance for his arrival since early in the morning.
Yamapi will appear on Mnet ‘M-Countdown’ on the 24th and release his first official solo album ‘SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD’ in Korea on March 2nd.

sources: EDaily & allkpop

flawless bitch stay flawless
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see what life is like on jupiter & mars

Pedobears can play heavy metal + IU photoshoot/video

Singer IU has been enjoying immense popularity, but she’s been the reigning princess amongst a particular Korean demographic of 18-30 male fans, also known as the “uncle fans“. In an interview, she guessed that it was probably her cute, “girl next door image” that started the craze.

We’ve recently come across a special song created and mixed by these IU devotees, which seems to best embody their obsession with IU. This Metallica-inspired theme song carrie intense guitar riffs, rockin’ drums, and a hysterical chorus where they scream “IU” repeatedly. One line sums it up the best: “Women like TVXQ, we like IU!”

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source: akp, review star, stillrocker

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source: fyiheartu, luv-iu, lecoqsportif

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source: acrofan

re: uncle fans, why are you like this...
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MBLAQ’s new song first performance today, ‘injured’ Mir will join.

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MBLAQ’s Mir who had to stop his activities to undergo a spinal disc surgery will be returning on stage with their new album.

MBLAQ released a repackaged album for their first full album with 13 existing tracks and 3 new songs. The group will make a comeback with their follow-up song on the 24th at Mnet M Countdown.

With all members present together on stage today, a powerful performance is anticipated after having performed with only 4 members previously without Mir.

The production crew said, “Mir showed his will and wanted to stand on stage with the members because it is the first performance for their new song. The staff will take good care of him even with his fighting spirit through his injury”.

Meanwhile, other performers scheduled to appear today includes popular idol Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi), 5 Dolls, IU, Lee Jung, Kan Mi Yeon, Flower, Lee Hyun, G.NA, Infinite, etc.

Bonus clip of Rain teaching his bbs how to be flawless:

I love how much they all admire Rain, yet they're still nervous to be around him lol! :3

Source: News Nate
Translation: Choi Yoori@AbsuloteMBLAQ
Video: Rainrunway29
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4minute Jiyoon has a handsome no.1 fan

Soccer player Kim Dongsub recently revealed that his favorite girl group member was 4minute's Jeon Jiyoon.

During an interview with Ilgan Sports, he declared "On stage, she wore sunglasses and I didn't know she was really that cute since she was wearing them while performing. A while ago, I saw 4minute at Gimpo airport. I immediately went to them and asked them to take a picture together. However, their manager said I couldn't. If I had been a famous soccer player, it would have been possible. I will have to work harder."

When he was asked what his favorite song was, Kim Dongsub picked 4minute's I My Me Mine (Japanese ver.).

In addition, to the question "What would you if you were going to die tomorrow?", he answered "I would take a picture with 4minute. I really wanted to take one back then."

Kim Dongsub plays for the Gwangju FC in the K-League.

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Ilgan Sports

Big Bang records part one of their SBS comeback special


YG Entertainment representatives have revealed that Big Bang successfully completed the first recording for their SBS comeback special, “The Big Bang Show“, on February 18th.

The hour-long comeback special will feature every track from their fourth mini-album, as well as past hits and other fun footage for fans to enjoy. In order to heighten the quality of the program’s material, the boys decided to tackle it in two separate recordings.

Part one was filmed at the SBS hall last week, and the boys performed “Lies” and “Red Sunset” to the cheers of 500 fans. Big Bang also shared some stories about their production process, including bits about their time in the States, G-Dragon’s production style, Daesung falling asleep while acting, and the tension they feel as their comeback date nears.

Their second recording will be held on February 23rd and will focus on their new tracks; this time, only the production team will be allowed inside.

The full special will be unveiled on February 27th at 12:00 AM KST. 

Source: OSEN via Nate
translated by: VITALSIGN of AKP

Jihyun and Sohyun showing off their baby pix!

On Echannel's '4minute's Mr. Teacher', 4minute's leader Nam Jihyun revealed childhood pictures taken with her family and flaunted her flawless young looks.

In the pictures, Nam Jihyun, who became a hot topic for the pictures of her superior bare face, is seen smiling with a bright and innocent expression on her face.

Jihyun received pretty similar comments about her childhood smiling appearance and it was proved once again that she was a natural beauty.

During the recording of the show, Jihyun talked about her much cherished younger brother who can be seen in the pictures "When I was a high school senior, my brother used to come to meet me every early morning, I'm sorry that I couldn't go to meet him now that I'm doing promotional activities and that he is a high school senior". She even teared up and felt sorry for not having taken well care of him.

Nam Jihyun's childhood pictures will be revealed in the upcoming episode of Echannel's 4minute's Mr. Teacher, airing on Febrary 23rd at 12:00AM KST.

Source : Osen
Translating & editing : Meeli @4-minute.com

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Source: Nate
Translation: its_matteo @ 4-minute.com

ofc these gorgeous divas have been gorgeous divas since birth! jjang!

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2NE1 Park Jenny Bom under attack due to her weight

Pictures of 2NE1's Bom from the MTV-Daum Music Fest has been flying around the Internet, rousing confusion amongst netizens. In the photos, she is showing off her slender legs with a tight black minidress, but her legs earned only half the attention.

Fans were alarmed to see her upper body contrast completely with her lower body - many commented that she looked extremely skinny at the legs, but that she looked clumsy and dense above the waist. Most fans' attentions were brought to her jawline. The sharp jawline she had showed off only a short time ago had completely disappeared and her round face had come back.

When fans saw this they said, "How can her legs be so thin and her upper body so large?" and "I guess all her weight goes to her chin first." Other said, "this isn't just different, it's shocking," "She's sorta cute even with that weight," and "Is she already experiencing the yoyo effects of her diet?"

jaeha x anna attic

kim junsu post

[AD] Kim Junsu Musical Concert Levay with Friends

Source: wickedinutopia2 | Link

110224 Tears of Heaven Highlights

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I managed to find a pretty complete set of the available videos:

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MrOpenreview | 1, 2, 3, 4
ddolchuuu | 1
sumirehero | 1


Also a pretty full set:

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x1m02ar7 | 1, 2, 3
omXiahJnS | 1

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Three Fierce Unniers Guested on TVN's TAXI and Visited Their Giant Baby

miss A’s Min, Fei, and Jia recently guested on tvN’s “Taxi“, and they decided to make a surprise visit to their maknae, who was filming for her on-going drama, “Dream High“.

Upon entering the film set, the girls immediately took notice of the freezing weather and exclaimed, “I think we know how much Suzy suffers now.” In order to ‘warm’ up the atmosphere, the girls performed their hit track “Breathe” right then and there!


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Credit: AKP
Source: Nate

Life is cruel ;~; If a girl as tall as Suzy actually wears insoles, Sunny and I would have to use this to walk.

red red red

Eunhyuk posts a picture of Super Junior-M

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk posted a recent photo of Super Junior-M, a subgroup of Super Junior’s that promotes in China.

Fans were happy to see all the members together, even remarking that they looked happier than ever. You can see Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Si Won, Donghae, Zhou Mi, Henry, and new members Sungmin and Eunhyuk.

They started their promotions in China on the 22nd, and they plan to run full speed with their promotion schedule by appearing on many programs.

Eunhyuk tweeted, “I will be working harder, and more genuinely, in order to find things more precious than those I’ve let go of. It was a difficult decision, but I have no regrets. I hope to become someone new and improved with each new day. Fighting! SuJu-M fighting!”

Netizens wrote, “We will cheer you on! Lee Hyuk Jae jjang!”, “SuJu-M fighting!”, and “You all are very admirable because of your hard work.”

Source: Allkpop, TV Report via Nate

I wonder what else he had to give up. :/

Big Bang’s “Tonight” MV to premiere at “Big Show” + new album doing well on itunes

The explosion caused by Big Bang’s comeback is just getting bigger. Not only have they shattered records for their mini-album pre-orders, they’ve also achieved an ‘all-kill’ on the top real-time charts in Korea (Soribada, Melon, Dosirak, Bugs and Cyworld). Now, the boys are storming up the charts in America as they’re currently positioned at #12 on the itunes album chart (#6 on the Pop album chart)! Very impressive and this shows that they have a strong fan base overseas.

In addition, the YG-Life official blog has recently added a new entry stating that the MV for “Tonight” will premiere at the “2011 Big Show” concert, which will be held from February 25th to the 27th. It will also air during the SBS Comeback special on February 27th, so we should expect the official MV to go online around that time as well.

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Source(s): Itunes Album Chart + YG-Life Blog+ @youtube
v.i.a: allkpop
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'TONIGHT' is not your average oppars and unnie's song

Big Bang is back. And it is for the first time in two years. During those two years, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung have established themselves in their respective fields of music. Together they are Big Bang but separately can produce results like G-Dragon and T.O.P’s duo unit album “GD&TOP” and Taeyang’s solo album “Solar.” That is probably why the release of their album in two years is drawing so much attention. So what has this group composed of five stars come to us with this time? Big Bang gave “10Asia” a preview of “TONIGHT” from their upcoming mini-album set for release February 24.

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Source: 10Asiae
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Ock Juhyun - "For me, it’s not productive to think about the mistakes I’ve made in the past."

Singer Ock Joo-hyun has faced some fairly nasty criticism in her relatively short life. But she’s managed to rise above it all while also building a career as one of the best emerging musical theater actresses in the nation.

Over the past five years, the 30-year-old former lead singer of the girl group Fin.K.L. has consistently received positive reviews for her performances in musicals such as “Chicago” and “Cats.”

She is currently starring in the Korean version of “Aida.” But the performance run, like her career, has not always been smooth.

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For all the people who are like "Nugu?" Ock Juhyun was a former Fin K.L. member along with Lee Hyori (obviously the most irrelevant one now), Sung Yuri (mostly acting these days) and Lee Jin (I believe she's a regular on a variety show now). A long time ago she also released a yoga video and now she's doing musicals as you can see. She's also a good friend to SNSD, especially Jessica, and she told them to go date without telling their company lol.

2AM's 3D movie playing in LA (aka the only city in America)

In December, 2AM’s 3D movie “2AM Show” made it’s way into theaters across Korea. Beginning on March 4th, CGV Cinemas will be holding a special presentation of this concert movie at their Los Angeles location for one week only!

This 70-minute 3D concert style movie features footage from their “Saint O’Clock” album showcase in October last year and additional unseen footage of the members. Unfortunately, English subtitles will not be offered with this special presentation but it is a must-see for all 2AM fans.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, make sure to head to CGV LA next week to watch this special feature.

Source: Allkpop

This is being hosted by USAIAMHOTTEST and 2ONEDAY, but AKP decided to jump the gun and release the info before we gave them the go ahead. We're planning a lot of other cool stuff to go along with the moving screening! So please stay tuned to either site for more info!!

I guess this wasn't supposed to be announced just yet.

B2ST’s Doojoon & Kikwang introduce A Pink through a news parody

B2ST’s Doojoon and Kikwang recently transformed into news anchors for a fun “breaking news” parody in order to raise hype for A Cube Entertainment’s upcoming girl group, A Pink.

In the video, Doojoon states, “This is breaking news. A Cube’s rookie girl group has been headlining for days now. Just who are they, and why are they dominating the search rankings? Let’s turn to Lee Kikwang for further details.”

Kikwang continues, “The entire situation began when an internet article about a naming competition for A Cube’s rookie girl group first went up. The fact that the competition is heating up proves that they’ve definitely earned the attention.”

After introducing how to participate, they exclaim, “Everything will be revealed through channel Trendy!”

Kikwang then turns to Doojoon and laughs while stating, “I already saw them at our agency.“ Doojoon asks back, “Are they pretty? Pretty?”

A Pink is currently scheduled to be revealed on a day next month, and they recently unveiled three of the seven members through various B2ST featurings and photo teasers.

Source: Newsen via Nate
cre: allkpop

infinite's japanese promotions

Proud RT @Lminit_: @starmakerljy CEO-nim! Infinite’s at a TSUTAYA in my region too! Daebak/Amazing!!!! ㅎㅎ

Infinite will be releasing a ‘BTD’ single in March and a ‘Hysterie’ single in April.

Infinite’s Japanese names:

Kim Sunggyu → Kim Sonkyu
Jang Dongwoo → Jang Donwoo
Nam Woohyun → Nam Woohol
Lee Howon → Lee Howon
Lee Sungyeol → Lee Sonyol
Kim Myungsoo → Kim Molsoo
Lee Sungjong → Lee Sonjon

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
sauce: -fuckyeahinfinite-, infiniteupdates (1, 2), twitter (1, 2)
Wanna One Energetic

Eric Has Skills

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shinhwa member Eric's hidden camera video while recording Kan Mi Yeon "Paparazzi" has been released.

Ka Mi Yeon new single song title "Paparazzi" feat. Shinhwa Eric have gain a lot of popularity. Eric's luxurious rap is also a big topic and has received a lot of love from the fans who has missed Eric's voice.

Collapse )Sources: Newsen, Rubylovefaith@Shinhwa.biz, and sourcemusictv@YouTube.com
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IU finally has her first ~mini-scandal~

IU arrives late for “Dream High” concert, fails to apologize for delays

On February 25th, posts on various internet community boards revealed that IU was an hour late for her performance at the “Dream High” concert. Netizens are furious over the fact that she wasn’t just late – she had also failed to apologize to the audience for her delay.

According to these netizens, the event was put on hold because of IU, which ended with some fans being forced to return home without being able to experience the entire concert line-up. Some of the concertgoers were of a younger age, and so they had to skip the rest of the concert in order to meet their curfews.

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source: akp, Medical News Today via Nate, Asia Economy via Daum, Newsen via Daum

IU’s representatives deny exaggerated reports from “Dream High” concert

With IU’s late arrival for the “Dream High” concert causing a furor on the internet, the marketing team of “Dream High” spoke with Donga News and revealed that the reports were exaggerated.

They stated, “It is true that IU was late, but she was only 20 minutes late, not one or two hours like some reports have stated. We gave notice of the time change to 8:30 PM a few days before the concert, and notified singers to arrive by 9:00 PM, since gagwoman Bae Young Hee would be performing from 8:30 to 9:00 PM. The concert began at 9:20, and IU was only late for 20 minutes.”

They continued, “The reason for the concert time being changed was not because of IU’s other schedules; rather, it was because of her drama filming. IU worked hard on her morning rehearsal, and the internet blew the entire situation out of proportion.”

source: akp, DongA via Nate

IU performs at Alicia's "Alicia Festival"

On February 24th, IU attended NTREEV SOFT’s “Alicia Festival“, held at the eSports Stadium in Yongsan-gu.

After performing her hit tracks, “Good Day” and “The Story Only I Didn’t Know“, IU logged in for a round of “Alicia“, and shared her impressions of the game.

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source: akp, DailyGame, MK Internet via Nate, oumae14, 2, 3

IU's most recent me2day posts
In the middle of 'Dream High' filming! Now I'm slowly beginning to reach my limits.. for a long long long long~ time I need to hang in there!

뭔가이대로끝내기찜찜한하루ㅜㅜ…졸린데잠이안와요. . 그리고 글과는 상관없는 필숙사진투척 안녕히주무세요~ㅜㅜ
It feels somewhat uncomfortable ending the day like thisㅜㅜ… I'm sleepy but I can't fall asleep. . Also, it has nothing to do with this message but here's a picture of Pilsook Goodnight~ㅜㅜ Collapse )

오늘 하루정말 이악물고 달렸는데 돌아온건… 누구를 위한 노래일까요 전 요즘 잘 모르겠어요
Today I bit my tongue and just ran, but in return... who am I singing for? Lately, I'm not so sure

source: translation by janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU (1, 2, 3), IU's me2day

IU has always been overly cautious/polite in the past, so she must really be reaching her limit. I wish she hadn't updated her me2day, but IDK, I feel bad for her. :(
g dragon

Lee Hyori has officially become a vegetarian

Talented idol singer, model, and actress, Lee Hyori, recently announced that she’s becoming a full-fledged vegetarian.

On the 24th, officials from Lee Hyori’s agency spoke with Star News and stated, “It has been almost two full months since Lee Hyori last ate meat. She’s doing this for plenty of reasons, one being to keep her health in check. She only eats a small amount of seafood from time to time.”

Another major reason that led Lee Hyori to become a vegetarian was her active participation with agencies that take care of stray animals. Lee Hyori joined forces with KARA (not to be confused with the girl group – Korea Animal Right Advocates) late last year to prevent animal abuse.

Ironically, Lee Hyori became an ambassador and official spokesperson with a Korean Beef company last year, however her participation with the company recently ended.

Source + Photo: Star News
v.i.a: allkpop

Niel//Teen Top

Korean Queen is the victim of bad photoshop; still perfect though

An advertisement photo of Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In has become a hot topic online.
Recently, on a portal site bulletin, the above picture was uploaded under the title, “Photoshop of Ga-In is too severe.”
In this diet advertisement, Ga-In is seen showing off her slim figure for the camera. But netizens are attacking the picture because her legs were overly-elongated on photoshop.

They expressed,“I like Ga-In nuna, but this is too much”, “With this, she’ll probably be over 170cm”, and “Actually, I laughed a lot after seeing this picture.”

(omitted irrelevant drabble)

Source: Nate
she's already perfect and doesn't need your bad photoshop!! gtfo