March 26th, 2011

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Sungyeol's debuting as an actor, he's no longer just Infinite's backdancer now

Infinite’s Sungyeol will have his debut as an actor through SBS’ new TV daily drama.

An entertainment representative recently revealed to TV Report that, “Infinite’s Sungyeol has been casted as a supporting role on SBS’ daily drama, “While You Were Sleeping”, which will be aired in May.” “While You Were Sleeping” will be the follow up for “Pure Pumpkin Flower” and Oh Yoona, So Youjin, Lee Changhoon were casted along with others.


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South Korean Entertainers Gaining in Popularity in North Korea

Shenyang, China -- The names Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Seok are growing in popularity in urban North Korea now that variety shows hosted by the two South Korean entertainers, KBS show “One Night, Two Days” and MBC’s “Endless Challenge”, are becoming popular there.

One source who trades in Pyongyang said, “I rented ‘X-Men’ (a variety show on another big South Korean station, SBS), the show hosted by Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Seok, from a CD store; it was really entertaining.”

“One of the popular things with Pyongyang elementary and middle school students is the games they can see in this show,” he added.

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Source: Daily NK

Insooni is the best fangirl


Excerpt from In Sooni's "Musician's Choice" on Naver Music

The fourth album of In Sooni's choice : TVXQ's [5th album Why (Keep Your Head Down)]

As TVXQ's most recent album released in January, 2011, it is their first album in two years and three months since [MIROTIC] in September, 2008 as well as the group's first album since it became a two-member unit comprising of U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin. "TVXQ are artistes who no longer need any explanation. I love the lyrics to this song. I bump into them often at broadcasting stations these days because both of us are currently active, and I realized one day that I liked the song as I was listening to it. I really like the lyrics 'Shout! That you are the most beautiful being in this world/Shout! That I am the most beautiful being in this world'. Recently, I appeared on MBC Radio's [Starry Night] with TVXQ and we decided to create a team called 'DongBangSooniShinKi' because of Park Gyung Rim's on-the-spot request. All groups will inevitably break up no matter what. I, myself, came out of a girl group (Hui Sisters) too. I like both TVXQ and JYJ. I will support both teams."

Source: [Naver Music+Yuaerubi]
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She specifically chose Maximum from the album, which is where the lyrics she mentions comes from.

Cha Du Ri releases ‘Because Of The Liver’ digital single

Cha Du Ri has recently become part of a huge trend all over Korea.

The soccer player has gained immense popularity due to a CF for a certain medicine company, in which he sings a very catchy song. The lyrics for the song include, “Because of the liver, Because of the tired liver.” This song had been parodied by celebrities on many variety shows, and the song has an uncanny ability to get people hooked right away.

Due to its unbelievable popularity and high demand, a full digital version of the song, titled ‘Because Of The Liver’, was released.

The digital single is currently a big hit on music portal sites and is popular enough to even rank on the charts. All proceeds from the sales are planned to be donated.

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so adorbs.

Which 'Infinity Challenge' member is the most handsome?

Never short with creative ideas, MBC’s Infinity Challenge recently held a vote to find out who the most handsome member was. However, since all seven members are somewhat low on the hotness scale, it had been difficult to rate them solely on looks. The votes had to be held on a very massive scale to determine a true winner.

Using unedited, natural photos of the seven members, there were four different voting processes that took place: online votes, live votes, votes by plastic surgeons, and international votes.

In first place was Noh Hong Chul, who received 40.1% of the total votes. Park Myung Soo came in last, which was expected by the other members.

As the winner, Noh Hong Chul will be addressed as “handsome” on the show for a full year.

Who would you pick as the winner?

Source: Allkpop; MyDaily

However, since all seven members are somewhat low on the hotness scale
HDU Yoo Jae Suk is forever a god D:<

Who's the most handsome for you, Omona?
Julianne Moore
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Actor Kim gets suspended jail term

Actor Kim Sung-min

Popular actor Kim Sung-min was freed from jail Friday after receiving a suspended jail term for drug use.

The Seoul High Court sentenced him to 30 months in prison with the term suspended for four years for smuggling methamphetamine and using the drug as well as marijuana.

Kim was also ordered to pay 900,000 won in fines, take 40 hours of education on substance abuse and 120 hours of community service. He will also be under two years of probation.

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Source: Kim Rahn @ The Korea Times
{superjunior} kyuhyun - grin

Kyuhyun patiently has a conversation with a fan, like the snarky sweetheart he is.

Kyuhyun's conversation with a lucky fan who called his hotel room. This was when Super Junior were in china for the SS3 Encore in Shanghai.

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Credit: 海哒老婆@youku
20110305 酒店录音之精分的某人
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King of kpop talks about revamping his career and future goals

Over the past few years, Wheesung revealed that he had endured his fair share of hardships in his career. Although he’s made a fantastic comeback with “Words That Freeze My Heart“, the process leading up to it was a long and arduous one.

The singer left his first home, YG Entertainment, in 2006, and so took over writing, composing, choreography, and producing all on his own. But with the emergence of idol groups, broadcast opportunities dwindled and he began to think that he was falling behind.

He explained, “I didn’t have enough for production, so I couldn’t write or make anything, and I had to cut costs for my music videos as much as possible. In the midst of all of that, my popularity began falling, and every single day for me was like death. I had to go through that for four years, and honestly, it was extremely difficult.”

Lost and confused, he sought the support of senior Tae Jin Ah last October, and told him all of the troubles he was carrying. After listening to his story, Tae Jin Ah took Wheesung to his own entertainment agency, Jin Ah Productions, and introduced him to Eru, Maya, and many other artists by saying, “He is now our new family member.” The senior had formally taken him under his own wings.

Wheesung quickly grew under the warm wings of his new mentor, and finally, on March 15th, the singer overcame all obstacles and released his latest single, “Words That Freeze My Heart.”

He said, “I tried to shed off as much as I could and start anew. I consider it a success if people remember at least one portion of my song after listening to it. I realized that pursuing too much at once puts me at risk of losing everything.

With a fresh start underway, he revealed his future goal to be, “I want to be a singer that stands at the center of the music industry. Even though this is my 10th anniversary this year, I feel like I’ve only just finished preparing myself. I don’t know what it feels like to be 30 years old because I’m at a clean slate now with zero points.”


Such a flawless individual.  I wonder what's gonna happen to the industry when he stops producing and writing lyrics when he has to go in for military service...
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G-I-L-ME Baby is so flawless she's accused of undergoing plastic surgery

Singers Eun Ji Won, Gilme, and Typhoon have formed a new project group called ‘Clover’.

Their company, GYM Entertainment, has released new still cuts of Gilme, which earned her the new nickname, ‘Vampire’. This is because in the photos, Gilme bears a striking resemblance to the ‘Twilight‘ character Victoria, thanks to her striking red hair and subtely-gothic outfit.

Though many are marvelling over her new look, some are still whispering of her cosmetic surgery rumors. Last December, Gilme had become a hot issue after netizens spied her jacket picture for her digital single, ‘Why Am I Being An Idiot Like This’.

At that time, her company had denied all rumors of cosmetic surgery with, “Gilme is currently carrying out a completely full schedule. …When she doesn’t have schedules on a day, she doesn’t leave her house because of her own musical processes.”

With the renewed surge of interest in Gilme’s appearance, her company was forced to confront the rumors once more. “After the last rumors of plastic surgery, she didn’t have time to rest with the production of the recently made Clover’s mini album. We’re just going to be thankful for what we will think is much attention we are receiving from people.”

The group Gilme belongs to, Clover, will be releasing their title track ‘La Vida Loca’ on March 31st.


Best female rapper in Korea in years, imo