March 25th, 2011

The same former SM trainee also shares a nice story about Jessica.

When I sing, there is a memory I remember.

It was a night of day that it's been at least a year since I became a trainee. As I was practicing, my cellphone rang. When I checked, it was a call from sunbae unnie.

"I'm in a practice room right now in basement. Can you come?

Huh? What is this? Did I do something wrong? I was surprised by her sudden call, and was a bit scared.

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Yoona article here.
Translated by 오이사랑싴
Source: Sosiz, but originally from Yoona Gallery
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CEOs from SM, JYP, CUBE, and others meet to discuss trainee reform

In an effort to move forward, CEOs from various agencies came together to discuss a recent report put out by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism that painted them in a somewhat negative light.

The report dealt primarily with the trainees, with each agency averaging roughly a hundred of them, and the fact that most were either in their teens or even younger. Despite their young age, they regularly had days beginning at 7 AM and ending at 11 PM, over a time period of 2 years, with their contract averaging out to be 4 years. The trainees also reported that although they did not feel regulations were harsh, some had to undergo strict diets, and that excessive absences in school regularly occurred due to training/promotions.

The conference included the CEOs of several top companies, including SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, and more. We will post more details as they become available.

Do you think reform is necessary when it comes to trainees?

Source: Koreaboo, eDaily, Starnews

Couldn't find a pic of JYP's CEO, so I used JY Park...

2011, the year of BIGBANG!

Idol Group Big Bang will be coming back with a 4.5th album.

Immediately after Big Bang's comeback in 2 years and 3 months, they swept all the number 1 spots on Cable and Satellite Music Programmes with the title song "Tonight" of their 4th mini album, displaying their potential.

Big Bang, who have had a tiring succession of activities with their song "Tonight" conquering all the number one spots, expressed that they will now, instead of continuously having music activities, be starting new activities in the first week of April with a 4.5th album.

On the 25th, a representative from Big Bang's agency YG Entertainment spoke with Newsen on the phone, "Adding 4 new songs to the current songs in Big Bang's 4th album, they plan to find the fans with a 4.5th album. The title song has not been decided on yet."

There are a total of 6 songs in Big Bang's 4th mini album, "Tonight", "INTRO (THANK YOU & YOU)", "Hands Up", "Somebody To Love", "CAFE", "What is Right".

Meanwhile, G-Dragon's daring smashing of the guitar on their performance stage of "Tonight" everytime has become a topic for discussion.

Source: Newsen
Translated by christabel88 @ bigbangupdates

yeahhh just eat my wallet YG. just EAT IT. but damn yes, give it to mehhhhh~
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khun shows why he's still flawless if you needed a reminder

After earlier tweets relating natural disaster and death to some feng shui stuff, 2PM's Nichkhun has since deleted his tweets and instead tweeted: "I didn't mean to hurt people's feelings. I just wanted people to think positively. For that I'm sorry."

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Netizens have also chimed in on the subject, most sending their warm regards and forgiving tweets in return.

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It seems as though he is truly sorry for his words. What do you all think?

earlier tweets

perfect, flawless oppar, can admit when he's wrong, had good intentions etc. do u like my post? :) allkpoop-esque, rite

new twitter is so annoying tho tbh

hope it's okay this time, mods

110325 WooGyu-less Infinite on ShimShimTapa and Sungjong has a new hairstyle oh my

Homme (It's official, I absolutely love Dongwoo's voice)

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Source: Jaghetermary4, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Edited to add the rest of the videos. Additional credit also added.

Oh Taemin Sungjong, I'm going to miss your previous hairstyle/colour. It suited you so much. RIP Sungjong's hairstyle. Let us have a moment of silence.

Naver Musician's Choice Interview with Changmin


Asia’s Homme Fatale, Singer Choikang Changmin
Choikang Changmin’s “The aesthetics of the vocals I trained with.”

DBSK’s Choikang Changmin, like his image, is actually virtuous, introspective, and polite. Looking at his personality and attitude, it’s a mystery how he entered the entertainment world, and especially the pop music scene.

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Translated by fandomrelated1, 2, 3
Youtube: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

It's a nice interview! A bit long, but you can just skim if you don't feel like reading. It's always interesting to see what kind of tastes in music idols have since they're pretty much always singing the same kind of music over and over again.

seongyeol gets saucy, bares shoulder and tweets about a thong

Seongyeol1991: This week as well! Going to yell out Nothong’s Over~~~right~~~? Aing~~~

Sungyeol, from the group Infinite, revealed a side of him that’s full of his aegyo.

Sungyeol garnered attention for recently posting “How’s my coquettish clementine picture?” on his Twitter along with a picture of him eating a clementine.

On these pictures, Sungyeol is eating the clementine with a cute expression, a sexy expression, and an alluring expression. Differentiating from the chic and charismatic side he recently shows us on stage, his innocent side was shown, giving him the nickname of Elementary Schooler Sungyeol.

Netizens who saw the picture gave various reactions like, “I think I’ll melt in Sungyeol’s coquettish acts”, “What are you going to do about your sexy shoulder line?”, “A sensible picture with a sensible comment, definitely the elementary schooler”.

Meanwhile, Infinite is receiving much popularity by rising on music charts with their title song ‘Nothing’s Over’, which has a charm of an emotional yet unique sound.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
sauces: infiniteupdates 1, 2, seongyeol1991
can't decide between nothing sober and nothong's over as my favorite title

AltROK Live in NYC: 2K11 SEOULSONIC announces 3 concerts from March 24th-26th

Fresh from their smashing showcases at CMW Canadian Music Week and SXSW South By Southwest, the 2K11 SEOULSONIC bands land in the Big Apple this week for a trifecta of high profile New York City concerts. The first concert on March 24th will be live streamed! In addition, 5 special limited edition CD’s along with Tour T-shirts are going to be given away!


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Ministry to protect rights and welfare of entertainers

Tae Jin-ah (center), president of the Korean Singers Association and Choung Byoung-gug (right), Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, participate in a forum to discuss ways to improve the nation’s entertainment business at SM Entertainment’s office in Seoul on Friday.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Friday announced plans to set up an “Entertainer Supporting Center” as early as next month.

The plans were unveiled at a forum involving about 20 influential figures in South Korea’s show biz industry at the SM Entertainment building in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul.

The forum, hosted by the Culture Ministry, sought to solve problems clouding over the nation’s pop culture and entertainment industry and search for ways to better promote the industry in the future.

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Source: Park Min-young @ The Korea Herald
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Park Jungmin making a comeback in April

SS501's Park Jungmin was the first member of SS501 to debut solo after the idol group left DSP Media last year. And after having ended promotion for his first solo single "Not Alone," Jungmin revealed he'll be coming back in April with an album called "Sweet Chic."

Even though he's been throughout Asia to promote his first single, he took some time off to write new songs for the fans who have supported him with his solo debut.

Today, several pictures from his album jacket photo shoot were released. Fans and netizens can see photographer Han Donghwan taking Park Jungmin's picture and tries to capture the singer's charm.

An agency official from Park Jungmin's agency said, "In this album, Sweet Chic, fans will be able to experience Park Jungmin's charm."

His album is set to be released in April. Are you looking forward for his comeback?

Source: Koreaboo, Osen

Hoping it'll be a full album (though it'll probably be another EP ugh), and for it to be pushed back for May, so he can actually have a bigger chance to win something :( "Not Alone" should have won something!
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CSJH's Stephanie ballet rehearsal footage gains interest

Following Stephanie’s appearance and interview with QTV last week, netizens have been gaining an interest in this singer’s life as a ballet dancer. Indeed, a month-old practice video of hers has become a subject of much buzz, as it exhibits her flawless grace and execution.

The CSJH member is seen rehearsing several ballet numbers for what seems to be for a showcase. Though her elegant moves are garnering much praise, her toned body is also earning a lot of chatter as well.

Seems like all her hard work and dedication is paying off!

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Source: AllKpop, CSJHTH (for both videos)

Fierce CSJH ladies for your time.
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picture spam ffa!

Welcome members to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All (Omona does it like nobody does). This is a once a week post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community. As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

Friday FFA will be posted at approximately 4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

NEW RULE: Because the spam is preventing some people from taking part in ffa we ask that you post only 1 .gif per comment to cut down on the load time of each page and spread everything out a bit more. Thank you.

-ps: inside of collapsed threads it's ok to post more than one. So feel free.

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BoA's short yet insightful Interview with Cosmopolitan

"4 Looks That Contain BoA's Color"

shoots posted here & here.

"I'm a small volcano. The silent tension before the lava erupts, the energy the moment it explodes, the scorching transformation afterward…. I think of this as my own unique identity."

Debuted at 13 years old, 63 albums released*. However BoA is only 24 years old this year. Perhaps that is why, but she is the ideal of 'mature youth' and 'passion and control' and through experience has acquired a rare combination. Our Venus BoA, who is armed with a mind of perfect proportions, stood in front of the Cosmo camera 3 days before taking off for the filming of her Hollywood movie. In order to visually show 4 keywords that represent herself with makeup artist Jung Saem Mul.

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source: uriboa
translations: live laugh love @ soompi

op's note: * = 63 albums = 43 singles, 14 full albums, 3 compilations, and 3 mini's (all released within japan/korea/u.s. in the spam of a decade).

2PM for WPK Magazine Spring 2011 Interview + Scans

Plaintive melodies that pierce deep into your heart, combined with novel, acrobatic performances -- 2PM holds onto the hearts of those who watch them and doesn't let go. On sale in May, their first Japanese single "Take off" is a positive, refreshing number that gives off the feel of a new beginning. We have asked 2PM, who has finished their preparations for "Take off" in Japan, to talk about the appeal of this single.

Please enjoy our talk with the 6 members, which was as bright and energetic as the tune of "Take off"!

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source: daegutang via
translated by fantaisie @

Core Contents Media to establish a new café chain based on T-ara's Eunjung

Kim Kwang Soo, CEO of Core Contents Media which houses some of the most popular idols such as T-ara, Co-ed School, 5dolls, Davichi, Hong Jin Young, and more, will be expanding the company’s current business into a new chain of cafés.

On March 25th, Kim Kwang Soo’s representatives met with Star News and revealed, “The coffee chain will tentatively be named ‘Coffee House Support’ which comes from the drama ‘Coffee House’ in which Eunjung played a major role in. Due to the fact that the drama did very well, and Eunjung enjoyed the experience, we wanted to further support the drama with a new business chain revolved solely around that.

Kim Kwang Soo himself then stated, “The artists of our company will also act as shareholders, and will combine the entertainment industry with our upcoming opening of the café chain.

The shops are expected to open around July 1st of this year in Seoul. Kim Kwang Soo is currently straightening out the details with business professionals.

Star News, allkpop
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Siwon in Cosmopolitan Magazine & Eeteuk in Singles Magazine (Scans)

Siwon in Cosmopolitan Magazine
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credit:  린채 + jwon0508@ twitter | reupload: ★яєιℓα @
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