March 17th, 2011

sports korea interview with total idols infinite

A challenge to go to the top with their single “Nothing’s Over”—- It’s a promise that ‘it’s not over’

Putitng in a cheerful melody with lighthearted beats—- Modified the ‘angled group dancing’, became more flexible

Netherland’s representative soccer team changed the flow of soccer in the world during 1970. Using a tactic called ‘Orange Legion’, they had all offenses and defenses with a strong fitness background, causing people to give a name of ‘total soccer’.

It wasn’t just a coincidence that I thought of these people when I saw the group, Infinite. Even after debuting, they practice for over 10 hours and are idols who have the basic skills down. They garnered attention with a high level group choreography that would be hard for any group to do. Without any mistakes, they move with coordination. The name of ‘total idols’ wouldn’t be shamed by Infinite, who are willing to sacrifice anything for their group.

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Super Junior’s Kangin shares photos and his thoughts while in service

Through Korea’s army magazine, “Army Zine“, Super Junior’s Kangin revealed special photos from his days in service and shared some of the thoughts that have been running through his mind since he last updated fans of his whereabouts.

Asked to describe his feelings after entering the army, he stated, “I’m reflecting a lot on the fact that I wounded and disappointed my family and all of those who loved me before I enlisted… I go to sleep every night wondering, ‘Will I ever be loved again?”

He continued, “I’ve lost a lot of weight since then and have regained my health. My thoughts towards our nation has changed a lot as well. I feel that the citizens of our nation are able to be at ease and trust our nation because us soldiers must always work hard and never once lose focus amidst hardships.”

When asked about what he hoped to learn through his service, he revealed, “I hope to become a person that puts others before me. Someone that isn’t selfish and doesn’t think wrongful thoughts. It’s only been six months since I’ve entered, but if I were to discharge with the determination I have now, I’m sure that I’ll be able to show how much I’ve changed.”

To conclude, Kangin left a message for his fans by writing, ”Our fans! I really miss you all so much. I will be standing before you all as someone who is both healthy and confident inside and out, so that I won’t be embarrassed (of myself) when I greet you. I hope that you will wait for me, and I hope that everything you pursue will come true. Please wait for me until my discharge.”


Brave Girls' second member Hyeran + video of her dancing

Earlier this week, Brave Brothers revealed the first member of his upcoming girl group, Brave Girls.

On March 17th, member Hyeran was revealed to the public for the first time, and instantly caught attention for her resemblance to singer Son Dambi. Netizens quickly uncovered her old dance rehearsal videos, which led her name to feature on video portal sites like ‘M. Goon‘.

Netizens commented, “She looks really alike to Son Dambi,” “Doppelganger to Son Dambi,” “She has an awesome face and body,” and “I’m really anticipating this girl group.”

Brave Girls was first introduced as a 4-5 member girl group specializing in charismatic performances of hip hop and electronica, like in the style of the Black Eyed Peas and Far East Movement.

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Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver and allkpop and riano's Youtube

really looking forward to this group now. idk which one's her in the video but they're both really good.

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Actress Chu to take legal action over nude photos

Korean actress Chu Ja-hyun, 31, has said that she will take strong measures against whoever leaked nude photos of her in China.

The photos have been reproduced by Chinese media without permission and have circulated on the Internet.

According to Chinese media reports, Monday, Chu’s attorney in Beijing made a statement claiming that the photos were taken for her own personal reasons and she has suffered a great deal from the leak. “We will see to it that the person involved is held responsible,” said the attorney.

“Her agency in China is handling matters regarding her work there so we do not have any new information. We will prepare countermeasures after taking a thorough look at the issue,” said Chu’s Korean agency.

Source: The KoreaTimes

SM Entertainment donates $1 million USD to Japanese disaster relief

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On March 17th, SM Entertainment announced that they have donated $1 million USD to the relief effort in Japan.

Representatives spoke through Star News and stated, “Staff members and artists under the agency have extended their consolation to those affected by the natural disasters affecting Japan. In order to aid in their quick recovery, SM Entertainment has put their hearts into a donation of $1 million USD to the Red Cross Society.”

They continued, “SM Entertainment, our artists, and the citizens of Korea will be supporting the Japanese with one heart so that they do not lose strength and the hope to overcome.”

source: Star News via Naver via AKP


umm actually, the original article said 1 billion won, which is (according to google) $880 000

Infinite fresh comeback gets positive reviews

Infinite, the group that got their songs leaked the day before the official release, has released their new single

On the 17th, the single "Inspirit" was released and caused a big sensation. By the source of Mnet and Youtube, they released their music video and it showed the popularity of Infinite.

Their title song "Nothing's Over" was composed by the Han Jae Ho, who composed their debut song, and lyrics written by Kim Seung Su. The two worked together to make a the song have a different charm to it.

Every album Infinite released, they had a different charm and again with this album, you can see the charms of this album and is getting praised. No Jun Young's review was "They are giving a fresh and clean feeling to their new music." "Infinite will be the stars in the future in the KPOP industry".

"They have shed their charisma look and returned with a sweet image", "starting with the lyrics, it touches my heart", "not only is the title song good, but the rest of the album songs are good as well" were the responses to this album.

Infinite will return with their sweet and romantic image with "M!coundown" and then KBS 2TV "Music Bank". MBC TV "Music Core", SBS TV "Inkigayo".

창민 ; always crying
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Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jia were caught dating in Paris, and it turns out the relationship between the two “Athena” stars is real, but…

Jung Woo-sung announced that he will talk about his relationship with Lee Jia at his fan meeting on the March 20th, but requests that the public wait just a little longer for his announcement.

However, it has already been leaked by a representative from the actor’s management, “Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jia’s interest in each other is real, but as far as I know, it’s not going to develop any further.”

The actor expressed his feelings, “I really want to talk about this in front of my fans. But, because of the situation after the disaster in Japan, I took discretion in talking about things like this,” explaining why he hasn’t said anything yet on the relationship.

via popseoul
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miss A’s Suzy and Joo visit Se7en’s chicken restaurant

t looks like Se7en’s new chicken restaurant, Yeolbong, is the hottest celebrity spot in Korea. Yeolbong has already posted the sightings of Rain, Chae Yeon, f(x)’s Sulli, B2ST’s Hyunseung and Junhyung, and SNSD’s Yoona at its restaurant.

On March 16th, Yeolbong added two more names to its long list of celebrity visitors. This time, it was singer Joo and miss A’s Suzy. Yeolbong tweeted, “JYP Family who came yesterday~ Joo and MISS A Suzy!! Honestly, I’m not pretty~^^”

lol oh suzy, you would use a chicken hoodie to go to a chicken restaurant. oh, apparently wg's sumni was there too! and mods can i pretty please have a suzy tag?
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IU shares what a guy needs to have to catch her eye + imitates Pikachu

Although she’s asserted that Taeyang was her final ‘ideal man’, it seems that the media can’t get enough of asking IU about her thoughts on dating and men.

While guesting on MBC FM4U’s “Radio Dreaming with Woong Dal“, IU was asked, “If someone wanted to date you, what would they have to do?

After careful deliberation she answered, “They need to have pretty collarbones.

Inspired, her fellow guest Yoo Sang Moo took off his jumper and showed off his collarbones to entice IU. However, she tactfully diverted the missive. “I like it when guys who used to wear clothes that are skin-tight switch to loosely-knitted clothes for some reason. Either way, I like guys with pretty collarbones.

When asked if there was anything more to her on-set relationship with “Dream High” co-star, 2PM’s Wooyoung, she said, “We just went to eat along with my manager Cody, but it’s become a big deal. We went to eat at the family restaurant, and ate rib eye at another time, but Wooyoung paid both times.

Later, the star sang her hit song “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” live on the air, which drew many praises from the listeners.

Source: Newsen via Nate, AKP

110314 | IU imitating Pickachu + BEAST DooJoon cut | Come To Play

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Song Joong Ki reflects on filming his first “Running Man” episode

‘Aggressive Joong Ki‘ reflected on filming his first episode with the cast of SBS’s “Running Man” in a recent interview with Newsen. “When I first began filming for ‘Running Man,’ I was severely nervous because it was my first time on a variety show. I never had any idea what to do and I barely got any sleep the night before recordings,” he expressed.

WIth a laugh, he continued, “But with every new recording, I became closer with the members, and now it doesn’t even feel like I’m recording, it just feels like I’m here to play.”

At the mention of his teamwork with the other members, he stated, “If we weren’t close to one another, the show would be awkward. We chat and joke around during break, and I think that energy carries over to the show in creating a lot of fun and natural cuts.” Whether or not the camera is rolling, he revealed, laughter is unending on the set of the show.

Producers of the show commented, “He’s really aggressive. Despite it being his first variety show appearance, he adjusted quickly, which surprised all of us. He’s basically the maknae of the ‘Running Man’ members, and really does receive a lot of love from the cast and the crew for it. The few times where he’s lacking is actually charming to us. Not only is he close with his cast members, but all of the staff members as well.”

Source: Newsen via Nate, AKP

New Big Bang album in the works?! + Official pics from MNet comeback

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YGE releases info regarding new Big Bang album!

Big Bang appears to be dead-set on making 2011 their year, as they’ve just announced plans for another album release!

On March 17th, representatives of YG Entertainment spoke through Star News and revealed, “Big Bang will be promoting in Korea a lot this year, and are currently preparing for a new album that will surprise fans.”

According to YGE, Big Bang plans to head straight back into the recording studio once they wrap up their “Tonight” promotions and their upcoming Japanese tour. It’s also being reported that the boys will work hand-in-hand with huge international producers.

The representatives continued, “Any music fan will be able to recognize who these producers are just by the mention of their names. They’re well-known figures in the U.S. and Europe, and we’ve been in contact with them for a while now. After we finalize the list of producers Big Bang will be working with, they’ll be going straight into their album production.”

Yang Hyun Suk added, “We’re currently in contact with about 10 producers known worldwide in order to produce their next album. Their labelmates, 2NE1, previously worked with Will.I.Am, and Big Bang will be doing just that with another famous European producer. Because Big Bang has their own producer within the group - G-Dragon - the album will be a type of collaboration between the international producers and G-Dragon.”

sources: Mnet via TeamBIGBANG + AKP via Star News via Nate
note: Big Bang's Japanese tour ends around mid-May, not sure if they're still going ahead with it given the current situation.

Christ, that's fast :o
idky, I keep thinking they're gonna work with Guetta lol.

ch bus scene

Cho PD praises BigBang and Gdragon


 Producer and rapper Cho PD expressed praises for Big Bang and G-Dragon on the 16th.
Cho PD exclaimed, “Idol singers like Big Bang possess the ability of being musicians.” Rarely do idol groups these days possess members that produce their own music like Big Bang does.

About G-Dragon he said, “Since in many ways Big Bang has evolved out of being an idol with the abilities they possess as musicians, G-Dragon can be counted as the main representative for this.“

Cho PD’s praises towards Big Bang came rather as a surprise to many, especially because he praised G-Dragon who he has “dissed” in the past through many of his songs.

Some of his dissing raps towards G-Dragon and Big Bang:
“Cho PD bigger bang, GD’s favorite one cuz i got the slow flow and fast flow all in one package.”
“For a long time we big dogs we bigger bang than big bang, na mean? If I call someone out just like this, of course they wouldn’t keep still. Everyone knows how I am when I get pissed off every now and then. I would run away if my flows were as slow as yours.”

Source: Daum and Daum
Translated: alee @ ibigbang

WTF...he dissed GD before and now he's praising him?why here's Bom for you Cho PD

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