March 11th, 2011

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kikwang grants hyosung the biggest gift in the world

B2ST’s Lee Kikwang publicly confessed that he had an interest in SECRET’s Jun Hyosung.

On March 12th, the B2ST member appeared as a guest on the KBS variety show, “100 Points Out of 100″. miss A’s Min was also guesting on the program, and many were interested at the possible interactions between the two because Kikwang had previously mentioned that Min was his ideal girl.

But it seems that Kikwang’s changed his mind, as he said, “At one point Min was my ideal girl, but recently I found another girl group member who makes my heart flutter.” The idol then revealed that his new ideal girl was none other than Hyosung.

Lee Kikwang continued, “Out of the 4 Secret members, only Hyosung comes into my eyes.” Fellow member Yoseob also testified that ever since SECRET started promotions for “Shy Boy“, Kikwang has shown never-ending interest in Hyosung.

Upon hearing this confession, Hyosung (who’s a regular guest on the show) shyly expressed her happiness with a big smile. Throughout the recording, Kikwang continued to show interest in Hyosung as he clapped and made great reactions to every word she said.

source: allkpop and nate

i am happy that oppa is keeping with his hormones, but i'm teary-eyed at the same time ;-;
Laure Shang Wenjie

Top Combine's Kim Eunsung interviews Rain

As his first stop of year 2011 Asia Tour, Rain expressed that this show is extremely important. When talking about the difficulties faced during rehearsal, he humourously said “Recently I practice several hours with the dancers everyday, at the moment the entire dance team is completely dealing with injury; not being exaggerated, however all this hard work pays off necessarily for the show itself guarantee of quality, no exception for everyone.” Reporter learned from the concert’s director team, in order to maintain Rain’s consistent high level request, many equipments previously used on Rain’s concert in Seoul last year will be transported from Korea to Beijing by air. There will be many surprises dedicated to the fans. But the organizer still strictly keep secrecy about the surprises. Under the reporters repeatedly asked, Rain represents Jackie Chan as his most favorite actor from mainland, and had been looking forward to collaborate with him.
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source: topcombinest ; topcombinest

Qiyi interview uploaded by @YouTube:
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String of talent shows trail 'Superstar K'

From left, JK Kim Dong-wook, Kim Eun-jung from Jewelry, Tei, Lim Jeong-hee and Kim Chang-ryul of DJ DOC appear on tvN’s “Operastar,” in which the singers competed to become an opera singer.

Following the smash success of “Superstar K2,” some 10 talent shows will be on air throughout the year, covering from singer, designer and model to announcer and actor.

Mnet’s “Superstar K3,” will start auditions for the third season of the hit talent show, Thursday, through phone and UCC (user-created content). After regional preliminaries, the show will start airing from Aug. 12 to Nov. 11, when the third winner will be announced.

The show received more than 1.3 million applicants last year and expects even more this time. Huh Gak, the winner of “Superstar K2,” shot to stardom from working as a fan repairman and other finalists such as John Park and Jang Jae-in are also working on albums.
Kim Yong-beom, the program’s producer, said this season’s keyword would be diversity at a press conference for the show last week.

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Source: Kwon Mee-yoo @ The Korea Times

Girls' Day comeback concept photo revealed

Five-member girl group Girls' Day (Sojin, Jihae, Yura, Mina, Hyeri) will perform their upcoming third single during their first ever showcase on March 16th. The showcase will take place in Apgujung and the girls will not only unveil their third single, but the music video, choreography, costumes, and plans as well through their performance.

They have utilized Girls' Day Twitter account (@ Girls_Day) for fans to enter a chance to win a ticket to their first showcase. A representative from Girls' Day agency said, "This is the girls' first showcase since their debut, and we wanted to be closer to fans and to communicate with fans" and "Fans will be chosen through a lottery and we will be preparing a small gift as well."

Girls' Day will be releasing their third single on March 18th and will also begin making their comeback stages that weekend.
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source:koreaboo, The Star Chosun, Girls_Day@twitpic
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E-TRIBE acknowledges similarities between Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” & SNSD’s “Be Happy”

A plagiarism controversy is brewing online between Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and SNSD’s “Be Happy.”

Recently, a YouTube video comparing the two songs surfaced, leading to accusations of how Lady Gaga was plagiarizing SNSD. “Born This Way” is a track from Lady Gaga’s February release, while “Be Happy” is a 2010 track from SNSD’s second album.

The responses from netizens have been largely divided. Some wrote, “It sounds like it was plagiarized,” and “No wonder ‘Born This Way’ sounded so familiar.” Others retorted, “Lady Gaga composes her own songs. This was composed by her, and it’s not the same at all,” and “It might just be coincidence.”

E-TRIBE, the composer behind “Be Happy,” responded to the claims through Newsen on March 11th and stated, “Someone this morning told me that there were reports of Lady Gaga plagiarizing SNSD’s ‘Be Happy.’ I listened, and I do feel that there are similarities. The way the song flows and the arrangements are, honestly, the same. I am currently working to get in contact with Lady Gaga’s publishing label to find further information.”

Check it out for yourself:

Source: JoongAng, Newsen via Naver, AKP, iSkyys


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In Which Heejun Gets Heated

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

H.O.T. member Moon Hee Jun momentarily lost his temper when talking about his ex-girlfriend.

KBS2TV’s “Happy Together” aired a special “Original Idol” episode on March 10th, which featured the guest appearances of Moon Hee Jun, Sechkies’s Eun Ji Won, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, and g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo.

The topic came up when the boys began talking about scandals. Moon Hee Jun commented, “I didn’t have that many scandals but there was one big one”. Kim Tae Woo then teased, “She made a comeback not too long ago”.

At this point, Moon Hee Jun started getting worked up by explaining why he felt frustrated. “When I search my name, it comes up as a related search. I worked hard to bury it but everytime that other person talks about it, it becomes an issue again and becomes updated.”

He concluded by ’shouting’ at his ex, “Stop! Stop talking about it. Let me date!”, causing the studio to burst into laughter. Many felt that he was remnant of comedian Kim Gura with his outburst.

In the past, Moon Hee Jun was involved in a scandal with Baby Vox member Kan Mi Youn.

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Source: allkpop and Nate
snsd ❝ seohyun - solemn ❞

confirmation on goguma couple leaving wgm

On March 11th, producers of the show confirmed, “There’s an end to everything. We have been carefully discussing their leave for a while now. It was a difficult decision, and both are very disappointed with the reports that got out before we could finalize everything. Contrary to what’s been reported, the ending has not been shot yet, and it will be sometime next month. The ending will be made as beautifully as possible to reflect what the couple wants.

They added, “We’ve been searching for replacement couples since six months ago. The new line-up hasn’t been finalized yet, but there are a few that we’re keeping a close eye on. We’ll begin to prepare for the new changes now.”

sources: allkpop, newsen, mydaily, joynews24

Wae? ;___; They're my favorite couple ever on WGM. DNW overly-cute NichToria all the time. The Goguma couple provided some sort of real-ness to the whole show...
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War games on Nightmare Range

NIGHTMARE RANGE, South Korea - This historic battleground south of the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas reminds a visitor of the kind of desolate, rough terrain over which soldiers fought for three years in the early 1950s and would have to fight again in the event of the dreaded Second Korean war.

It is not without good reason that United States forces, conducting annual exercises here and in nearby hills, have given the name "nightmare range" to a stretch of land that's formally named "Seung-jin" about 80 kilometers northeast of Seoul. The forbidding ridges and valleys are bare of trees, the landscape intermittently blasted by artillery, air strikes and small arms fire - all fun and games or at least "war games" that US and South

Korean officers and young enlisted troops clearly like as a break from boring routines back at their bases.
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Source: Asia Times

FFA Let's Pray For/Support Japan!!!




Now that we have the basics covered, here's what YOU Omonaians can do for our sister Aramas and Japan ♥


Red Cross
Salvation Army
Save The Children
Global Giving
International Medical Corps
Asia Foundation
Women-only Shelter Aid
@elbowyeish(aka Mr. Egg aka the biggest JYJ fanboy)'s JYJ Charity Foundation(not fully up and running, but in the process)

Those with twitters!! Please RT THIS and THIS!!!

Also, Lady Gaga is selling bracelets to raise money and Livejournal is selling a new virtual gift to also raise money in support.

Similar to that of help_haiti, a fandom auction has opened up, help_japan, and will be starting in a few days!


Live news streams 1 2,3
Live English translations of breaking Japanese news
Another live English news stream on the situation
Google Person Finder
Arama post on the situation


Let's pray and keep those all in Japan in our thoughts and do what we can to help ♥

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Welcome members to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All (Omona does it like nobody does). This is a once a week post where you can PICSPAM! As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

Friday FFA will be posted at approximately 4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

NEW RULE: Because the spam is preventing some people from taking part in ffa we ask that you post only 1 .gif per comment to cut down on the load time of each page and spread everything out a bit more. Thank you.

-ps: inside of collapsed threads it's ok to post more than one. So feel free.

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Have a Charming Friday Free For All

Jung Juri is dating your oppars


On March 9th, comedian Jung Juri guested on YTN’s “News and Issue- Issue and People” and spoke about her dating life. The hosts asked the star whether she would reveal her boyfriend if she got one. She replied, “I will date secretly.”

Jung continued, “It’s not that I am trying to be reserved, but my agency (TN Entertainment) has issued a ban on scandals.” Musing, she then added, ”My agency treats me as if I am Kim Tae Hee… I have to be cautious of scandals. The agency treats me like Kim Tae Hee and treats Jo Hae Ryun like actress Shim Eun Ha.”

After the laughter died down, Jung Juri revealed that her goal was to become an MC on a public TV network. “When viewers are surfing the channels, I want to be a person that they want to stop and love to watch on TV.”

We’re sure that Jung Juri won’t have problems reaching that goal, since like Kim Tae Hee, she’s one of Korea’s beloved stars.

Source: Nate | allkpop
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All your kpop idols are okay, but please continue to care about Japan

A devastating tsunami has hit the coast of northeast Japan on March 11th after a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck the island nation about 80 miles offshore. News reports revealed that air and land transportation are severely disrupted and electricity is being cut off in various regions. The international community is deeply concerned for everyone’s safety in Japan, with aid already on the way to those affected by the natural disasters. Many fans are also worried about Korean idols that have been traveling to Japan for promotions and other activities.

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Source: Koreaboo,E-Daily, @0101xiahtic and astromafia

Due to the recent 8.9 earthquake in Japan, fans have raised concerns for the safety of the idols who had been in Japan.

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Source: Koreaboo, C-Jes,DBSK-Knights, YG Ladies and Star News
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Kikwang & Yoseob show off their aegyos. Ovaries burst around the world.

BEAST's Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob had a aegyo battle to win the title of 'Best aegyo-dol'.

BEAST's Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob, and Secret's Jun Hyosung scrambled to get the title as the master of aegyo on KBS2 TV school variety '100 points out of 100'.

'100 points out of 100 points' popular corner 'maknae writer is talking', where the real maknae writers do a survey to recognize the celebrity's appearance from behind, revealed a content about 'healing idol who does aegyo easily' through one of the image of a celebrity.

To this, a fierce aegyo battle happened while tracing for healing idol who has too many charms that when one looks at him/her, they'll be healed.

Heated aegyo battle started with almighty-dol BEAST's Lee Ki Kwang. He caught all the casts and staffs hearts with his voice full of aegyo and adorable expressions. Not wanting to lose, Yang Yoseob, also a member of BEAST, showed off upgraded 3 combo aegyo, causing the heat to rise in the studio.

Besides them, Secret's Hyosung, who represents idols as bagel girl, gag woman Kim Shinyoung, etc also joined in this heated aegyo battle making it a fierce battle.

The idol who earned the title 'healing-dol' for doing the best aegyo will be revealed on this Saturday the 13th through '100 points out of 100 points' airing at 5:15 PM.

Source: TVDaily, B2STRISING
Translation: SweetVoiceYS@B2STRISING

who'll it be omona?
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Super Junior's Super Show 3 in Taiwan brings in $2.8 million USD

Starting on March 11th, Super Junior (including members from SJ-M), along with two members from the TRAX, will hold three Super Show 3 concerts in the Taipei Arena. The profit generated from the concerts was 84,000,000 TWD (approximately 2,800,000 USD). Female fans, along with some male fans, supported their idols with their all. For this trip, they brought two 40-foot containers to Taiwan, holding approximately 200 tons worth of stage equipment.

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Source: Koreaboo, China Times, HiNet (alternate vers as original source ain't loading for me)