March 12th, 2011

Jung Yong Hwa

9th Korean Music Festival: Third batch of artists announced!

In anticipation for the annual Korean Music FestivalKoreaTimes released the first and second batches of artists over the past ten days, and they’re already back with the third set of idols scheduled to perform at Los AngelesHollywood Bowl this April!

The third batch includes five individual artists that we’re sure fans will be excited to see perform live. Check out the list below:

Baek Ji-Young


Jay Park

Jeong Soo-Ra


The line-up also includes Sul Woon DoDJ D.O.CSISTAR, 4minute, Kim Jang-Hoon, Lee Eun-Ha and U-KISS, bringing the artist total up to twelve thus far. There are still more artists that will be added to the list, so stay tuned for more announcements from KoreaTimes this month!

Make sure to check out allkpop’s extensive coverage of Korean Music Festival 2010 through our event recaphigh-definition photo setsvideos and more. Stay tuned for more details from both KoreaTimes and allkpop regarding this event!

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Earlier today, we reported that 2NE1 was planning to return to Korea due to the recent natural disasters affecting Japan. On March 12th, CL was the first member to return safely to Korea.

A YG Entertainment representative revealed, “Due to complications with flight reservations, CL has returned to Korea before the other members. The other remaining members will be taking an evening flight to return [to Korea].”

2NE1 left for Japan on March 9th to begin their official Japanese promotions through TV Asahi’s “Music Station” on March 11th. However, the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan yesterday, forced the cancellation of their broadcast.

Source: nate; allkpop

Management says 'they are NOT dating' then why are they in PARIS?


 Actor Jung Woo Sung (age 38) and actress Lee Ji Ah (age 30) were spotted on a date in the Champs-Élysées in Paris on March 6th. The actor was dressed in a comfortable jumper and black hat, while the actress wore a white fedora with a black coat and jeans. In the photo, the two have linked arms and are window-shopping while walking down the street.

The two met on the set of the SBS drama, “Athena: Goddess of War“, which ended on the 21st of last month. Jung starred as ‘Lee Jung Woo’, a NIS intelligence officer while Lee played the role of ‘Han Jae Hee’, a skilled female officer. In the drama, the two played as a timeless couple that reunited after separation.

After checking with the respective entertainment agencies, the two stars did not have any photoshoots or CF schedules in Paris, nor were the two invited to an event by Hermes that was happening in Champs-Élysées that day. According to an airline employee, the pair departed for Paris last weekend through Arab Emirates, with Jung in business class and Lee in economy. There were no managers or staff members accompanying them on the trip.

Jung’s agency, Taurus Film, said, “Jung Woo Sung is currently meeting people he wasn’t able to meet while filming “Athena”, exercising and just recharging”, adding on, “Last week, he was in Paris, but it was for personal reasons.” Lee’s agency, Kaist, said, “There were no CF or photoshoots scheduled. She is reviewing sequels and resting”.

Source: Nate
Translated by: esspee@akp
additional photos from: OCKOALA @twitter

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Victoria & Nichkhun… Butt Kiss?

Nichkhun & Victoria recently displayed romantic and affectionate acts towards each other.
On the 12th, MBC aired the episode of “We Got Married” in which behind-the-scenes videos reveal Nichkhun and Victoria practicing for the “2010 MBC Gayo Daejun”.

In the episode, Nichkhun and Victoria are still practicing the dance, and you can see their worried faces as they keep making mistakes [in one part of the dance].

The two people, both extremely nervous, take deep sighs and sit on the couch together [comfortably] to take a short break in the waiting room.

At that moment, Nichkhun’s butt touched Victoria’s butt, appearing as if the two butts were “kissing” each other, gaining the envy [of many].

While they were resting, Nichkhun also began playing with Victoria’s feet, relieving some of the stress. Victoria had this to say about Nichkhun’s activity: “As usual, it’s Nichkhun!”

Meanwhile, Nichkhun and Victoria ended their dance routine with a hug that was not planned, gaining the attention of many.

this couple is too sexual I can't

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Jewelry to end promotions for “Back It Up”, will release a new album in April

Back in January, Jewelry released a lively swing-flavored single titled “Back It Up“, which the girls have received hot responses for. It’s just been revealed that Jewelry will be ending their promotions on March 13 after they perform one last time for SBS’s “Inkigayo“. Afterwards, they’ll be jumping right into preparations for a new album.

Jewelry’s management Star Empire expressed, “On this week’s Inkigayo, Jewelry will show a new charisma with a remix version of ‘Back It Up’. After the promotions, Jewelry will be investing a lot of energy to prepare for their new album, so please look forward to it.

Their new album is scheduled for release in late April.

Sources: Sports Chosun via Nate, Allkpop

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Ex-bodyguard offers a peek at Kim Jong Il's cruel world

Lee Young-guk is a struggling duck breeder in muddy work clothes, shepherding 10,000 feathered wards at his family-owned spread near the North Korean border.

For the taciturn 50-year-old, his omnipresent baseball cap, worn low over watchful eyes, his rural farm life is a distant second act to the years when he enjoyed an intimate view of a bizarre lifestyle that, as he puts it, "few mortals ever witness."

For 10 years, until 1988, Lee was a personal bodyguard for Kim Jong Il, working among the phalanx of trained killers who protect the North Korean dictator, infamous for, among other things, his fetishes for handguns, caviar and foreign-made limousines.
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Source: seattletimes

Han Hyo Joo was also in Japan, 'scared to death'

Han Hyo Joo, who was staying in Japan during the earthquake, arrived at Kimpo Airport March 12.

March 11 she was scheduled to promote the MBC drama ‘Dong Yi’ at the NHK Broadcast Station located in Shibuya. With the sudden earthquake Han Hyo Joo took shelter in a safety room in the NHK building. The planned press conference has been canceled.

Scheduled to come back 13th, she took a flight on day earlier in the evening.

source: Daum
translation: me.
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KARA safe and back in Korea + Jiyoung and Hara breaks silence to tweet about Japan

Five member girl group KARA was recently in Japan to finish up their schedule, however, due to the earthquake which shook Japan on March 11th, KARA planned for an emergency trip back to Seoul.

The members arrived safe and sound at Seoul’s Gimpo International Airport, and reporters flocked to the scene to snap photos.

On the 11th, the members were able to wrap up filming for their Japanese drama, “URAKARA“, before the natural disaster took place. Whether or not KARA would still be able to follow through with their Japanese promotion schedule has yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, one of KARA’s staff members described the moment they felt the earthquake. “It was on the 11th, while on the set of “URAKARA”, the members were busy filming. As soon as we felt the earthquake, filming was halted and everyone was taken to a safe zone immediately. The members were very scared, due to the fact that objects from buildings were falling left and right.”

KARA breaks silence and tweets about Japan

Jiyoung (@kkangii): Everyone, we're all safe and sound back in Korea! No worries!! To everyone in Japan, we're already have in Korea safe and sound. Is everyone alright?! I hope nothing terrible happens anymore! Ganbatte everyone!!!!! -

Hara (@_sweethara): I want to send out my heart.

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Sources: benbenkr (trans jing's tweet), omonaitsvennie (trans hara's tweet), allkpop, Newsen

Sasaengs are at it again...

JYJ’s Park Yoochun recently expressed his frustrated feelings about sasaeng fans.

On March 12th, the star left the following message on his personal Twitter: “Please don’t follow us. Don’t come to our house either. Sasaeng!” ‘Sasaeng’ is a term meant to describe a particular group of fans who stalk their favorite star’s private lives and every movement with an emotion that exceeds a normal fan’s.

Netizens responded, “I think Park Yoochun is suffering a lot because of sasaeng fans that follow him to his house”, and “Love expressions towards celebrities should have some restraint.”

Source: Daum; Allkpop

Sasaeng fans: Really? SMH.