March 16th, 2011

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Korean Music Wave in Bangkok: K-pop mega gig demands stamina

Korean concerts are definitely more strenuous that the most hardcore of metal concerts. They require stamina, crowd-handling skills and a lot of patience because the die-hard fans don't let up for one second.

After School

Saturday's Korean Music Wave in Bangkok was no different. Rajamangkala stadium was filled to capacity by devoted K-pop fans, some of whom had begun queuing as early as 7am. To celebrate its 50th year in business, Korea's biggest TV station, MBC, decided to spread K-love in Thailand where Korean pop culture maintains a very strong fort. Korean Music Wave in Bangkok displayed the station's megawatt power through a stellar line-up featuring the biggest names in Korean music from TVXQ and 2PM to Wonder Girls and Girls Generation. The concert brought 20 boy bands and girl groups together at one venue - and the result was a massive turnout. When the overwhelmed officials manning the gates didn't operate quickly enough, and more and more screams could be heard from fans who were already inside the stadium, the wave of people started pushing more urgently against the barriers. Luckily, it didn't come to blows and no one got hurt.

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Source: Onsiri Pravattiyagul @ Bangkok Post

Bang Yong Guk on his experience, writing stalker raps, and debuting in a boyband

Ji Eun’
s guest rapper, Bang Yong Guk, has turned quite a few heads ever since he first appeared on stage with her for “Going Crazy“. Ever since then, he’s risen as a top ‘rookie to look out for’, especially because his resume boasts extensive underground experience.

Currently, he’s a trainee under TS Entertainment, but before that, he was part of the esteemed Soul Connection crew in 2008 and had toured with his crewmates nationwide.
When told of his increasing popularity, he shyly laughed and stated, “There are so many people more amazing than me, I’m a bit embarrassed that people have taken an interest.  I think that the fans probably felt a sort of freshness in the fact that my husky voice didn’t really match my face.”
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Source: Sports Today via Naver  + allkpop
taec cute

hyunah hits ur heart with selcas

How does 4minute’s HyunA become even more beautiful after a sweaty dance practise?

On March 14th, the idol updated her Twitter with, “If I practice choreography once, my hair becomes like this..ㅠㅠ keke. Wow, it’s awesome. To losing the fat in my chubby cheeks ke ㅠ.”

In the pictures, HyunA is seen with disheveled hair and black training wear. Fans were impressed by her ability to radiate an intense and sexy glare, even though her expression was quite casual. Since she lost quite a bit of baby fat in her cheeks, the sleek V-line gave her a look of both beauty and maturity.

Netizens commented, “You are totally giving off a woman’s atmosphere~”, “The feel of this picture is really good”, and “The black hair and bangs fit you well!^^”

source: nate and allkpop
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Lee Hyori wanted to retire during her 4th album promotions

Remember when Lee Hyori was facing some troubles with plagiarism accusations during her fourth album promotions? The singer recently revealed that the incidents made her consider retiring from the industry.

On March 14th, Lee Hyori guested on  “Yoo Hee Yul’s Radio Heaven” and revealed, “After the plagiarism incident, I stopped a lot of my activities.”

She continued, “I could not express my feeling 100% during broadcasts. I felt as though if I revealed all my feelings, other people would feel uncomfortable and dislike me even more.”

When I was hit with the plagiarism accusations, I had a period of time where I lost all my will. I hated everything and I wanted to no longer continue what I was doing.”

She added, “However, I comforted myself by studying music, learning the guitar, and writing music. Also, doing community service and helping out the environment gave me a lot of energy during that time.”

In response to questions about her future activities, Lee Hyori stated, “After taking some time off, I am thinking about releasing a new album.”

Also, Lee Hyori revealed her feelings on younger singers using the title, “The 2nd Lee Hyori.” She stated, “I don’t mind junior celebrities using the title ‘The 2nd Lee Hyori.’ However, I don’t think it’s right when people that I don’t even know use my name or use the phrase ‘Go away Lee Hyori’ to promote themselves.”

Source + Picture: Money Today via Yahoo! Korea, AKP


Reasons why Jang Ja Yeon's letter is fake

The National Institute of Scientific Investigation have revealed that the handwriting on Jang Ja Yeon's document doesn't match up with her autograph handwriting. Anxiety and question is growing over the basis of this revelation.

Document Imaging Division's Yang Hoo Yul stated that the spelling errors and strokes were not Jang Ja Yeon's.

Chief Yang, "During Jang Ja Yeon's lifetime, she uses the proper form of 'a lot' (많이) however the letter repeatedly used the slang term of 'a lot' (마니).

"The way she wrote her ㅇ's and ㅂ's were different from what Jang Ja Yeon would normally use"

"Jang Ja Yeon writes her 요's in one stroke whereas the letter's 요 has multiple strokes."

"The penmanship on the letter is very rigid and Jang Ja Yeon has been seen to be more flexible with her letters."

He said that the handwriting was very similar to a Whistleblower named Jun Mo (31)

Jang Ja Yeon uses 짓, 듯하다, 바닥, 현재
while Jun uses 짖, 듣하다, 바닦, 현제

translated by: sundrunk
source: naver

i wish this article was longer and elaborated more on the whistleblower bit
how disrespectful towards the deceased
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Strong Baby Invites You into V World

Big Bang's strong baby Seung Ri released his first solo mini-album V.V.I.P in January. Now you can go behind the scenes of the album's production with this making-of DVD, which follows him for the recording, dance practice, MV shoot, and other activities leading up the album's release. There are also interviews, fan meet footage, and even messages for Seung Ri from the YG staff and other Big Bang members.

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Sources: YesAsia & BIGBANG


Infinite for Banc endorsement, members ranking, important upcoming dates, & CEO tweet


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source cr; infinite’s official fancafe, fuckyeahinfinite (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

trans. cr; hyejin,  emilie, & jihye @ infinite updates (1, 2, 3) ; take out with full credits ♥

Why do i get the feeling that everytime they had pics for endorsement they did it at their own dorm ^^;

dara look at me

2ne1 manager's recount of the earthquake in Japan

On March 12th, 2NE1 came back to Korea. The manager who was with 2NE1 that day described the catastrophic event that occurred in Japan.
The members were getting their makeup done at the Tokyo Sibuya Hotel for a live broadcast that evening. After getting her makeup done, Dara went to another room while Minzy, Bom, and CL were still finishing their makeup. All of a sudden, the earthquake occurred. Loud alarm went off, and the building shook and the room turned to complete chaos. We stumbled and our body swayed and we could see from the outside the other buildings were shaking as well from the 31st floor window. The girls and crews were so surprised that they didn’t know what to do. Their manager recalled.

While everyone was in a panic , CL, who was startled herself, reacted quickly, grabbed her cell phone and called Dara and calmed her down. Broadcasters announced on tv that “The tsunami is coming, please prepare for the tsunami!” and they kept repeating it. Fire trucks and alarms were ringing everywhere. After that, by the local staff’s guidance they exited down the stairs.

In the evening of March 11th 2NE1 members gathered together in the same room and they couldn’t sleep because of the earthquake. They stayed up all night and their appearance on Music station which was going to be 2NE1′s first stage in Japan was cancelled.
On the 12th in the afternoon, Haneda airport was like a battlefield. People came from various places clamored in order to get tickets. There were people sitting on the floor in the waiting rooms.

CL was originally scheduled to go back to Korea first because of a recording schedule, but cancelled it so she was able to come back on the same day as the rest of the girls. Up until when their flight took off everyone including the members were still feeling anxious and scared.

sources: dc2ne1,
translations by: sieljjang@clbaddestfemale
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here's your cast of Korea's Ocean's Eleven

When the “Korean Ocean’s Eleven” was first announced a couple months ago, we knew we could expect a big-name cast, from the attachment of A-lister Lee Jung-jae (The Housemaid) and based on the pattern established by the Hollywood franchise. And yup, the project has now brought onboard a whole slew of famous faces, starting with Jeon Ji-hyun (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan), who re-teams with Lee after first starring with him in the lovely romantic film Il Mare back in 2000.

The movie is titled Thieves and centers around a heist in a Macau casino; the prize is a multimillion-dollar diamond called “The Sun’s Tear.” Heading the “once-in-a-lifetime cast” is Lee Jung-jae playing the mastermind, with Jeon playing a loud-mouthed, curse-up-a-storm type of thief (my kinda girl!) who specializes in jewelry and art. Then there’s Korea’s veteran glamourpuss Kim Hye-soo (Home Sweet Home, Tazza) playing a familiar role, the femme fatale, though this one also is a master safecracker.

“National actor” Kim Yoon-seok (The Chaser, Jeon Woo Chi) also stars, as well as other famous veterans like Oh Dal-soo (The Fixer, Bang-ja Chronicle) and “Korea’s Mom” Kim Hae-sook (Life Is Beautiful, Thirst).

Thieves is helmed by a man who knows how to mix crime, action, and comedy; Choi Dong-hoon directed Tazza, The Big Swindle, and Jeon Woo Chi. It’ll begin shooting in May.

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seoul news via dramabeans

Infinite's first single gets leaked!!

On the eve of Infinite's official release of their first single "Inspirit," is has been revealed that their single has been leaked. On March 16th, the agency said, "The title track 'Nothing's Over,' as well as the tracklist totaling 3 songs have been leaked on illegal sites."

Infinite's single had been scheduled for release on March 17th and had just a few hours left until its unveiling. The agency, Woolim Entertainment, continues, "A lot of people put a lot of effort and sweat to create this single and now it seems like it has been all in vain," and "We will find out who has been distributing the music illegally."

Infinite's music video and title track "Nothing's Over," as well as the single will be released at midnight.

Source: Newsen, Koreaboo

How dare you leechers!!!! (>.<)
a~chan boba

Intergalactic Princess Gooey meets City Hunter cast for script reading & other related BFF News

On March 14th, the cast members of SBS’s upcoming drama, “City Hunter“, participated in their first script-reading at the SBS Ilsan Production Center.

Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Jun Hyuk, KARA’s Goo Hara, Chun Ho Jin, Kim Sang Joong, Lee Hyo Jung, and Lee Gwang Soo worked together for a total of three hours in a friendly atmosphere, exhibiting professional attitudes and perfect teamwork. The leading stars had even voluntarily stayed behind afterwards to further rehearse on their own in other rooms.

The drama is based off the original Japanese comic series, “City Hunter“, although minor tweaks have been added to make it work with a Korean background.

The drama is currently scheduled to air its pilot episode on March 25th, and has already been earning much anticipation, thanks to its all-star cast. That hype got bumped up another notch after it was revealed that PD Jin Hyuk (who’s known for “Shining Inheritance” and “Prosecutor Princess“) and writer Hwang Eun Kyung (who’s known for “Daemul“) had teamed up for the production.

Producers of “City Hunter” stated, “The scene from the script-reading was a scene of perfect cooperation between young, passionate actors, and the older, more experienced seniors. We could all feel their determination in hoping to make this the best drama possible.”

Source: OSEN via Nate, AKP

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The aftermath of Jang Ja-yeon’s letter fabrication announcement

[excluded the first part of the article that had the information already posted @ omona]

No more investigation?

Police reopened the case on the second anniversary of her suicide on March 7.

The new letters depicted the ordeal Jang endured and identified the 31 people she was forced to “serve,” calling them demons.

Jeon, now serving a prison term for rape and fraud, claimed the actress visited him in prison several times and sent numerous letters between 2005 and just days before her death in 2009.

But police and forensic scientists confirmed Wednesday the letters and all allegations raised by Jeon were “entirely false and groundless.”

“It turned out that the letters were not written by the late actress. And no personal relationship between Jang and Jeon was found,” Kim Gap-sik, a chief investigator at Gyeonggi Police Agency, told reporters in a televised news briefing.

Citing investigation reports from police and forensic scientists, Kim said, “The man has been suffering from a mental illness and it seems that he wrote the letters and raised false allegations in a deluded state.”

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Source: Park Si-soo @ The Korea Times

JYJ Donates $600,000 USD to Japanese Relief Aid

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On March 16th, CJES Entertainment revealed that JYJ would be donating $600,000 USD in emergency relief aid to Sendai and Fukushima through World Vision.

JYJ stated, “We were actually quite embarrassed and hesitant about alerting the public of our donation, but we hope that others will take notice of our action and follow suit. We hope that the donation will be used to aid in the recovery of the cities with the biggest damage, and I hope that the Japanese people find strength to overcome and find safety as fast as possible.”

Not only will they be donating, but the boys will be setting out to raise awareness about the disaster through their world tour, which will kick off on April 2nd. The trio will also be sending out support messages through their official homepage, their SNS site, and through their donation program with World Vision.

source: Sports Seoul via Naver via AKP
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VIPs stay pressed, Block B is the next, big K-Hip Hop Idol Group

Producer Cho PD praised the talents of Big Bang while revealing that he was training his own boy band, Block B, with the support of big name hip hop veterans. The producer revealed that wanted to ensure that his boys would debut with all the right skills.

In his interview with Newsen, Cho PD stated, “Any idol singer should have the competence of musicians like Big Bang.

Cho PD followed up by explaining how he trained the members of Block B to work on writing and composing about 100 songs over the course of their training period. In training them to become singer-songwriters, Cho PD hoped to expand their experience and competence level, as well as promote ‘expert ease’.

Composer Assbrass, who was praised as being a ‘prodigy’ before Jo PD scouted him, is in charge of Block B’s title and follow-up tracks, while hip hop veteran Rhymer is the producing head for the entire album.

Cho PD stated, “SM Entertainment has Yoo Young Jin and YG Entertainment has Teddy. The two companies are known for their in-house producers, and the sounds they produce have become trademarks for the labels. Under the support of Assbrass and Masterkey, Block B learned how to become musicians themselves and developed their own essence and sound.


The Sun's Still Shinin' On IU

On March 16th, Big Bang attended a radio recording on KBS 2FM ‘Lee Soo Young’s Music Show‘, where they introduced their fourth mini-album and had an honest heart to heart chat.

During the show, Lee Soo Young asked Taeyang, “Recently IU revealed that, ‘My ideal type is Taeyang, and it won’t change anymore.’ How do you feel about that?”

Taeyang answered, “She’s really not changing? I think she’s going to change…,” which brought laughter to the studio.

Taeyang continued, “It’s an honor [she chose me as her ideal type].” When asked about his own ideal type, Taeyang replied, “I don’t have a set type. I’m the kind of person to like someone after spending time with someone and getting close to them.”

Hearing Taeyang’s response, do you think IU is going to change again?

source: allkpop Starnews via Nate

pfft, he's just scared of jason...

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Star actor Zo In-sung readies himself for post-Air Force life

‘I’m eager to go back to Europe. We should see as much of the world as we can. Acting comes from the sum of our experiences.’

Zo In-sung was one of Korea’s most famous actors before he enlisted in the Air Force in 2009. He completes his service on May 4.

As Korea’s most famous contemporary actor, Hyun Bin, began his mandatory military service two weeks ago, another popular actor, Zo In-sung, was counting down the days to the end of his Air Force service.

The sergeant had a serious demeanor in a recent interview with the JoongAng Ilbo. The actor quoted the Chinese philosopher Mencius (372 B.C.?289 B.C.) to reveal his views on life and talked about the enlightenment he gained in the military. During his military service, Zo said he learned “the wisdom of life.”

For the man that started the “flower boy” look - a social trend in which being pretty was incorporated into women’s concept of handsome men - quoting a Buddhist philosopher was a surprise.

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Source: Kim Joon-sool & Lee Se-young @ JoongAng Daily
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TVXQ's Shim Changmin feels "mixed emotions" over 1st drama role

img source: fychangmin

Shim Changmin, better known as Max Changmin from boy band TVXQ, has said he feels "mixed emotions" over his first acting role.

He made the remark on Tuesday during an event to celebrate the final episode of SBS' Monday and Tuesday drama "Paradise Farm," which ended its run on March 15, held in front of local fans and reporters at the SBS Hall in Seoul, South Korea.

"I want to thank everyone for watching the series," Changmin said. "I am filled with mixed emotions since the show that I was in for two months has ended."

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Reporter : Lee Jong-gil leemean@
Editor : Lucia Hong luciahong@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

KBS confirms a second season for “Dream High”!


KBS has finally confirmed that their popular teenage drama series, “Dream High“, will get a second season!

On March 17th, a representative from KBS spoke through TV Report and revealed, “We will be producing a second season for ‘Dream High’, and it will feature stories about the youth generation. This has been in discussion since the conclusion of season one.”

He continued, “Whether we’ll be casting rookie idols like ‘Dream High’ and ‘Jungle Fish,’, or whether we’ll be going through an audition process is still up for discussion. There’s a high probability that the season will begin airing in January of 2012, just in time for winter break.”

So what might change for “Dream High Season 2″? The representative did not reveal much, but said, “The original format of ‘Dream High’ was great, so we’re planning to carry it over.”

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul, TV Report via Naver | allkpop