January 2nd, 2012

Wondergirls So Hee falls asleep during filming of Running Man

So Hee fell asleep after showing off her 'search instincts'.
On the 1st broadcast of 'Running Man', idol stars such as Super Junior Shi Won, Wondergirls So Hee, SHINee Minho, f(x) Sulli, Sistar Hyo Rin and others made their appearances on the show.
On this day, So Hee became a team with Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Gook. During the search mission, So Hee showed off her ability at finding clues quickly. So Hee stated "I'm usually not good at this type of things but I must have good luck today".
So Hee, who became the star of the team, transported to the next filming site with Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Gook. So Hee's tired state was evident. So Hee tried to stay awake but kept falling asleep. She smiled widely at Kim Jong Guk and Yoo Jae Suk's jokes, but couldn't hide her tired expression.

source: kpopstarz

Ashton Kutcher and Eric Benet Amazed by SBS “K-Pop Star” Contestant

On December 31, Hollywood star 
Ashton Kutcher and U.S. R&B singer Eric Benet expressed their amazement at Park Ji Min, a contestant from SBS’ new audition show, “K-Pop Star.” Park Ji Min’s cover performance of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” has earned her the #1 spot in her group last week.

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Source: Soompi
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Best director ever is working on another gay film!

Actresses Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong and Jeong Ae-yeon will appear as a lesbian couple.

The two will be playing the roles of lesbians at the age of marriage in the movie "Two Weddings and A Funeral".

"Two Weddings and A Funeral" is a romantic comedy in which a gay couple and a lesbian couple disguise their marriages and is from director Kim Jho Kwang-soo, who made "Boy Meets Boy" and "Just Friends?".

Other than Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong and Jeong Ae-yeon, the cast includes Kim Dong-yoon and Song Yong-jin. In the film, the gay couple and the lesbian couple switch partners in their marriages.

"Two Weddings and A Funeral" is currently filming its final scenes and will be released around May.

sources: hancinema, move.daum.net

Lee vows to open 'window of opportunity' in ties with NK

President Lee Myung-bak said Monday that South Korea has left a "window of opportunity" open to improve relations with North Korea as the North's new leader Kim Jong-un took over the communist state following the death of his father. 
In a nationally televised New Year's address, however, Lee said that Seoul will "strongly respond" to any provocative acts from Pyongyang, calling for his military to maintain a heightened vigilance against the North. 

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Source: Koreatimes

Park Jin Young Confesses True Thoughts on WG’s Ventures in the United States

Singer and producer Park Jin Young reveals his true thoughts on his endeavors in the United States.

On January 1st, Park Jin Young wrote on his Twitter, “If the Wonder Girls and I didn’t try to venture into the American market, JYP would have probably been much more profitable. I would probably be a super rich multi-millionaire and the Wonder Girls would probably be even more popular in Korea. Despite all of that, we went off to try such an impossible and ridiculous challenge.”

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source: in2kpop

Difficulties in combating school bullies


One afternoon, a middle school girl jump off the apartment building after receiving a black mail from her classmates. Kim left behind a handwritten note, “I would rather die than to be treated this way.” The 15-year-old had been repeatedly bullied by four to five friends at school. Her parents and school authorities never knew about this with her classmates remaining silent to avoid becoming the second victim. “I am afraid of becoming the next target. Other classmates are in similar feeling,” a classmate said.

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Source: Koreatimes

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K-Pop Videos Set New Record on YouTube

K-Pop has taken the world by storm last year, and the movement was clearly evident in the total number of views K-Pop videos have generated over the past year on YouTube. It was reported today by local media JoongAng Ilbo that K-Pop videos were viewed nearly 2.3 billion times worldwide in the past year, breaking the previous year’s record of 800 million views by nearly threefold.

According to the report JoongAng Ilbo acquired from YouTube, K-Pop music videos were seen 2.28 billion times from 235 countries during the period of January 1 to December 5. The most clicks came from Japan where K-Pop videos were seen more than 423 million times, followed by the U.S. with 240 million views. Thailand came in at third with 220 million view counts, with Taiwan and Vietnam at #4 and #5 with 180 million and 170 million views, respectively.

Some of the odd countries in the top list were the U.A.E, which brought in 4.8 million views, and Kuwait with 1.7 million view counts, showing K-Pop has made its way into the Middle Eastern market as well. North Korea also saw K-Pop 188 times through YouTube, the report said.

“The year 2011 was the first year when K-Pop really established itself as a global trend, instead of a temporary fad. In 2012, K-Pop will continue to grow its influence around the world,” Google Korea said.

In fact, YouTube has launched its own K-Pop page last month, making it one of the 23 music genres shown separately. With the help of YouTube and SNS channels, K-Pop has been able to target the mainstream U.S. market, which saw the highest growth rate in view counts last year. The 240 million views from the U.S. are more than double the total views from 2010 (94 million). Europeans markets also saw huge growths in YouTube as France, England, and Germany all generated more than 20 million clicks.

“The U.S. and European markets are just starting to open up. The three major labels have been listed on the KOSDAQ market last year, so their business projections are looking good as well,” music critic Lee Dae Hwa said.

Do you think K-Pop is a real global trend or just being overrated? Do you see it growing in 2012?

Source: Soompi

Wonder Girls' US TV movie will air its first episode on February 2nd

Wonder Girls TV movie which was known to be titled 'Wonder Girls at the Apollo' has now been altered to 'The Wonder Girls' in order to gain the interest of both foreign and domestic fans.

'The Wonder Girls' will be broadcasted in Teen Nick, which is affiliated to one of the world's largest media company in the world Viacom/MTV networks. Teen Nick channel which is famous to 70 million households in America produced many stars thru their shows in the past like rapper Drake ('Degrassi: The Next Generation), Miranda Cosgrove('iCarly'), Keke Palmer ('True Jackson') and Victoria Justice ('Zoey 101').

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source: sports.chosun.com, Translated by: @wonderr23

What is BoA's New Year resolution?

On January 2, 2012, BoA shared her New Year's resolution with her fans via her Twitter account and posted, "What's your new year's resolution? Mine is..... I wanna fall in love with a great guy.. Ha ha (; happy 2012 again, let's make a great one!"

Fans replied to her Twitter posting with encouragement and said, "That might not be easy being so famous, but best of luck! Don't rush it! I'm just gonna try to eat less sugar," "Look outside yr door... There must b a queue by now ... Don't b too picky ... Keke!!!" "Yes! :) go and fall in love with a great guy and find your happiness! All the best for 2012!" and "Sounds like a good resolution to me."

BoA made her debut into the music industry in 2000 with "ID; Peace B" and rose into one of the most prominent female soloist in South Korea. In August 2010, BoA celebrated her 10th year anniversary.

With the new year finally upon us, what is your New Year's resolution? What do you think of BoA's New Year's resolution?

Site: http://BoAjjang.com
Writer: Uni (BoAjjang.com/Koreaboo.com)
Source: @BoA_1105

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Tablo Hater Tajinyo's Leader WhatBecomes "Tablo Was Merely Bait"

If you have been following Tablo and the Stanford incident regarding whether he actually attended the university or not, then you might remember the internet café Tajinyo and its leader “WhatBecomes.” (Tajinyo which is short for “We demand the truth from Tablo” is the internet cafe which argues that Tablo never graduated from Stanford University.)

In August, 2011 the café was sued by Tablo for libel. In October, the police confirmed that Tablo had graduated from Stanford University.

Now it looks like “WhatBecomes” and Tajinyo have resumed their activities as “WhatBecomes” made a post “Evidence Received from Stanford University.”

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source; soompi

f(x)’s Krystal says happy new year with a rabbit


f(x)’s Krystal said happy new year to her fans with a rabbit.

On January 1, Krystal uploaded a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “HAPPY NEW YEAR.”

In the picture, Krystal is wearing a thick jacket and holding a rabbit with a surprised look on her face.

Especially, the rabbit gets a laugh by showing his flexible body.

People responded: “The rabbit seems to have a very flexible body,” “I guess you are on the set of High Kick,” “Your surprised look is so cute.”

Krystal is currently playing the role of An Soo Jung in MBC TV’s High Kick 3! The Revenge of the Short Legged.

Source: Korea.com + TV ReportKrystal's me2day
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South Korea's K-pop culture growing in Japan

South Korea's K-pop music has overtaken Japanese music as the industry's most popular genre in the country.

Relations between the two countries have been difficult after Japan's colonisation of Korea in the first half of the 20th century.

But with the growing popularity of Korean culture, will attitudes to people of Korean origin, who make up a large ethnic minority in Japan, soften?

Watch the video here Since I can't embedd it

Source: BBC

More Info on the Rainbow subunit A.K.A. Rainbow Pixie

Rainbow has announced that they’ll be starting unit promotions as a trio with ‘Rainbow Pixie‘!

On January 3rd, DSP Media updated their official homepage with teaser showing the silhouettes of three members. They also kicked off an event where fans can guess who the three members are for the 24 hours until the trio’s full reveal. (lol fail on DSP's part, the members where announced in the original press release)

As Rainbow is known for their mature, sexy concepts, the trio will be playing to the group’s cuter side, just like the meaning of their name ‘Pixie’. Their title track, “Hoi Hoi“, is about a spell cast by elves and is described to have a friendly melody that will be easy for anyone to follow.

The event ends on January 4th, and fans can expect to see the members, jacket photos, and music video teasers until the album’s full release on January 12th.

Sources: Allkpop, Pixie Stix

After claiming Amber as his, Donghae poses with SHINee’s Taemin & f(x)'s Sulli


Recently, SJ member Donghae shared a cute picture through his twitter, where he pose with Shinee maknae Taemin.

He simply tweeted “2012.. stay healthy” but the picture got more attention because of a combination of a hottie and a cutie person.

Donghae who is wearing a vivid red dress is posing seductively for camera while Taemin is simply sitting beside him with naive and sweet expression

Netizens commented, “Taemin is looking like a girl and Hae so hot in red” ,”They look like a couple” ,”They are looking so nice, Taemin sitting so cutely..” ,”Hae are you frightening the maknae with your hot looks?” 

Source: Korea.comDonghae‘s twitter

This guy caught my attention first lol 

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Tasha Thinks of Herself as a Bad Singer

Multi-talented singer/rapper Yoon Mi Rae (aka: Tasha) may be a bit too humble.

In the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV Win Win, Korea’s globally renowned hip-hop couple Tiger JK and Tasha were featured as main guests. While filming this episode, Tiger JK revealed that his wife Tasha “thinks of herself as a bad singer.” Adding to her husband’s statement, Tasha said, “Honestly, I think I’m good at rapping, but not so much at singing,” which shocked everyone else in the studio.

This week’s episode of KBS 2TV Win Win will air on January 3rd.

Source: newsen, in2KPOP
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Jaejoong transforms into a vampire

 member Jaejoong‘s vampire-like selca photo is becoming quite the sensation online.

On January 2nd, the singer shared the photo above via his official Twitter page and wrote, “I am a cold-hearted, paler than pale man.” Jaejoong who normally boasts milky skin looked paler than ever, as his face was hit with the flash of his camera. His ghostly skin and his dark eye makeup gave him the appearance of a real vampire.

The singer was previously compared to actor Robert Pattinson in an Italian magazine, and his selca photo looked like something out of scene of the movie ‘Twilight‘.
Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “It’s a real vampire“, “Oh my! Your milky face turned ghostly“, “You and Robert Pattinson are really similar“, and “Gasp! You scared me“.

 “You and Robert Pattinson are really similar
SMH random netizen, HDU compare them?????

But I must admit that if there was a drama with a young girl in love with a beautiful vampire he'd be perfect.

Source: Allkpop
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Chaos Has a Member Named Park Taeyang: Big Bang Fans Are Infuriated

A new boy band duo named “
Chaos” that will be debuting soon is causing a lot of Big Bang fans to have beef. One of the members is named Park Taeyang and because of that their agency (Winning Insight) is receiving complaint calls from Big Bang fans.

(I doubt anyone reading this article would not know this but just in case, Taeyang is also the name of one of the members of Big Bang.)

Big Bang fans are stating that there already is one Taeyang so another Taeyang can’t pursue singing activities under that name. They are also arguing that the duo “Chaos” is doing this intentionally in order to leech off of Big Bang Taeyang’s fame.

However, Park Taeyang’s real name is in fact Park Taeyang. Chaos’ agency stated, “Because of this problem we held a discussion with Park Taeyang’s parents. Although the parents are concerned, they wish that Park Taeyang would be able to use his real name.”

The agency continued, “That is why we have decided that his stage name would be Park Taeyang, just because there is a soccer player “Park Jisung” does not mean that you can’t have an actor named “Jisung.”

(Of course, the difference in this case is that they are in two different industries, while Taeyang and Park Taeyang are both singers!)

Chaos will release their debut single online on January 6. The title song is “She Is Coming.” 

Source: Soompi

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