March 14th, 2011

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Dark indie film Bleak Night earns raves

Centered around a death at a high school, the film released a week ago on March 3, and has been building strong word of mouth among audiences for being “hair-raisingly, frighteningly realistic” and sensitive. Now in its second weekend, it is approaching the 10,000 admittance mark, and while that’s a pretty small number for a mainstream studio picture, it’s a strong showing for a small indie film, bolstered by fans who are returning for repeat showings.

It has even drawn glowing words from notable industry giants like Bong Joon-ho (director of The Host, Mother), who declared, “It’s an astonishingly well-made film.” Yang Ik-joon, director of the award-winning Breathless, said, “I’ve been waiting for this! For such an outstanding movie and director to appear…”

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SNSD's message for victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake

This was posted on their Japanese mobile site:

The victims have our deepest sympathy

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake. We came to know about the news of the earthquake in Thailand. Regarding SNSD who has activities in Japan, this isn't somebody else's problem and all of the members are concerned. Even now, the aftershocks, tsunami and disasters continuously occur and there is serious damage. This current condition pains our hearts very much. We pray from our hearts that everybody will peacefully overcome this hardship.

From the SNSD members

Additionally, Soshified is doing fund raising for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami, that will be donated to the Japan Red Cross. More information here. If anyone is concerned about the reliability of Soshified, donations will be matched by Google which would definitely require verification and so it doesn't make sense for Soshified to hide the details of transactions or anything like that.

Source: (Only accessible through mobile phones, not including the iPhone)
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박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

Tres Amigos(JYP, Kim Tae Woo, and Bi) release Brother & Me mv

After releasing his comeback teaser video for “Brothers & Me” last week, singer Kim Tae Woo’s official MV featuring Rain and J.Y. Park (Park Jin Young / JYP) has finally arrived!

I’ve learned about life through music, and I’m still learning now, which is why I decided to call this album ‘T-School’. I wanted to sing music that expressed the analogue emotions of the heart, rather than of that brain or body,” stated Kim Tae Woo.

He continued, “‘Brothers & Me’ was created with people I’ve known for the past 10 years, and it conveys the message of, ‘People who know me better than myself, there’s nothing more important than these people,’ and it expresses the close friendship between us three men.

Kim Tae Woo, Rain, and J.Y. Park came together last February 25th to shoot the music video at the JYP recording studio, and the video truly showcases the heart-warming relationship between the trio.

Kim Tae Woo’s agency stated, “Viewers will have a smile on their face while watching the warmth contained in this video.”

The singer is set to drop his full album, “T-School” on March 22nd, followed by comeback promotions on public music programs.

Check out the MV down below and remember to support by purchasing the music.
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Brave Girls reveal their first member, Eun Young!

Brave Brothers‘ upcoming hip hop girl group, Brave Girls, has just revealed their newest member and leader, Eun Young.

Music fans and industry representatives alike have been anticipating this group ever since Brave Brothers first announced their production last year. The anticipation has been amplified with the reveal of leader Eun Young, who is the niece of actor Shin Ha Kyun (known for “Wecome to Dongmakgol“, “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance“).

Netizens commented, “Just the fact that she’s Shin Ha Kyun’s niece makes me anticipate this group”, “So jealous she’s his niece”, and “I wonder what concept she’ll debut with.”

Brave Girls was first introduced as a 4-5 member girl group specializing in charismatic performances of hip hop and electronica, like in the style of the Black Eyed Peas and Far East Movement.

Sources: Allkpop+BNT news via. Naver
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Hara is going to be in a drama

KARA’s Goo Hara will be making her debut as an actress through SBS’s “City Hunter“!

Goo Hara built up her acting skills through KARA’s on-going Japanese drama series, “URAKARA“; ”City Hunter” will mark her debut Korean drama role. Goo Hara was cast for the role of the president’s daughter, a spunky young woman who failed to get into college the first time and is studying to make up for it.

Goo Hara will join the rest of the cast at the end of the month. She’ll continue to juggle her busy Japanese schedules in conjunction with her new drama role.

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her and gyuri are the best actors, tbqh. And I'm thanking god it wasn't Nicole. but, tbqh


Today is White Day. It's March 14th. Eveeeeeeeening.. hahahahaha.
Have you got any candies? I'm enjoying candies you guys sent me.
Here!!! (pointing at the air... lol)
But, It can't be helped if you didn't see what I pointed at.
I'm sure there were those who were able to see that. Maybe...
Thank you so much I'm able to receive these candies and lots of love.
I hope you guys stay in happy. Thank you
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Onew cuts on OMS- Subbed
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[NEWS] 110314 - Infinite, the new crowned Gag-dols, number one searched on portal sites

The group Infinite has satisfactorily shown the entertainment value that they’ve kept hidden all along.

On the 13th, on KBS 2TV’s ‘Gag Concert – Super Star KBS,’ Infinite did a trot version of ‘BTD,’ causing the audience to laugh their heads off.

Until now, Infinite has shown their chic and charismatic side on music programs. But this day, they did an enchanting trot melody paired with a comic dance that brought forth big laughs. But that wasn’t all. At the end, they held up a placard with the comment, “Illegal Downloading NO.” They even became the number 1 searched keyword on portal sites.

With hot reactions, the audience claimed, “even charismatic Infinite’s wreaked image is really handsome,” “I really like the ‘BTD’ trot version,” “their hidden gag instinct has wriggled its way out.”

Meanwhile, Infinite’s 3rd single album “Inspirit” will be revealed on the 17th with the title song “Nothing’s Over” and will have their comeback stage on ‘M! Countdown.’

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“Illegal Downloading NO.”  Ouch (>.<)

Song Sexy-heon donates $175,000 to Japan

It’s been revealed that top Hallyu actor Song Seung Hun has donated 200 million won (approximately $175,000 USD) to the Salvation Army for disaster relief in Japan.

According to the Salvation Army on March 14th, Song Seung Hun directly deposited a donation of 200 million won into the charity’s fund raising account.

Song Seung Hun stated, “It’s so heartbreaking to see what happened in Japan, so I had to help at least a tiny bit, and I figured Salvation Army would be best. If everyone can donate something small, a big positive change can occur.

Meanwhile, on March 19th, a charity event for the Salvation Army is expected to take place in downtown Seoul.

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JYJ´s and HoMin´s Message to Japanese fans

Written Message:

Hello. This is JYJ.

Jaejoong: I am not sure how to begin. Due to an unexpected disaster, many in Japan are deep in sorrow and fear, and we know that among them are our dear fans, and our hearts very much ache. We pray for those people who passed away due to the earthquake on Friday and for the safety of those who are still missing.

Yoochun: We were moved by Japan’s calm response in the face of the terror of the disaster. We believe that the current disaster is not only the sadness of Japan but of all humankind. If we all have hope and courage, we believe that the clouds will soon disappear and the sun will shine through again.

Junsu: On the day of the earthquake, being in Tokyo, I was extremely shocked. Therefore, I am worried about the safety of the missing Japanese people including the Korean-Japanese. We are checking the bulletins of the press and are keeping watch (in trepidation). Please take heart despite the hardship. We wish that we will gather strength (with each other). We, JYJ, will share in this.

We hope to meet with the Japanese fans soon. We wish to meet you all. And, we love you.



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Source: Tohoshinki Official Website
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KARA gives back to the people that showed them love the most

In light of the recent tragedies in Japan, KARA will be donating all their income from their new single “Jet Coaster Love” towards disaster relief efforts.

A representative from DSP Media stated, “…for the victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis, all of the proceeds from KARA’s new single will be donated.”

They added,“The KARA members are very hurt for the Japanese people and fans who have showed them so much love. They’re constantly looking for updates on the internet and television… They were looking for a way to help victims, and decided on donating the money from their new single.”

Sauce AKP, Newsen

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Kim Jin was upset over her CL-mission on “Project Runway Korea”

Viewers were taken aback after watching former Diva member, Kim Jin, shed tears over her mission from 2NE1’s CL. CL guested on March 12th’s episode as a one-day judge, and Kim Jin was participating as a contestant.

The episode saw the designers trying to create an outfit for CL, and immediately, viewers could see that Kim Jin looked at a loss. When asked by the producers what was going on through her mind, she honestly replied, “I honestly do not want to make clothes for any celebrity. Kim Tae Hee and Han Go Eun are actresses, so I can handle it, but singers…  Unless it’s Lee Hyori, I don’t want to do it.”

She continued, “CL is my junior by 10 years.  How could they tell me to make her clothes… She’s a fun and stylish friend, but I suddenly thought, ‘What could I do for this friend?’ I honestly wanted to give up on the mission. My pride was hurt. If I’m going to rank in the bottom three, I’d rather just be eliminated. If others were put in my situation, I’m sure they would have the same thoughts.”

Although her heart wasn’t in her work, Kim Jin trekked on while continuing to tell viewers about the psychological pain she was experiencing alongside her weak physical condition.

In the end, Kim Jin barely missed an elimination and managed to land in the bottom three with none of the impressive qualities her works in the previous episodes had seen.

She commented, “Through this opportunity, I’ve learned a lot of things as a designer.  ‘Project Runway Korea’ has taught me what I must take in, and what I must leave out. I’m trying hard to become more ‘cooler’ in terms of such decisions. I put in everything I had to walk down the path of fashion, so I foolishly wondered whether I really had to make the clothes of a junior singer. I am, however, disappointed in myself for thinking such things.”


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ZE:A’s Dongjoon and actress Seo Shin Ae will star in the musical, “Aladdin”

ZE:A’s Dongjoon and child actress Seo Shin Ae have been cast in the same musical, “Aladdin.”

Dongjoon has been lucky enough to win the role of the lead, and he will thus be playing the famed titular character, Aladdin.

Previously, the television shows MBC’s ”High Kick Through the Roof” and KBS 2TV’s “Nine-Tailed Fox’s Revenge” featured actress Seo Shin Ae, who burst onto the scene as a child star. She has made quite an impression on the public with her acting on television, and now she is ready to show off her singing skills as a little sister on stage.

“Aladdin” will shown from April 28th until May 5th.

Star News via Nate


Kim Hyun Joong donates money to earthquake victims

Actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong has recently donated 100 million won to the victims of the recent earthquake in Japan.

His agency in Japan, Digital Adventure (DA), asked that the money be used in the afflicted areas, and for victims with the greatest need. Kim Hyun Joong said, “My heart hurts so much to hear about this. I hope that everyone can stay strong.” He also said, “Many people are joining hands in this crisis. Everyone, please come together with one heart.”

Source: Sports Korea, Sports Chosun, AKP.

Say what you will about his personality, the guy has never been anything but generous with his fans. I've always loved and respected him, but I respect him even more so rn.

Bae Yong Joon donates $900,000 USD for Japan earthquake victims

Actor Bae Yong Joon recently stood up to donate to those that suffered from Japan’s horrific earthquake that occurred last week.

Having a high status in Japan, ‘Yon-sama’ owes a lot of his popularity from his Japanese fans, and with a gracious heart, he has decided to give away 1,000,000,000 WON, which comes up to approximately $900,000 USD.

Bae Yong Joon’s company, Keyeast, recently stated, “After hearing that Japan had limited relief supplies and equipment, Bae Yong Joon quickly reacted and donated 1,000,000,000WON for emergency support, hoping for a speedier recovery. The money will be given through the Japan Tourism Agency, who will distribute it to organizations involved in the earthquake/tsunami relief effort. Bae Yong Joon is also very worried about the victims who are in shortage of food and basic living supplies so he has decided to provide food, blankets, and other items as well.”

Bae Yong Joon is not the only actor who is donating money to the neighboring country, as Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk, who are also receiving much love in Japan, have decided to give away $100,000 and $120,000 respectively. The latter left a message stating, “I hope that the victims can return to their normal life soon.”

Source: bntnews + sanspo, AKP.

So much respect for people like this. I don't get people who go 'why are these celebrities not helping' but when they do, accuse them of doing it for fame.
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Oscar Winning King Colin signs on to Park Chan-wook film

Park Chan-wook’s big Hollywood debut project Stoker has got some hefty A-list stars attached, the latest being Academy Award winner Colin Firth, who plays a vampire. From Darcy, to king, to the bloodthirsty undead? Interesting choice…

Firth joins Nicole Kidman and fast-rising star Mia Wasikowska (The Kids Are All Right), as the uncle who suddenly appears after Wasikowska’s father dies. Kidman plays the girl’s mother, the widow. The movie is reportedly inspired by the story of Dracula, according to scriptwriter (and Prison Break star) Wentworth Miller — not in a blood-sucker way, necessarily, but in its interpretation as a “sad love story.”

Not a bad lineup for Park, who has been steadily making a name for himself internationally over the past decade, and is perhaps the most well-known Korean director outside of his home country from making such stylistically distinctive, memorable films like Oldboy and its Vengeance sequels, as well as the quirky psych-ward love story I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Okay. He’s also worked in the vampire genre before with his most recent film, Thirst, which took home a jury prize at Cannes.

The movie plans for a 2012 release.

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Posting news to show off my very new "Flynn Lives" Garrett Hedlund icon. But also very happy that King Colin is collaborating with Park Chan-wook. This was posted on ONTD a while back but I hadn't realised that it was PCW who was going to direct.