March 27th, 2011

박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

The flawless girl group INY's debut showcase

As previously reported, three-member girl group INY performed at their debut showcase on March 19th. Comprised of members Woorin, Ella, and Miyoo, the members were picked from a pool of musicians and trainees who were waiting to be matched with an entertainment agency.

The fiery group performed their debut single “Shake it! Shake it!” as well as the song “Maybe” from their album. They revealed their sexy sides for their title song and heated up the atmosphere by dancing energetically to “Maybe.” Lead vocalist Ella also showcased her powerful vocals by performing Ali’s “365 Days.”

Check out the performances from INY’s successful debut showcase below:
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makes me sad Eunbin isn't part of the group anymore I guess. :(
more videos on the channel btw

Yoseob in Gwanghamoon Sonata: article & fancams

The first time Yang Yoseob entered Sejong Cultural Center was to watch his ex-agency Mboat's sunbaenim Yoon Hyungryul acting in <Notre Dame in Paris> as Quassimodo. Even though he was in awe with his hyung filling up the stage with totally different appearace, he had no thought of doing what his hyung was doing. He just thought he would try singing the songs because there were so many good songs in the musical. He was a boy who only knew singing, but after only a few years, he stood on the stage as a musical actor.
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CREDITS: The Musical (SOURCE); SweetVoiceYS@B2ST RISING (TRANS); mybeastyboyx@youtube; xiaoyunification@youtube


Brian Joo releases a new single, “Shine (On Your Heart)”!

Philanthropist and and Fly to the Sky member Brian Joo is back with a new song!

He’s just released “Shine (On Your Heart)” from his upcoming single, “Propose“. With echoing guitar riffs and sweet lyrics, it’s an upbeat and catchy tune that sounds like it’s got the makings of a hit!

Check out the catchy pop number below:

And please remember to support Brian by purchasing his single through any one of these retailers: Naver, Daum, Mnet, Melon, Bugs, GomTV.

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[Viewpoint] Korea’s coming tsunami

As we witness the multiple calamities that beset Japan, we need to be aware that another kind of tsunami will eventually hit South Korea. But, unlike Japan, South Korea is woefully unprepared. The tsunami I’m referring to is a man-made one, coming from the north. No one knows the future of North Korea but few observers believe that the present government and order will last forever. With our neighbor’s demise, we must expect an onslaught of refugees.
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infinite ❝ woohyun ❞

110328 Infinite’s Album, Cannot Sell Because There’s None Left?

Ran out of 20,000 copies for the first time - Going to produce an additional 10,000 copies

Competing with Big Bang and DBSK on album chart rankings

The group, Infinite, has entered as ‘Album Eaters

All 20,000 copies of their new single that was released on the 17th, ‘Inspirit’, has been sold for the first time. Infinite is competing on Hanteo’s chart, the information site for total albums sold, with large seniors like DBSK and Big Bang. They were 4th place on the weekly chart for the 21st and were 4th on daily charts for the 26th and 27th.

A representative from Infinite’s company, Woollim Entertainment revealed, “We weren’t expecting the sales to be high because it’s a single and not an official album, but the needed quantity started increasing. Retail stores are running low so 10,000 more copies are being produced.”

The single’s title song, ‘Nothing’s Over’, is doing well on music charts. It is entering at a high rank on various music sites’ real time charts and is starting a heated competition.

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I'm honestly surprised. o _ o Maybe those kInspirits bought a ton of multiples for the cards? But I'm still proud of them nonetheless. ^^
And OT, but will there be a post for stripper!Namstar? :|
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Who Whore It Better: ex-roommates edition

2NE1's CL (right) and Wonder Girls' Sohee (left) both wore these Superball sneakers by Christian Louboutin a few weeks ago at the airport, as they were returning from Japan and Thailand, respectively.

So, Omona:

Who whore it better?

Omona! Sohee, of course.
CL, baddest female.
Both! True ~fashionistas~!
Neither. Ugly shoes are ugly.

Source: As tagged + Ly0209 @ soompi

Everyone's favorite variety show recieves backlash for cheating

SBS’s “Running Man“ is currently receiving some backlash from the public for using unfair ways to win a dinner game.

On March 27th, Jung Yonghwa and Daesung appeared as guests for the show and experienced going on a camping trip. In order to make dinner, the “Running Man” members were divided into two teams. Each team were given a mission to make separate dishes for dinner, with the best-tasting dish being declared as the winner. As such, two representatives from each team went to the local convenience store and bought ingredients for the challenge.

‘Team Blue’ chose Yoo Jae Suk and Daesung as their representatives, while ‘Team Red’ chose Kim Jong Gook and Song Ji Hyo. Hilariously, the ‘dumb and dumber’ pair were scolded by the blue team for not buying any seasoning, such as salt and pepper for the dish. In the end, Yoo Jae Suk decided that all could be saved by putting powdered ramen soup into the dish as its seasoning. This was a common ‘technique’ used in ‘Family Outing‘ every time a dish did not taste good.

After receiving praise from unaware team members for creating such as delicious tasting soup, Yoo Jae Suk sent a video message to Yoon Jong Shin, who first came up with this idea: “Jong Shin hyung, are you watching? Today you should try putting this in as well. It is really good. Today it is especially good.”

Although the segment was hilarious, viewers nevertheless showed a negative response as they said, “The team went against rules. The PD specifically stated, ‘You can’t put soup in,’ and the rule was even visible as subtitles but during the game Yoo Jae Suk’s team put soup in and still won.”

Furthermore, viewers also commented on the message boards, “Winning after going against the rules…” “I do not think I could view this with the kids. Is this a kind of show where they teach kids that cheaters win in the end?” and “Today’s episode was fun but I just did not understand the soup part.”

Source: Allkpop; Newsen

Jay Park and "hoardes of screaming fans" put on pants together

Jay Park recently led a dENiZEN-organized flash mob event in support of dENiZEN’s new jeans. A thousand people showed up for this event, which was held in a mall. After warming up the crowd with a short b-boy routine, Jay Park and his team of dancers began to perform the ‘dd dance’ with perfect synchornization.

Then, hordes of excited, screaming fans joined in to create a huge flash mob. Interestingly enough, the Jay facemasks that were distributed to fans created a Jabbawockeez-esque effect (although old Korean b-boy crews also wore facemasks).

If you’ve never seen Jay fanboys gettin’ funky (or Jay’s ahjumma fans for that matter), you’ll definitely need to see this video!
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Source: Allkpop; dENiZEN@youtube
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King of Variety injured, remains fierce and full of charm

ZE:A's member Hwang Kwanghee has an injury that will take 4 weeks to heal.

He lost his footing during the choreography practice for their first album title song "Here I am" and sprained his ankle ligaments.

Kwanghee said: "I'm just so sorry towards the members that I injured myself so early during promotions. I'm on the painkillers now and I'm taking part in the activities. I will do my best not to disturb the team!"

Star Empire's representative spoke on the matter: "We're upset by Kwanghee's unexpected injury but the members know each other the best while taking part in the activities. From now on, they will show even more hardworking selves."

Sources: Nate News+Empire Children
Translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren

^bet this is how kwanghee twisted his ankle


MC Yoo Jae Suk received quite the shock after being compared to world pop sensation, Justin Bieber.

The March 26th episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” featured the ‘You’re Beautiful special’, which saw people from the around the world pick the show’s most attractive members. Votes were gathered from overseas, online, as well as from plastic surgeons.

When the filming staff polled for opinions in New York City, they were stunned to discover a girl who compared Yoo Jae Suk to Justin Bieber. After looking at a picture of the MC without his glasses, she said, “His hairstyle is like Justin Bieber.” Hilariously, Yoo Jae Suk became extremely shocked after seeing a picture of himself and the idol side-by-side.

Meanwhile,Noh Hong Chul was picked to be the most attractive member, earning him the caption of “most beautiful” for a year on “Infinity Challenge”.

Source: TV Report akp

ch bus scene

YG trolls for BigBang or 2ne1?

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YG Entertainment has just unveiled a mysterious image on their official ‘YG-Life‘ blog.

Speculations are running rampant over the context of the message which was unveiled on the night of March 26th, which reads “I Hate This Love Song !“.

Considering how YGE is preparing for both 2NE1’s comeback and Big Bang’s 4.5 re-packaged album in April, we’re guessing that the two different colors in the message are hints at the two title tracks from the groups.

source: AKP