March 6th, 2011

TVXQ to release Japanese repackaged album with a new track

will be releasing a special repackaged album in Japanto coincide with their official promotions for “Why (Keep Your Head Down)“.

On March 6th, HMV reported that TVXQ’sJapanese repackaged album is scheduled to drop on March 30th with the addition of a new track titled, “Koredakewa Wakattehoshii (“Before U Go“). The duo will also perform at the “SM Town” concert on April 9th and 10th.

However, before they depart for Japan, EDaily is reporting that TVXQ will be performing “Before U Go” in Korea sometime in mid-March as a follow-up promotion to “Keep Your Head Down.”

Source + Photos: EDaily

cant wait!!!!

Sungyeol & Woohyun's brainmaps plus Infinite's BTD at Mnet Super Concert 110305

Sungyeol's brainmap

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Woohyun's brainmap
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Bonus: Infinite - BTD (remix) @ Mnet M Super Concert 110305
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Sungyeol's "If i let go of my sanity and i'm gonna be a dancing machine" and Woohyun's "I'm a pink doll because pink looks good on me", one word, dork XD
And yayyy for BTD remix performance, i thought they'd stopped performing that song (^.^)

INFINITE begins Japanese promotions with CD rentals, the first for Korean artist in Japan

Having completed their “Before the Dawn” promotions, INFINITE is now looking forward to their Japanese debut next month, and they plan on using a unique Japanese promotional system that other Korean artists haven’t made use of yet.

Although they’ve yet to officially debut, the group is already garnering favorable signs of success, as their singles “TO-RA-WA” and “She’s Back” ranked first on’s ringtone charts.


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Source + Photos: Star News via Daum allkpop

I wish they didn't use "TO-RA-WA" as their japanese version for Come Back Again ^^;
So, basically it's like renting a dvd for a movie at a dvd rental store. That's how i understand it.

[Korean] Shinhwa - Group

And So The Countdown Begins...

Singer Kim Dongwan revealed that work has already started on Shinhwa's comeback album in 2012.

During the recording for the upcoming 6 March episode of SBS music program "Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate", Kim Dongwan talked about Shinhwa's plans for their comeback in 2012.

"Eric and Minwoo are already working on the concept of the album. We will try our best to live up to the title of the longest-running idol group."

For this episode, Kim Dongwan, together with After School's Kahi, performed the duet "Man and Woman", originally by Park Sun Joo and Kim Bum Soo. The pair, usually known for their powerful charm, moved the audience with their rendition of this sweet ballad.

Kahi also gave a great performance of Shinhwa's "Wild Eyes", which greatly impressed Kim Dongwan. Kim Dongwan later revealed, "I went to the same church as Kahi when I was in high school, but I only realized it after her debut."

Kim Dongwan also performed Kim Min Jong's "Under The Sky", wowing the audience with his flawless rendition of the song.

Meanwhile, Kim Dongwan is preparing to return to acting.

Source: TV Report + Newsen
Translation: Absolut Shinhwa

I have faith in Minwoo & Eric's composing skill but I hope they follow their instinct instead of the trend.
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Everything is short on ZE:A's Dongjun.

ZE:A Kim Dongjun's mother caused laughter when she honestly admitted to her son's body size. She made her first TV appearance on MBC family variety program 'Bouquet' on 6 March.

On that day, Kim Dongjun's mother, while acknowledging that her son looks like Han Ga-In, also expressed her frustration at his short height. She said that "(Dongjun) wanted to be a soccer athlete, but due to heredity reasons, he had to give up. Because he's short.", causing uproarious laughter. But the MC said, "That is why Dongjun won first place in the Idol Athletic Championships. He's strong at short things."

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Sources: Newsen+Empire Children
Translation: skipfire @ Empire Children

maknae fyt
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Kwanghee's Rising Star Interviews

Appearing like a shooting star and snagging fixed casting in various variety programs immediately, ZE:A's Hwang Kwanghee! Unprecedented in the history of idols, 'plastic surgery-dol' Hwang Kwanghee filled the 'Trend Interview' with his merry laughter and his witty way of speaking.

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Sources: EmpireChildren+ Nate 1,2,3
Translation Credits: skipfire @ Empire Children and Nashirah @ Empire Children



We're on cloud 9 with the holy spirit!!!

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Poll #1714662 OmonaTheyDidn't!

Do you believe in G-sus?


Have you given yourself to G-sus?

I plan to

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FFA Your fav quotes from this week :)



With an all-kill on Recochoku earlier last year under their belt, the boys of 2PM have now landed another opportunity to reach more Japanese fans through the upcoming manga-turned-anime, “Ao no Exorcist” (“Blue Exorcist“). The six will be singing the ending theme song for the show. 2PM is planning to make their official Japanese debut in the spring of 2011. (The song will be "Take OFF")

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Old news are old...
My inner otakuself is shaking and crying >_<
I thought they would debut with the japanese version of Heartbeat, but seems like not :)

Ao no exorcist official web
2pm japan
Translated by: dawnjelly @
miss a ❝ suzy ❞

namstar woohyun shows his "masculine" forehead

Infinite’s Woohyun boldly revealed his forehead.

On the 6th, Woohyun wrote a greeting of “Inspirits! You’re doing well, right?” and, “You can’t meet someone else while I’m gone!”, through his Twitter. Woohyun also posted a picture of his pushed back hair that showed off his masculinity.

Infinite will start their follow up promotions in the middle of March. To show a new side of Woohyun, they pushed back his hair and revealed his forehead for the first time since their debut.

On the other hand, Infinite revealed two single albums in Japan and are joining the Hallyu Wave.

source: newsen
trans. cr: hyejin @ infinite updates

Boy is so fine~ Who's going to be the first and dare cheat on Infinite? (And first post?! :DD)

This is why, from where I come from, we throw panties at our singers

Super Junior’s Heechul receives hospital treatment for his facial injury



Super Junior’s Heechul was hit with an LED board while performing at the “Super Show 3” concert in Shanghai, and it’s being reported that he visited a hospital immediately upon his return to Korea.

Because the injury happened the day before Heechul was to celebrate his sixth year anniversary, fans expressed their disappointment with the turn of events.

On the afternoon of March 6th, Heechul had tweeted, “After this wound, I hope that not once, ever again, will anything fly towards the stage. I’m not hurt, glad, mad, or happy.”

His friend Defconn also tweeted, “Our Space Big Star Hee-nim! It’s his sixth anniversary today since he’s debuted!! Injured on such a joyful day T_T  Please RT and hope that he gets better quickly!

A representative of SM Entertainment spoke with Star News on the morning of the 7th and revealed, “Heechul’s face was scratched by an LED board a fan threw to him as a present. Immediately upon his arrival in Korea, he was taken to a hospital in Seoul.  Thankfully, his examination results proved that it wasn’t a serious injury.”

Source: Star News via Nate
Photo: As tagged

good to know he is ok T-T
winnie the pooh, eeyore

and the curse continues...

Super Junior involved in another fan-related car accident in Shanghai

The Korean media is reporting on March 7th that the members of Super Junior were involved in a minor car accident, which resulted from fans chasing their van in Shanghai.

Star News spoke with a representative of the industry, who revealed, “On March 6th, Super Junior’s Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong, Yesung, and others were in the car when they got into a rear-end collision in Shanghai.”

The accident was reported to have occurred while the boys were on their way to the airport after successfully completing their “Super Show 3” concert. Dozens of fans in cars began chasing after Super Junior’s van, which resulted in the collision. The Super Junior-M members were not involved in the accident, as they remained behind to continue their Chinese promotions.

Luckily, the members and fans were not injured. However, even though Super Junior was able to return to Korea safely, the accident remains as a shock to both the members and fans, since Super Junior suffered a similar accident in Singapore on January 29th.

sources: akp + star news through daum

fans are getting out of control :[
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

JYJ's Junsu donates the 1.3 tons of rice he received for "Tears of Heaven"

Japanese fans sent 1.3 tons of rice wreath to Kim Junsu in support of his musical, "Tears of Heaven." In return, Junsu donated the rice to a rehabilitation center.

On March 4th, rice wreath company Dreame commented that Junsu donated 650kg of rice to Hope Care Center, located in Gyeonggi-do and another 650kg of rice to a rehabilitation center for handicapped people located in Seoul. The rice to the rehabilitation center directly as a heartwarming gift from Junsu, showing his kindness.

A representative of Dreame commented that Junsu donated the rice in hopes that it will be of some help to the neighbors in need, the handicapped and others who are struggling.

Other JYJ members have also donated rice before. Last year, when Yoochun was acting in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", he donated the rice wreaths he received from his fans. Dreame stated that to date JYJ has donated 11 tons of rice that have fed 100,000 malnourished children and needy people.

Source: Koreaboo, SharingYoochun, TVDaily
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SNSD whine about Yoona's appetite, the places SM never lets them visit & their chic taste in fashion

Is there anyone busier than idols these days? SNSD would especially be busy as they are currently performing all throughout Asia. Recently having gained the title ‘Dior’s Muse’ due to their new endorsement with the cosmetics brand, six members of the group sat down with Kang Ok Jin, editor of ELLE.
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source: allkpop, elle korea

omg fany wanting to work in the fashion industry made the future fashion journalist in me proud :') also lol @ the blatant advertising of dior by sunny.