March 9th, 2011

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Suzy’s parents remodel their small eatery into a cafe

A sign in front of Suzy’s parents’ eatery has been gaining attention.

Suzy’s parents have been operating an eatery in Gwangju, and naturally, they experienced a boost in clientele after their daughter became famous. The eatery recently closed down for a change in business, and it’s being reported that Suzy financially contributed to helping her parents renovate.

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i love the new name, 수 because of 수지, so cute <3. and mods, pretty please, can you make a suzy tag?
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sme defends "inappropriate" sm the salad lyrics

SM Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against the unfair judgment which deemed S.M The Ballad’s album as ‘inappropriate for youths’.

According to the Seoul Administrative Court, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Gender, Equality, & Family, stating, ”We cannot accept the judgment which was made with imprecise standards.”

The Ministry of Gender, Equality, & Family deemed S.M The Ballad’s track, “Another Day“, as inappropriate for anyone under legal age due to the lyrics’ references to alcohol (“Drunk on alcohol so that I don’t miss you” and “If you fall asleep drunk, you dream“).

Yet representatives of SM Entertainment are claiming this judgment to be ridiculous. One particular representative expressed their opinion to Star News, saying “We don’t understand why they would flag it for inappropriate content based on references to alcohol. They didn’t consider the charm of the song as a whole. Judging by specific words impedes the writers’ freedom of expression.”

Last November, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, TRAX’s Jay and Jino worked together for a project group named ‘S.M The Ballad’. However, since the album was deemed as inappropriate for youths, fans under 19 years old was unable to purchase the album.

sauces: star news via nate, fuckyeahjino
guess the ministry didn't enjoy their hot times
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[INTERVIEW] Heechul's Interview in February Issue of Nylon Magazine

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Magazine scans by

What I learned from this interview..

- Heechul was born confident
- He thinks his fans are Perverts of Imagination
- He's actually good friends with Junhyung from Beast which is really brand new information for me..
- The 83-line bond is stronger than their differences (My 83-line bias increased to infinity..)

Like all of The Space Big Star Kim Heechul's interviews, another long read but definitely worth checking out.
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10Asia Interviews G-Dragon

"BIGBANG IS BACK" is how they informed people of their return to the local music scene in two years and three months -- short and concise. But the Big Bang we see today is different from that of two years and three months ago. Every member of the group has pursued activities solo, becoming a group a five stars rather than a group in itself, to become that much more uniue. So how did G-Dragon (GD), T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung create the music of Big Bang we hear today? Below are excerpts from 10Asia's interview with their album's producer G-Dragon.

10: Hasn't it been tough having to make a comeback as Big Bang as soon as you wrapped up your activities for GD&TOP?
Promoting our duo unit album wasn't tough because whether it be with music or when we're on stage, we do everything as if we're playing. That's why other than not getting any sleep sometimes, there wasn't anything we had a hard time with on stage. But with Big Bang, we're making a comeback for the first time in two years and each of our group's members had been going on different paths so I've become very conscious of how everybody seems to be since all five of us have to work together.

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Source: Kang Myoung-Seok @ 10Asia
gd pokigayo

YG family endorses NIKON!

  YG Family attend Nikon press conference!

YG Family, attended and posed for reporters at the ceremony held on March 8th at the Hyatt Hotel in Hannam-Dong, Seoul that marked the co-marketing and partnership between “Nikon Imaging Korea & YG Entertainment” for 2011.

YG Entertainment’s Big Bang, Se7en, 2NE1, and Yoo In Ah graced the occasion.
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YGE and KBS compromised..VIPS celebrate!

 The dispute between YG Entertainment and KBS has finally been resolved!

The boys of Big Bang will hold their long-awaited comeback stage on this week’s episode of KBS’s “Music Bank“, for which they’ll perform their title track, ”Tonight“. This will complete their round of comebacks on all three major public broadcast networks.

Representatives of YG Entertainment met with representatives of “Music Bank” on the afternoon of March 8th, and finally reached a compromise that allowed Big Bang onto the show. Industry representatives believe that this compromise was possible because of Big Bang’s ‘K-Chart’ win last week; they’ve also been nominated for this week as well.

The boys will focus on promoting their title track, which will also be performed on MBC’s “Music Core” this week.

Source: Star News via Nate
Translated: Vitalsign @AKP


New idol girl group : CHI-CHI

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Record label Yedang Entertainment recently announced that they will be debuting a new idol girl group.

The upcoming rookie girl group is named CHI-CHI, short for “Creative electronic House Idols‘. As their group name suggests, CHI-CHI will be taking on the concept of creative, electronic, house and dance music to showcase a “musical differentiation from current trends.”
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Omg the group name .___.
ちち lol
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kiki, everybody's fav!

Gagwoman Jung Juri named B2ST’s Kikwang as her favorite idol!

During the March 9th broadcast of YTN’s “News & Issue – Issue & People“, Jung Juri spoke of her many close idol relations.

When asked about which idols she liked most, she responded,

“Although I love all idols, lately Lee Kikwang has been so cute. I get calls from him saying ‘Nuna what are you doing? I’m on my way to film but I missed you so I called.’”

Jung Juri is not just close with Lee Kikwang, but with other celebrities as well. She explained,

“I’m also close with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and G.O. Over the holidays, idols make sure to contact me saying ‘Nuna, be well and see you soon’. I’m so thankful.“

On the other hand, Jung Juri brought laughter on the set as she lightheartedly addressed her anti-fans by saying, “I already have 2 anti-cafes.”

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info about infinite's third mini "inspirit"

Release Date: March 17th (Thursday)


The exceptional and powerful chic-dols, came into our hearts as unique young ones.

Another piece by the best partners, Han Jaeho - Kim Seungsoo.

Another masterpiece by the nation’s best music video director, “Hwang Sooah” director.

Infinite came into the music industry like a comet in 2010 with their first mini album’s songs, ‘Come Back Again’ and ‘She’s Back’. Then they showed off angled choreography in 2011 with their second mini album’s song, ‘BTD’ (Before the Dawn). Now they will reveal their single album, [Inspirit], in March and have a 180 degree change.

While gaining explosive popularity with their second mini album’s title song, ‘BTD’, and their ‘scorpion dance’ that shows the best of angled dancing, Infinite released their first and second single in Japan. Both songs became 1st on a large Japanese mobile site for the K-POP portion of the daily chart. Taking over both Korea and Japan, they are at their highest peak since debut.

For this album, Infinite will take off their chic image and they plan to once again shake women’s hearts with a young, unique, and carefree image. ‘Nothing’s Over’, the title song for the new single album, [Inspirit], was created by the partners, Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo, who have been in charge of composing and writing lyrics for Infinite’s title songs since their debut album. The song will have impressive lyrics and a melody that’s sensitive, but easy to listen to; a unique sound. Also, Infinite’s special voices, that have a heartrending but bright feel at the same time, maximize the feeling of the song which allows the song to be more complete.

Hwang Sooah director, who is renowned for the nation’s best music videos such as IU’s ‘Good Day’, Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘Abracadabra’, and Infinite’s ‘BTD’, will be participating again. It will give off a unique feel and the music video will be as if you’re watching a CF.

In this album, there will be ‘Nothing’s Over’ and a song that fought for the position of the title song as a fierce and powerful dance number, ‘Shot.’ Along with this, there will be a remake version of ‘Can U Smile’, which received a lot of love during their second mini album, ‘Evolution’. This album will be like a gift to their fans.

Through their new single album, ‘INSPIRIT’, in March, Infinite will become a new standard in the nation’s idol industry and will go up another step as idols who are in the middle of the next generation’s Hallyu.

sauces: trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
source cr; tipper & infinite’s official cafe

Ms.OOJA fangirls over Big Bang’s G-Dragon

R&B artist Ms.OOJA recently posted an amusing post about her newfound interest in K-Pop on her official blog.

Ms.OOJA posted GD&TOP’s PV for “Baby Good Night” and Big Bang’s latest PV “TONIGHT” at the top of her blog entry.

She wrote this when referring to the group’s leader G-Dragon, “My heart was pounding so hard I felt like I was gonna die lolol. Especially for the first MV. I simply love the guy who has the black hair in the first MV and the blonde hair in the second MV!”

The singer also added that she tried Korean ramen for the first time, which she found to be much spicier than she expected.

Fans commented, “Spicy ramen is delicious,” “K-Pop is good”, and “Isn’t (G-Dragon) handsome?”


This is kinda OT, but I just found this on Tumblr and I thought it was too funny xD

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SMEnt To Produce Korean Version of Hana Kimi

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 SM Entertainment will be producing a drama based on the über-popular Japanese comic, “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi)”!

The comic gained widespread success, selling over 17 million copies alone. It had a Taiwanese drama adaptation which recorded the highest viewer ratings in 2006, while its Japanese drama garnered an average of 17.04% in viewer ratings.

Since its widespread popularity reached Korea as well, representatives of SM Entertainment revealed on March 10th that they signed a contract that gave them the publication rights for its drama production.

Using an all boys high school as its backdrop, the original comic ran from 1996 to 2004 and detailed the lives of a group of ‘pretty boys.’

Representatives revealed, “The Korean version will have a total of 16 episodes that draw out stories of hopes and dreams. It’s a teenage comedy with a cute, but strong storyline and a slew of handsome cast members. We’re planning to begin airing it this summer.”

Sources + Photos: allkpop and OSEN via Daum


UEE shows off her beautiful legs and bright smile for Le Coq Sportif

After School’s UEE transformed into a beautiful golfer, not for the now defunct MBC golf drama Birdie Buddy but instead for sports apparel brand ‘Le Coq Sportif‘ who chose UEE to be their new image model.

Because UEE is a member of a girl group, she was able to digest the lovely and girly image very well. Wearing their new golfer tees and colorful miniskirts, UEE showed off her beautiful legs and bright smile. The staff on set commented that the star brought a sunny atmosphere to the shoot.

It’s natural to wear miniskirts or shorts during a golf-wear pictorial, but the staff praised UEE highly for bringing the best out of their pieces.

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Source: Newsen via Nate via Allkpop

HYOSUNG IS PERFECT; Haters can go suck it.

On the most recent episode of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100“, Tony An and SECRET’s Jun Hyosung paired up for a mission that required them to weigh themselves. Their total weight amounted to 248.9 lbs (113.15 kg), a figure that caused much shock to both their fellow castmates and their viewers.

Tony An’s weight was revealed to be 136.7 lbs (62.15 kg), and since he went on the scale first, the cast calculated Hyosung’s weight to be 112.2 lbs (51 kg). Though this is far from overweight, many of female Korean celebrity profiles officially list them as around 100 lbs (45 kg); consequently, 112.2 lbs comes across as a little heavier than usual.

Viewers commented, “So who cares, she’s still pretty,” “You look perfect the way you are,” and “It’s better than being thin. It’s cute.”

Source: Allkpop; Nate

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Hyun Bin narrating documentary, still remains relevant even though in army

Hyun Bin, with his memorable voice, provided the narration for the documentary “Tears of Africa.”

“Tears of Africa” is the third installment of MBC‘s documentary series, “Tears of the World.” For the TV format and also for the theater (film) format of the documentary, the “Secret Garden” actor’s voice will be heard as the main narration.

Hyun Bin said in an interview, “Honestly, I thought that Africa was only a paradise with green plains and animals romping around Mother Earth,” frankly revealing his biased view he once had of Africa. “But I learned a lot through this narration,” he explained, “There are rising natural misfortunes, ethnic conflicts, amongst others, telling a story of shock and powerful emotion beyond imagination. It would be great if the audience while watching in the theater can learn of the problems Africa faces.”

The narration has even inspired the actor to want to go to Africa. In line with his brave decision to join the Marines, Hyun Bin revealed of one African culture, “There was a festival where they choose the most valiant men. I want to participate in that festival.”

“Tears of Africa” opens March 24th in Korea.

Source: popseoul