March 23rd, 2011

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JYJ Overwhelmingly Picked as the Best Idol of Korea

Who, indeed, is the best idol of the Republic of Korea chosen by the netizens?
MstarTV, the audition website for new entertainers and entertainer-hopeful (www.mstartv) “conducted an unusual survey with the theme of “(who is) the best idol singer of the Republic of Korea?” from March 10th through March 20th,” and revealed that “JYJ won the survey with an overwhelming number as the best idol (group) of the Republic of Korea.”
In the survey, a total of ten teams of idol singers – Big Bang, TVXQ, JYJ, Shinee, 2PM, 2AM, B2ST, MBLAQ, Infinite, Teen Top – were selected as candidates and furiously competed.

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source: NewsA
translation credit: JYJ3 

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Two Princes for Esquire Korea

TVXQ has stepped into their royal personas for the April edition of ‘Esquire‘ magazine.

The photoshoot was conducted in one of Seoul’s hotel suites, and the boys became the two sons of a ‘royal family’. They tried capturing the conflicts and feelings that are experienced in rich, upper-class families. Famed photographer Jo Sun Hee led the shoot, and made it seem like a scene from a movie.

Yunho turned into the model son, who lives his life in an exemplary fashion. He showcased his dandy look by wearing a subdued, yet perfectly-fitting suit. Meanwhile, Changmin transformed into the younger son, who’s also flirty and witty; he wore colorful suits and posed accordingly to his outfits.

For the photoshoot, products from top fashion brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Tom Ford were employed. TVXQ modeled many different suits with perfect poses, and thus exemplified the luxurious lifestyle of a royal family.

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source: dc inside + nate + akp

T-ara chosen to be basketball game characters for JCE’s “Freestyle”

On March 16th, representative Song In Soo of JCE (a South Korean online game developer) introduced popular girl group T-ara as available characters in their basketball game, “Freestyle.” He also revealed that JCE will carry out a commemoration for the event.

Following in the footsteps of Wonder Girls (2008), KARA (2009), and f(x) (2010), T-ara is the fourth group to be added to this list. With their highly addicting and diverse discography, it is no wonder that T-ara is receiving much love as one of the top Korean girl groups from many subscribers.

The in-game characters of “Freestyle” that are being introduced first are none other than Jiyeon and Hyomin, who have been engaged in activities on dramas and various variety programs. Also, Hwayoung, who was brought in last year as a new member, is also a character. Eunjung, Soyeon, Qri, and Boram's characters will be revealed later.  The game is grabbing much attention because of the accuracy of the characters’ facial expressions and dance moves to the actual stars.

As a commemoration to the ‘T-ara update’, JCE will give all active users of “Freestyle” 5,000 cache as a present until March 30th. Also, until the 25th, anyone who purchases a ‘T-ara’ character will be given a ‘FS Ball’, which can increase benefits from 3,000 cache to a maximum of 30,000 cache.

JCE’s business director, Jang Ji Woong, stated, “From die-hard fans to new users, we have planned a ‘Freestyle Big Show’ to satisfy the various customers of ‘Freestyle’. In continuation with the T-ara update, please look forward to the soon-to-come third update as well.

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Sources: allkpop, ZDNet, GameFocus1

Dehydrated athlete Lee Jinki did not mistake labelmate for a piece of KFC.


SHINee’s leader Onew explained the story behind his hilarious tackle from January’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’.

On March 22nd’s episode of “Strong Heart“, photos were brought out of Onew’s infamous tackle-flop onto his labelmate, f(x)’s Luna. Onew explained, “I ran to Luna because she got first place and I was so happy for her. But, I didn’t see the metal rail in front of me, and so I tripped and fell over it.”

This led to the photo of the two hugging and looking quite uncomfortable. Super Junior's Leeteuk joked, “I think you fell so you could hug Luna.”

Onew added, “I couldn’t control my speed but once I hit Luna, I could.”

Source: MaxMovie and All-KPop

for those who want to refresh their memory (credit: LUNEWcouple@YT) and Onew on Strong Heart, full, courtsey of Weekly K-Pop.

A balding Meryl Streep on Shim Shim Ta Pa

Recently, pictures of KARA’s Park Gyuri returning to the MBC radioShim Shim Ta Pa‘ were uploaded onto the official website. In the pictures, Gyuri is seen receiving a congratulations cake and blowing out the candles. However, it was her frail appearance that has captured attention of fans.

After seeing the photos, fans commented, ‘Welcome back’, ‘It’s a pity’, ‘Park Gyuri fighting!’, and ‘Looks like you worried a lot’.

On the other hand, Gyuri returned as a DJ on ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa’ on March 21st after a two month absence.

Source: allkpop, nate
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Hyesung's 4th Album Postponed Until June

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Shin Hyesung will be releasing his 4th album in June.

Shin Hyesung has not released a regular album since his 2009 3rd Side 2 'Keep Leaves,' making it a comeback of after 2 years of hiatus. It has been known that he is working on the album with utmost affection.

Shin Hyesung progressed with recordings planning to release his album near the end of February, but due to problems with his vocal cords, stopped recording, and is currently resting. Because of this the schedule for the album's release was postponed to June.

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Source: Newsen and

His health is definitely the most important thing. But NGL these postponements are scaring me. This is the third one. I feel like we'll never get this album.

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4everKARA: Kara + Kamilia celebrate 4 heartfelt years

KARA 4th ANNIVERSARY CF (Myungdong - LOTTE, run for 6 days):

4th ANNIVERSARY KARA 2011.03.29
Happy 4th Debut Anniversary 2007.03.29
Let run to the top of Asia without barriers
Park Gyuri

Han Seungyeon
Jung Nicole

Goo Hara

Kang Jiyoung

I hope KARA with 5 members can be together with fan forever!

KARA [5 = 1]

Happy 4th debut anniversary (with all our hearts)
4th ANNIVERSARY KARA 2011.03.29

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Sources: PGR880521, Chupachups @, AKP, Star News

4 years later KARA still does not have individual post tags. nevertheless, let us celebrate this glorious and joyous occasion, kara stans.

Some idol and his selca pics made the news

’s Kim Junsu has revealed his passion for driving.

On March 22nd, Junsu uploaded a sel-ca picture onto his Twitter along with the tweet, “It’s been a long time since I uploaded. I really like to drive.”

In the picture, he’s seen sporting a pair of black shades in a comfortable outfit while holding onto the steering wheel. Fans also noted his boyish grin, which betrays his excitement for driving.

Netizens commented, “I want to ride with you”, “You look cool, but you wouldn’t happen to be a beginner driver, would you?”, and “You look like the main character of a car racing movie.”

Source: Allkpop, Ilgan Sports via Nate

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Netizens rave over Park Myung Soo’s unexpectedly warm heart.

Viewers are probably familiar with the no-nonsense attitude of gagman Park Myung Soo. He’s notorious for his blunt remarks and telling it like it is on many of the variety programs he stars in.

Behind that sharp exterior, however, lies a thoughtful and courteous man who doesn’t often get brought out on TV programs. Recently, netizens have been circulating a list of famous quotes made by the gagman on his MBC radio program, “Date at Two,” and have been expressing their awe and newfound respect over the witty and honest advice he’s given out for his listeners.

Check out the compilation below:

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AKP, Sports Chosun via Naver, X Sports News

Starship Entertainment reveals photos of the twins from upcoming boy band, "Boy Friend"

Starship Entertainment, the agency behind SISTAR and K-Will, has announced further details regarding their upcoming boy band!

On March 23rd, the label shared a photo of two identical twin brothers, who will be members of their upcoming ‘Boy Friend’ boy band. Named Youngmin and Kwangmin, the ‘pretty boy’ twins have already caught the attention of music fans for their anime-like looks.

The first member of Boy Friend, Noh Min Woo, was unveiled through K-Will’s music video for “I Can’t Find the Words” earlier this week. The group has experience acting as K-Will’s back dancers for his appearance on “Quiz That Changes the World” in January.

This six-member boy band will debut next month!

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No less than 3 Co-ed School members made a Twitter today, and some interesting stuff was tweeted...

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Twitter: Sungmin, , Noori, Kangho, Chanmi, Eunkyo, Soomi, Yoosung 
Translations: justastar. @ Core Clique

 I didn't think they'd actually continue with 5flops, but I'm excited. Would rather see them all comeback together as Co-ed School though ...

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Stop everything, Block Flawless Member injured

The trainee that had been chosen by Cho PD from the MBC show ‘Birth of a Great Star’ is currently at stage with an opaque status.

This trainee, who had been working on his image for the date of the debut to perfect his image and training, was qualified to join Block B, who was going to make a debut in April. However, due a recent injury, their management, Brand New Stardom released some information about his pending status to join the team.

According to the staff, the trainee was chosen for the group for his amazing and high tone vocals, and the recommendation from Cho PD. However, he had received a ligament injury trying to catch up to the members who had been practicing for years. The choreography teacher, Goh Younyoung, well known for his hardcore training for idol groups like DBSK, Girls Generation, Super Junior, SS501, and more, stated that the injury was too severe, and that practicing will be too much for him for the music video filming, which is coming in 10 days, and the debut date currently set for April 14th.

Cho PD stated, “No matter what, one should have the health and strength to hold up their willingness to do something. If someone has a goal, they should have taken care of themselves that much well. Regardless of the time, we will be focusing on his rehabilitation and will decide if he will be debuting with the team according to how well he recovers.”

SPORTS WORLD and translated by UNDAGROUND@International Block, Block B's international forum