March 20th, 2011

What will Won Bin do next???

Last year was definitely Won Bin‘s year: tops at the box office, aces on the red carpet, and well, he’s Won Bin. ‘Nuff said. So it comes as no surprise that he’s got his pick of new projects for the coming year, from dramas to movies…and he might soon be adding a Hollywood film to that list.

He’s reportedly being courted by agencies stateside, which isn’t surprising given how popular Ajusshi / The Man From Nowhere has been in the last year in screenings worldwide. Is it possible that he’ll be the next actor to attempt the very elusive crossover star-making turn in Hollywood?

At the same time, there’s speculation that he might sign on to star in the next film by director Jang Jin (The Recipe, Quiz King, Good Morning President), a Korean-Japanese co-production called Asian Beauty. The director has publicly been wooing Won Bin as his one and only choice for the leading role.

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This is your Flawless Block Post

Big Boss Cho PD reveals a new teaser picture of Block B plus pictures of members Zico and Jaehyo

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Cho PD's twitter

Who is the participant from ‘Birth of a Great Star’ that will be debuting first in the music industry? Who will be under the teaching of ‘Cho PD’

Cho PD currently has his eyes on a member from the MBC audition program ‘Birth of a Great Star’ for the idol group he is making titled, ‘Block B’.

The idol team Block B is currently on their final preparations and Cho PD had spared much of his words on this new trainee he saw from the program..

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Nate+Translated @ Block B's international forum

inb4 "Zico looks like Junhyung" Zico still looks attractive when he takes off his sunglasses, tyvm. Also, Jaehyo's hair is not okay, he looks better predebut.

Wonder Girls "Nobody" on Canadian charts! at Number 4!! Year 2011!!!

Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” ranks fourth on a Canadian music chart

On March 20th, Nielsen SoundScan’s Canadian C&R music chart revealed that the Wonder Girls‘ “Nobody” ranked fourth place on their singles chart during the second week of March.

The feat is considered special, as it’s been nearly a year and six months since the song was first released. Industry representatives were further impressed by the fact that the only formal promotion done for “Nobody” was through a short U.S. and Canadian tour last year.

Representatives of JYP Entertainment spoke through Star News and commented, “Last year, ‘2 Different Tears‘ did make it into the Canadian charts, but we’re very surprised that ‘Nobody’ has made it in this time as well. It’s been about two years now, so we’re glad that it was achieved without any promotions.”

Its kind of weird seeing such an old song become popular. Reminds me of "Hey there Delilah". Hope no one starts hating on the WG because of this, it's not their fault people still like Nobody

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[TRANS]110320 Jaejoong : “There May Be Drawbacks From Tattoos, But…” A Confession Of Belief

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
With regards to the numerous tattoos on his body, Jaejoong showed an honest state of mind. 

In the ELLE TV "Move Still : With Jaejoong” broadcast on 18 March, when asked “Do you have a lot of tattoos?”, Jaejoong asked, “Is that a bad thing?”

Jaejoong replied, “Honestly, there are many drawbacks to having tattoos, and there are times where they affect my acting and performance activities, but I do not regret getting them.”

He continued, “ So far, what I have tattooed on my body are things in my life that I do not wish to forget, things that console me, and things that I am thankful for. The “Always Keep The Faith” tattoo in front is the belief that I have always stood by.”

“Even though I can’t see the tattoos on my back, but when I do manage to see them, I recall (their significance) and after thinking about it, I realize that there are things to be thankful for, and this is their purpose. I actually feel like
I don’t have tattoos on my body, so I’m really curious about how the photographs will turn out.” He said, expressing his curiosity towards his own tattoos. 

To this, the viewers have had various reactions, such as “I still feel touched when I see the TVFXQ tattoo”, “Jaejoong, don’t get any more tattoos..” “The meaning of the tattoos are right, and he is so cool,” and other comments.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ] + [Newsen]
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Top 10 best idol singers in Korea

 Nowadays, the competitive K-Pop industry contains idols that carry a special talent at which they excel at, whether it be their impressive dance skills or their wide-ranged vocal ability.

One reporter in Korea decided to compile his own list of the best singers in Korea. This is a challenging feat since there are many singers out there who come equipped with powerhouse vocals.

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Source; koreaboo, UnknownCarrot170

yeolie choding

Has Suju's Heechul become an Inspirit ??

110320 - Suju's Heechul's Tweet

자고 인나서 간만에 숙소서 애들이랑 인기가요 보는중~ 인피니트 나온다!! 내가 인피니튼 또 잘알지ㅋㅋ

Woke up from sleep and watching InkiGayo with the boys in a long time~ Infinite's on!! I know Infinite quite well ㅋㅋ

- Heechul's twitter @heedictator
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I can't say how proud i am seeing how their popularity has increased a lot (^.^)
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Rise of the Girl Groups [TIMELINE]

(t/n: imagine these as the first four members, kaii)

DEBUT: March 2001 (Jewelry)

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before anyone asks where csjh is only groups on "active duty" were included.

@mods: the other data in the article are the group members and their hit songs, but i couldn't be bothered to put them here as well, since everyone knows those, anyways. this is informative/interesting, so thought i'd share w/ the comm.

cr:, translation by me, pics uploaded by me.
dara look at me

2ne1 comeback news :)

  Girl group 2NE1's full-scale entry into Japan is facing a temporary delay.

2NE1, which was supposed to start their Japan promotions on March until May, with Japan's largest record label, Avex, was expected to focus on local activities. They had started their pre-debut activiies this month in preparation for their massive Japan promotions.

However, because of the earthquake that occurred in Japan on the 11th, which caused numerous casualties and property damages, 2NE1's penetration into the Japan market has been held off and put on hold.

On the 16th, YG Entertainment agency head, Yang Hyun Suk, revealed to Star News on the 16th, "We planned to have many promotional activities for Japan, for at least two months until May, where they will concentrate there," but he continued, "However, because of the recent great damage that happened in Japan, 2NE1's promotional plans and activities would have to be on hold, and would first act on helping Japan instead," he said.

After that, Yang Hyun-Suk said, "2NE1 and everyone else genuinely wish that no more damages happen to Japan and the Japanese fans." he said, "For now, we truly cannot tell when the time for 2NE1's Japanese activities would be, and we can't guarantee a date, but when things become more stable in Japan, then we would grant all the requests to have local promotions," he said.

And yet, Yang Hyun-Suk also revealed, "Once we decided to penetrate the Japan market, we originally planned for the girls to return back to the domestic music scene during June or July, but for now, the possibility is extremely high that it would be moved up," he said, "We aim to release a new domestic album for 2NE1 on April," he finished.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 departed the country on the 9th, to be able to appear on Music Station on the 11th, but due to the earthquake that happened on the day of the broadcast itself, the program was cancelled, and 2NE1 returned home on the 12th.

Source: news.nate
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Exclusive Interview by Chosun Sports

The everyday lives of 2NE1 who are at the peak of their popularity are revealed for the first time. The members posing in the training gym. From the left, Gong Minji, Park Bom, Sandara Park, CL.

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Source: news.nate
Translated by GEE @
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Bonus 11st BTS For You If You Managed Till the End...
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source: 11stblog

April comeback? Yeaaaaahhh don't thin
k so.

T-ara's Soyeon praised for her doll-like face and gorgeous big eyes

On the 19th, T-ara's Soyeon directly revealed a pre-performance photo through her Twitter.

Soyeon's eyes, close to the camera, seem to make up half of her face. Combined with the additional make-up and the pouting lip Soyeon's cuteness seems to be inspiring attention.

Netizens who saw the photo commented "Looks just like a doll", "I just want to take a bite out of her" and "A loving beauty, I want to hug her."

Source: LegendaryLVL1 at Diadam, TVDaily, Soyeon's Tweeter (@sohotmelody)
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IU, Jiyeon, and Yoo In Na transform into miss A on ‘Heroes’

Singer IU, T-ara’s Jiyeon, and actress Yoo In Na made a surprise transformation into girl group miss A during the March 20th episode of SBS’s “Heroes“. The ‘Heroes’ members held a special stage for the 20th Air Force Wing soldiers this day – attracting much public attention.

IU, Jiyeon, and Yoo In Na from the ‘popular team’ presented a cute dance to “Hey, Mickey“, which is an OST from the movie “Bring it On“. In continuation, after this song, the three members changed their outfits and performed a powerful performance of miss A’s “Bad girl Good girl” – drawing huge applause from the soldiers.

After the performance, the three members bowed and gave a message of encouragement to the soldiers, and as expected, the soldiers cheered so loud that even the voices on the speakers could not be heard. The members definitely succeeded in lifting the spirits of the soldiers and creating a positive atmosphere at the Air Force base.

Sources: TV Report via Nate | allkpop | Risk4SNSD@youtube

hoya fills in for junhyung, charms wheesung and korea while doing so

Wheesung is in the midst of having stage promotions for ‘Heartsore Story’ with Infinite’s Hoya.

As it became hard for BEAST’s Junhyung, who featured in ‘Heartsore Story’, to go on stage due to schedules, Wheesung asked Infinite’s Hoya.

Hoya showed modesty by saying he wouldn’t be able to display his skills and would only become a burden on stage because he was nervous about standing together on stage with Wheesung, a senior that he respects. However, Wheesung is constantly giving compliments to Hoya, who went on stage with him.

After the March 20th episode of SBS ‘Inkigayo’, Wheesung took a proof picture with Hoya, smiling cheerfully. He also showed his gratitude.

Meanwhile, Wheesung’s ballad, ‘Heartsore Story’, is getting good reactions as it’s ranked high up on various music charts and mobile charts.

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Due to the high flopelocity of this series and limited time I regretfully have to inform you that weekly quotes may come to an end. If anyone is interested in carrying on the deep 3 month long tradition please send me a PM. Now on with the quotes!

“It turned out that the letters were not written by the late actress. And no personal relationship between Jang and Jeon was found,” - chief investigator at Gyeonggi Police Agency Kim Gap-sik

“The man has been suffering from a mental illness and it seems that he wrote the letters and raised false allegations in a deluded state.” - Kim Gap-sik

IFSL refutes claims that Jang Ja Yeon's letters were fabricated V.S Reasons why Jang Ja Yeon's letter is fake. You decide.

Poll #1720240 Justice Poll

Do you believe the letters were fabricated?

Not sure

Do you believe this is a cover-up?

Not sure

Are you surprised at this turn of events?


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South Korean cinema's radically banal Hong Sang-soo

Terrifying techno thrillers or grisly horror flicks are the more familiar face of South Korean cinema today, but one of its star directors, Hong Sang-soo, in the French capital this week, looks instead at daily banalities and their cruel and comical details.

"Life is too complicated to be interpreted in an ideological way," he told AFP ahead of his master-class at Paris' Cinémathèque, which is holding a retrospective of his work this month and screening his tenth feature, the Cannes-winning "Ha Ha Ha".
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Source: independent

Jessica's boy toy Seo Jisuk is a Manny

Oh, Korea. You and your almost-but-not-quite-sensical titles.

This time it’s a cable drama called Manny, which is a mishmash of MAN + NANNY. I can’t even call it a portmanteau because that feels way too highbrow a description of the term. No, let’s call it ungodly union (which, by the way, is also what my friend calls the frantic pairing-off that occurs at 1:55 am in every dimly lit bar every night just before the lights come on). And yes, I know the word isn’t new, but that doesn’t make it any less cringe-inducing now.

The drama is slated for 16 episodes, and, interestingly enough, will be tvN’s attempt to compete on Wednesdays and Thursday nights. The cable channel has been home to some solid programming — two notables are Harvest Villa and Joseon X-Files — but those were late-night Friday offerings. Manny, on the other hand, will broadcast during prime time.

Seok Ji-seok (Gloria) plays the lead as a “cold New York man” (which is to say, he’s got the New York background and ‘tude, but lives in Korea in the drama). He’s also got good genes but a haughty persona, like every k-drama hero of the past decade. Unlike the typical hero, however, he’s also a manny — the best, natch — and lives with a single mother to care for her two children. Rom-com goodness ensues.

Playing the single mom is an actress I always think should be getting better (and higher-profile) roles, Choi Jung-yoon from Smile, You and She Is Scary.

The broadcast network landscape may be looking a little barren right now, but this little cable show may be just the thing to wake things up. Manny premieres on April 13 on tvN.

TV Report, dramabeans

I swear, Asian dramas are the only times I will tolerate predictable rom-coms lol.
all the love inside ceases to exist
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Preview of BoA in Cosmopolitan Korea

Three days before BoA left Korea to begin preparations for her upcoming movie, “Cobu 3D,” the singer joined forces with “Cosmopolitan” for an eccentric make-up themed photoshoot.

Using four key words – ‘unique,’ ‘energetic,’ ‘changeable,’ and ‘mature’ – as the photoshoot’s themes, BoA teamed up with her long-time make-up artist ‘Jung Saem Mool.’

BoA revealed, “Director Jung Saem Mool always tells me that I’ll always stick out in whatever situation I’m put in. She told me, ‘There is not one person alike in this world. They could be wearing the same make-up and take the same pictures, but it’ll all come out different. Let’s express your uniqueness.’”

Jung added, “BoA is young, but she’s a long-time friend of mine that knows how to express herself through colors and pictures. She has a soul full of creative freedom, more than we could ever imagine.

BoA’s full photoshoot will be revealed through the April edition of “Cosmopolitan.”

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source: nate + naver + akp

crying i missed her omg ♥;;
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Jung Woo-sung confirms romance with Lee Jia

Another star romance is born! Rumors have been swirling for the past week, but movie star Jung Woo-sung has officially confirmed his romance with Athena co-star Lee Jia, much to what I imagine is a lot of chagrin from his legions of fans.

The news initially hit the media after it was discovered that the couple recently enjoyed a date together in Paris. After the initial rounds of “no comment” from both stars’ management teams, on March 20, Jung wrote the following message on his official website: “Hello, this is Jung Woo-sung. I’ve met a new friend for whom I have warm feelings, and we’ve been enjoying spending time together since the latter half of our drama.”

(It may sound like a vague message, considering “new friend” and “enjoying time together” can sound ambiguous in English, but in this context it is essentially an open declaration. An acknowledgement of rumors instead of strong denial is about as clear a confirmation as we’ll ever get.)

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