March 10th, 2011

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MBLAQ to confess their secrets in a bathroom for Mnet Wide’s new corner!

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MBLAQ will be participating in a unique ‘talk’ concept for Mnet Wide’s newest corner, “Refreshing Interview“!

“Refreshing Interview” is a new feature that asks celebrities to confess their innermost secrets and stories in a bathroom. Why a bathroom, you ask? The base idea is that celebrities will feel more comfortable sharing those secrets and stories in an environment that’s considered private and personal.

PD Lee Sun Hyung commented, “In an effort to get idols to confess in a refreshing, new manner, we tried to look for an environment that refreshes the mind and body, and found it to be none other than the bathroom. It was an idea brought up without much thought, but there isn’t a space more personal than the bathroom. Please look forward to the stories that will be shared from such a unique location.”

Mnet Wide will also be airing a short reality program where MBLAQ will be asked to take tablet PCs to a location where cameras and even their manager won’t be able to find. For 24 hours, the boys will be documenting their activities through their tablet PCs, creating new content for a fun and unique reality show.

The PD continued, “These days, fans have been compiling favorite clips of their artists into one video. We’ve put this concept to use so that not only their fans, but viewers would also be able to enjoy a different kind of fun through this new corner.”

MBLAQ’s bathroom interview will broadcast through Mnet at 5 PM KST on March 10th.

Source:News Nate
Translation: Allkpop

Secrets you say? I'm down! And Joon...your shirt is unnecessary, glad you feel the same way lmao.

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Kim Tae Woo reveals ‘T-School’ comeback teaser


After a long hiatus, Kim Tae Woo has announced his impending return with a new teaser!

It’s been almost 19 months since Kim Tae Woo charmed K-pop fans with “Love Rain“. The singer was forced to take some time off in order to recuperate from his vocal cord polyp surgery. Fans have been waiting ever since for the ‘bear’ to deliver music once again.

The teaser shows Kim Tae Woo singing a few lines from his new song, while moving smoothly with a lightstick in his hand. Near the end, we also see a list of K-pop artists like J.Y. Park, Rain, Lyn, Mighty Mouth, and Lee Hyun Seung being named – our guess is that they contributed to Kim Tae Woo’s new album.

Kim Tae Woo will be dropping his new album on March 22nd, so stay tuned!

source: allkpop, daumcorp

I missed his voice♥

Wheesung returns with a comeback teaser for “Words That Freeze My Heart”

Singer Wheesung is finally preparing to break his 7 month hiatus with his comeback track, “Words That Freeze My Heart“.

He’s just unveiled a teaser for his new music video, which features a man coldly saying the words, “Let’s end this. Just meet someone else. This is my limit."

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source: Sports Today & Newsen via Nate | allkpopdaumcorp

Did Lady GaGa Plagiarize SNSD!?

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A video shocking comparison between Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and South Korean girl group SNSD "Be Happy" wonder-struck fans as both songs was found out to have a lot of similarities.

SNSD's Be Happy is a bit higher but when it was pitched down into 2 notes both songs are obviously similar to each other.Looking on both songs lyrics, seems like the meaning is similar too.
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Infinite, ‘Server Down’ After Revealing Their Single Album’s Music Video Teaser

 The 7 membered idol group, Infinite, revealed their music video teaser video for the third single, ‘Nothing’s Over’.

The teaser video revealed on various online video sites on the 10th, such as Bugs and Youtube, is garnering attention for the romantic playboys look that the Infinite members came back with.

The Infinite members, who have been showing us a charismatic and chic charm for awhile, show off a cute charm through this teaser video, fluttering the hearts of noona fans.

Along with the members’ baby perms, their simple yet unique clothes add onto their fresh look.

Five minutes after this teaser video was released, the server went down, making us realize Infinite’s increased popularity. 

Fans who saw the video gave various reactions such as, “How could they be reborn into such shining oppas!”, “Seems like they will capture the hearts of noonas”, and “I’m looking forward to what kind of album they’ll come back with”. 

On another note, Infinite will release their new single album on the 17th and will  officially start promoting with the title song, ‘Nothing’s Over’. 

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥

article cr; sports today

Wanna One Energetic

Heejun Reveals That H.O.T Was The Test Group For Shinhwa

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While guesting on KBS’s “Happy Together 3“, singer Moon Hee Jun made a shocking confession about how H.O.T was the test group for Shinhwa.

During the recording, Eun Ji Won asked, “When Shinhwa first debuted, rumors began to circulate that H.O.T was just the test group for Shinhwa. Is that true?”

Moon Hee Jun confirmed that the rumor was true and revealed, “Our manager told us, ‘You guys are the test projects for Shinhwa. If you don’t listen to what we say, we’ll disband you immediately and we’ll be devoting ourselves completely to Shinhwa instead.’”

He continued, “We were all slightly nervous after hearing about Shinhwa through our manager, but once they actually debuted and did well, we had no choice but to become even more nervous.”

He also added that Shinhwa’s hit track, “T.O.P“, was actually H.O.T’s track at first, until the composer insisted on giving it to Shinhwa instead.

Check out the full broadcast at 11:15 PM KST on March 10th.

Source + Photos: allkpop and MyDaily via Naver


Papa YG and his wise words about today's music industry

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Recently, YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk watched the “C’est si Bon” segment on “Come To Play“. While enjoying the show, Yang expressed that, “This year is another turning point for the Korean music industry.” What is the meaning behind this thought?

Last year, YGE’s girl group 2NE1 set a new album record with their ‘Triple Crown’ win, and now Big Bang is conquering the music industry with their all-kill comeback. Yang called OSEN out of the blue and asked, “Do you know ‘C’est si Bon’?


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Source: AKP / OSEN via Nate

i always go back and forth between loving and hating this man...
but he speaks the truth.



T-ara's Eunjung garnering hot interests after her lower body goes missing

An old screen capture taken from T-ara's variety show T-ara Dream Girls has become a hot topic among netizens lately.

In this photo,fans spotted that the sitting pose of Eunjung is pretty cute. Fans can't see her legs and the lower part of her body in this photo.

Some netizens even photoshopped some photos featuring EunJung in that sitting pose.

Do you have any opinion to share concerning this issue?

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Sources: dkpopnews, nate

MBLAQ’s Thunder wants to star on “We Got Married” with Wonder Girls’ Sohee

During a recent interview with Newsen, MBLAQ’s Thunder revealed his hopes of starring in MBC’s “We Got Married” with Wonder Girls member Sohee.

He expressed, “I think it’d be extremely fun being on ‘We Got Married.’ I’ve always thought about wanting to go on it every time I watched it.”

When asked to choose his ideal partner, he chose Sohee. He continued, “Although I haven’t been able to meet her often, I really would like to go on the program with her.”

The other MBLAQ members also added that they were impressed with the realness of the Jo Kwon and Ga-In couple, and claimed themselves to be fans of the show.

Since it’s impossible to lead a normal life as an idol, they hope to at least experience marriage through a broadcast program instead.

source: allkpop, newsen via nate


Who wore it better: lumberjack goddess edition

Idol groups have been photographed arriving in Thailand for MBC's 50th Anniversary Hallyu Concert. Amongst the attendees is Miss A's Wang Fei Fei a.k.a Panda-umma.

Her striking plaid fashion picked at my memory before I figured out it was the same outfit Goddess Leader Park Gyuri donned for Karaya in September.

Who wore it better?

Panda goddess Wang Fei Fei
Flawless megami-sama Park Gyuri
I'd say they're fucking, but the world can't handle that kind of perfection, it'd implode
Ugh burn it I rather to see them naked

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Sources: AKP, SweetMelodix3, heartgyuri

Kim JaeWho to play a gig in HK with Walrus

KIM JAEUCK & walrus "4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011"

KIM Jaeuck (“Jaeuck”, formerly known as “KIM Jaewook”), well-liked Korean pop singer, actor and model who is renowned for his distinct personality and outstanding temperament, formed a rock band "walrus" with his three university mates namely Kim Tae Hyun (drummer), Yoo Seung Beom (guitarist) and Yang Shi Won (bass guitarist). The band released its first single album titled “walrus 1st single album” on January 24 this year. The album has garnered an overwhelming response in the market.

With talented acting and gorgeous appearance, Jaeuck has starred in a number of popular TV series and films, including “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” (2007), “Antique Bakery” (2008), “Bad Guy” (2010) and “Mary Stayed Out All Night” (2010). His popularity has been rising in Asia, especially in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“KIM JAEUCK & walrus ‘4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011’” is the FIRST event of Jaeuck in Hong Kong, and is absolutely good news to his fans in Asia!
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Bolded for the LOLZ

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Who whore it better? Celine Luggage Tote

Omona's fierce, fashionable and Heechul's ideal girl: Sohee vs Nicole Richie

Poll #1716351 Who whore it better?

Who whore the Celine black and ivory Luggage Tote?

Omona! Sohee did it
Nicole Richie the fabulous trendsetter
Why is that ugly bag +$2,000usd?!
Sources: newsen & google images
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Alex Squashes Dating Rumors, Announces Comeback for April

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Clazziquai’s Alex made an official statement regarding the rumors about he’s involved in a relationship.

On March 10th, his agency Fluxus Music spoke with Newsen and explained, “The woman who is thought of as Alex’s girlfriend is simply a younger ’sibling’ that he knows. She herself was flustered after she found out about the situation.”

They continued, “Alex is the type of person who takes care of others well. It is true that the two had shared several meals together.” It’s said that this woman appeared briefly in a drama with Alex in the past, but is currently not pursuing any activities.

Alex, who is currently acting in the KBS drama, ‘Smile, Donghae’, is planning to release a solo album this April.

Sources: allkpop and Newsen

I need this album ASAP.
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and the drama unfolds: Song Hye Gyo's last message to Hyun Bin (who still is hogging headlines)

In the wake of the break-up news of super acting couple Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo, it was revealed that the actress sent one last message “as his girlfriend” before Hyun Bin entered the Marines on the 7th.

In the message, Song Hye-gyo sent wishes of welfare to the soon-to-be soldier, “Be healthy, and come back safe.”

This is a normal message to give to young Korean men entering their military service, but fans are seeing signs that the actress still has feelings for the now-Marine but circumstances made them break up. Those circumstances being Hyun Bin‘s decision to serve his military duty.

According to sources, “Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo were having a hard time with the ceaseless break-up gossip and rumors, and in the end they parted. But, after the break up was done and over with, they mutually plan to be close and continue regular contact through messages.”

On the 7th, Hyun Bin enlisted in the military, and the day after on the 8th, the news of their break up was revealed to the public.

The actor also said, “Overcoming burdens, I’m going. I’m sorry and thankful,” to Song Hye-gyo in response to the message.

Source: popseoul

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Source: nate news
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Yoon Eun-hye "I cried because of my acting issue"

"I have never thought I was good at acting. I know I got here through luck. I know I'm not everything but won't I improve if I try my best?

Yoon Eun-hye was careful yet feisty at an interview in a café in Seoul, with the movie "My Black Mini Dress" coming soon on the 24th.

She seemed as though if there were no problems with it being published, she would talk honestly about everything for hours. This was evidence that she had been heart-aching because of the tag that followed her around saying she was a singer turned actress. She said she was hurt most my bad comments and articles as bad as they are.

"It is suffocating that a single wrong picture on Twitter or my mini homepage can cause such criticism. The pain internet bullying causes doesn't become insensitive just because I've been in this industry for a long time. It gets even worse".

Yoon Eun-hye, who has been in the entertainment biz for 12 years said, "I have never struggled to live". She continued that she was ashamed she didn't go through the long and hard training other idol singers do and she made her singer debut when she was still lacking talent.

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Source: Movie daum
Via: hancinema

+ criticised for being a singer turned actress
+ criticised for not being able to sing properly
+ criticised for not being able to enunciate properly
+ speaks about how painful internet bullying is
+ works hard to improve herself by practising with a cork in her mouth
+ better than your actress bias

Yongseo couple to leave WGM?

Certain representatives from the industry have reported that the ‘YongSeo Couple’ of MBC’s “We Got Married” will be concluding their virtual marriage by the end of this month.

A representative of broadcasting revealed, “The Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun couple are currently in discussions to leave the show. They’ve already been on the show for over a year, and it seems their busy schedules are getting in the way.”

Another revealed, “There hasn’t been anything confirmed yet, but it seems they will be recording their final episode for the show within this month. Producers are currently looking for another couple to take their place.”

Rumors about their departure already began circulating shortly after the couple’s wedding photoshoot episode; the program has a tendency of taking couples off the show once they reach a level where they are able to initiate skinship naturally.

Seohyun and Yonghwa’s respective groups also have a busy schedule ahead of them in the coming months, which makes the rumor even more plausible. SNSD will begin focusing on their Japanese promotions in April with “Mr. Taxi” and “Run Devil Run“, and they also have a scheduled concert tour in four different cities. Meanwhile, Yonghwa will be tackling his leading role for MBC’s new drama “Festival“, and is in the midst of juggling promotions for CNBLUE’s comeback.

Both of their agencies, however, commented, “There’s nothing decided yet.”

S: akpnewsen


moar news on sm's hana kimi

 SM Entertainment has recently revealed that they will be producing a new drama based on the popular Japanese manga "Hana Kimi." The announcement has caused so much excitement that netizens have even created a virtual cast in an attempt to predict which idols will participate.

The SM drama producer has announced that "the roles will be made by the votes of the netizens, who will vote for who they would like to see in which role."

Many of SM's artists have acting experience, making good choices for the lead roles. These stars include: TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin, Super Junior's Heechul and Siwon, SHINee's Minho, SNSD's Yoona and Sooyoung and more.

Comments from netizens have been both hopeful and curious. They include, “I hope universal sports star Minho will be the lead," and “Will all of SM Entertainment’s stars star in the drama?”

Who do you want to be cast for the lead roles?

Sources: maxmovie, smtownjjang, koreaboo and SapphirePearls

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netizens better not ruin this damn cast
라이언〖 獅 〗
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Dalmatian has more male fans than female, holds more fansigns because they can

With a comeback song like “The Man Opposed“, anyone would think that Dalmatian would enjoy a higher level of popularity with the ladies than with the men. However, according to data gathered by Mnet, results show that over 70% of their listeners are actually male.

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MV with the oppar-is-better-than-him lyrics

Sources: akp, TV Report via Naver, DzSubs @ YT

DALMATIAN will hold an additional signing session due to the overwhelming love they received from fans.
On March 8th, IS Entertainment announced that the idol group will meet with their fans again in Incheon on the 12th, and in Seoul on the 13th, following their first successful signing session on the 4th.

The last signing session took place in a record store in a shopping mall on March 4th. It was very successful, gathering about 400 fans from all over the world. The members happily greeted their Korean fans, as well as fans from Australia, France, and Japan.

Their agency stated, “After DALMATIAN’s first signing session, we kept getting requests for more. Therefore we decided to hold more sessions on March 12th and 13th."

DALMATIAN is currently busy promoting their mini album title songs, “The Man Opposed“, and “Lover Cop“.

Sources: akp, SPN via Nate

Daniel, who is bffs with Amber, Nicole, Jessica and Tiffany, is #foreveralone in this MV.

IFSL refutes claims that Jang Ja Yeon's letters were fabricated

Yesterday, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation claimed that Jang Ja Yeon's letters could have been fabricated. Today, SBS’s “8 o’clock News” released an interview with the chief of the International Forensic Science Laboratory, who refuted the reports of fabrication.
On March 10th, SBS reported that they had given copies of Jang Ja Yeon’s letters to a professional for a second opinion. After thoroughly studying the documents, Lee Hee Il, chief of the IFSL, revealed, “In these letters, the way that certain characters like ‘yo’ and ‘ya’ were written coincide directly with the writing habits of the late actress Jang Ja Yeon. The way the consonants and vowels were written are exactly alike, proving that these letters were written by the same person.”
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Source + Photos: My Daily, Today Korea, Money Today, Suwon via Naver and allkpop

I'm so glad that this issue isn't just going away so easily.

Tiger JK & Tasha Eng interview with The Creators Project

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During their visit to New York, Tasha and JK sat down with the Creator Projects to discuss how they got into music and how technology has changed their careers. Watch the interview on The Creator’s Project website.

About The Creator’s Project: The Creator’s Project network was created in an effort to promote different creative artists, culture, and technology. Modern technology has brought the world market closer together, and The Creator’s Project works to bring different artists closer to their international audience.

Source: Drunkencamp, The Creators Project