March 28th, 2011


Infinite - Inspirit Album Messages


Promotions for the 2nd mini album, where Infinite tried out many things, has ended. To show a better side of us to fans, we lost weight and wanted to show a more mature side for our music—-. Thank you so much looking at us nicely and we were really happy. We could gain more strength because we had partners called ‘Inspirits’. We will think of Inspirits and put more effort in, then show everyone our improving sides. I sincerely love you. Inspirit—-.

From Infinite’s head chief, Sunggyu


Our Infinite! I would like to first thank the Infinite members who worked all the individualities for the songs off our 2nd mini album, really well. I feel proud because I think we showed everyone a more perfect and improved stage. As expected from Infinite! As we learn things one by one, we are gradually rising in participation for everything. So we will concentrate more and soon! let’s make it so that the songs Infinite makes will be loved by the whole world!!! 

Infinite + Inspirit = Infinitely fighting!!!

From Infinite’s Choco Eyes, Dongwoo

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Source: hyejin @ infinite updates (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Daesung's butt was exposed!

Big Bang’s Daesung has been revealed to have been received a lot of love due to the exposure of his butt.

Hong Min Ji who recently took part in the recording of “Night After Night” exclaimed, “I’ve heard rumors about MC DAE that are shocking,” “Daesung has a really nice butt” she revealed.

She went on to say, “It happened at the time that Daesung appeared on the musical “Cats”, the costume was old and worn out, enough to be able to see his butt. At the time, all of the musical actress and staff were around witnessed his butt” she revealed Daesung’s embarrassing story.

Daesung responded to this by saying, “I didn’t know” but Hong Min Ji said, “No. Daesung knew. He could have easily told the costume team to change his clothes but he just put up with it“. Sending the studio into a frenzy of laughter. The episode will air on March 28th.

Source: daum
Translated: Sammi @ ibigbang


Lee Soo Man gives a Hallyu lecture to visiting Stanford University students

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On March 27th, SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man gave a lecture for 32 special students attending Stanford University’s business school who were in Korea recently.

As a part of the “Korea Global Study Trip 2001” program, Lee Soo Man lectured on the theory of CT (Culture Technology), while elaborating on with the aspects of SM’s successful globalization and business management strategies, which allowed them to become the leaders of the Hallyu wave today.

He focused especially on the topic of success, emphasizing the importance of passion and pursuing what one truly enjoys. With his witty humor and useful advice, Lee Soo Man was said to have captured the attention of every student in the room from start to finish.

Labelmates KangTa, Zhang Liyin, SNSD (Tiffany, Jessica) , SHINee (Minho, Key, Taemin) and f(x) (Krystal, Amber, Victoria) also attended the event.

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Source: Star News via Nate | allkpop

I'm sure most people will only care about another Amber sighting, but whatever, here's an article to go with it. I totally didn't notice Kangta in the picture at first.

Romantic Couch & Kim Wan Sun release MV teaser for “Like A Virgin”


Korea’s sexy queen of the ’80s, Kim Wan Sun, has collaborated with electronic indie band ‘Romantic Couch‘ for an exciting upcoming single titled “Like A Virgin“!

On March 25th, Romantic Couch released a captivating MV teaser featuring the idol, which quickly spread like wildfire across the community boards. Older netizens particularly were amused by the younger generation, as they scrambled to figure out who the elegant diva was.

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Source: Star News via Nate | allkpopclover103k

I just want to know what kind of a name Romantic Couch is. -.-

Project group ‘Clover’ reveals “La Vida Loca“ MV teaser


We reported earlier that Eun Ji Won was coming back with a new collaboration group called ‘Clover‘, which he created with Typhoon and Gilme. To build up the hype for their debut, the trio has just unleashed their hot MV teaser!

Eun Ji Won explained beforehand, “I’ve been working with them for a while, and I often thought that if the three of us came together as a group, we’d be able to pursue the type of music we wanted to. We’re all passionate about the same genre of music, which was the basis for us getting together.”

He continued, “This project album won’t feature any of the auto-tune and hooks that are so popular with mainstream music. Instead, we’ll be writing and composing everything in order to produce something unique to ourselves.”

The album’s official release is set for the 31st!

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source: allkpop | AsianDream2011

sounds like it could be awesome!

BoA is practically pocket size


Singer BoA has revealed her tiny stature! The star uploaded this hilarious picture of her and her 2m-tall bodyguard, and netizens were amused by the drastic height difference between them.

On March 27th, she wrote, “Look at this bodyguard!! 7ft!!! Huge!!!

Though she stands at almost 160cm, BoA looked as though she’s shrunk into a mini-version of herself. Her shocked facial expression caused fans to laugh at her goofy side.

Netizens commented, “BoA is really tiny!,” “The bodyguard ajusshi is ginormous!,” “At least we know she’s protected,” and “We probably wouldn’t be able to see her if she stood behind him.”

Source: TV Report via Nate | allkpop | twitter
idk, she's adorable♥

[Heart to Heart] tracklist and cover unveiled !

"4minute countdown has begun [Heart to Heart]"
Big girl group 4minute's return is launched. With 'Hot Issue' and 'Muzik' in 2009 and 'HUH' in 2010, they have established themselves as hit makers. Combining music, fashion and performances at the same time, their equally molded appeals have been acknowledged. In spring 2011, they underwent 200-day-long preparations and now make their comeback to the music industry. They head off with the title track 'Heart to Heart' of their new concept that brings a mature charisma that can also be described as captivating.

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Sources: 4-minutes Forum & Melon
so pist it's not a full album but w/e. rumors have it they'll have 2nd follow up mini like with b3st

SJ-Marvelous can't go anywhere because of stalker fans

Really fulfilling their wish to have a long stay in Taiwan, but SJ-M expressed in dismay that: "Can't leave the house, because no matter where we go there would be people following (us) around...". Super Junior had just finished three consecutive concerts in Taiwan in the middle of the month, its subunit SJ-M, which aims to develop in the Chinese market, came to Taiwan quietly the other day to prepare for a long stay. The members even joked in Chinese, saying that: "Look for us to film advertisements, the prices are negotiable". Even though they would like to blend in more with the life in Taipei, but because they have too many fans following them around, they were unable to move around freely, and replied to the media in dismay, saying that: "We can't really go out".

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Source: Yahoo Taiwan
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Seoul to shut problematic nuclear reactors after month-long tests

South Korea will carry out extensive safety checkups on all of the nation's 21 nuclear reactors over the next month, with any problematic ones to be shut down, officials said Monday as they took urgent moves after massive radiation leaks from Japan's quake-crippled nuclear plant in Fukushima.

Under the latest measure announced after a nuclear safety meeting presided over by Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik, the government will conduct intensive inspections of all 21 reactors nationwide, particularly those built over 20 years ago, by April 22, said the officials.

The safety inspections will also be carried out under a simulation in which multiple disasters strike the nation, including an earthquake, tsunami, power failure and radiation leaks, the officials at the Prime Minister's Office said.

South Korea currently operates 21 nuclear reactors located at four nuclear power plants, which produce some 36 percent of the country's electric power output, while thermal power generation accounts for 63 percent. South Korea currently ranks as the fifth-largest nuclear energy producer in the world.

The government said it will continue to maintain the government's nuclear energy policy, while placing more emphasis on safety.

South Korea plans to construct five more reactors by 2014 and two others by 2017 in a bid to secure a stable energy supply and help tackle climate change.

"We should come up with complete countermeasures against nuclear disaster, based on analysis of Japan's radiation leaks and the results of the upcoming tests," said Kim, calling for the government to keep close tabs on the situation in Japan.

Source: yonhapnews
Wanna One Energetic

Kim Dongwan Cast As The Lead In The Musical "Hedwig"!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is Liveworks Company.
We will be announcing a bit of long-awaited news about Dongwan's acting activities.

Kim Dongwan has been cast as the star for the musical , which will start showing in May.

The musical has become one of the most popular musicals in Korea since its first show in 2005,
and tomorrow official news on the cast for the 2011 musical will be released.

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Sources: Liveworks Company and
Photo: AbsolutShinhwa

Congrats Dongwan~! ♥
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Actress Song Ji Hyo has chosen an unexpected male celebrity as her ideal man.

On March 27th, MBC’s Section TV Entertainment revealed an interview with Song Ji Hyo where the reporter held an ideal man world cup, consisting of all the men the actress worked with, in order to figure out her ideal type.

During the initial rounds, Song Ji Hyo chose unexpected figures, as she showed preference for Yoo Jae Suk over Song Joong Ki. Furthermore, she also chose Song Il Gook over Im Chang Jung and Gary over Jo In Sung.

Additionally, during the final rounds, the actress had to choose between Yoo Jae Suk, Song Il Gook, and Gary. Out of the three male figures, Song Ji Hyo surprised by choosing Gary as the winner.

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Source: Newsen akp
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Fans want Big Bang to cancel or postpone their 'Love & Pain Tour' in Japan

Idol group BIGBANG’s Japan tour faced with strong opposition from their fans. BIGBANG is scheduled to have their Japan tour on May 10th and 11th in Osaka, and from May 13th till 15th, they will hold the concerts in Makuhari Messe.

Moreover, they will also hold concerts in Nagoya on May 17th and 18th. That means a total of 7 concerts will be held according to the the original plan. However, on 11th of March, an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude occurred in the north east part of Japan. Afterwards, tsunamis hazards emerged together with the threats of radiation explosions.

The whole Japan is facing emergency situation. Even though the Japanese government has spared all of their efforts in dealing with the critical situation, the nuclear radiation threat from Fukushima is still hard to be contained. A number of Japan concerts has already been cancelled.

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Korean source: donga news
Korean to Japanese translation: happyrichlife @ameblo
Japanese to English translation: Rice @ bigbangupdates

Source: bigbangupdates
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Sohee’s fashion secret, discovered?

Recently a fashion community cafe analyzed Sohee’s fashion clothes and much to their surprise they discovered her ’secret’, which is her way of coordinating old clothes and upgrading it into something new.

A netizen said “Back in 2008, Sohee was wearing that same black coat that she was seen wearing recently at the airport”, and continued saying he would look for more identical clothes.

After looking for more photos of Sohee with identical clothes the netizen noticed that she was wearing a striped shirt when she debuted and when she was doing a broadcast. She was also spotted wearing a red knitted dress at a fansigning event 2 years ago and at the end of last year. She was also seen wearing the black coat at a fashion show event. The shoes, bag, and hats are not the only fashion items. She occasionally wears a red knitted hat at airports, concerts, and when there is no broadcasts.

The netizen added “Sohee’s way of fashion is that she uses old clothes and coordinates it into something new” and “she doesn’t just pick random luxurious items but instead she coordinates to look nice”.

Another netizen stated “Even if I wear clothes for one day it’ll look old but Sohee seems to manage hers pretty well”.

Others flooded her with praise stating “Such meticulous fashion sense. I think it’s prudent”, “Exposed shift-wear mania?”, “peculiar way of managing clothes”.

Sources: Money Today Korea (original Korean), wonderr23 @ soompi (translation), WonderfulsWorld
Wanna One Energetic

New Asian American group AZIATIX releases “Go” on iTunes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A new Asian American group has arrived on the scene. Consisting of members Eddie Shin, Flowsik, and Nicky Lee the group fuses both smooth R&B and Hip-Hop. Earlier today, their debut single, “Go” was released on iTunes!

The group was produced by Jae Chong, most famous for his role in the old school R&B group SOLID. In addition you may already be familiar with Flowsik as he was also recently featured on the track, “Love You” with JYJ and also Ice-T made an appearance in one of his MV’s.

You can check out the teaser for “Go” below and also support them by purchasing their music on iTunes!

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Source: allkpop,, and

Eddie Shin's voice is gorgeous. It makes me sad that they'll get passed over.

Infinite in your news, stealin' your headliners

Group Infinite showed their satisfying feelings of the growing popularity of their 3rd single album ‘Inspirit’.

Infinite who had an interview on the morning of the 28th, was asked what the feel of the fans reactions were after the release of the 3rd single album and answered “We think the reactions are better than when were promoting our second mini album, BTD. It feels like we have gotten higher on the music charts and there are now many fans who follow the cheering when we perform. We also have seen a lot of fans who smile at us like a mother”.

Also the members answered “We think a lot of fans are loving us because of the cute fresh concept seeing as the season is spring. At each performance we put in different adlibs and there are lot of fans who watch our cheeky sides carefully” and explained their driving popularity.


There you go, another 'stop the presses' news release about Infinite. But admit it, everyone's just going to lap up every single word of it as if it were the last Bacon Tomato Deluxe in existence.

And forever lol-ing at the "smile at us like a mother" line. Smile at you like filthy minded pedo-noonas is more like it. Oh those naively innocent boys.


JYJ's Kim Jaejoong won the Shorty Award for celebrity beating out competition such as Justin Beiber and Heechul. He is also the only nominated Asian artist to win an award.
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Congrats Jaejoong! even if the show was a mess and we didn't get to hear or see an acceptance speech , Post Title courtesy of Lady captainmarvel herself.