August 7th, 2011

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So Ji Sub wants you to buy his lingerie

Actor So Ji-sub has been chosen as the new face of women's lingerie brand Vivien, making him the first man to ever model for a women's lingerie brand in Korea.

Even in the lingerie industry, it is a brave move as brands usually covet only the very top actresses to feature in their advertisements in order to draw attention from female consumers. Vivien is hoping its radical departure from convention will succeed by appealing to women from an emotional rather than sensual standpoint.

So, the former STORM jeans model whose pan-Asian appeal saw him star in the Chinese romantic comedy "Sophie's Revenge" with Zhang Ziyi two years ago, has lately been sought by companies to boost their sales. He has so far modeled for smartphones, IT products, electronic home appliances, consumer goods and beverages. Vivien's decision to use him confirms his position as one of the most sought after models in the country.

Meanwhile, So has been busy in recent months opening up his own coffee shop on July 22. Named partly after his management agency 51K, the cafe is located in Apgujeong-dong, in southern Seoul.

His latest movie role, a tragic love story about a former boxer who falls for a woman who is losing her eyesight, is slated for release this fall. The movie, "Only You," is likely to continue to add to his fan base of female audiences -- and consumers of lingerie.

source: The Chosunilbo

SHINee babies supports SUJU's Mr. Simple

[SHINee] 빛나는 SHINee가 Mr.SuperJunior 선배님을 응원하기위해 이렇게 모였습니다!!! 저희는 요즘 일본 활동을 위해 열심히 촬영중이라 이렇게 인사드려요~^^ 함께 들어요~ 그리고 응원해요! Mr.Simple 파이팅☆

[SHINee] Shining SHINee gathered like this to cheer for Mr. Super Junior sunbaenims!!! We greet you like this because we are filming hard for our Japanese activities these days~^^ Let’s listen to it together~ and cheer for them! Mr. Simple fighting☆

Victoria Song- Body Wave

SM Town: Mega Post

Queen Qiannie invites you in.
F(x), SHINee, SNSD and SUJU await your arrival
(This post was a pain in the ass to make)

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Uee’s Drama ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’ Reaches 17.9% Viewership

KBS 2TV’s new weekend drama ”Ojakgyo Brothers’ viewership ratings from research company AGB Nielsen Media Research results are in. The first episode aired yesterday on August 6th, and according to the aggregate ‘Ojakgyo Brothers “had a record 17.9%“. The drama centers around a family living near the center of Seoul and viewers can expect a big warm family drama. With Uee and method actor Jeong WoongIn as a part of the cast there is no doubt the high expectations for the drama will be surpassed.

Credit: Star via AsFan Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

Uee shows off her small face – Receives ‘All Kill’ Title


After School
’s UEE made an ‘all-kill’ of idol beauties with just one picture.

Recently, UEE tweeted a picture of herself in a car. In the picture, UEE’s hair is flowing down like a ‘goddess’ and is she smiling brightly.  
With her hands stretched out next to her face, she displayed that her face is as small as her hand. Netizens praised, “Not an idol, but an actress look” and “Face, body: a person not missing a single thing.”
Source: JoongAng via Nate Credit: AllKPop

After School’s UEE reveals that she can’t get drunk

On August 2nd, After School’s UEE attended the production conference for KBS’s upcoming weekend drama, “Ojakgyo Brothers“, where she revealed that she had difficulty getting drunk.

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Source + Photos: Seoul NTN via Nate via Allkpop
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Zhang Liyin recording for her upcoming album (still)

SM Entertainment's solo singer Zhang Liyin was revealed to be recording for an upcoming release. The singer posted up the news through her personal Weibo (Chinese blog) account.

"Tomorrow there is recording! My throat is hoarse, what do I do?" "The song I am recording right now the music range is high, but the rhythm and melody is cheerful and lovely. Everyone please anticipate!"

These messages left a lot of anticipation with her fans who've been waiting for her return after all these years. Whether or not the recordings are for a Chinese or a Korean album wasn't made clear.

Zhang Liyin debuted with "Timeless", a duet with JYJ's Junsu at the end of 2006. Last month the solo singer was reported to have attended SHINee's concert in Taiwan as a special guest.

Source: Koreaboo, Chocolyn, TV Daily

The sad fact is that she's been recording for this album for a year now, since December... Still, it's good to see her in Korean media.

An excuse to discuss your fave druggie oppa

After School’s Lizzy revealed a certain embarrassing detail about her love life on the most recent episode of ‘Happy Together 3‘.
She began, “Love is like a soccer ball. I’ve been kicked to the curb by guys many times.”

Lizzy went on, “In my 3rd year of junior high, I really liked a guy from a different school who looked like Joo Ji Hoon. I expressed that I was interested pretty openly. He asked me to be his girlfriend during my second period class. Then he broke up with me by the time the bell rang.”

She concluded, “I don’t know the reason to this day.”

Sources: allkpop + nate

At least it wasn't disastrous like this ^
『Love My Life』lesbian mastermind

the Homosexual Agenda strikes Korea again, now with lesbians!

KBS’s Drama Special, an anthology series of one-act (aka single-episode) dramas, is into its second season now, and its latest installment has become a target of netizen controversy. Today’s (August 7) episode is titled Daughters of Bilitis Club and is peopled entirely with lesbian characters, its title borrowing from the American lesbian rights group Daughters of Bilitis.

Homosexuality is becoming more visible on Korean television screens in both scripted and unscripted forms, and has been a key story point in several network drama series like Coffee Prince, Personal Taste, and Life Is Beautiful. Off network, there was the cable reality program Coming Out, which featured real-life gay people and showcased their stories of identity and acceptance.

It’s promising to see the topic handled with sensitivity and thoughtfulness, even if the progress is slow. But it seems the public is still far from accepting, what with the ill-informed campaigns of netizen mothers who railed against Life Is Beautiful, accusing the show of possibly turning their currently-totally-straight children gay in the near or far future, yunno, just in case The Gay is transmittable through airwaves and the power of suggestion. And now Drama Special has received complaints for the Daughters of Bilitis Club episode, with demands to take it off the air immediately. Some have called its frank portrayal of its lesbian characters unfit for television.

This really is too bad, because when I first heard about this one, I was intrigued by the subject and was hoping it would be noteworthy for its story. Drama Specials can be hit or miss, but overall I find it to be a quality program that treats its stories with a light and thoughtful touch.

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sources: dramabeans, Star News,, Star News again
『Hana Kimi 2011』kiss kiss kiss

How do you announce your relationship with style? Kiss on stage.

Actress Kim Ok-bin and rock band Schizo's Heo Jae-hoon admitted to their relationship and shared a kiss on stage.

A picture titled, "Kim Ok-bin and Heo Jae-hoon's stage kiss" came up on an online bulletin on the 7th.

The picture was of Kim Ok-bin and Heo Jae-hoon from the "2011 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival" on the 6th.

After their scandal on the 6th, Kim Ok-bin officially announced their relationship through her management, "We have been in a relationship since about a year ago. We are in love".

Netizen's say, "It's good to see you so bold about it", "You're like a couple", "Love long", "I'm jealous", "What a cool couple!" and more.

Meanwhile, Kim Ok-bin starred as the sharpshooter Cha Tae-kyeong in the movie "The Front Line" which came out on the 20th and Heo Jae-hoon is currently active with his new single "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb".

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source: Hancinema,

Now her involvement in their new album and MV cameo makes a lot more sense.