February 27th, 2011


SHINee’s Onew shows off a special talent on ‘100 Points Out of 100′

SHINee’s Onew recently showed off a special talent with his fingers.

Onew was a special guest MC on the February 26th broadcast of KBS2TV’s ‘100 Points Out of 100.’ During one of the segments, comedian Park Myung Soo made a comment in regards to Onew stating, “I was shocked when I recently felt Onew’s finger flicking power.” Simon D also chimed in stating, “I’ve also experienced it and it’s awesome,” complimenting Onew on his finger flicking skills.

Onew was then issued a challenge to crack a walnut with his finger flicking and he successfully shattered the walnut into two pieces.

After this exhibition of finger flicking power, Park Myung Soo started acting nervously. The other guests on the show also tried their hand at cracking the walnut via finger-flicking but failed to do so.

Video here:
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Source: AKP, UnknownCarrot170 @ YT
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another post about suzy, her twitter and her pretty self.

miss A’s Suzy has transformed in a chic cartoon character, thanks to her vintage-looking specs.

On February 26th, she tweeted, “Lighting good good~ Do I look like ‘Dr. Slump‘?”. ‘Dr. Slump’ is a cartoon about a robot and its creator, who’s known by his trademark glasses.

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i can't believe dream high is ending TT___TT. also mods, can suzy have her own tag? she has many individual articles that aren't related to the group.
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[APH] Italy

Korea&Japan favourite Oppar takes pictures with his #deadfisheyes girlfriend & others nugu boys

JYJ’s Jaejoong recently tweeted, “It was nice to meet you all!” and posted a picture of himself hanging out with some friends.

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Sources: this picture on Jaejoong’s Twitter+allkpop

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N.Korea Threatens Retaliation Against Psychological Warfare

North Korea has sent a belligerent message to the South regarding psychological warfare.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said North Korea sent a message via an inter-Korean military hotline on Sunday morning. The message warned that if South Korea’s psychological warfare continued, it would fire aimed shots at relevant South Korean facilities. It was sent under the name of North Korea’s top representative to high-level inter-Korean military talks.

It said the recent sending of anti-North Korea leaflets is a traitorous act that goes against the Korean people, who are attempting to open a new situation with full-scale dialogue and negotiations.

North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency promptly reported on this message on Sunday morning.

Source: KBS World
Kiseop derp Neverland

NH Media apologize?

Recently, NH Media posted an announcement on U-kiss' official website regarding Kibum and Alexander.

Posted on the 23rd, NH Media says their apologies to the fans of U-kiss with regards to Kibum and Alexander's issues.

"Hello, this is NH Media,

U-kiss would like to thank everyone from your supports and would like to apologize for the series of articles that were revealed. Also, we would like to give our official notice about the issues.

First, we would like to say sorry. With regards to this issue, Kibum and Alexander withdrawing from the group is indeed true and it is true that U-kiss will have a new member and are currently in practice/rehearsing.

We terminated Kibum's contract because of his position in the group. Alexander did left the group and his domestic individual activities is currently on talk/ planning about it.

U-kiss will have a new member that would give different image of the group to fans. We strive to develop the group's image/ or the group's situation.

Once again, U-kiss would like to thank everyone for showing their concern regarding this matter.

If it has cause you inconvenience, we sincerely apologize."

Source: u-kiss official site + rocketboxx

I see it as a sympathy kind of apology...
This was posted on the 23rd and nobody noticed.
Gonna go cry now. ToT
They didn't even apologize for lying. >.<
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On the 27th of February, Son Dong Woon left a message on Beast’s cafe. “I’m Dongwoon. It’s already the 500th day of Beast. When the number of people who hated us was more than the number of people who liked us, B2UTYS who were even sadder than us filled up our empty stages and feelings. We are very thankful. Thank you for the unchanging love you have shown us, we will repay you with even more love. Thank you very very much.”

When Beast first debuted, they were known as the group where the members had been eliminated from other idol groups. They had gone through long years of training and debuted before but they still failed, earning them the nickname “the recycled group”.

But now Beast has found success. This ‘rediscovered group’ is now one of Korea’s most popular idol groups.

Regarding Son Dongwoon’s sudden post, fans were enthusiastically replying, ” The people who were more hurt than us is definitely Beast..we are very thankful that Beast has now successfully dropped this bad name.” , “We have finally experienced what it means to be a fan. Now no one can speak ill of our oppas anymore. We are sure you know it too. Thank you for always showing us your hardworking side.” , “Good luck for your promotions in Japan! Time flies by so fast, it’s already the 500th day of Beast.” , ” We will never feel hurt you again. Good Luck!! “

Beast held their encore concert Welcome Back To Beast Airline at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on the 18th and 19th of February. They are currently preparing for their promotions in Japan in March.

Happy #500 days b2uties!!!! :'D

Source: Nate
Trans: mybeastyboys
[Korean] Shinhwa - Insanity

That's Right, The South Korean Army Has Its Own Variety Show

These are a mixture of new and old pictures but they've never been posted on Omona so I thought fans might want to see what their favorites in the army are up to.

Pictures are from the army program "Culture Is Good" which is basically a variety show where the cast visits cultural sites, does community service, plays games, etc.

Show MCs: Boom & Lee Dong Wook
Rotating Cast: Andy (Shinhwa), Lee Wan, Lee Junki, Park Hyo Shin, Dynamic Duo (Gaeko & Choiza) and 양세찬
Former Cast Members: Tony Ahn (H.O.T) and 양세형

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Source: Culture Is Good - Pictures Message Board

This took FOREVER to put together so I hope you guys enjoy it!

P.S. Mods, there's no way to link directly to the individual posts because the pictures are from a message board using flash.

Another day, another endorsement for SNSD - Woongjin

The nation's best girl group Girls' Generation will campaign as a water filter model for Woongjin Coway.

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A living + eco home appliance company Woongjin Coway(CEO Hong Joon Ki) confirmed on 27th that they signed a contract with Girls' Generation to be their exclusive model until the end of the year.

As the consumer group expanded from 40~50s to 20~30s, as well as housewives to single men and women, the company explains their choosing Girls' Generation to give the impression of 'a young company' as well as showing their status as the nation's number 1 water filter company.

Lee Woo Tae, a director of Woongjin Coway's marketing headquarter said that "Girls' Generation, along with the classy image as the nation's best girl group, has friendly image as well," explaining that "they suit very well with the image of the new product that has concepts that people have never seen before."

Woongjin Coway launched a new product last month that has two extracting filters with different height that allows for people to fill up large water bottles or pots, up to 1L at once. As there are many more new products to be launched, Woongjin Coway is planning on making different commercials for different products corresponding to each of 9 member's unique characteristics.

[Kang Da Young]

Source: http://news.mk.co.kr/v3/view.php?year=2011&no=126358
translated by kwongildong @ soshified.com

Wow this endorsement with Woongjin is a big deal in my eyes. Usually these types of endorsements for home appliances such as water purifiers are only reserved for the biggest actors/actresses because they usually target a much older audience. For the girls to be able to get this brand means that they have confidence on our girls' appeal. They're actually getting a lot of endorsements that idols usually don't get which is surprising. Dior & Intel are huge names already. Not only that but this is probably the most well-known company in Korea because 1 in 4 Koreans use their water filtration devices. They're also expanding internationally. Congrats SNSD for picking this one up, great job by SM as well.
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S. Korea to return 31 N. Koreans this week

South Korea will this week send back 31 North Korean workers who had drifted across the two countries' tense sea border earlier this month, a report said Sunday.

South Korea was close to completing investigations on the 11 men and 20 women, none of whom had expressed an intention to defect to the South, Yonhap news agency reported, citing a Seoul official.

"Since none of them wish to defect, all 31 of them will be returned home by Panmunjom within this week," said the unnamed official quoted by Yonhap, referring to a heavily-fortified land border village.

Their boat will be returned through the maritime border off the west coast, the official was quoted as saying.

The South's defense ministry declined to comment. A spokesman for the unification ministry handling inter-Korean affairs was unavailable for comment.

The fishing workers arrived off Yeonpyeong island near the Yellow Sea maritime border in thick fog on February 5 and were towed in by the South's navy.

Pyongyang three days later called for their repatriation. The South normally returns North Koreans who drift across the border by accident and who express a wish to return.

The contested Yellow Sea border has been a persistent flashpoint. The North's shelling of Yeonpyeong in November, which killed two marines and two civilians, briefly sparked fears of war.

More than 20,000 North Koreans fleeing their famine-stricken home have arrived in the capitalist South since the end of the 1950-53 war, half of them in the past five years, mostly via China.

Two weeks ago a North Korean man in his 20s defected to the South by crossing the heavily-fortified and mined land border.

Source: inquirer
NARSHA // lady crimson

JeA and Miryo appear in Maxim Korea

Girl group members of Brown Eyed Girls, Miryo and Jea, and JQT are the latest models for MAXIM Korea in this month's magazine release. Miryo and Jea show off their body figures, while JQT shows off their cute, but sexy side.

With the concept of "The Muses", Jea wears a tight, black leather mini-dress and a black jacket on her shoulders as she poses charismatically sitting on top of giant speakers. Miryo, on the other hand, gives more of a cutesy feeling with her hair tied up and light makeup. Unlike Jea's more sexy outfit, Miryo wears a red, off-shoulder sweater with black-striped gray pants.

Four-member girl group JQT is also featured in this month's magazine. In the released photo, the JQT members are given brighter clothing compared to the Brown Eyed Girls members. All of the JQT members are wearing short-shorts and give off a young and cute aura.

The editor in charge showed his satisfaction towards Brown Eyed Girls' shooting and said, "The atmosphere of the photoshoot was very good."

MAXIM Korea asked Jea and Miryo, "Who is your favorite female vocalist?" to which they answered, "Lee Hyori and Uhm Junghwa. They both build strong images for themselves." When asked which male idol they'd like to collaborate with, Jea answered Big Bang's Taeyang, while Miryo answered, "He's not an idol, but Tiger JK."

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Sources: OSEN, TheMaximkorea, MAXIM Korea, and Newsen 1, 2
Credit: koreaboo
Shared by: Love Is...@4everlastings

Looking for HQ scans plox.

Also, there are rumours that Ga-In and Narsha were at Big Bang's concert on the 25th. Narsha was also spotted at the airport going... somewhere! I would love Miryo to collaborate with Tiger JK... or Tasha. Or both.

New talented female trio, Bella, releases MV for “Don’t Let Go”

Earlier in the month, Apple Entertainment, unveiled two teaser videos for their new talented girl group trio named ‘Bella.’
Comprised of members Lucy (leader), Kani, and Miu, the girls are known to be dog lovers and were recently selected to be the promotional ambassadors for the Korean Kennel Club.
The trio aims to provide fresh music through the perfect harmonization of their voices combined with a cute and sexy image. The MV for their title track, “Don’t Let Go,” which is a cover of En Vogue’s 1996 hit single, “Don’t Let Go (Love)” from the ‘Set It Off’ OST (soundtrack) was recently released.
Check out the talented girls in action below.

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Source: AllKpop
Video Source: kangsiyeon
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miss A’s Suzy gifts a coffee shop to her hardworking parents

miss A’s Suzy recently prepared a surprise present for her parents.

It was revealed a while back that Suzy’s parents were operating a fast-food restaurant in the metropolitan area of Gwangju. However, recently, an online community site uploaded a photo of the restaurant showing that it was under construction, and that it was being upgraded to a coffee shop.

Suzy, who wanted to repay her parents for raising her, used the money she had saved up while promoting as a singer to support the opening of the coffee shop. Her agency, JYP Entertainment, stated that they think because Suzy more than anyone has always been thoughtful of her parents, and she used the little money she saved up to help them open the shop.

precious bb is precious
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This post feels like it gets bigger every week. I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you, Omona.

Once again, U-kiss would like to thank everyone for showing their concern regarding this matter.

If it has cause you inconvenience, we sincerely apologize.
- NH Media on U-kiss' official website

Poll #1711154 NH Media

Were you inconvenienced by NH Media removing Alexander and Kibum from U-Kiss?


Do you accept NH Media's apology?


Will you support the new U-kiss?

2busy washin mah hurr 2curr

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Source:omonatheydidnt + vid by CodeAnalysisSeason4
Omona, I worked hard on this post so you better enjoy it or else! Fave quotes? Post 'em if ya got 'em!

On behalf of OMNTD I would now like to take this time to wish U-Flop good luck in their future endeavors.

RIP U-Kiss
August 15(JP)/28(SK), 2008 - February 2011

TYFYT &hearts
세훈 » rainbow hair

Dal Shabet to cameo in final episode of “Dream High”

Rookie girl group Dal Shabet will be making a surprise cameo appearance in the final episode of KBS’s “Dream High“!

They’ll be playing the role of Girin Arts High School students who support ‘Baek Hee’, and they’ve already finished recording their segment on February 27th at a set in Kyungki-do.

Afterwards, Jiyul commented, “It was an honor to be able to appear in such a popular drama. Since it’s a first drama for all the members, we were kind of nervous but the staff members were so helpful, which made it a lot of fun.”

Check out the final episode on February 28th at 9:25 PM KST.

Source + Photos: MyDaily via Naver

Our threatening letters to YG have worked, Daesung to have bed scene in 2nd vers. of Tonight MV!

The first disclosure of the ‘Tonight’ MV will include Daesung’s first bed scene and has garnered a lot of speculation. This weekend Big Bang has been holding their annual “Big Show” concert for 3 days, at the concert TOP revealed to the fans, “In the new “Tonight” music video, for the first time Daesung was given the lead role for a bed scene.

After a 2 year and 6 months absence Big Bang released their mini-album on the 24th and had their comeback via their 3-day BIG SHOW concert. Their first official comeback on TV will be through SBS who has organized a 1-hour special for Big Bang in secrecy. Big Bang’s mini-album successfully did an ‘all-kill’ on music charts with all 6 songs charting.

Audio of Daesung's beautiful new song "Baby don't cry" which they said might be included in their next album.

Original: Osenm
Sources: ibigbang, dlitelover@yt

OMG this is all too much to handle! Someone go make sure daesung_fanatic is still alive.

J-pop idol Keita Tachibana praises TVXQ’s Changmin via Twitter

Via tokyohive:

J-pop star Keita Tachibana (of w-inds fame) praised TVXQ’s Changmin through Twitter on February 26th for the strong improvement in the Korean idol’s singing ability. The star wrote:

“Though it’s coming from me, Changmin’s high notes are effortless and his voice has become deep and fine. He must’ve practiced a considerable amount this year to produce such a voice. People who notice this clear improvement in [Changmin's] performance will get chills. Conversely, those who continue to sing without further development don’t stir up any feelings [in their listeners].”

Though TVXQ is now comprised of two members, Changmin and Yunho, they’ve been getting more attention than ever, and it sounds like Changmin’s hard work and perseverance are paying off! Keep it up!”

Thanks to Tia for the tip!

Source + Photo: Keita Tachibana’s Twitter (@keita_tachibana)

After reading this..... i need some KeiMin fanfics LOL
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Park Hyo Shin and Dynamic Duo appear on ‘Army Radio'

Singer Park Hyo Shin and the hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo recently performed on an ‘Army Radio’ station, "Freeway".

The three musicians, who are currently serving in the army, performed a cover of Sting’s Shape of My Heart and Maroon 5’s "This Love on February 26th.

Another singer, Jung Jae Il, played the piano while the singers showed off their outstanding vocal and rapping skills.

Even though they’re in the army, these musicians have demonstrated that their skills are as finely-honed as ever.

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110227 Inkigayo

Winner & BigBang Show Preview

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Source: CrazyCarrot360

Infinite Member, L tweeted, “Today is the last broadcast of ‘BTD.’ Thanks to all of the Inspirit, we were able to complete it safely. Thank you so much, and please check for our performance in the live broadcast coming up! We’ll be coming back soon, so don’t cheat on us with another group!

Not in a million years bb ♥
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Omona's Surgery-dol talks about his growing popularity.

Kwanghee, a member of the idol group ZE:A, revealed his secret about how he stood out on various variety programs and was the most sought-after for these programs.

During Kwanghee's last interview with Star News, he replied that the secret of his popularity was an 'Explosive sociability'.

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Sources: Star News+EmpireChildren
Translation: BGSS2_Maknae@EmpireChildren