April 12th, 2011

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Orange Caramel's "Bangkok City" to be released physically; After School full album?!

Orange Caramel has been experiencing success with "Bangkok City" through sales of the digital single itself as well as on shows like Music Bank. It looks like parent company Pledis Entertainment has taken notice, especially since fans have taken to calling the office's phone lines regarding the track.

Representatives from Pledis Entertainment have stated that, due to tremendous response to the song, "Bangkok City" will be released as a physical single this week. The physical copy will feature comments from the members as well as concept photos.

Additionally, it was revealed that After School's full album is in its final stages of preparation. Pledis Entertainment confirmed that it will also be released soon.

Are you excited for both releases?

Source: Koreaboo, After School Daze

how Seungri + YG's new producers made an album in a week.


  1. Seungri's non-variety, professional and mature side
  2. His realization that he was a pain to work with
  3. His love for GD
  4. His passion
  5. New YG producers (PK and DEE.P) who are really talented and good-looking
  6. Bonus acoustic snippets of his songs

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I actually checked his lyrical ability after I watched this. The boy did good. I love his song OUTRO (In My World).

source: nodalikes
TVXQ : Yunho U-Know
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Kim Kyung Jin brings all the boys to the yard

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin revealed a shocking fashion look!

On April 12th, Kim Kyung Jin updated his Twitter with, “This is the latest spring fashion: see-through look. I am 8-proportioned (the ideal perfect proportion), right?”, and uploaded the above picture of himself.

The comedian is seen wearing a rolled-up white tank top and white briefs underneath a sheer black shirt. Oddly enough, Kim Kyung Jin actually does seem like he is 8-proportioned.

Horrified, netizens balked, “Ack! It’s early in the morning but my eyes…” “This is the see-through look that I don’t want to see again!” and “This is the style that only Kim Kyung Jin and Noh Hong Chul can successfully wear.”

Source: allkpop and Ilgan Sports via Yahoo! Korea

uhm, no netizens, only joejjang can pull off this look.

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New Japanese album for Big Bang. This time, it'll actually be in Japanese!

Korean boy band BIG BANG has just revealed that they will release their second Japanese album in May!

According to the new banner at the top of the group’s official Japanese website, their next album “BIGBANG 2″ will hit stores on May 11th. This will be their second release of 2011 as a group, their first being their Korean comeback mini-album.

Since no other information has been revealed, Japanese VIPs should continue checking their website for more news on this exciting new album.

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Limited Edition A comes with a G-Dragon cell phone strap, while Limited Edition B comes with a V.I Magnet.


4minute on their kneepads, choreography, and girl group competition

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kneepads aren’t accessories one would normally associate with girl group outfits. When put on 4minute, however, even the most mundane of items turn into something special and eye-catching.

Although they’ve already been put on the chopping block numerous times for their provocative choreography, their powerful kneepad-requiring ’spread leg’ dance not only put their male fans in a frenzy, but still managed to catch headlines and separate them from their peers.

Gayoon revealed, “We decided to wear kneepads a day before our first broadcast. We never even thought of it until then; how foolish of us (laughter).”

Maknae Sohyun added, “We actually thought of wearing long pants instead because our legs were already so bruised from rehearsals. All we wanted to do was show our best, so we really didn’t feel any pain.”

Their “Mirror, Mirror” comeback, although controversial, has captivated fans with 78 repetitions of the term ‘mirror’, and of course, their ’spread leg’ dance. The members themselves, however, claim that they had not anticipated the controversy.

HyunA commented, “It’s sexy. Definitely not anything cute (laughter). I was so into our performance that I didn’t know why people were raving over it at first.”

Jiyoon stated, “I think our female fans feel vicarious through our powerful and confident images. They’re our biggest strengths, but with our recent comeback, I feel that we’ve gotten a lot more male fans. I should be happy, right? (laughter).”

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Sources: allkpop & Nate

i'm meena you're yoona

[Daum Exclusive] IU's star interview revealed!

What's this celebrity been up to 'yozm*'? [NOTE: 'yozm/yojeum' means 'recently']
Of the questions submitted to Daum yozm, 30 were selected for an exclusive interview with IU!

Through her promotions for "Good Day", "The Story Only I Didn't Know" and "Cruel Fairytale", IU stands out from amongst the flood of idols, capturing the hearts of fans with her unique sound and color. Recently appearing in a drama, as an actress and through other various activities, she continues to show new sides to herself. Seeing IU tell us of her future plans so calmly and steadily, she didn't come across as a young 18-year-old girl but as 'singer IU' instead.

Looking forward even more to her future activities, let's go straight into IU's interview!

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Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU.com
Editing: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
Source: Daum
Credit: WeHeartIU

long, but worth a read, especially part 2

Kwon Sohyun's cute thankful greetings for the fans' supporting event "Kyaak! 4nias are the best♥"

Girl group 4minute's member Kwon Sohyun uploaded a proof-shot of her thankful greetings for the fans' supporting event. On April 10th, Sohyun uploaded on her personal twitter the message "Kyaak~~ 4NIAs~~~ are the best♥ We enjoyed the 'supporting event' meals you fans offered~~ They were really delicious. Proof-shot of us eating the 'supporting event' meals !!!!" and sent the fans her thankful greetings.

In the picture, Sohyun is showing the meals that the fans offered through their supporting event and she is seen holding the chopsticks between her teeth. In another picture that she took with 4minute members Kim Hyunah and Jeon Jiyoon, Sohyun is seen sporting a cute facial expressions and holding her bowl while Hyunah is seen holding the chopsticks in her mouth and puffing out her cheeks.

The netizens who saw the pictures commented: "Your hairstyle is so cute!", "The Korean cuisine gives you strength ! You have to eat well and work hard on your promotion activities." "4minute who is eating their fill, fighting for today too".

Meanwhile, on April 10th, 4minute's official fanclub prepared meals to cheer for 4minute who was filming for SBS Inkigayo on that day.

Sources: 4-minutes International Forum & NATE

Jeon Jiyoon received an IV treatment due to her health condition

4minute, who made their comeback on April 7th, attended all the music shows of the week-end and met their fans. They faced trouble because of the cold 4minute's Jiyoon caught just before their comeback, though. And as it was not possible to modify their already-planned schedule that easily, her agency and the people she works with got even more concerned.

Jiyoon eventually received an IV treatment and went on fulfilling her scheduled activities with an impressive bravery.

A representative revealed "We were a lot concerned about Jiyoon's cold. She couldn't even eat meals with the members" and "She has always been eager to make her comeback so she received an IV treatment and had the courage to perform on stage. We were just so thankful."

He added "We don't demand her to do much so her health condition can improve".

Sources: 4-minutes International Forum & Newsen

EDIT: forgot the pic! srry, shanny_w!
[Korean] Animation *in shock* (Kangin)

Click-B's Comeback Single Released!

Eight years after disbanding, Click-B has reunited and released two new songs that were produced entirely by the members themselves. Vocalists: Kim Tae Hyung, Oh Jong Hyuk & Yoo Hosuk (Evan), Rapper: Woo Yun Suk, Guitar: No Min Hyuk, Bass: Kim Sang Hyuk, Drums: Ha Hyun Gon


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Source: TheFredoommk@youtube

*crying tears of joy* They sound amazing and both songs are sooooo good!

Edit: Leader Kim Tae Hyung won't be joining them for this comeback. I don't know the reason why ;__;

4minute dominates Big Bang on online charts; experiences huge influx of fans!

4minute's 'Mirror, Mirror' ranked first on various online music charts.

In the afternoon of April 12th, 4minute beat Big Bang's 'Love Song' on various online music charts such as Mnet, Dosirak, Soribada, Cyworld, Monkey3. They swept the first spot and are now seen dominating the charts.

At first, 4minute, who released 'Mirror, Mirror' and 'Heart to Heart' previously, kind of struggled on online music charts. However, through their fancy performances and stage mannerism, they have captivated music fans and hence skyrocketed up online music charts.

They demonstrated the power of a typical girl group that relies on performances. The performances of their two title tracks, in which the dynamics are evenly distributed, entertained the music fans. They have been praised for their overwhelming performances : not only the cute dance routine that matches the mood of the songs but also the "mirror dance" and the "sweeping floor dance", their movements and their facial expressions when acting on stage have been enjoyed by the fans.

Sources: 4-minutes International Forums & Nate

this is karma for big bang plagiarizing U2 tbh!

Taemin and Minho make lovely shoes together.

On April 14th, street casual brand ‘Converse‘ opened their “Moving Custom Studio” event at a parking lot in Apgujungdong, Seoul.

The “Converse Moving Custom Studio” features a 5-ton truck loaded with a digital printing system that provides customers the opportunity to create their own unique look, complete with illustrations and initials. The digital printing system on board allows customers to print their look on the spot.

Stars that attended the event this afternoon included KARA’s Hara, SHINee’s Minho and Taemin, and actresses So Yi Hyun and Choi Kang Hee.

The event will run nationwide for six months from April to September.

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Sources: here@ AllKPop; here@ SFI; image credits as tagged.

ngl, i want to go there like burning. and awww, i see my babies up there! by which i mean my turquoise Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high tops, ofc. i'll admit though, taemin's looking kind of adorable; he should keep the hair.
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Seulong chose JYPE after being rejected from YG; Wooyoung auditioned for Wonder Girls?

On April 11th, 2AM’s Seulong guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and revealed that he had rejected JYP Entertainment while aiming to get into YG Entertainment.

He confessed, “Before I joined my current agency, JYP, I had auditioned for YG. I passed their first round so I thought I’d try out for JYP for practice sake and actually got in. In order to get into YG, though, I rejected JYP.

Seulong continued, “I ended up getting eliminated from YG, and fortunately JYP called back which is how I was able to become the 2AM member that I am today.”

Labelmate 2PM’s Wooyoung claimed to have a similar experience by exclaiming, “Before my debut, I saw the audition for choosing the Wonder Girls members. Other than me, there were a few other guys that seemed adventurous. It was the audition Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun got into!” Although confused with his rather random statement, the studio burst into laughter over Wooyoung’s story anyway.

Check out the full broadcast on April 11th at 11:15 PM KST.

Source: AKP & Naver

lmao Woo.
But perhaps I've said too much [Raptor]

SM, YG, JYP Total Revenue Hit Record High in 2010

KPOP’s top three management agencies, SM Entertainment (SME), YG Entertainment (YGE), and JYP Entertainment (JYPE), have recorded all-time high revenues in 2010, exceeding 150 billion won (137 million USD) in total when combined together, local media Star News Money Today reported in an exclusive report today. Star News acquired revenue audit reports of all three labels through an internal system built by the Financial Supervisory Service from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st of last year, as they were given access to each company’s total sales, sales revenue, and net profit in the cited period. According to the report, all three companies recorded a surplus in revenue, which was more than 150 billion won (137 million USD) altogether.

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BoA, SNSD, DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x) and Kangta are part of Lee Sooman's SM, while Yang Hyunsuk has created hits with Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, and Gummy. Park Jinyoung's JYP has been leading big successes both domestically and abroad with 2PM and Wonder Girls. All three companies have thus enjoyed record revenue.

Source: Star News (original) + Soompi (translations) + last paragraph translated by me

I think all of WG's concerts in Asia + their North American tour really helped JYPE (among miss A's debut and 2AM's surge in popularity). Yay for being back in the green!
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BEAST takes a picture at the fanclub 'B2UTY' inauguration

The group BEAST had celebrated their meeting with fans through a hotly fan service.

On the 2nd, each of the members had appeared in front of the camera with a pose that displayed their self at the Seoul Hwajung Gymnasium for their fan meeting / fan club inauguration.

The fanclub’s name is B2UTY. It is a fan club name that matches very well with BEAST. Holding their fan club inauguration in 1 year and 6 months since their debut, Yoon Doojoon stated, “It has been over a year since our debut so we apologize for holding the fan club inauguration now. We also hope that everyone here would have a fun time.”
Filled with continuous laughter and cheers throughout the meeting of b2uties and BEAST, Sports Korea was there to cover the event.

# Reveals?
At the event, the members played the ‘Son Byungho Game’. Whenever someone said something that applied to another person, that person would climb up the stairs one by one. They attracted the fans attention with topics like “fake sideburns,” “real height,” and “the amount of money they actually make.”

# The day Kikwang’s ears fell off
Kikwang, who recently had his birthday, received a birthday cake at the event. Perhaps it is because Lee Kikwang had received praises from 5,000 fans, but his smile is stretched up to his ears.

# If it is with Kim Shinyoung
The MC at the event was the comedian, Kim Shinyoung. Through her clever phrases, the laughter came out nonstop. In the segment about ‘Let’s ask BEAST’, Yong Junhyung was chosen as the member like a mother with the worst nags and Son Dongwoon was chosen as the member attracted the most with food.

# Expression of the BEAST
Other than the segments with the members, BEAST sang Shock, Special, I Like You the Best, Oasis,V.I.U and, Beautiful. The stage manners simulating a concert feel helped to hype everyone up.

# Pictures at the waiting room
Before the event, the members each posed a different pose to show the fans. Compared to the loud laughs and thumb pose from Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang, the cute pose of Yang Yoseob with the V pose makes him look adorable. Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung, and Son Dongwoon stood in front of the camera with a pose full of charisma.

# We are BEAST!
Yong Junhyung, Jang Hyunseung, Lee Kikwang, Yang Yoseob, Yoon Doojoon, and Son Dongwoon (from left to right) posed to commemorate the fan meeting. The poses from playfulness to nervousness shows off their different colors.

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Source: hankooki

The people in da CUBE consider toning down the sexiness of 4legends

After releasing a statement earlier to defend their argument in keeping 4minute’s ’spread leg dance’ in ‘Mirror Mirror’, Cube Entertainment came forth again to state that they are open to considering the modification of the choreography due to viewers feeling uncomfortable.
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Source:Star News via Nate & allkpop
who they kiddin' it's getting changed unless they want them to be like disqualified or something.
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Curbs likely after N. Korean cellphone use surges

There are 450,000 cellphone users in North Korea

A surge in mobile phone use in North Korea is likely to spark curbs by Pyongyang which is anxious to stop its people gaining information about the outside world, a top South Korean official said Tuesday.

The number of cellphone users in the communist state has risen to 450,000, up 50 percent from a figure released last year by an Egyptian service provider, Vice Unification Minister Um Jong-Sik told a forum in Seoul.

"This shows the range of people using mobile communications is diversifying after being limited only to the elite," he said.

The ministry said Um was citing figures reported by Chosun Sinbo, a pro-North Korean newspaper based in Japan, in February.

Um, however, said the increase would not translate into freer information sources in the North, adding that the Kim dynasty has responded "sensitively" to news from around the world.

"After watching the spread of pro-democracy movements in the Middle East, North Korea is expected to strengthen its control further over any elements endangering its system," he said.

Cairo-based Orascom Telecom, which launched a mobile phone service in Pyongyang in late 2008, had said the number of subscribers jumped to 301,199 by end-September 2010 from 69,261 a year earlier.

Activists say it is difficult for the North's mobile users to make or receive overseas calls because of limited service and tight oversight. The phones only provide a limited Internet service.

North Korea strictly controls access to outside information and fixes the tuning controls of radios and televisions to official stations, although DVDs and mobile phones smuggled from China have been eroding barriers.

Source: AFP

Wanna see Aziatix while sipping goose?

The Asian-American group Aziatix will have their U.S live debut on April 30th in the New York nightclub Circle Night Club.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Aziatix Facebook
The Circle NYC(i presume this is NSFW , also has autoplay music ;A;)
just posted in case anyone wanted to go or something ... going? OMG that clubs website gave me headache, i see you girls in the background dancing abracadabra xD
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T-ara’s Qri experiences the men’s restroom

Photos with the headline “T-ara Qri’s men’s restroom experience” have been floating online on various internet boards recently.

The pictures reveal a cute Qri wearing a hooded sweatshirt waiting outside a men’s restroom and attempting to “use” a urinal.

The photos were from posts by Qri on her personal blog back in 2008.

Fans commented, “Qri was naughty,” “She’s so bizarre,” “It’s before her debut, but her looks still shine,” and “Goddess Qri did these kinds of pranks?

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Massive cash stash found in South Korea garlic field

Some 24 plastic containers holding 8.6bn won in cash were reportedly found in the garlic field

South Korean police have dug up a stash of 11bn won ($10m, £6.2m), most of it buried in a garlic field, reports say.

The money is believed to be the proceeds of an illegal internet gambling operation, for which one of two brothers is already in jail.

Their brother-in-law helped out by burying the cash, and then helped himself to some of it, police said.
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Source: bbc

Oh Ji Ho Makes 4 billion won in 6 months with kimchi sales

Actor Oh Ji-ho created a boom in kimchi sales.

According to "Namja Kimchi", Oh Ji-ho and his partners Kim Chi-young, Yoon Gi-seok, and Oh Byeong-jin created the kimchi brand "Namja Kimchi" (www.namjakimchi.com) and created a sales of 4 billion won (~US$4 million) in 6 months.


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Credit & Source : Samzz@Oh Ji Ho Soompi Thread via Hancinema via news.nate.com/view/20... dramabeans

These fly CEO's are also starting another "Namja" business. Namja Pizza which will be opening to the public this month.

your favorite unnies are coming back to korea in september


9-member girl group Girls' Generation is returning to Korea's music industry in the latter half of the year.

Multiple sources in the music industry said on the 13th that they will return to Korea as early as September with a new record and a new song. They are already recording their new Korean album.

They released their 'Hoot' mini-album last October in Korea. The probability that they will return to Korea's music industry a year later has greatly increased.

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Written by: JeremyJay22@Soshified.com
Translated by: jreddevil07@Soshified.com
Source: Nate

C O . E D

Why did 4minute's Kwon Sohyun treat her high school friends to snacks in return?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kwon Sohyun, who made her comeback to the music scene along with 4minute, treated some of her friends from Pungmoon's Girl's High School to snacks in return. The reason is simple. She wanted to thank all of them for having bought 4minute's new album. Kwon Sohyun is currently a sophomore in Pungmoon's Girls High School.

One of her friends communicated "A while ago, Sohyun treated a group of friends to snacks at her expense" and "Even though it didn't cost a lot, because they are friends she really likes, she woke up at dawn and personally bought all the snacks and offered them to her friends".

When Sohyun's friends heard of the news of 4minute's comeback, they all agreed on buying their new album to support 4minute. Sohyun, who was touched, returned the favor with gifts, to thank them for their attention.

The same friend said "When 4minute doesn't have any particular scheduled activity, she doesn't skip school but attends it" and "She has always had a bubbly personality so she gets along well with her friends".

In the meantime, 4minute had their comeback on music shows with the title track 'Mirror, Mirror' and is currently fiercely competing with Big Bang, who also made their comeback last week, for the first spot on online music charts.

Sources: 4-minutes International Forum & NATE


Still cuts of T-ara’s Eunjung & Qri in “King Geunchogo”

T-ara’s Eunjung and Qri have set out for their first filming of KBS 1TV’s historical drama, “King Geunchogo“. Still cuts of the girls in costume were recently released, delighting fans with their charismatic transformations.

Eunjung, who’s known for being level three in taekwondo, commented, “My experience in taekwondo helped me a lot when I had to act out scenes requiring martial arts.”

As reported previously, Eunjung will be playing the role of ‘Jin Ayi’, the daughter of ‘Jin Godo’ and the future queen and wife to the son of King Geunchogo, ‘Geun Gusu’ (Supernova’s Geonil).

Meanwhile, Qri will be playing the part of ‘Princess Yeojin‘, a tomboy with a stubborn personality who faces problems due to the age difference in marriage. Nevertheless, she stays a faithful wife.

The girls will be appearing on the episode scheduled for April 16th.

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Rania to make changes to their choreography and outfits

As the controversy surrounding the sexually suggestive content of girl group dances continues to heat up, Rania has revealed that it won’t be a problem for them, as they’ve prepared several different versions of their choreography.

A representative of Rania spoke through OSEN and stated, “Rania has been preparing for four years to debut. They already have several different performance versions for their debut track, ‘Dr. Feel Good‘. We already meant to show off different versions for each broadcast performance, so the obstacle of broadcast networks asking us to edit our choreography is not a problem at all.”

He continued, “It is upsetting that we aren’t able to show the choreography that we feel best fits the song, but we will be changing it up so that this new version will still hold the same intent.”

When asked about their outfits, he replied, “We will be making changes to the girls’ tops. We’re just glad that our members are more than prepared for all of the changes they’re facing, despite it being their debut.”

Nate via Allkpop