March 1st, 2011

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ETUDE ‘Precious Mineral BB Cream’ Teaser with Sandara Park

’s Dara released a teaser video for her “Precious Mineral BB Cream” CF with makeup brand ETUDE!

The CF revolves around the theme, ‘brightening your complexion’, and so Dara is seen with a team of ‘pearl lighting experts’ who follow her around all day with lamps to visually demonstrate the wonders the product does for your skin.

2NE1’s manager, ‘Zzangmae‘, also made his CF debut with a cameo appearance as one of her lighting experts near the end of the CF.

The final CF will be released on March 4th, but until then, check out the teaser below!


source: allkpop & etudeblog

the teaser is so cute. can't wait for the actual cf.
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Cat Army Escapades Delayed, QTV Cancels The Airing of JYJ's Reality Show

Cable channel QTV has canceled the broadcasting of JYJ’s upcoming daily reality show for reasons that are yet unknown.

On March 1st, C-JES Entertainment posted a notice on their official homepage, which stated, “This is a notice regarding the cancellation of QTV’s broadcasting. We would like to inform fans that JYJ’s reality show detailing their daily lives has been canceled.”

“JYJ’s Real 24” was originally scheduled for broadcast in the beginning of February, but it met with various delays.CJES Entertainment eventually received notice that QTV would not be able to broadcast the show; further inquiries on how such a decision came about have been left unanswered.

C-JES continued, “We would like to apologize to the fans who anticipated the show with all of the reports and promotions that QTV put out. QTV will be giving C-JES the footage, and we will be working our hardest to make sure that the show airs as soon as possible.”


Meanwhile, a representative of QTV clarified, “JYJ’s reality show was canceled because schedules did not fit. For a while, we’ve been trying to balance publication rights as well as timing, but we’ve had to rearrange the lineup for a program being produced for April/May.”

They continued, “We never even planned a broadcast date for the program. We were merely trying to buy publication rights for their program to broadcast, it was not a program we produced.”

Regarding netizens speculating external pressure to cancel the show, QTV responded, “That was already ruled in the court, we have absolutely nothing to do with such rumors.”

Sources:akp and naver 1 2

Bullshit, but whatever. QTV shouldn't have promised a tv show(or promoted it so openly) if they weren't going to go through with it. Anyway, JYJ/C-Jes should just open their own Youtube channel ala Epik High/Map the Soul or even 2NE1TV and release weekly mini episodes or something. It'd be the best way to still let the fans see the content for free like they would've been able to with the broadcast :\

Nichkhun and his family`s LG CF!

 Last week we reported that 2PM’s Nichkhun filmed a CF with his entire family and the CF has been released.

The CF was LG U+ International Calling 002. As Nichkhun’s family is in Thailand, his current situation for calling his family was a perfect match to feature LG U+’s small fees for international calling.

The phone service company added, “International Calling 002’s slogan, ‘Long~call, small fees’, actually matches Nichkhun’s family situation. We believe that using Nichkhun in our ads will heighten the customers’ understanding of and connection to us… Because Nichkhun filmed the CF with his family in Thailand, we were able to film in a cheerful and happy atmosphere.”

Check out the CF below!

source: article- akp, video- MsSi1212 @YT

Letter to Infinite from Infinite (they do love each other ^^)

To Sunggyu

Sunggyu hyung! Although it's hard enough being a leader, yet you never give up and stay beside us, thank you. Please continue being the awesome leader you are! Thank You!

From Hoya

To Woohyun

Thank you for always staying besides me and enduring everything. Although sometimes we have different aspects and ideas from one another, at times like those we should try harder to understand each other with love. Let's continue diligently working! Love you!

From Sunggyu

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Source: nolimitinfinite

This is from 2010 edition of Junior Magazine interview.
Kinda old but i don't think it has been posted here before.

Bigbang rakes HIGH RATINGS for SBS special


Big Bang’s comeback took over the airwaves with a big bang!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, SBS’s hour-long special ’The Big Bang Show” achieved a 5.7% rating when it aired on February 27th. It’s actually a high figure, considering that its airtime was after midnight. In comparison, ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’, which originally airs in that time block, only achieved 3.3% last week.

The boys excited their viewers by performing their original hits, as well as tracks from their fourth mini-album. After kicking off their set with the lively “Hands Up“, Big Bang moved on to “Somebody to Love“, “Cafe“, “What is Right“, and “Tonight“; they also performed “Lie“, “Sunset Glow” and “Last Farewell“.

In addition to the performances, the group also took part in a hilarious parody of SBS’s hit drama, “Secret Garden“. Viewers saw G-Dragon take on the role of ‘Gil Ra Im’ (originally played by Ha Ji Won), while T.O.P played as Hyun Bin’s ‘Kim Ju Won’.

As the cherry on top, the boys also unveiled the music video for their title track, “Tonight“. Considering all the treats SBS delivered for the Big Bang fans out there (and for those who just wanted to learn more about this hot group), it’s no wonder that the boys managed to rake in big figures for their hour-long special.

source: Asiae

Wanna One Energetic

Former F.T. Island member Won Bin reveals “C’mon Girl” teaser for Japan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nearly two years ago, Oh Wonbin, guitarist and sub vocalist for F.T. Island suddenly left the group to the shock of many Primadonna’s. FNC Music stated that he left due to “differences in music” to die down the rumors of friction between him and some members in the group.

Over this lengthy period he’s been concentrating on his studies and recently returned to the K-pop music scene with ‘I love you and I love you’ featuring Brown Eyed Girls member Miryo this past November. Now, he has his eyes set for the Japanese market.

His 1st Japanese mini album release and live showcase date have been confirmed. The CD release for “C’mon Girl” is slated for March 14th with a total of 4 tracks (1 new song, & 3 overseas song – unlisted) + bonus Instrumental + DVD w/ PV (MV).

The live showcase, “WONBIN 1st mini album release showcase” is a day before the mini album release on March 13th at the Shinjuku BLAZE.

In addition, a teaser for “C’mon Girl” has been released, check it out below.

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Source: allkpop and

GDI Wonbin why didn't you release a mini in Korea first? ;__;

Jiyoon's older brother ranks her last in terms of looks + Ha Jake "I like 4minute's Sohyun"

During the recording of the upcoming episode of the family variety show MBC Bouquet, Jeon Jiyoon's older brother, Jeon Jisu (24 in Korean age) caught the attention for being a Lee Seunggi lookalike, for his handsome looks and for being a witty good talker.

On this day, the MCs Kim Yongman and Jung Hyungdon asked him to rank the 4minute members by looks. Even though Jiyoon tried to dissuade him, without hesitating, he just said "My sister is last" and made everyone in the studio laugh.

He then added "Heo Gayoon comes first in terms of looks" which made the other members act jealous.

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Sources: 4-minutes Forum, NATE, Nate, Youtube

fly me to the moon

Wooyoung & IU sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

It has been revealed that Wooyoung and IU went on two secret dates without anyone knowing!

The two truthfully told their tales during the "Dream High Special Concert" and elaborated that they went on two dates after filming the drama. Wooyoung said, "After the filming was over, I was really hungry so I went to grab dinner with IU. We ate late at night by ourselves at a restaurant. After paying, I told her 'next time, you treat'".

After the cast grilled the two for more details, IU revealed, "After promising that I’d treat him the next time, we went to a meat place. I was a little worried about the bill, and was about to pay, but I found out that Wooyoung paid already. It was awkward during the meal, so we just ate".

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source: akp, Sports Today via nate, unknowncarrot170

Sorry, Wooyoung, but the line "Next time, you treat" is definitely fishing for another date, especially when it's directed at your dongsaeng who happens to be a girl.

i've got a wet pussyokcat for you!

Suzy sheds tears over her acting criticisms

During the “Dream High Special Concert,” miss A’s Suzy shed tears due to the heavy dose of criticism for her acting during the beginning of the drama.

She revealed her true feelings for the drama and after watching her NG scenes, she suddenly burst into tears.

At MC Park Kyung Lim’s surprise over her sudden tears, she said, “I lacked so much,” and couldn’t go on. After the MC comforted her by saying, “I bet you were heartbroken,” she could only say, “I still have a lot of mixed feelings.”

After viewing the behind-the-scenes clips, Suzy still couldn’t hide her feelings back. When asked the question, “When did you have the most trouble?” she answered, “When I was frustrated at myself,” then turned her face away from the cameras.

poor bb, in the end of the day she is just a kid. also in the special she seemed to be embarrassed for crying in front of the public.
» allkpop » sports today via nate
원더걸스 » oh i see

Seulong goes bowling with WG + Sunmi

2AM’s Seulong recently went bowling with the Wonder Girls and Sunmi, and demonstrated that his skills were nothing to scoff at.

On March 2nd, Seulong tweeted, “The first round of bowling! With Seulong, Mark PD, Ye Eun, Eun Ok, Sunmi, and Sohee. Seulong, Ye Eun, Sunmi team won! Ye Eun and I are the only ones who got over 100!

He continued, “Eventually, all three rounds were won by the Ye Eun, Sunmi, and Seulong team. We went home after that…!

Fans commented in response, “Please show us pictures of Sunmi too!” and “We want to see a group photo!”

twitter, akp, nate news
Lip Pout Junsu (JYJ)

JYJ’s rep: “QTV show has been cancelled because of what everyone has guessed…”

JYJ’s representative revealed his position on the cancellation of JYJ’s reality program.

In a phone interview with NewsEn, JYJ’s rep stated, “We received the notification of their refusal to air the program yesterday, and the reason is what the reason that everyone knows about. This has happened to us too many times and we do not blame QTV.

Furthermore, the representative requested, “We really put a lot of effort into filming to show the members visiting Junsu’s musical and happily spending their days. We filmed for almost two months and we’re really disappointed, but I hope fans will understand the situation.

He also stated, “The most important thing is showing fans, who’ve waited for the program, what we’ve filmed. Whether it be through on-line or another network, we are looking for ways to show fans what we have filmed.

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Source: Nate News
Translation by withJYJ (@_withjyj)

So at least, QTV was right when they said they didn't produce the show. I honestly think some of the fans have the right to be mad. If I had subscribed to QTV specifically because I was anticipating this broadcast, I would be mad too, lol. It doesn't mean we should start playing the blame game or anything, but just saying. ;) I'll be waiting for what C-Jes intends to do with the footage.
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[1/2] Western artists, producers turn to K-pop

Music industry slump and digital downloads spur increase in East-West collaborations

Girl group 2NE1 made waves last year when footage of them working with Black Eyed Peas’ hit national television.
Music industry slump and digital downloads spur increase in East-West collaborations

This is the first of in a two-part series exploring the increasing involvement of foreign producers and composers in the K-pop scene. ― Ed. [Link to second part]

When footage of The Black Eyed Peas’ working with girl group 2NE1 hit national television last year, it was a defining moment for the K-pop industry.

Though the domestic industry had been enlisting the talent of overseas producers and composers for years, this collaboration took the whole situation to another level, not just in terms of exposure but also in terms of star power.

“Our side had an opportunity to meet,” Hwang Min-hee ― PR Team Leader for 2NE1’s YG Entertainment ― said in a phone interview. “He saw music videos (of the girls) and said he wanted to work with us.”

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Source: Jean Oh @ The Korea Herald

Video source: YGLIFEofficial

If beauty is a crime, then Lee Taemin has been a criminal for 18 years


SHINee's Taemin's goddess appearance has become a conversational topic. Netizens are dishing out compliments to Taemin after pictures of him at Super Junior's Kiss the Radio were uploaded.

In the photos, Taemin is seen with his hood over his blonde hair. His milky-white complexion and cute eye-smile led to netizens calling him "goddess," a term that boasts of his perfect good looks.

Netizens commented, "Taemin has always been pretty," "it's impossible to express his cuteness in words," and "Minho is a god and Taemin is a goddess."

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Source: Hankyung, Koreaboo


[From MBC News] “전 소속사 SM과의 소송에서 승소하면서 홀가분해진 그룹 JYJ가 안방극장 공략에 나섰습니다. 지난해 성공적인 연기 신고식을 마친 박유천 씨는 MBC드라마 굿바이 미스리 플레이 주연으로 빠르면 다음 달 촬영에 들어갈 것으로 알려졌습니다. 또 김재중 씨는 올 하반기 방송 예정인 대작드라마 한반도 출연을 확정지었습니다.”
JYJ, who has recently won against the injunctions filed by their ex-management company, SM Entertainment, is setting off to capture the hearts of Korean households. Park Yuchun, who successfully debuted as an actor last year, will play the lead in MBC’s drama Goodbye Mr. Ripley and will start shooting next month. Furthermore, Kim Jaejoong has confirmed his participation in the blockbuster drama Han Ban Do, set to air later this year.
Translation by. withJYJ (@_withjyj)
sorry for failing so many times mods

Henry thought what most non-kpopers think when they see Super Junior (or any Boy/Girl Group): Gay

On March 1st, Super Junior-M’s Henry guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart“, and shared some hilarious stories about his first impressions of the Super Junior members.

When asked by the MCs to describe the experience, Henry replied, “Korean men easily put their arms around each other’s shoulders, as well as give light touches, but to foreigners, actions like that can be mistaken as gay.”

Henry revealed that when he first met the members, they greeted him by lightly hitting his butt. “I honestly thought they were all gay. I misunderstood Leeteuk, since he was the one who slapped my butt the most.”

But what surprised Henry the most was his encounter with the “Space Big Star”, Kim Hee Chul “His hair was long, like a girl’s, and he was so pretty, so I thought he was a transgender at first.”

Hilariously, Henry wasn’t alone when it came down to culture shock; Eunhyuk revealed that he was equally shocked when Henry began calling SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man, ‘Mr. Lee’.

Henry clarified, “I didn’t know who he was at first, and someone told me that he was SM’s boss. I just greeted him by saying, ‘Hey, Mr. Lee.’ I told him that I’d contact him if he gave me his business card.”

Eunhyuk added, “Henry still calls him ‘Mr. Lee.’” When asked how Lee Soo Man responded, Eunhyuk replied, “He accepts it since we’re all friends.”

Source: Nate TV Report; AllKpop

Omona, who did YOU think (or still do think) was gay at first?
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South Korea - A nation where artists literally starve

‘If employment insurance was extended to cover artists, they could receive the minimum unemployment benefits needed to survive, and it would raise them out of extreme poverty.’ - Theater Professor Chai Seung-hoon

It was a shock to the nation. The lifeless body of a successful and talented screenwriter was found in her small, unheated home on Feb. 8. Beside her body lay a handwritten note begging her landlord for rice and kimchi. In the short letter, Choi Go-eun repeatedly apologized for failing to pay her electricity bill.

The 31-year-old died of complications stemming from hyperthyroidism and pancreatitis. Her colleagues say her death was avoidable, and Koreans struggled to comprehend how someone so seemingly successful could have led such a desolate life.

Since Choi’s death, she has become something of a martyr for impoverished artists across the country. Professional musicians, writers and actors say they have long suffered from unfairly low wages, while at the same time they are excluded from state-sponsored welfare.

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Source: Sung So-young & Hannah Kim @ JoongAng Daily
Candy Butterflies

SBS Cancels Another Show

SBS reveals that they will end “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After a three-year run on the air, SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” will record its final episode on March 2nd.

A representative of SBS’s variety team spoke with Star News and revealed, “‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ will be coming to an end as we restructure the line-up for the Spring broadcast season.”

Kim Jung Eun’s representatives confirmed, “Kim Jung Eun will be holding her final recording today.” The source revealed that she harbored a great love for the show, and that she took the news of the show’s cancellation harder than anyone else.

Kim Jung Eun personally tweeted, “Today is the last day for ‘Chocolate’. I hoped that the day would never come because I couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to something I saw every week, but I changed my mind yesterday. I am going to make sure that I enjoy the day no matter what, so that one day in the future, I’ll be able to remember that day the most. I’m going to enjoy it just like I always have.”

She continued, “A few days ago, I complained, ‘This is too much! How could they end ‘Chocolate’ just a few days before my birthday (March 4th)!’ The person replied, ‘This final recording is your birthday present, don’t you think?’ I thought about it and it’s so true… I am going to receive an unforgettable birthday present today! Aja!”

The program to take ‘Chocolate’s place is still under discussion. Another representative revealed, “We’re in the final stages of discussing Park Kolleen’s program. We’ll be revealing further information soon.”

Source: Star News via Nate, Allkpop, stupidwisdom, & EyedGirls1

Definitely bummed by the news, Chocolate always had the best performances. Hopefully someone steps in with a similar program that showcases musicians and their music without all the extra gimmicks. Omona what's your favorite KJE Chocolate performance?

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