January 20th, 2012

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KARA, B2ST, and more win at 7th annual ‘Asia Model Awards’...

On January 18th, a few of Korea’s top idols were handed awards at the 7th annual ‘Asia Model Awards‘.

The ’2012 Asia Model Awards’ is a multi-effort production, funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, & Tourism, co-managed by DKB & Model Center International, and hosted by the Korean Models’ Association.

The event was held over two days on January 17th and 18th at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. Many prominent figures from the modelling, beauty, cultural, and music industries were present to honor 2011′s receipients.

On the first day, 11 countries were represented at the event and a Asian rookie model competition took place. On the second day, 30 professional models from 15 different countries were present to receive awards and put on a fashion show.

The awards presented at the event included the ‘Asia Star Award’, ‘Popular Star Award’, ‘Popular Artist Award’, ‘Model Star Award’, ‘New Star Award’, ‘Fashionista Award’, as well as ‘Asia Model Award’, ‘Fashion Model Award’, ‘CF Model Award’, ‘Rookie Award’, ‘Racing Model Award’, and more.

From Korea, Byun Harin, Kim Jae Bum, Lee Sung Hwa, Joo Da Ha, Shin Won Ho, Son Eun Seo, Hye Park, Hwee Hwang, as well as fashion designer Lee Sang Bong received awards.

Additionally, celebrities and idols like KARA, Rainbow, A Pink, Jay Park, B2ST, MBLAQ, IU, Lee Yeon Hee, Jung Il Woo, Cha Ye Ryun, Lee Jung Jin, Leo Ku, and Choi Ji Woo also accepted trophies for their respective contributions.
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NU'EST, initially known as Pledis Boys is a 5-member group consisting of ARON, JR, BAEKHO, MINHYUN, and REN.
The first boy group of PLEDIS leading the trend with creation of new and stylish music!
The name of urban electro band ‘NU'EST’ stands for NU(new), Establish, Style and Tempo, meaning ‘creation of new music corresponding to new style’ in full.
They made their first appearance in media through music videos of their mentors, and they are now expressing their talent in various ways such as performing in numerous music broadcasting stages including their participation for 2012 HAPPY PLEDIS project album. In an era with abundance idols, NU’EST has made their unique mark with their distinct color and style, representing the ‘new style icon’.

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sources: NU'EST's facebook, NU'EST's official site. Daum.


Janghyun enlisting in the army, Sunny Hill a girl group with 4 members for the time being

Janghyun, a member of the mixed group Sunny Hill is enlisting in the army.

The company Loen Entertainement revealed on the 20st that Janghyun will start his military life on the 31st joining Uijeongbu’s 306 draft.

Loen Entertainement also explained “Last 6th, during the album preparations, Janghyun received an army draft notice” and “We could have announced it earlier but Janghyun who wished to complete Sunny Hill’s album activity before going to the army wanted to anounce the information only before the last broadcast”.

Janghyun is Sunny Hill’s only male member, he is the producer of the team, he participates in the album joint production, the composition and the lyrics writing, he receives a lot of love from fans thanks to hil musical skills.

Janghyun will have his last performance with Sunny Hill before suspending his activities for a while on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ broadcasting on the upcoming 21st.

Janghyun told through his company that “I can only be sorry to my members who have a member leaving for the army during promotions and to all of my fans. I’ll come back healthy”.

After Janghyun’s enlisting, Sunny Hill plans to work with 4 members.

source: star in
translation: emilie@sunnyhillnews

Se7en gets listed on Oricon’s ‘Top 10′ with “Somebody Else”

Solo artist Se7en has entered Oricon‘s ‘Top 10′ list with his new album, ‘Somebody Else‘!

On January 20th, ‘Somebody Else’ placed 10th on Oricon’s ‘Daily’ ranking for CD albums. The achievement is particularly notable, as Oricon is Japan’s most legitimate and accepted ranking site.

The popularity of the album demonstrates that Se7en was able to make a banging comeback after a four-year hiatus. Labelmate Taeyang helped produce the album, which aided “Somebody Else” to reach #1 on Japan’s Tower Records Pre-Sale Chart.

In other news, Se7en will continue promoting the ‘YG Family Concert‘ series which will take place in Saitama, Japan on the 21st and 22nd.

Source: allkpop


Joo Ji Hoon's working on a movie now!!!

Actor Joo Ji-hoon, who stepped down from the musical "Doctor Zhivago" because of vocal chord problems, is to be seen in the movie "So, I Am King".

According to his management Key East, Joo Ji-hoon, who is currently being treated for his vocal chord problems, has confirmed to star in the movie "So, I Am King".

Based in the Chosun era, "So, I Am King" is about King Sejong exchanging identities with a beggar in order to experience new people and have a social life before becoming King. Director Jang Gyoo-seong (43) has the call on this one.

Joo Ji-hoon is Sejong in this drama. He will play the roles of both beggar and king, with the movie shooting in February.

Joo Ji-hoon was to comeback with musical "Doctor Zhivago" after his discharge from the military in November, but he couldn't take part in rehearsals because of his vocal cord problems.

source: hancinema, movie.daum.net

Happy Anniversary!

January 17th was After School's Third Anniversary and as a gift to everyone, they recorded a song for all the playgirlz and boyz! It's a cover of Mika Nakashima's Snow Flower but I wasn't too sure if it's a Korean Cover or a Japanese cover.

Source: CrystalKyuYeon

ETA: OK I LIED I KNOW THAT IT'S A JAPANESE COVER. They did a great job with the singing tho so please check this out still!
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[SURPRISE] Best of Omona 2011! + FFA!!!

[Posting it again because I love it]

Let's look back at all memorable posts of 2011. Let's hope 2012 will bring us more memories!

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F.T Island to Come Back at the End of the Month

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On January 20th, a photo of F.T. Island‘s Lee Hongki entitled ‘Is Lee Hongki dating?’ caused quite a stir as Primadonnas were left wondering if the mysterious girl was his real girlfriend.

With news traveling fast, some were torn about the two holding hands, while other’s complimented his and her good looks.

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Sources: Allkpop and Naver
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X-5 Covers Shinhwa's "Wild Eyes", Jun Jin Gives Them Tips

Group X-5 revives Shinhwa's hit song "Wild Eyes" on their debut.

On a dance popcon battle music program aired on the 17th, group X-5 revived Shinhwa's "Wild Eyes'' song that involves dancing with chairs, the group aroused great response.

X-5 showed great charisma when they took the stage, they demonstrated Shinhwa's great dances . After the video of X-5 dancing to "Wild Eyes'' was made public , the video was posted in various video sites, and it raised to the top most viewed videos with an explosive reaction from viewers.

X-5 members stated, "Without the advice of Senior Jun Jin the preparation on stage would have been harder. But because we wanted to show Shinhwa members a great stage we worked really hard. It was a glorious opportunity and an honor to be able to showcase Shinhwa Seniors music on stage."

On the other hand group X-5 continues promotion their new single "Dangerous".

Sources: LittleMissEwan@YouTube.com, Rubylovefaith@Shinhwa Nation, and TV Daily
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Stevie Wonder wants to work with Brown Eyed Soul's Naul

An official from Brown Eyed Soul's agency, Santa Music, has revealed that music legend Stevie Wonder has asked Naul to sing some of his songs. Currently, both sides are still in discussion as to when and how the collaboration will occur and no official decision has been made yet.

There have been reports through various other Korean news outlets that Naul will be flying to the United States in mid-February to begin recording three songs, two of which Stevie Wonder has yet to release.

This marks the first time that Stevie Wonder has approached an Asian artist to sing his own songs.

Naul has covered songs by Stevie Wonder in the past and has received a lot of high praises for them.

Source: 10Asiae & koreaboo
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Beast's first world tour track “I Knew It” + Official Lightstick

On January 26th, B2ST will release a new track called “I Knew It” for their upcoming world tour, “Beautiful Show”.

B2ST will open their world tour with back-to-back concerts on February 4th and 5th at the Seoul Olympic Sports Stadium. The idol group will then move on to different parts of Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Through this tour, B2ST will reveal some new tracks — their first in just over eight months. Fortunately, these new songs (all of different genres) will become available through the form of digital singles.

As the first track from the ‘Beautiful Show’ tour, “I Knew It” will be released on January 26th at midnight. It’s described as a modern ballad with a heart-wrenching melody and pulsing beat.

Regarding the rest of the tracks, B2ST has chosen to reveal the titles before the actual concerts to express their appreciation for fans.

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source: allkpop, cubee
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Han Heejun impresses American Idol judges during auditions

Popular U.S. television audition show, "American Idol," aired the premiere of its 11th season on January 18th. Season 10's judges Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have returned as this season's judges.

One participant has already caught the eyes of viewers, causing "This Korean" and his name, "Heejun Han," to trend on Twitter for a short amount of time shortly after his audition was aired on FOX.

Originally hailing from Korea and now residing at Flushing, New York, Han Heejun (22) sang a remarkable rendition of "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" by Michael Bolton.

Jennifer Lopez praised Han Heejun and said, "You have a beautiful voice," with Randy Jackson adding, "Yeah, surprisingly. I was shocked." Steven Tyler said, "Heejun, man, you sing great."
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Source: koreaboo & caseycarlsonesq

ALi to release an ‘Immortal Song 2′ re-make album


Singer ALi will be releasing a re-make album.

According to Ali’s agency, Yedang Entertainment, all ten songs that Ali sang on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘, will be re-recorded and turned into an album.

Ali joined the ‘Immortal Song 2′ lineup back on October 1st of 2011 and performed classics such as Cho Yong Pil‘s “Panther of Kilimanjaro“, Yoo Seung Jun‘s “Na Na Na“, Hae Eun Hee‘s “Early Morning Rain“, Kim Soo Chul‘s “Youthful You“, Lee Yerin‘s “Like Now and Forever“, and more.

Ali who claimed victory for the first round of ‘Immortal Song 2′ also came out on top on the January 7th ‘Super Big Match‘ episode with Cho Yong Pil’s “Dragonfly“, triumphing Huh Gak and being crowned the ultimate winner.

Ali will not be holding any side promotions for this particular album, and she will be performing at the ‘2012 Sing It Again Kim Kwang Suk‘ concert being held at Olympic Hall on February 11th.

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Source & Image: AKP + SportsDongA via Nate + WooriLoori@YT 1, 2 + fizzykor@YT

The three above are my personal favourite, especially Panther of Kilimanjaro.
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South Korea's school bullying has deadly consequences

It took two teenage suicide cases due to school bullying last year in South Korea for people to notice something was very wrong.

The students lived in different cities and went to different schools, but both jumped to their deaths after saying they could not take the pain of being bullied any longer.

Over the last few weeks, the country's media has been filled with reports about tragic cases of school bullying. This week, two more students from the same class reportedly took their own lives -- one was the victim of bullying, the other a powerless friend who had stood by and watched the abuse.

Experts say the cases highlight how desperately many South Korean teenagers need a means to escape the bullying as well as a way to cope.
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Source: CNN
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S.Korea couple tell of 30-hour nightmare in sinking ship

A South Korean honeymoon couple have described their 30-hour nightmare trapped in a wrecked Italian cruise ship, saying they screamed for help for hours after waking up too late to evacuate the vessel.

The couple were rescued Sunday morning after being stranded in the half-submerged ship, where a search for people still missing out of more than 4,200 originally on board was underway.

Five people have been confirmed dead and more than a dozen are still missing after the Costa Concordia hit rocks off Italy's west coast on the evening of Friday the 13th.
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Source: AFP

‘The King’ Casting of Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi Finalized

“First half of 2012, the most well-made drama that will rock Korea is born!”

This is a story unfolding under a special imaginary set-up of constitutional monarchy in South Korea. After many twists and turns, royal family ‘South Korea Prince’ Lee Jae Ha and North Korea Special Forces Unit ‘Legendary Woman’ instructor Kim Hang Ah fall in love despite their prejudice of each other and interference from people around them in this human melo black comedy.

Ha Ji Won plays the role of Kim Hang Ah who is a legendary #1 female instructor teaching at North Korea’s finest Special Forces Unit. Kim Hang Ah is the best female soldier with stamina, training and tactics and lacks nothing. However, she has never been in love. She’s a pure and refreshingly candid person whose goal in life is to fall in love with a guy who only loves her and get married.

Lee Seung Gi plays Lee Jae Ha, South Korea’s prince who has a royal family stature, refined humor, handsome face, but not even an ounce of political ambition. He appears perfect on the outside, but he’s extremely materialistic and awfully frank about his own desires.

Sources: nate tryp96
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~gorJAEs update [part 3]

gorJAEs twitter updates~

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[TRANS] Today a new song was made..! Pit-a-pat.. excitement.


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[TRANS] I can’t wear this pair of pants because it’s too long..
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What international kpop fans bought last year

YesAsia 2011 Bestsellers - Korean Music

Korean music sales in 2011 can be summarized with two words: Girls' Generation. The super girl group topped both YesAsia's K-pop album and DVD bestsellers in 2011, while male groups occupied the rest of the charts. JYJ and Super Junior both rank in twice on album bestsellers, and Big Bang members alone managed to take three of the top ten spots on both the album and DVD charts.

Sales of all editions (including repackages) and versions (Korea, Taiwan, Japan, etc.) of the same album in 2011 are summed together for the bestseller ranking. This means, for example, that Mr. Simple and A-CHA sales are counted together as Super Junior's fifth album, while non-repackage follow-ups, like Big Bang's 4th Mini Album and Big Bang Special Edition and CNBLUE's First Step and Thank You, are counted separately. Only Korean-language releases are included here; check the C-pop and J-pop bestsellers for Chinese and Japanese releases by Korean artists.

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Source: YumCha! Editorial Team @ YesAsia
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North Korea defector learns to trust the stranger who saved him

He managed to escape North Korea only to be held against his will in China. A Seoul-based fiction writer risked her comfortable life to help.

On his first day of freedom, North Korean defector Kim Yong-chul sat crossed-legged on the floor of a small apartment without a stick of furniture. He ate fried chicken and pork belly, washed down with celebratory shots of soju from a paper cup, toasting the stranger he says saved his life.

Krys Lee is no stranger now. The Korean American writer is more like a fussy parent, worrying that the fortysomething refugee was drinking too much and might fall prey to other addictions in South Korea's culture of plenty.

That morning, Lee had greeted Kim as he emerged from a high-security facility near Seoul, the South Korean capital, that serves as a decompression chamber for defectors from the North. Like other defectors, Kim had adopted a new name in hope of protecting relatives in North Korea. His was Yong-chul, "the wanderer."
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North Korean envoy wriggles off hook

The North Korean ambassador to Germany was caught poaching fish in a Berlin river this week – but waved away police who found him, and carried on with a grin, citing diplomatic immunity.

“My colleagues are extremely frustrated – we catch a diplomat committing a crime and cannot do anything,” Klaus Eisenreich, regional head of the GdP police union, told daily newspaper BZ.

The paper reported on Friday that Ri Si Hong had been caught fishing in the Havel River in Spandau in the west of the city – but had not only failed to produce a fishing license, but refused to stop.

He told the police officers who challenged him he was the North Korean ambassador, and was so convincing that they got a photo sent to them by colleagues, and confirmed he was who he claimed to be.
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Source: thelocal