February 28th, 2011

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New photos for Zhang Liyin's 22nd birthday!

Zhang Liyin has been the model for the clothing brand Eithtoo in China since August, along with f(x) and SHINee. Eithtoo's main line of clothing is sports clothes similar to Adidas and Nike. The CF was filmed back in August and released to the public in September.

To celebrate Zhang Liyin's birthday, Eithtoo released new photos of her on February 28th on their Weibo. They posted, "Liyin will have her birthday, so I found a new picture for you all. Happy Birthday to Lyin~~~", "Tomorrow is Liyin's birthday right? Eithtoo now is making a best wish for a Happy Birthday to Liyin,and hope the new album would sell a lot!~\(≧▽≦)/~", and "Two more new pics~welcome everybody to give out your creativities to add beautiful backgrounds for Liyin~↖(^ω^)↗".

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Source: Koreaboo, Eithtoo @ Weibo, Chocolyn

Hope to see you update Weibo today, and that you'll release your new songs soooon. ♥

Netizens uncover the touching story of Yoo Jae Suk’s love for his mother

Gagman Yoo Jae Suk wrote an article some time ago detailing a powerful story about his mother during his elementary school days. A copy of that article was recently posted up on various internet community boards, and netizens were so touched by its contents that it quickly became a hot topic.


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Can't agree more with this comment , “To me, Yoo Jae Suk is Won Bin and Jang Dong Gun.” :')
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Infinite's March 2011 Edition of Junior Magazine interview

Cinematic Infinite

The Moment in My Life That Felt Like a Movie.

Sungyeol: After becoming a trainee till now.

Dongwoo: When I started sprinting towards a pharmacy after my father suddenly became ill. The moment when I only looked in front of me and ran, so cars were closely passing me by.

Hoya: The time when I danced in the streets every week in Busan, with my friends.

Woohyun: Our first stage—— The screams—- My breathing—-.

Sunggyu: Coming to Seoul after graduating high school and started working; when I passed my auditions and debuted.

L: From the moment I was born till now. And every moment in the future will become like a scene from a movie.

Sungjong: Listening to my MP3 on top of a mountain and feeling the breeze.



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pic: fuckyeahinfinite
trans. cr; hyejin, jihye @ infinite updates (1, 2, 3, 4)

Long interview is long ^^;
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How YouTube impacts lives of ordinary people in Korea

Three years have passed since YouTube started services in Korea. The global user created content (UCC) or video-sharing portal opened the doors to the world for users here and to Korea for users abroad. Some people say that their life changed when the doors opened. The Korea Times met these YouTube power users to hear their story.

Boy becomes guitar prodigy

Jung Sung-ha was only nine years old when he started playing the guitar — He watched his father play and became curious. His father soon found out that his son was talented but he never expected that much when he uploaded a video of him performing on YouTube. “My father took a video with a digital camera. He uploaded it on YouTube just for fun,” recollects the 14-year-old who plays fingerstyle, a tricky technique where the fingertips, fingernails, or picks attached to fingers directly pluck strings.

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Source: Yoon Ja-young @ The Korea Times
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Flawless Dalmatian reveals practice video for "The Man Opposed"

Recruited by MC Mong several years ago, Dalmatian – consisting of members Dari, Day Day, Drama/Daniel, Inati, Jisu, and Young Won – officially entered the K-pop scene recently and they’ve been gaining a lot of fans due to their expertise in singing, rapping, and dancing..

The group is actively promoting ‘The Man Opposed’ and earlier today they released a special practice dance video of this on their Official fan cafe.

source; superkoyangi & allkpop.


Choreographer Park Jung Min Ends His Life

Choreographer Park Jung Min (37) unfortunately ended his life on February 27th.

The former dancer / singer has choreographed for some of Korea’s top stars and was found dead at his girlfriend’s house after he had hung himself. Police concluded the case as a suicide because they found no evidence of foul play and Park Jung Min, in the past, had frequently complained about his dire financial difficulties.

Park Jung Min had debuted in dance group DND in the mid-90s. Afterwards, he became the captain of dance team, Star System, and choreographed for stars including Se7en, Jang Na ra, Kim Jong Kook, Big Bang, Song Baek Kyung, and One Two. Stars such as Se7en, Kim Jong Kook and Song Ho Bum came to pay their respects at the wake in a Seoul hospital.

In addition, stars are expressing their grief on their twitter. Song Baek Kyung tweeted, “I heard the news that Star System’s Jung min unfortunately passed away. I hope that he rests in peace in Heaven.” Se7en also tweeted, “This is a strange night. I can’t sleep easily. I have much thoughts…R.I.P.”

Our condolences to his friends and family.

Source: Newsen
v.i,a: allkpop