March 29th, 2011


Yangpa denies plastic surgery rumors

Singer Yangpa finally returned from a four-year hiatus with her new mini-album ”Elegy Nouveau” yesterday. Unfortunately, many netizens are focusing on the rumors of her getting plastic surgery instead of her new music.

Her agency Core Contents Media decided to address the rumors through Star News, and they stated: ”For the past year, Yangpa was busy producing her album and never even had the time for plastic surgery. People are looking at this album jacket photo and making claims that she’s undergone plastic surgery, but that is not the truth at all. If she wanted to do plastic surgery, she would have done it long ago.

Previously, Yangpa admitted to the image changes in a separate interview with Star News. “Even when I look at my album picture, I can see that it looks a bit different from how I normally look. Stylists gave me a specific make-up style to emphasize the album’s fantasy concept, and the pictures were also processed through photoshop as well.

Her agency emphasized again, “Yangpa has not done any plastic surgery at all for this album. Anyone who has seen her recently will know.

put your red dress on, put your lipstick on

miss A to become ambassadors of "Together Day"

On March 29th, it was announced that miss A would be appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors of the 4th annual “Together Day.”

This event was first celebrated back in 2008 by the Korean government to promote respect and understanding between Koreans and foreigners living in the country. Since then, May 20th has become the official "Together Day," with activities celebrated throughout the week.

A ceremony will be held on April 4th at the Ministry of Justice building in Gwachaeon, Gyeonggi-do at 2:00PM, where miss A will receive their honorific title. After the ceremony, they will begin to promote and make appearances at events as the Goodwill Ambassador of “Together Day”.

As a popular multinational group with Korean and Chinese members, miss A seems to be the perfect fit for the job.

Meanwhile, the girls are currently gearing up to prepare for their first studio album.

fierce unnies and dongsaengs bringing people together! and brb, losing my shit right now.
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Another Block B practice video + Member positions revealed!


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Translated by International Block, an International forum dedicated to Brand New Stardom's upcoming boy group, Block B. + Yumi's twitter

Jaehyo for your time, tyvm. And for those of you who got confused, Zico is leader with Kyung being the main rapper. Jaehyo and U-Kwon are vocalists and dancers, and Minhyuk/B-Bomb is the prodigy Cho P.D keeps bragging about. members Taeil and Jihoon/P.O. have yet to be revealed, but Jihoon does have a twitter.

lee min ho's collarbones create riot at airport and in panties

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While moving through the terminal, Lee Min Ho’s trendy airport fashion caught the eyes of many fashionistas. The star was on his way to Thailand to film for his new drama, ”City Hunter“, and he captivated many with his effortless look.

Dressed in a sleek black t-shirt with a black cardigan and grey slacks, he completed his look with a touch of color from his backpack. Fans also noted that his slightly wavy hair gave him a freer look to his overall style, making him look both modern and chic.

In his new drama, Lee Min Ho will be playing the role of ‘Lee Yoo Sung’ an MIT graduate who is now a part of the Blue House’s national communication networks team.

“City Hunter” will begin airing on May 25th.

source: allkpop, nate

hot holy damn in the pants. boy looks fiiiiooone.
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Penelope is pretty.
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KPOP is all about the visual experience?

KPOP, Lock and Drop It

In with the Korean Wave spreading across Asia (and slowly but surely trickling into the United States) rushes a specific dance style and form that is KPOP, or Korean Pop for all you unfamiliar with the term. It’s even found its way into Stony Brook University, which has a large international Korean and Korean-American population. It usually consists of synchronized, group movement that resembles a mix between hip-hop and the classic pop dancing of the boy-band era of in 90’s.

Unlike the United States’ music industry, Korea has clung to their boy bands and are not letting go anytime soon.  These bands range in size from about four to thirteen members, all of whom must be top-notch dancers and presumably decent singers (but that is nothing a little auto-tuning cannot fix) in order to make the cut.

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Source: Alyssa Carrol @ THiNK Magazine

This is only an article from a university magazine, but I thought it might raise an interesting debate.

seongjong is the new ant-waist idol

Infinite’s member Sungjong revealed his waist size to be 24 inches.

In appearing on SBS “Strong Heart” which aired on the 29th, Sungjong spoke up about his feminine image as he said, “My waist is 24 inches,” leaving the others to stare at him in shock.

Jung Juri commented, “But my waist size is 28 inches,” showing her shock and slight regret in revealing it later on.

Sungjong said, “Before, I didn’t need to shave since I didn’t grow any facial hair and it was convenient, but now that I’m in high school, I see the changes in my body” and “I shave once every month.”

Sungjong even revealed how he received a confession from a guy after being misunderstood for a girl.

Sungjong confessed, “I went to school and I received a love confession from a male senior of mine who misunderstood me for a girl” and “I didn’t want to leave him in shock, so I left the scene.”

trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates
sauces: money today, infiniteupdates

Jessica works her bitchface on the runway for Seoul Fashion Week

The F/W Seoul Fashion Week show began on March 29th at noon at the Seoul Exhibition and Trade Center.

A variety of actors as well as Girls' Generation's Jessica participated in the opening of the show.

This year, 36 national representative designers, including Lee Sang Bong, Gee Choon Hee, and Song Zio will be participating. Also, the 2011 F / W Seoul Fashion Week will have 114 attendees from 17 countries, including people involved in the Vancouver Fashion Week and a buyer from the luxurious UK department store Harvey Nichols.

In particular, the 'Fashion Takeoff' program will be created this year. 9 next-generation designers were chosen to partake in a 'Business-Focused Professional Purchasing Show'.

In addition to that, there is a large amount of money being raised for the recent earthquakes in Japan. Seoul Fashion Week is donating all of the profits of its relay events to the tragedy through the Japanese Red Cross.

The Seoul Fashion Week show lasts from March 28th to April 2nd, for a total of 6 days.
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Translated by: , Source: Newsen, sonefunny@youtube

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Massive water pollution detected near livestock burial sites

A large number of underground water sources near livestock burial sites nationwide have shown high rates of organic contaminants, the Environment Ministry said Tuesday, raising concern over widespread environmental pollution caused by livestock disease and culling.

The ministry and a state water research center said they have jointly examined water quality at about 3,000 underground water sources within a 300-meter radius of animal burial sites across the nation to see whether they were affected by the massive burial of animals.

According to their first assessment, 143 sources showed high rates of bacteriological contamination beyond water quality standards set by the environment authority.

"The first round of analysis showed that a considerable number of underground water sources contained pollutants beyond the standard," said an official at the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI). "We are analyzing details of whether the water sources were polluted by leachate from the burial sites or contaminated from waste water from nearby cattle sheds."

The results were released after South Korea last week eased a nationwide alert against foot-and-mouth disease, which has cost some US$2.6 billion over the past four months. Since the first case was confirmed in late November, the government has slaughtered 3.4 million livestock.

The ministry said it will notify nearby residents not to use the contaminated water. It will also conduct additional inspections to identify specific materials and announce the detailed results as soon as possible, officials noted.

Abnormal levels of nitrogenous compounds generally indicate pollution, as most of the nitrogen found in water originates from the decay of the remains of plants and animals.

Source: koreaherald

Fans rave over 4minute Jihyun’s new ‘carrot hair’

Earlier today, 4minute unveiled their music video for “Heart to Heart“, which saw the girls exchange their strong, sexy image for something lighter and more flirty.

Fans gushed, “It’s the best, a completely new image to 4minute!”. Out of the five members, however, leader Nam Jihyun garnered the most praise with her new hairstyle. Dyed orange, her hair is wrapped high above her head, which made it look like a carrot.

A representative of Cube Entertainment revealed, “In order to achieve her carrot hair, Nam Jihyun had to spend three hours with her stylist.”

Fans commented, “It looks like soft ice cream,” “She looks like a rabbit and her hair is a carrot!,” and “Crunchy crunchy carrot Jihyun.”

Sources: allkpop & Nate

More Infinite in the news, stop the presses

Group ‘Infinite’ has had a record rising up to #3 on the album sales charts after CNBlue and DBSK.

Their 3rd single album ‘Inspirit’ which was released on the 17th went up to the #2 spot on the Hanteo charts and now has recorded up to 20,000 album sales.

On the 26th Hanteo charts, Infinite has taken after the #3 spot after popular idol groups CN Blue and DBSK who recently had a comeback. As a rookie group, Infinite pulled out a attentive result.

Infinite who has comback with new title song ‘Nothing’s Over’, has been gathering interests of many female fans due to the ‘whining dance’ and the line which says ‘You can’t meet another man’.

Also, Infinite’s ‘Come back again’ and ‘She’s back’ has gotten hold of the #1 spot on Japan’s biggest mobile site and has gained hot interests.


So proud of them rn.

An interview with SNSD's Jessica and designer Son Jungwan

Lady, to woman.... woman, to maestro

"I shouted out as soon as I saw her. I don't want to be remembered as just cute idol. Find me characteristics that I didn't know that I had myself."
"Lady who just appeared in front of me....her sophisticated youth, elegant look inspired me from deep inside."

I was hungry, impatient, and needed someone. Then, meeting between Son Jungwan and Girls' Generation Jessica - "Designer and muse' the second story.

"I was hungry for challenge. I was needlessly impatient for thinking that I shouldn't settle for current success. I needed young muse that need to move me, and then I met Jessica. As soon as I saw her, I thought 'Ah, she can inspire me'.(Son Jungwan)

"I was the one who found her first. 3~4 years ago, I was avaricious wanting to get out of image as cute idol singer. I remember what I shouted as soon as I saw her. 'Help me find me characteristics that I didn't know that I had myself!'" (Jessica)

Designer Son Jungwan(52) and idol group Girls' Generation member Jessica(22, Jung Sooyeon), met for first time 4 years ago. The relationship started when Jessica came to Son's fashion show and greeted. At then, they didn't know each other.
They met at perfect timing unexpectedly, in a way that they both wanted to break out of the barrier of desires they had. Like that, they just had brief greetings and had its turning point.

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Translated by 오이사랑싴
Source: Chosun

lol that first picture is so badly shopped
박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

Kim Tae Woo talks about possible g.o.d. comeback

g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo recently opened up a discussion about future plans for the group’s reunion.

On March 29th, this singer made a guest appearance on “Strong Heart” and was asked the question, “Don’t you miss the days back when you were a part of G.O.D?”. In response, Kim Tae Wooanswered, “Sometimes I do call the members and say, ‘We should reunite one day,’ but I don’t think now is the time.

The singer added, “When we become stable with our individual activities, I think that the five of us will gather together.” Afterwards, Kim Tae Woo sang g.o.d’s ‘Friday Night’ from their second album, which ushered in a mood of reminiscing from the older cast and awe from the younger.

Source: Newsen
cr: akp

i want this back sfb, i'll wait 10 years if that means having them back together just once, OT5.

Kim Jae (Uck) Wook to Star in a Musical

Actor Kim Jae Wook and singer Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan will star together in a musical, “Hedwig“.

The most exciting piece of news is that the two will play transgender rockers. How interesting might that be?

The show starring this cast will run from May 14th till August 21st, and in addition to these two, Choi Jae Woong, Jo Jung Seok, and others will star in it as well.


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Source: AKP via Newsen via Nate

Junhyung The Fact

Amazing article with the B2st Fucking Six

The Beasts That Overcomes Failure and Improves Strongly

The phrase “So Beast!” is commonly used between the young Americans to describe an awesome and cool person. For the group of 6 males, the name BEAST stuck with them because they had the strong determination that they will show off their best on the big stage. Almost as if their name proved it, their stages were powerful and even extravagant. Their stages even had the abilities to convince anyone to say ‘So Beast’ by just looking at the stage. Doojoon, one of the members from BEAST, stated with a smile on his face, “Since it hasn’t been long since we debuted, there are many things we still haven’t showed off. We will work hard to be artists that works hard to show the people of Japan a better performance and stage.”

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source: PlayB2st, B2STRISING
translation: yongism@B2STRISING
Candy Butterflies

Vibe, Big Mama, & 4Men Join Forces for a Project Album

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Tailruns Media, a label that houses notable vocal groups such as Vibe, Big Mama, and 4Men, recently revealed that they will be coming together for a project album named, ‘T Project’ that will feature all of their artists.

The album was in planning for nearly a year and will not disappoint. The artists will form unit groups and have decided to promote and perform the album. The company stated that the name was decided as ‘T Project’ because the letter “T” had multiple meanings, such as: Together, Talent, Timeless, Today, Tray, Trump, To be, Top, Turn Up, Trust, and Turning point.

Three of Korea’s most respected vocal groups merging together into one? Get ready for some intense eargasm, as everything will be revealed on April 4th.

Source: AKP via mydaily

I seriously did not know how to tag this since none of these groups have tags and I absolutely REFUSE to call them nugus.

4Minute's shocking reversed style: 4Minute's swept music charts!

For 4Minute's comeback, Cube Entertainment revealed a reversed version of what fans have been expecting. On the 29th, 4Minute's brand-new single "Heart To Heart" has been unveiled at midnight KST, as well as its music video starring CNBLUE's JungShin, a few hours before.

The girl group experienced immediate success with their new song, topping various Korean music charts and reaching the #1 spot on real time charts.

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Sources: 4-minutes Forum & Nate

T-ara Eunjung confirmed for We Got Married, filming begins today

T-ara’s Eunjung has been confirmed for MBC’s “We Got Married“!

According to information revealed by her representatives, Eunjung has already begun filming her first segment.

As for the new ‘bride’, Eunjung shared, “I will take part in the recording with a dream of becoming a real couple, just like Hwang Jung Eum unni. I want to provide a new sort of entertainment to the viewers of ‘We Got Married’ with something that sets us apart from the other couples.

Stay tuned for more updates on her partner!

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ZE:A's Junyoung slips in bathroom, breaks face.

ZE:A’s leader, Moon Junyoung, has suffered an orbital fracture after slipping in his bathroom.

According to representatives, Junyoung slipped on the floor of his bathroom after a shower on March 29th, causing a fracture to the bone around his eye as he fell. He was rushed to a hospital in Shinchon and received immediate treatment.

They revealed, “There was water on the floor when he stepped out, causing him to slip and hit his face on the sink and then the toilet. He’s suffered an orbital fracture, but examination results say that it’s not possible for him to go into surgery yet because his face is severely swollen. The hospital told him to come back for surgery after the swelling has gone down, so he has been discharged for now. ”

Considering how fellow member Kwanghee is also recovering from an ankle injury, ZE:A fans have been expressing their concerns over the group’s health.

For the time being, ZE:A will promote with eight members.

Sources:Sports Soul via. Nate+Allkpop

A bunch of accident prone klutz' tbh. well get well soon...
cover up, excuse for surgery, etc. etc.

Eunjung’s husband for “We Got Married” revealed!

Ever since we announced that T-ara’s Eunjung was picked up to be the new ‘wife’ for MBC’s “We Got Married“, the site has been buzzing over who her lucky husband would be. Unfortunately for all you “Dream High” fans, it’s not her former co-star, Kim Soo Hyun.

In fact, Eunjung’s husband will be none other than actor Lee Jang Woo (25)!

Lee Jang Woo debuted as an actor back in 2006, and is currently starring in the KBS2TV daily drama, “Smile Donghae“. Interestingly enough, he’s the cousin to singer/actor Hwanhee, who also participated in previous seasons for ”We Got Married”.

The new couple began filming on the afternoon of March 30th, and their first episode will be aired sometime in April.

original source; nate
translation source; allkpop

So... Hwanhee's cousin, hm? Very interesting.