January 1st, 2012

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No Loverholic Robotronic Ice Cream Ninjas for Shinee's Comeback

Professor Kim Nando of the best selling novel, ‘It Hurts Because It’s the Youth‘, has revealed that he is penning the lyrics for SHINee‘s comeback album!

Late December, the professor wrote on his Twitter, “To update you on my recent whereabouts, I’m currently ripping my hair out over writing the lyrics for SHINee’s new song. I’m also preparing a book titled ‘Trend China‘ as well as the release of ‘Youth’ in China, so I’m trying to pick up on the language while I’m at it. In addition, I’ve begun writing essays for the middle aged.”

Professor Kim Nando is a professor of Domestic Science at Seoul University. His best selling book is a message of consolation to anyone in the current generation that is finding trouble discovering their future. In an industry filled with hook songs and meaningless, repetitive lyrics, netizens are hoping that he’ll be able to give some fresh air with his wisdom.

Netizens commented, “Looking forward to SHINee’s track now,” “I feel so assured of SHINee’s comeback now,” “I hope that his lyrics can ring a new bell in the industry,” and “Anticipating it, Professor!”

Rumor has it that SHINee will be making a Korean comeback in early 2012.

Source: allkpop

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Super Junior wants to perform in North Korea

Recently, Super Junior conducted an interview and expressed, "This year we went out of Asia and performed in places such as Paris in France and New York City in the United States. We received our fans’ love and support, and thus looking back, 2011 is a year that we are thankful for." This year, Super Junior performed in Paris, Tokyo, and New York City in June, September, and October respectively with their fellow artists from SM Entertainment as part of the SMTOWN World Tour. Super Junior also began their Super Show 4 with stops in Seoul and Osaka.

Additionally, the group’s 5th album, "Mr. Simple," exceeded 300,000 copies sold this year. When asked about the fact that new idol groups are being created at a quick pace nowadays, Super Junior, as seniors in the industry, expressed, "In the past, idol groups were usually only active for five years, so everyone always says that idol groups only last for five years. This mentality does make us feel uneasy, but it also motivates us to be a stronger team. We need to protect our team. There are junior idol groups that express worries and tiredness, but we always tell them that perseverance leads to success."

Super Junior’s next goal is to continue to expand globally. In regards to this, Super Junior once said, "When we were performing in Malaysia, we walked by a VIP room and heard that there was someone high-rank from Pyongyang inside. We seem to be close to each other, and therefore should be performing there first, but from a different perspective, it may be the place that is furthest away from us. We are hoping we can perform as Super Junior at a stage in Pyongyang and create some warmth for each other through the performance."

Source: Wen Wei Po & koreaboo
I remember some famous international stars getting called out because they suported the regime by performing there


Slay-Kiss wishing everyone a happy new year

(eli are you.. drunk?!)

according to fuckyeahukiss on tumblr they also said in the video that they'll be making a korean comeback in april! OH MA GAWD!

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this post was brought to you by hoon's "oh shit" face

happy new year omona, hope you all had fun on NYE.

About SHINee's comeback

At last night's Gayo Daejun, at the end of SHINee's performance of Lucifer, there was about a 10-15 second performance attached which was a teaser for SHINee's comeback. It was not aired, and a special treat for the live audience. In the video you can hear a faint voice chanting SHINee's back which is the tiny cut of it that did make it on air. Fancams caught the rest though: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin all kind of literally showed their backs and then struck a pose to some previously unheard tune.

Then around 3.30AM KST Jonghyun was on UFO, referring the upcoming album, and that's when the internet found out about this unaired spoiler. And then the fancams confirming it surfaced. Key also logged on later and said the songs are really amazing ("songs that'll make your heart burst"), and then Jonghyun asked fans to hold out a little longer ("don’t be dispirited, straighten up your back!") and apologized for the long wait.

There's a fair chance it'll be called Superhero, and, it's been awhile since he tweeted about this, it's also pretty much confirmed the lyrics are being penned by Professor Kim Nando of Seoul University, who has penned a bestselling novel aimed at the youth. The tag Superhero was also trending world-wide today so none of this is probably news now.

Sources JujuTaem@Youtube, JujuGal@Wordpress, ForeverShiningSHINee@Tumblr

for any confusion my previous posts might have caused! for some odd reason, they were posted in reverse order: i submitted the me2day one a good half an hour before the spoiler one, at which point jonghyun's UFO replies had little or no confirmed sources so i didn't post it as actual news. anyway, happy new year!
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9-Foot-Tall Supersoldier Mourns Kim Jong Il

DEC 29 2011, 12:29 PM ET

At the Wire today, Dashiell Bennett highlights the North Korean state news agency's apparently random manipulation of an image from yesterday's funeral procession for Kim Jong Il -- a crude photoshop job done, Bennett notes, "in such a minor and pointless way that it underscores the paranoid insanity of totalitarian regimes." Meanwhile, over on Reddit, a user links to an Imagur upload of another photo containing a remarkable detail: what appears to be a member of the military in the back row of an orderly formation of mourners, as Kim's funeral procession passes near the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang, standing at least nine feet tall.

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Source: J.J. Gould for TheAtlantic.com.

Compared with the North Koreans standing beside him, he certainly looks tall!

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TVXQ Wins “Kohaku Utagassen” Poll With A Shocking 65.3% Of Total Votes

TVXQ was placed number 1 in the popularity vote for the “Kouhaku Utagassen”, proving their huge popularity in Japan.

In the popularity vote involving all the artists who had performed in NHK’s “62nd Kouhaku Utagassen” that concluded at 11.59pm on 31 Dec, TVXQ obtained 49.7% of the total votes cast, winning 1st place with a record of almost half the total votes.

This voting was only open to those within Japan, and Korean fans, as well as  international fans were not able to participate. After excluding the repeated votes, TVXQ maintains the 1st place with a shocking 65.3% of the total votes. The “Kouhaku Utagassen” is the most highly acclaimed (music) festival in the Japanese music industry. Thus, the position that TVXQ has managed to establish as top stars in Japan is clearly visible from the vote.

On this day, TVXQ members were dressed in black and white respectively, and performed “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)”, which was released last January. After the performance, the duo sent a message of thanks to their fans.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Newsen via Nate]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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Nine Muses reveal concept photo with new member!

After recruiting a new member late last year, eight-member girl group Nine Muses has finally unveiled their concept photo!

Dressed in all black, the girls have put aside their disco vibe for a strong, yet sleekly feminine approach.New member Kyung Li looks at ease with her team despite being a rookie, which adds to the overall ‘confident’ look of the shoot.

Nine Muses’ new track was produced by Sweetune, the brains behind works like the group’s “Figaro” as well as KARA’s “Step” and INFINITE’s “Be Mine.

Nine Muses will be kicking off their promotions with the release of their new song on January 11th.


L-R; Minha, Sam, Hyunah, Erin, Eunji, Sera, Hyemi, Kyungri :)