March 24th, 2011


Backstage at SHINee World First Concert [W/ ENG SUBS]

ACTIONPACKED!content includes nagging from Key about how hard he has to study, Jjong shocks everyone with news that he cries too much, Maknae is Manliest of SHINee, plus lots of bento boxes. Oh, and some Q&A + commentary, too. :P Enjoy!

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Creds: jujutaem0718@YouTube

Sorry if this is pretty late! I haven't seen this with subs before, hence wanted to share now~
[Korean] Shinhwa - Group

Arirang's Coverage of Eric's Birthday Party/Fanmeeting

Source: arirangworld

- His favorite thing after the army = sleeping in
- Talking about going on MT with Poseidon's 20 male actors or as he put it "a lot of gorgeous guys"
- Then stopping mid-sentence to say "I think everyone's thinking of weird things." LOL.
- Being an adorable dongseng to actor Um Taewoong
- Freezing up and forgetting the dance steps to "Perfect Man". Oh, the irony.
- WooDong bickering and goofing off in their own little world

라이언〖 獅 〗
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Seven months later, Dalmatian no longer "nugu" status

Six-member male group Dalmatian (Inati 30 • Day Day 28 • Dari 27 • Jeesu 21 • Daniel 20 • Youngwon 21) has been gaining popularity as of lately. Last year on September, they made their debut with the digital single ‘Round One’ but didn’t gain the attention they deserved as the skilled group they are. However, after 7 months passed, they are the artists to look out for in reaching the top of the music industry. Dalmatian, who is promoting “The Man Opposed” after releasing their 1st mini album and have ranked within the first half of various music charts. Their member Daniel said, “Now if we walk on the streets, there are people who recognize us. We still have various images we want to show. Please anticipate us even more.”

-The responses to the title song are hot

“When we coincidentally hear our song while walking down a street, we think ‘Ah…we’re being loved.’ Every time that happens, we’re determined to work even harder.” (Inati)

“Not too long ago, the ahjumma (older lady) at a restaurant nearby our dorm knew our song ‘The Man Opposed.’ She even gave us more rice and side dishes. It’s fascinating to think that people know our song.” (Jeesu)

“Lately, there’s a saying we say amongst the members. ‘There is no tomorrow. Today is the greatest moment of my life.’ Since this album could be our last, we promote hard with that motivation.” (Dari)

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Source: Ilgan Sports
Translation: BOSS! @ Dalmination
Youtube clips: 1, 2

Ahjummas should be charmed by Day Day's English. FIVE THOUSAND NINE FIFTY HOT PEPPER SAWCE.

Siwon And Donghae To Begin Filming Taiwanese Drama FINALLY

SuJu’s Choi Si Won and Donghae to begin filming for their Taiwanese drama

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After making an announcement almost two years ago, Taiwanese cable station ‘Gala Television‘ (GTV) has confirmed that filming for their new 13 episodes drama, “Glamorous Challenge“, will commence on March 31st! The Taiwanese drama attracted international ELF attention after it was revealed that Super Junior members Donghae and Choi Si Won were casted for it.

Since it’s been put on the backburner for two years, most of the original cast and director have left the production. But thankfully, Si Won and Donghae are still in it and they will be acting alongside Taiwanese actresses, Ivy Chen Yi Han (陳意涵) and Bianca Bai Xin Hui (白歆惠).

Niu Cheng Ze (鈕承澤) who was to have directed the drama, now becomes the producer while Feng Jia Rui (馮家瑞) will take over the director’s seat.

Despite their top A-list billing, both of them have asked to be treated like everyone else.

Though they’ll be staying in Taiwan for four months, they haven’t asked for any special requests, like staying in hotels and extra security.

“Glamorous Challenge” is a live-action adaptation of a Japanese manga called “Skip Beat“, and it’s about a girl, Kyoko (Ivy) who gets betrayed by her long-time boyfriend. In an attempt to get revenge, she debuts as a celebrity; the storyline unfolds with various romantic adventures and hijinks.

Si Won will be playing top star, Ren while Donghae is cast as popular singer, Sho.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

love this anime love this manga don't fuck it up SiHae
cut made it look weird changed hope that's ok 

Source: Yahoo New Korea via allkpop

Oppas and Ahjussi Football team

Head of Korean Singers Association, Tae Jin-Ah to establish an FC together with leader Kim Heung Guk.

It has been decided to form an Oriole Football team under the Korean Singers Association. As a representative of the establishment, Tae Jin-ah will officially present the FC on March 29, in Seoul, Yeoeuido. The trainer of the team will be Kim Heung Guk, with Tak Jaehun for the captain, and Kim Jong Guk the second-in-command.

The Oriole FC will consist of Kim Gun Mo, Kim Bum Soo, DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul, Ze:A’s Kim Dongjun, SHINee’s Minho, Park Sangmin, Park Hyunbin, 2AM’s Im Seulong, Yuyeol, B2ST’s Yoon Dujun, Yoon Su Il, Lee Munse, Jo Hangjo, 2PM’s Chansung,Wheesung, Shim Shin, Park Namjung, Byun Jinseob, Lee Sangwoo, Eru, Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu Shori J, and Lee Jung.

The officials of Korean Singers Association revealed that “The participants are taking part in this in order to promote friendship between senior and junior singers.”

Also, together with the establishment of the Oriole FC, in order to help the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan, an event for donations will take place as well. The singers wholeheartedly will participate in the fundraising.

source: , Newsen
Hyoyeon; I'm genie for your wish

Pops in Seoul tells us who the Best Five Leaders in K-Pop are

Arirang just posted a video where they tell us who their top five leaders are in K-Pop and why they are so good at being a leader. These are the members who "play multiple roles" and "act as members' parents". In their list are 2am's Jo Kwon, After School's Gahee, Big Bang's G-Dragon, Secret's Hyosung, and Super Junior's Leeteuk as talented leaders who help their band's name be known.

Who else should have made the list?

Source: Arirang's YT
suits - mike

Ji Eun and her STALKER

TS Entertainment labelmates Song Ji Eun and Bang Yong Guk shared a photo they took backstage together.

The SECRET member wrote through her Twitter, “Hello, Palja (smile line) Yong Guk? I gave Yong Guk a nickname.”

The two are currently promoting for Ji Eun’s solo track, “Going Crazy” – a dark duet detailing the terrifying nature of obsession. The photo amused netizens because of their playful images, which is vastly different from the ones they show on stage.

Fans commented, “They look different from when they’re singing,” “They must be so close since they’re the same age,” and “Such cute face expressions!”

After taking a brief break because of a cold, Ji Eun will be returning to the stage through KBS’s “Music Bank” on March 25th.

Source: Asia Economy via Naver


Seungri's Interview in GQ and W Magazine

Part 1
GQ: Dark circles under your eyes…
VI: I always look tired, but I’m not. I just look like I am.

GQ: You never thought about doing any more solo promotions? ‘어쩌라고.’(What Can I Do?) seems like it’s still really popular.
VI: No, I never thought about extending the promotions. Maybe I’ve matured but I feel that a shorter and more powerful promotion is better.

GQ: Maturity…as in your music?
VI: Hm…it’s the first time for me to produce my own songs and write my own lyrics and looking back at it shows how much work I’ve put in. I can feel that I’m a singer because of the impression it’s left me. Everything I do is more memorable and I understand music more than ever now. It’s not a burden to me.

GQ: Is Justin Timberlake still your idol? You used the phrase “sexy back” in one of VVIP’s verses.
VI: You can write that it’s because I still like Justin. Sexy back means sexiness. Did Strong Baby give off the same sexy feeling as my song now? I write it according to the feeling I get.

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Source: GQ April Magazine via baidu
Translation by: Mystifize @ bigbangupdates

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Credit Scan by: 구ㅣ요미♡
Translated by: solshin3 @ via bigbangupdates

G-Dragon's Interview in GQ Magazine

Part 1
GQ: It has already passed 2a.m.
GD: For me, it is daytime. Since I usually sleep until 10p.m. so it is my golden time for working.

GQ: I think his working experience would be different from us since he does not wake up and work with bright sunlight outside the window. Waking up at 10p.m., he possibly does not have the feeling of ‘Oh, what a great sleep I have had’ like us.
GD: I seem to hold a different view from other people. I also want to live my life with regard of the weather changes but since I wake up at night, I cannot feel them most of the time. I would say, these days, once I wake up, I would head back to the studio. No matter whether it is day or night, sunlight cannot penetrate it. Therefore, I kind of feel that I am leading a life which mixed up the right order of day and night.

GQ: It seems that you do not care much about it.
GD: I think it is quite suitable for me.

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GQ: Does it mean that you would kiss them and do something like that to show your love?
GD: (laugh) kiss? Yes, I am good at kissing. They said that I am good at kissing.

Korea Original: DCGD via missarrogant18 @twitterKorean
Chinese translation: 小7 @GDFW via baidu BIGBANG
English translation: Rice @ bigbangupdates
i've got a wet pussyokcat for you!

this is a fabulous four post!

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» allkpop » tv daily via nate

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for those who can't see who is who in the first picture yellow = suzy, purple = fei, green = probably min, red = joo and blue = jia. they were probably fooling around or planning a special stage, and joo won't join the group unlike some people were afraid of (why would jyp mess with a winning team?). and the second article is no surprise for miss a fans XD. to finish my long ass note, i want miss a to comeback soon ;___;
» allkpop » nate
Wanna One Energetic

Legendary Group Celebrates Their 13th Anniversary Together

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Minwoo's Cyworld Entry

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Teen Top's Message

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10Asia's Message

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TOP Media's Message

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Open World's Message

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Minwoo's Cyworld Entry Sources: Minwoo's Cyworld Minihompy and
Teen Top's Message: Teen Top Twitter and
10 Asia's Message: 10Asia and
Top Media Message: TOP Media and AbsolutShinhwa
Open World's Message: Open Media and AbsolutShinhwa

Happy Anniversary Shinhwa. I hope you have many more! :D
all the love inside ceases to exist
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Why BoA and IU Refused to Become "Ghost Students"

On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” IU revealed why she decided to give up going to college. IU, currently a senior in high school, stated, “Even if I enroll in college, I don’t think I’ll be able to attend classes on a regular basis. That’s why I decided not to go to college. I want to start college later when I know I’ll be able to focus well on academics.

When listening to IU’s remark, two contrasting types of celebrities pop up in my mind. One type, like BoA, who did not attend college, and the other type of celebrities, who have enrolled in college but technically are ‘ghost students.’

Superstar BoA, who was picked up by SM Entertainment when she was in fifth grade, did not attend college. Despite intense competition from numerous universities to recruit her, BoA decided to give up college and to focus on her career.

BoA shared her thoughts about her decision. She stated in a confident manner, “Educational background is not considered that important in my profession. I believe that one’s sensibility or ability is more crucial than one’s educational background. I wasn’t able to attend high school and took the GED instead, so even if I go to college, I won’t be able to attend many classes and I’ll most likely end up becoming a ghost student, don’t you think? Personally, I believe studying that way is worthless. Later when I have the time, I would like to study more properly.” So BoA’s reasoning is in the same context with that of IU’s.

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source: soompi
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 GoodWill unleashes the E.L.F Song

Free Image Hosting

We previously reported that GoodWill from GoodWill & MGI (an American-Finnish production duo) officially becoming an ELF (Super Junior’s fan club). He promised he would become an ELF if he reached 10,000 followers.

It looks like the ELF’s showed their collaborative strength and dedication because GoodWill reached the monumental 10,000 and became an ELF. It’s been over a month since joining the ranks of ELF and it’s been a bit quiet… That all changed earlier today when he unleashed a special E.L.F Song, check it out below!

Pretty smart marketing strategy!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]

source : akp, E.L.F Song@YT

Brian Joo reveals his recent whereabouts

Singer Brian Joo recently revealed his whereabouts.

The star updated his Twitter on March 25th with a new photo, whose caption read,”Getting ready at the salon. I have to do filming well today”.

In the picture, he’s seen wearing a cute Ironman hat with a matching cute expression on his face. His young appearance makes the fact he’s 31 years old quite unbelievable.

Netizens commented, “I was wondering what you were doing, it makes me happy to see you well”, “Does this oppa eat preservatives too? His appearance is the same as before”, and “It seems like he’s a newly debuted idol”.

original source; daum + brian's twitter
translation source; allkpop

2NE1 signs a contract with Adidas Originals for a collaborative project

2NE1 has entered into a contract with international sportswear brand, Adidas Originals for a collaborative project.

On the 25th, 2NE1's company, YG Entertainment stated, "2NE1 has joined hands with Adidas Originals, a brand responsible for exciting youth around the world.", "Both sides have agreed on the name, 'we are originals', and we are planning on launching several different collaborative programs in the first half of the year.

According to YG, after 2NE1 had debuted, 2NE1 and Adidas had mutually been fans of each other. 2NE1 wore several of the Adidas Original clothing during their music videos and broadcasts, while Adidas Original had gotten to know 2NE1 through photoshoots and media events. As a result, the two teams have maintained a fan-fan relationship.

YG revealed, "Jeremy Scott, who currently launching his 'Originals by Original' collection, an Adidas Original's designer collaboration line, has up to this point, been endorsing 2NE1 through his personal blog."

In addition, they added "With this contract for the collaboration project, they will become more than fans of each other, and the two teams will become partners. Not only for the Adidas Original's Summer Project, we are currently in preparations for events that comprise of both online and offline elements.", "Soon, we will be revealing a variety of artwork first, such as interactive films in which we have saved 2NE1's dynamic force for. In addition we plan on presenting several programs with both 2NE1 and Adidas Original."

Translated by

------about fcking time neh? they've been using adidas since FIRE~ I SEE YOU JEREMY SCOTT BACKING THE GIRLS UP (;

bommie cl prays

please send your birthday wishes to the baddest bunny seoul city ever had!

 From the bomtaro herself: 

original msg:  우리 넷~~ 똑같은 커플링 했어요~~ ^^ 지금 생일파티 중인데요~~ 리다가 우리 영원하자며~~*^^* 부끄부끄~~ Forever 가 새겨진 반지를 선물했어요~~o(^▽^)o 너무갖고싶었눈데..ㅎㅎㅎ 맨위에있는손 푸둥푸둥하죠 ㅋㅋㅋ

translations: The four of us~~ Got the same couple ring~~ ^^ Right now we're in the middle of my birthday party~~ Our leader said, let's be together forever~~ *^^* Blush blush~~ And she gave us these couple rings with Forever engraved on them as presents~~o(^▽^)o I really wanted it.. he he he The hand at the top is chubby isn't it ke ke ke

source: bomtaro's m2d
translations by: gee@ygl

from her best bunny chingu ssantokki:
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source: dara's m2d
both translations by gee@ygl: 1,

from baby m-i-n-key

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source: mingkki21
translations by: kepalajamuran @ygl


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source: hwangssabu twitter

To the goddess of hairswishes, eyeliner and disproportionately long legs,  @harooluvstar, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 


THIS IS A KEY2DAY POST: your oppar enjoys warm weather & making frozen brains in his spare time~

Enjoy! Because there is not enough SHINee in our lives nowadays T_T

[Key] 핑크사진은 보너스!!!! 하하 저 곳에 요구르트를 얼리면 정말 맛있는 아이스크림을 드실슈있슴당! 오전 12시 37분

Translation: The pink photo is a bonus!!!! Haha if I freeze yogurt in there I get to have really delicious ice cream! (trans note: the way he typed it is in Internet slang and made to sound rather cutesy haha this one <3)

and idek, that stuff seriously looks like brains. i wouldn't have an appetite to eat that sketchy ice cream of his x_x

source: SHINee's me2day
translation: me (pls credit as: oh tae-eun)

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creds: gyapower07 and keymera09023 @YouTube
sources: DC + MTV Asia
Rivaille - SNK
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Welcome the newest member to the Super Junior family!

Yesung's new puppy, Kkoming!

예성이의 새로운가족 ... 태어난지 70일도채안된 우리꼬밍. 블랙탄포메리안 ~~ 넘넘귀여운^^ 오빠옆에서 무럭무럭자라거라! 거북이형제들이랑도 사이좋게지내공~~

Yesungie’s new family member… Our Kkoming. It hasn’t even been 70 days since it was born. Black pomeranian~~ So so cute ^^ Grow strongly beside oppa! And play nicely with your turtle friends~~

Source: Yesung's twitter

Translation credits to: Jee @

Poor kid must be lonely. :(