March 8th, 2011

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Will IU parody the ‘foam kiss’ with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon for K-Will’s upcoming MV?

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On March 8th, Starship Entertainment revealed that IU will be playing the leading lady for K-Will’s comeback MV, “My Heart Is Beating“.

Still-cuts of her appearance were recently unveiled, which showed the young singer cozily drinking a large cappuccino for a scene that’s reminiscent of Secret Garden’s ‘foam kiss’. Considering how MBLAQ’s Lee Joon was revealed to be the male lead yesterday, fans have been wondering whether Lee Joon will be the one to complete the ‘foam kiss.’

Fans commented, “First time seeing IU full of aegyo like this”, “I want to be the foam on her lips”, and “If there’s a kiss scene with Lee Joon, I will block her with my entire body!”

K-Will’s first title track, “My Heart Is Beating”, will be released on March 10th.

Source: Allkpop

Kind of looking forward to this if it's true lol!

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i've got a wet pussyokcat for you!

Suzy shows off her new ‘V-line’ face

miss A’s Suzy surprised fans with her latest sel-ca picture, as it lacked the cute chubby cheeks she’s known for.

On the morning of March 8th, she tweeted, “Still far away“, and attached the above picture. Suzy had previously expressed that she had gained some weight while filming for KBS’s “Dream High” due to the herbal medicine she had been drinking to boost her stamina with energy.

Netizens guessed by her sharper features that she went back to dieting after the drama’s conclusion earlier this month. Some commented, “Suzy with chubby cheeks was so cute, but now she’s all grown up”, “Very gorgeous!”, and “Is this really Dream High’s Go Hyemi? Always beautiful!”

this post was brought to you by okpotter. rip suzy's chipmunk cheeks, i'll miss you dearly!
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It's not SHINee you guys, it's our most synchronized group with their new image for next release!!!

Guess who (^.^)
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Everybody, together, "KYAAAAAAA!!!!"
I'm so excited excited excited!!
I love this new image, now this is the real them.
They were cool before with BTD's image but they weren't being themselves imo.
But this, this, this *faints*


Big Bang talks music, fandom, and disbandment on 10Asiae

The world is defined into before and after the Big Bang. Of course, this is in regards to astrophysics. It was only after the Big Bang that time, space and order came into existence. And it is now that group Big Bang seems to fit their name better than ever — not because the tracks to their fourth mini-album released in two years and three months has topped various music charts and public broadcaster SBS and cable music channel Mnet created separate comeback programs for them.
On March 4, Big Bang said in an interview that they will not dwell on how high they rank on charts nor on promoting their album and instead spoke of how they want to create a new idol group culture and their hopes for the music market. Below are excerpts from the group interview.

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Flawless 9's first official album “Lovability”!

ZE:A will be releasing their first official album called, “Lovability“! Scheduled to hit stores on March 17th, the concept of the album is based on “Love confessions full of nine different charms“.

“Lovability” contains the visual charms of each of the nine members, and is literally translated to mean “lovely” or “precious.” Unlike the strong image characters ZE:A showed off for “Mazeltov“, “All Day Long“, and “Break Up“, this album is meant to showcase the sweet worlds dreamt up by nine lovely boys.

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Wanna One Energetic

The Legendary SM Three Still Have Strong Bonds

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It has been said that a chapter was closed. Over time, the friendship shines. Once they went through moments of crisis and end up disbanding, it was the era of some idols group but, their friendship still shines.

H.O.T was an idol group of the 90's and on the 7th they got together to celebrate the military discharge of their youngest Lee Jae Won. He served in active duty for 1 year and 10 months and H.O.T. members came to visit him.

This day became a surprise when the rest of H.O.T. members Jang Woo Hyeok, Kangta, Tony An, Mun Hee Jun showed up together.

On a phone interview with Lee Jae Won stated, " I was very surprised to hear the news that the brothers were coming to my discharge". "And I really appreciate it".

That morning, Lee Jae Won, Jang woo Hyok, Kangta, Mun Hee Jun and Tony An, found a group of fans who they haven't greeted in a long time.

All members embraced Lee Jae Won and followed by saying "Hi, we are H.O.T." Members stated "We didn't plan to come to his release, it was natural". It has been 7 years that they haven't stood together at the same place.

This day wasn't intended. However, before disbanding they made a promised to be present on that day of discharge.

Group SES who also disbanded, gathered together and attended the occasion of Eugene's solo debut. They also help each other when needed.

With time their deep friendship is still shining. Although, H.O.T , SES and has gone their own ways or Shinhwa who is on hiatus, still their members gather together in hard times or when needed to maintain their friendship.

Specially, the Longest-running idol group in Korea "Shinhwa" who left the stage and are currently on hiatus due to some of the members serving in the military. However, one by one are coming back right after the other and "Shinhwa"s comeback is highly anticipated.

Source: Star News and

SM Town forever. ♥
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f(x)’s Sulli shows off her surprising imaginary soccer skills

During a recent photoshoot for an endorsement, f(x)’s Sulli showed off her surprising football tricks and skills.
It’s not clear as to what the endorsement is for, but what’s certain is that Sulli is quite talented at football. She must have played back in the day, because she can do tricks that most girl group members definitely cannot pull off.
In this short, behind-the-scenes footage clip, you can check out Sulli kicking the ball around, kicking it in the air, heading it a few times and then shooting it right into a little “goal”.

Check it out below!

Credit: AKP
Video: fxlinda

That looked cool but too bad the ball was said to be  So, Sica is still my soccer queen of KPOP.
ch bus scene

BigBang's IDEAL women....checklist for VIPS

In a recent interview with DongA News, the members of Big Bang revealed the traits of their ideal women. Although each of them looked for different things, they all agreed that they were looking for a woman who understood them.

Daesung revealed, “I want a woman who likes me and is understanding of my career. I’d like to be able to lean on her for support, and whether she’s older or younger than me, I’d like for her to be able to console me and give me strength when we’re together.” When asked to choose a physical trait, he replied, “A woman that looks beautiful when she smiles.”

Taeyang stated, “Someone who is on the same page as me. She needs to be understanding of me and the way I live my life, as well as be wise so I can learn from her. I’d like for her to stimulate me in a way that makes me want to work even harder. Ever since I was little, I’ve liked women with Western features.”

G-Dragon expressed, “It’s important that I feel comfortable around her. In the past, I used to have a detailed vision of what my ideal woman would be like; for example, ’someone with short hair and a tomboyish style’. But these days, it’s just someone who I’m comfortable with and doesn’t act fake around me.”

T.O.P revealed that he did not have a specific ideal woman, just as long as she can “match herself to him.” He elaborated, “I’d like someone realistic who can direct me to good paths; someone who I can learn from. She needs to be mannerly and respectful towards the adults.” T.O.P added that he would like to marry late as well.

Seungri concluded, “A woman with a cute phone voice and a lot of aegyo. I honestly do look a lot at physical appearance.” When asked to choose a specific girl group member that was the closest to his ideal woman, he chose After School’s UEE. “I didn’t really notice in the past, but working with her on broadcast programs made me realize how beautiful she is. But for now, it’s not anything possible.”

Source: DongA
Translation: Vitalsign @AKP


CNBLUE’s Yonghwa & Park Shin Hye to reunite on MBC’s upcoming drama, “Festival”

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and actress Park Shin Hye have been cast as the leading roles for MBC’s upcoming drama, “Festival“!

There were some rumors that the two were going to pair up again for a new drama, but at the time, nothing was confirmed. Yonghwa and Shin Hye had previously worked together for SBS’s hit 2009, “You’re Handsome“.

“Festival” is already gaining much anticipation from the drama industry because of PD Pyo Min Soo’s involvement. Pyo Min Soo is most famous for his work with “Full House” and “The World They Live In.”

The drama will be taking place at an arts college which focuses on dancing, singing, acting, and literature, and is classified as a ‘mellow campus drama’, detailing the lives of college students.

Jung Yonghwa will be playing the role of the cold, yet handsome band vocalist named ‘Lee Shin’, who’s known to carry a strong passion for music. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye will be playing the role of ‘Lee Kyu Won’, a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family, and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments.

The drama will air its pilot episode on June 22nd.

Source:  Everyday Economy via Daum,  via allkpop





Past Photos of Ji-Eun's ~Creepy~ Rapper Bang Yong Gok Revelaed

Due to the explosive popularity that Song Ji Eun’s rapper, Bang Yong Guk, has been receiving with his featured part in her solo song, “Going Crazy“, TS Entertainment released his past photos to build up anticipation for his debut.

As previously reported, Bang Yong Guk is a trainee under TS Entertainment who is scheduled to debut in the second half of 2011 as a member of a boy band.

Netizens excitedly commented, “These pictures from his past are just as amazing”, “He’s such a hottie”, and “I hope he debuts really fast!”

Despite being a trainee, Bang Yong Guk carries more than enough experience from his days in the underground hip hop scene. Yong Guk promoted under the name ‘Jepp Blackman‘ as the maknae of the esteemed indie hip hop crew/label, Soul Connection. Fans of his underground work can rest assured, as Csp clarified that Jepp will be remaining with the crew while on contract with TS.

Source: Allkpop Newsen @Csp86

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Preview of 2NE1’s Japanese version of ‘GO AWAY’

Last month, we reported that 2NE1 was going to debut in Japan.

The article also revealed that on March 9th Recochoku would release the Japanese version of “GO AWAY” as a Chaku Uta (ringtone). Well, March 9th hit Japan just a few hours ago and a lot of fans have been downloading the ringtone. Recently, a fan upload a small snippet of the song which you can hear below:

2NE1 is scheduled to perform on TV Asahi’s popular music program “Music Station,” this Friday on March 11th.

v.i.a: allkpop

Netizens uncover offenders’ names from the ‘Jang Ja Yeon list’

Korea is reeling with shock over the news that netizens have uncovered some names from Jang Ja Yeon’s 31 offenders. The late star’s handwritten letters were revealed a few days back, and reportedly, they contained a list naming the men she was forced to ‘host’.

The alleged list reads as follows:

  • CEO of Chosun Journal – Bang Sang Hoon
  • Vice-President of Sports Chosun – Bang Myung Hoon
  • Chosun Central Journal’s Director of Advertising – Lee Jae Young
  • Chairman of Kolon – Lee Woong Ryeol
  • Chairman of Lotte – Shin Kyuk Ho
  • Former KBS PD, CEO of Olive 9 – Go Dae Hwa
  • Producer (PD) of KBS’s “All My Love” – Jun Chang Geun
  • Producer (PD) for KBS, MBC, SBS – Jung Seho
  • Producer (PD) for KBS’s “Boys Over Flowers” – Jun Gi Sang
  • Broadcasting/Music PD of “Playful Kiss”, “Boys Over Flowers”, “Perfect Couple”, “Goong” – Song Byung Joon (Married actress Lee Seung Min in January of 2010)


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Source + Photos: Sports Donga, Asia Today, Everyday Economy, via allkpop


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Court already had Jang Ja-yeon's letters in 2009, but ignored them; unconfirmed name list leaked

A copy of one of the letters written by the late Jang Ja-yeon. They were reportedly submitted as evidence to the court in 2009. Police are trying to obtain the original letters to discern whether they were really written by Jang.

Police said Tuesday they will search a cell in which a close aide to the late actress Jang Ja-yeon is serving a prison term to look for “key” evidence in a resurfacing scandal involving dozens of business and media heavyweights.

The aide, surnamed Jeon, 32, was found guilty of rape in 2003 and has been in prison since then. Police will seek a warrant from a court for the search; and determine whether to reinvestigate the case after examining the original letters Jang allegedly sent to the aide.

Public pressure to reopen the case came after an SBS TV report based on 230 letters Jang allegedly sent to the jailed aide between 2005 and just days before her death in March 2009.

In the letters, Jang described the ordeal she endured as a rookie actress in detail, mentioning 31 prominent people whom she was forced to entertain and provide sexual services for.

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Source: Park Si-soo @ The Korea Times

Uee reveals her method on collecting money for her secret funds

On the February 28th episode of SBS’s ”Night after Night,” After School’s Uee revealed her secrets to forming a slush (secret) fund.
She stated, “My parents manage all my funds, and I get an allowance of 300,000 won ($268.43 USD)every month.”

Comedian Park Myung Soo replied, “300,000 won is probably not enough,” to which Uee retorted,“That’s why I have a method of creating a slush fund.”

She continued, “When I go overseas, my parents give me a 500,000 won ($447.43 USD) allowance. I exchange the currency, but I don’t use it, so when I return to Korea, I exchange it back into Korean currency.”

Comedian Kim Jae Dong cracked up the audience when he pointed out, “Then, were you trying to benefit from the foreign exchange rate?”

Big Bang’s Seungri joined in on teasing Uee, as he stated, “Only Uee sleeps in her own place apart from After School’s dorm, causing the audience to crack up even further.

Source: MyStar News via Yahoo!Korea via Allkpop
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Kara's 'Palty' CF

KARA has been picked up to endorse the Japanese hair color brand, ‘Palty‘.

The announcement was made during the “Tokyo Girls Collection” show, and many Japanese fans are delighting over the new endorsement. ’Palty’ is  Japan’s most popular hair color brand, and is widely considered to be the best. The fact that KARA was chosen to be the brand’s spokesmodels demonstrates that their popularity has been growing in Japan.

It also shows that KARA’s current dispute with their agency has not yet affected their Japanese activities in a significant way, much to everyone’s relief.

source: allkpop, nate, youtube

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Yonghwa to leave Inkigayo; IU and B2st Kikwang to replace him

For eight months, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has been MCing alongside 2AM’s Jo Kwon and f(x)’s Sulli for SBS’s “Inkigayo“. The star has decided that it’s time for him to retire his ‘Inkigayo’ mic, and he plans to bid farewell to viewers during this week’s episode.

According to an SBS representative, Jung Yonghwa will be hosting his last episode on March 13th. He decided to end his ‘Inkigayo’ career because his schedule was becoming too packed; Yonghwa will not only be preparing for CNBLUE’s upcoming promotions, but he will also be filming for MBC’s new drama, “Festival“. He also has to film for MBC’s “We Got Married.”

The sunny MC will be replaced by not just one, but two MCs. “Inkigayo” will be introducing IU and B2ST’s Kikwang to MC alongside Jo Kwon and Sulli for future episodes.

A SBS representative spoke through Star News and revealed, “There will now be four MCs. Lee Kikwang is known for his talented MCing skills amongst the other idols, and we expect him to create a synergy effect alongside Jo Kwon.”

Regarding IU, he continued, “IU is one of the representative female idols alongside Sulli. We’re looking forward to the skills she’ll show off as MC.”

The new team will greet viewers on the March 20th Inkigayo episode.

Source: Star News 1, 2 via Nate
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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon reveals special relationship with Yoo In Na!

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has revealed a special relationship with Yoo In Na.

The March 8th edition of SBS ‘Strong Heart,’ featured a Doll’s House special with stars including Yoon Eun Hye, Park Han Byul, Yoo In Na, Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Joon, Kang Soo Ji and Jo Hyun Jae.

Lee Joon began with, “After debuting, [MBLAQ] members and I went out to a rodeo in Ahp Goo Jung.” He continued, “We played a game where a loser had to sign an autograph to a stranger.” Lee Joon explained that he lost in rock, paper, scissors and had to sign an autograph for a random woman at a cafe.

“But when I gave her my autograph, she gave me her autograph too,” said Lee Joon. He surprised everyone by revealing that the autograph read, “Good luck. Unstoppable High Kick – Yoo In Na.”

Lee Joon became embarrassed after this and worried that weird rumors might go around. “I swore I wouldn’t run into her ever again. I even wished she wouldn’t be successful,” said Lee Joon. He said he really didn’t want to see her again that much.

“After, I was invited to appear on ‘Heroes,’” said Lee Joon. “I really didn’t want to see her again but Yoo In Na was becoming more and more successful.” Lee Joon then looked at Yoo In Na and explained, “Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not a player.”

Yoo In Na comforted Lee Joon and said “I think Lee Joon is cute and a nice person. I wish we can laugh about this together when we’ve grown up more.” Lee Joon also confessed that he likes Yoo In Na as a fan and loves her as a woman, he later showed his off ballet skills as well and re-enacted the autograph scene.

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Source: Daum
Translation: Allkpop
Video: Airplanetobu

LOL they were so precious and embarrassed...especially near the end!

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T-ara begins preparations for comeback in May

Sexy and cute girl group T-ara is currently preparing for their new album!

On KBS2TV  'Saengsaeng Entertainment'  the talented and sexy T-ara member Eunjung revealed, "T-ara is now preparing for a new album." She added, "We're also looking at expansion into the Japanese market. I think when we have our Korean comeback in May, we might also do something in Japan."

In May it will have been nearly 6 months since the incredible mini album Temptastic was released! Fans such as myself are eagerly awaiting the return of these tantalizing divas.

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Junhyung The Fact

Park Han Byul passes gas. Can I get a hell yeah please?

Park Han Byul
shared an interesting ‘coming out’ story during her guest appearance on March 8th’s episode of “Strong Heart“.

She started, “I think I pass gas twice as much as other people. I farted so much as a kid that I didn’t think of it as embarrassing.”

And what about when she’s with her boyfriend, Se7en? Park Han Byul explained, “I fart even when I’m with my boyfriend. I thought once about when I first farted in front of my boyfriend, and I couldn’t remember. That’s how long it’s been since I first did. I fart openly.”

source: allkpop, Nate

good for her

TVXQ to begin follow-up promotions with Korean repackaged album


Earlier, we reported that T
VXQ would be releasing a repackaged Japanese album with an additional track. It’s just been revealed that the boys will be releasing a Korean version of their ”Keep Your Head Down” repackaged album, which will also come with one new track!

The duo will be concluding their promotions for “Keep Your Head Down” on music programs soon, and will be following up with “Know This Before You Go,” a traditional R&B track with a new performance style that’s fit for its emotive feel.

The Korean repackaged album will be released on March 16th, and the Japanese repackaged album will drop on March 30th with “Before U Go” as its additional track.

Source + Photos: Star News via Daum

IU, TVXQ, & B2ST to cameo on SBS’s new sitcom, “Welcome to the Show”

will release a new sitcom called, “Welcome to the Show“, and they’ve already got a stellar list of confirmed cameos from IU, TVXQ, and B2ST!

A representative of SBS’s variety team spoke with Star News on March 9th and confirmed, “IU, TVXQ, B2ST and other idol singers will be trying their hand at sitcom acting.” Although TVXQwill only be making a brief appearance, IU will draw from her “Dream High” experience to act out a full series of lines.

“Welcome to the Show” uses the “Inkigayo” studio as its backdrop, and draws its stories from idols, seniors, juniors, managers, and the producers that run the show. Leading roles were previously announced to be 2AM’s Seulong, 2PM’s Nichkhun, and f(x)’s Sulli, in addition to  other older singers.

The project is meant to herald SBS’s comeback to the sitcom drama genre; it’ll be the first series produced in almost three years. At this point, the approximate length of the show remains undecided. Producers will be able to get a grasp of how long they want the series to run after they review ratings and responses from the pilot episode, which is scheduled to air some time this month.

Stay tuned for more info on this exciting new sitcom!

Source: Star News via Nate  



4minute completes recording for their album; schedules comeback for April!

4minute has announced their official comeback for April!

A representative of Cube Entertainment spoke with TV Report on March 9th and revealed, “4minute recently completed recording for all their tracks on their next release. Right now, they’re busy wrapping up their preparations. Although the album is currently scheduled for release in the beginning of April, it may be moved up a week depending on circumstances.”

The girls’ comeback album is described to have kept 4minute’s ‘characteristic color’, but it’s got an added flair that will bring out an interesting transformation from the girls. Their representative continued, “4minute has their own unique color, so although their comeback won’t be extravagant change-wise, they will be showing a different side to their charms.”

They began filming for their music video on the 9th amidst final preparations for their choreography and stage performance. Maknae Sohyun gave fans a hint by tweeting, “Today is starting earlier than most days, and will be just as long~ Please give us your fighting energy~!!! We’ve been wondering how to spoil the surprise since a few days ago. Fighting!”

Their representative concluded, “We paid the most attention to the track selections. We’re sure that their comeback album will be another daebak that will set it apart from the girls’ previous releases.”

Translating: Allkpop
Reporting: Nate