February 2nd, 2012

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Daniel Radcliffe chooses Taeny as the prettiest SNSD members

Recently, on ABC’s ‘LIVE! with Kelly’, Daniel Radcliffe has revealed the fact that he has Girls Generation’s album and he also chose Tiffany as the prettiest member.
The truth is that during the ‘Woman In Black’ movie premiere, a Korean staff gave Daniel Radcliffe Girls’ Generation’s album. Receiving the gift, Daniel said with a bright smile, “Thank you very much. Even though I don’t know K-Pop well, after seeing the album, I think I want to know more,” and showed his liking for Girls’ Generation.

He picked Tiffany as the prettiest member of the group but after looking at the album closely, he said that Taeyeon is as pretty as Tiffany. It is said that Daniel Radcliffe reacted just like any other boys of his age.

Credit: nocutnews.co.kr (no link)
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com

I was really skeptical at the "Daniel Radcliffe is a SONE!!!" news yesterday since the reporters seemed to have missed Dan saying that he hadn't listened to the CD yet, but this is definitely more legit, lol.

Will B1A4 be the Next MBLAQ or Infinite?

Will B1A4 rise to a star idol status and finally shedding the rookie tag? It looks like the group has gotten on the right track as it has been chosen as the star of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News’s segment Sesame Seed Player season three. The first episode featuring the group is set to air on February 3. The segment has gained rave responses from viewers as MBLAQ and Infinite showcased their hidden charms and candid sides in its first and second season, respectively.

The two groups were newcomers back then, but later joined the ranks of idol stars boasting high name recognition and strong fan bases. Many are wondering if B1A4, which has taken the baton, will be able to rise to the star status, shedding off its rookie image. An official behind the Mnet’s program stated, “To set it apart from the previous seasons, the third season’s first shoot was carried out based on the storyline that B1A4 members are kidnapped and forced to sign a contract concerning their appearance on the drama.” The official continued, “We aimed at featuring the members’ candid sides through a mission conducted in an isolated space, and inspiring their competitive spirit by giving them a goal of gaining two million Twitter followers.” B1A4’s Sesame Seed Player, which kicked off with the kidnapping, is set to air on February 3, 5:00 pm. Meanwhile, B1A4 debuted last April with OK and Only Learned the Bad Things last April and earned a great deal of popularity with its second mini-album it B1A4, winning the rookie award at the 21st High 1 Seoul Music Awards and at the 26th Golden Disk Awards. Currently, the group is preparing for its third mini-album and is aiming for a March release.

Source: enewsworld

Big Bang G-Dragon Opens Up About Controversies on HIGH CUT

of Big Bang will be the face of High Cut Magazine's latest issue.
For the magazine, he has been called "2012 the Year of the G-Dragon" also because he was born on a year of the dragon. For the photo shoot, he showed off his luxurious style wearing bean pole clothes and accessories, also in his photo shoot, fellow big bang members Taeyang and Daesung made a surprise appearance, they said, "The two of us came here to look after him. We are here to cheer on G-Dragon and create a warm atmosphere".

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Source: BBupdate 1, 2
Translation: dkpopnews

CNBLUE takes #1 on the Oricon charts with “Where You Are”

Rock band CNBLUE have taken the #1 spot on the Oricon chart for their second major Japanese single, “Where You Are”.

According to Oricon, CNBLUE sold over 30,000 copies of their new single. After hearing about their success, CNBLUE commented that they were “extremely grateful for the support they’ve received” and that having a #1 single so quickly after making their major debut was “almost like a dream.

Aside from the single’s achievement, CNBLUE also made an appearance on MTV Japan’s Unplugged on January 31st, becoming the first Korean act to do so.

Source: Allkpop

Se7en to go on a movie date with his fans

has been away from the industry for quite some time now, which means that fan events were far and few between. To make up for that, he’s just announced a special event titled, ”Se7en’s Lucky Dayz Project No.1“!

For this event, 55 fans will score tickets to enjoy a movie date with Se7en.

In order to participate, fans must retweet the announcement of the event on @officialse7en on Twitter, or write a comment on the me2day post about this event at meday.net/se7enyg. Afterwards, fans must send their name and contact info to luckyse7en@gmail.com.

Submissions will be collected starting from February 2nd to the 3rd, and the winners will be announced on the 4th for the movie date on the 5th.

For those interested, go enter! However, you should be sure that you will be able to attend the event before you enter.

Source: Allkpop


Big Bang to have their first comeback stage during their concert

It has been confirmed that Big Bang's 5th mini album "Alive" will be released this 29th of February. YG Entertainment has released the official tracklist of the album through their official blog and the last song revealed was a solo song from Daesung titled "Wings".

On when they are to start their promotions, YG Entertainment made their statement saying, "Big Bang will be performing their first comeback stage through their exclusive concert. Their album will be released on the 29th of February and 2 days later their concert will occur on the 2nd to the 4th of March. Also, Daesung will show his composing and music abilities through this album and also G-Dragon. First round of tickets for their concert are already sold out last 31st of January and we will be having another round of ticket sales two days later. We have not yet decided on what will be the title track and their comeback stage on broadcasting stations will still be determined".

Big Bang will be performing their new songs on their Big Show 2012 concert, however there is no title song chosen from the songs in their mini album yet and no details have been set on when they are going to make their comeback performances on music shows.

Source: BBupdate
Translated by dkpopnews
Jisoo BlackPink

SNSD's Short Interview from USA Today

The girls had a short interview with national American Newspaper, USA Today. The focus was on member Jessica as she answered questions for the group. "It's our first time performing on live tv in America. It's actually a dream come true [because] most of the girls really wanted to come to perform here."

When asked "Do you ever fight?" after Jessica explained how much time they spend together, all the members answered "Of course!", laughing over their sisterly fights.

USA Today
ALT YouTube Video

LOL @ SooYoung. I see you @ 00:54.

Junhyung has a Teaser for his New Song "Living Without You"

Ahead of its official release, Cube Entertainment has shared a teaser for Junhyung‘s first solo track, “Living Without You“.

The rapper from B2ST has demonstrated time and again that he possesses great lyrical talent, and now fans will get to see his composition skills at work as well. Junhyung co-produced this song with Kim Tae Joo, who isn’t seen in this short clip from the studio.

The video shows Junhyung hard at work as he refines and works on his new track. Check it out below, and stay tuned for the release of “Living Without You” on February 3rd!

article credit: allkpop
video credit: beastofficial @youtube
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Are your favorites top or flop in japan? Oricon charts

On today's single rankings, idol rock band CNBLUE takes the top spot with 32,943 copies sold of their 2nd major single "Where You Are".

Kim Hyunjoong just gets above the 100,000 limit with about 100,110 copies of his Japanese debut single sold in the first week of its release. This feat got him to the 2nd place in the weekly single rankings, just below popular girl group unit SKE48. After School's "Rambling Girls/Because of You" sold 12,110 units, and got to the 7th spot.

B1A4's predebut album release, consisting of both Korean mini albums, crawled to the 25th spot on the weekly rankings with about 4,725 copies sold.

Supernova received a 4th spot on the daily DVD rankings with the release of their latest Japanese DVD "LIVE TOUR 'Make It'"; while KARA's "KARADISE, in Paris" took a 7th spot on the weekly rankings.
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Source: single daily, single weekly, album daily, album weekly, dvd daily, dvd weekly & koreaboo
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EDITORIAL: More K-rock with No Brain, My Aunt Mary, The Geeks, and more

Another month means time for another editorial with some of Korea's finest rock bands. Loads of the popular and less popular ones like Moon Heejun's solo career, Kim Sarang, Pia, Bye Bye Sea, Ninesin, Hlin, Monni, and many more have already been mentioned before but just as with the previous editorials (#1, #2, #3, #4 and #5), I've compiled a list of five different rock bands who have been working together for years or have popped up on the scene just recently.

Most people will know No Brain as one of Korea's leading punk rock bands, while Broken Valentine just recently got into the spotlight after years of existence by participating in the "Top Band" contest. While My Aunt Mary is a fixed member of the South Korean modern rock scene, all female band Story Seller has been rocking since they started out as Bloody Cookie. As a last addition to the list, there's music from The Geeks, a hardcore punk band with more than 10 years of experience.
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Source: RockinKOREAent, krockisreal, kpoph, fluxusmusicfan , myfistvsyourface & koreaboo

SHINee get ready to bring the toys out

SHINee's comeback is definitely in the pipeline as American singer-songwriter Teddy Riley, who has produced hits like Girls' Generation's The Boys and is also producing the debut track for SM Entertainment's new boy groups, EXO-M and EXO-K, replied to a tweet by a SHINee fan and revealed that he is working on a new song for the boys.

Source Jujugal at Wordpress; Teddy Riley's Twitter
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Say hi to ficuz!

So F.CUZ have finally revealed their 2 new members!

(between Jinon and Kan sits Raehyun and then Daegun furthest to the right)

A VTR of them was broadcasted earlier on the Japanese show "BREAK OUT"

Here's the video! (replaced with Eng Sub version)

pic: teddy_pipi
video: muilla88

Finally ;; My angels ;; Ficuz are just as perfect as I expected them to be :'3 tears of joy

Brian Joo is proud of Girls’ Generation’s American debut

Singer Brian Joo expressed his support for Girls’ Generation’s successful American debut saying how proud he was of the girls.

On February 2nd, Brian, who recently released a new album ‘Reborn – Part 1’, told Enews, “I called Tiffany who is currently in America and told her how proud I was of them, and cheered them on a lot.

Brian used to be an artist within the same company as the girls, SM Entertainment. He still keeps in contact with the girls and maintains a close relationship with them, giving them words of encouragement and advice.

Girls’ Generation, who recently released an album in the US, appeared and performed on CBS’s ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and ABC’s ‘Live! with Kelly’, also holding an interview with one of America’s main newspapers. Brian said during the interview, “I told Tiffany that I wanted to join them and also perform in the US. She told me that I had plenty of potential to do so also.

He continued saying, “In the era when I debuted, I couldn’t even imagine of advancing overseas, especially in America; it would be something that you would never even think of. I’m glad that Korean entertainment industries have developed so much.

When I grew up in the US, I experienced a lot of racism. And when Americans saw Asians, they only thought of Japan and China. They didn’t even know the country of South Korea. So I’m glad that through Girls’ Generation and through K-Pop, Korea is able to finally grab the attention of people worldwide.

He finished off saying, “After actively promoting in Korea, I plan on promoting over in the US also. Please look forward it.

original source; enews
translation source; geeyoung123 @ fanwonder
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SNSD’s Jessica and Lee Dong Wook Get Steamy in Bed on Next Preview of “Wild Romance”

It seems like SNSD’s Jessica and Lee Dong Wook are going to take things up a notch in the next episode of KBS drama “Wild Romance.”

In the preview of the 10th episode, it was revealed that Jessica and Lee Dong Wook went a step further from their intimate “wine kiss” scene and got steamy in bed with each other. Although it was only briefly captured in the preview, fans are already getting heated in anticipation of the show’s next episode that’s scheduled to air in a few hours.

Check out the preview below! 

Source: Soompi + percy841005@YT

Holy mother of... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
yoonjo <3 taengsic

Jiyoung is a Masochist

‘s youngest member Kang Jiyoung has confessed that she purposefully looks for negative comments online.

While guesting on ‘Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert‘, Jiyoung revealed, “I’m the type of person who gets even more determined after hearing negative feedback. When I feel like I’m not improving myself, I purposefully search for vicious comments online. Then I immediately wake up [and gain motivation] again.”

Jiyoung also revealed, “Sometimes, I’ll look in the mirror and insult myself. The reason is the same. So I can wake up.”

Other guests on the show had their own ways of dealing with hurtful remarks made by internet users.Rainbow‘s Jaekyung stated that she makes sure her parents never read negative comments about her out of fear that people would insult them as well. Meanwhile, T-ara‘s Jiyeon shed tears as she recalled certain comments that deeply wounded her.

AKP, Nate

tw happy belated 18th birthday Jing! 83

Wonder Girls Giveaway: Win WG signed merch, Diamond Tears Headphones, Samsung Galaxy Tab and more!

As you should already know, the Wonder Girls‘ TV movie, ‘The Wonder Girls‘, will air via Teen Nickon Thursday, February 2nd at 5:00 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST.

To celebrate their grand movie debut, allkpop has prepared an amazing giveaway for our wonderful readers, courtesy of the Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment!

So, what’s up for grabs?

- Wonder Girls “UNRELEASED” ‘THE DJ IS MINE‘ single CD
- Autographed Wonder Girls Movie Poster
- Laptop case
- Diamond Tears Headphones (Not yet released!)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab

1st Prize: 5 winners will win EVERYTHING
2nd prize: 5 winners will win Diamond Tears Headphones, the CD, the poster and a laptop case
3rd prize: 10 winners will win the CD, the poster, and a laptop case
4th prize: 10 winners will win the CD

That’s a total of 30 winners and 85 prizes!

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source: allkpop

TH: you look like a real babe today

Princess Dara being a sweetheart

2NE1’s Sandara Park shows herself as a great model for the particular affection she has for her fans.

Recently, a picture with the comment “Sandara Park shows her love for her fans by ‘paying tribute’ back to her fans” was uploaded on an online community board.

The posting includes a picture of Park expressing her gratitude to her fans by handing out some pork cutlet bread she bought from Japan at an airport. The fans came out to the airport to welcome and take some pictures of her. Park is said to have gotten out of a car to hand out the bread herself.

Also, Park left some touching comments for her fans on the cover of the bread such as “This pork cutlet bread is so good!” “I see Oh Na Yeo (abbreviation of the name of her fan club) has gotten a new camcorder.”

The netizen who uploaded the posting added, “She has gotten out of the car and handed the bread that she bought from Japan to her fans who were taking pictures of her. Also, she was very considerate to notice that her fan club has changed the camera. I would be glad to become one of her fans.”

Netizens who saw the posting comment: “I see how she ‘pays tribute’ back to her fans. The fan who got the bread must be happy.” “I think 2NE1 has the greatest affection for its fans.” “Sandara Park has a great heart and good looks. She’s a role model to other celebrities for her greatest love for her fans.”

Source: korea.com

Beautiful inside/out tbh! She didn't get out the van to give the sandwiches to the fans tho, you can even see it in the photo.

Teddy Riley just won't keep himself out of K-Pop

SHINee's 2012 comeback is still being heavily anticipated for sometime this year. As mentioned before, it seems some promising talents have come together for this album, including Professor Kim Nando of Seoul University, as well as producers from Norway. Teddy Riley, who has previously worked with Rania and SNSD on their music within the past year, states that he is now also busily working on new material for SHINee. In his tweets, he also mentions how both SHINee and SNSD are "like family" to him.
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Sources:Teddy Riley's twitter, jujugal

misread that as "they're sm which are my parents" LOL. I think his work is so basic. And he comes off as self-praising douche, ugh. Can he just disappear to somewhere irrelevant pls. Also I didn't get a screenshot, but on ufo jjong said that "superhero" title track is a rumor. but I don't know if he was just teasing.. OTL
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Bakers and chaebol in South Korea - Let them eat cake

A half-baked effort to curb the conglomerates
SOME parents give their children cakes. A few give them cake shops. The hot topic in South Korea is the trend for daughters and grand-daughters of chaebol families to open bakeries and other small food outlets. The chaebol are the conglomerates that dominate the Korean economy, so these plutocratic pâtissières have deeper pockets than any of the little bakers they compete against.

Their baking has provoked outrage. Lee Myung-bak, South Korea’s president, calls it a “hobby” business for rich girls that threatens the livelihood of poor shopkeepers. Lee Ju-young, a member of the national assembly, likens it to Park Ji-sung (Manchester United’s Korean midfielder) lording it over amateurs in a backstreet game of football. A restaurateur in Seoul puts it more plaintively: “These families already control everything else in Korea. Why can’t they leave something for the rest of us?”

The chaebol families have decided that this is not a battle worth picking. Scions of the Samsung, LG and Hyundai dynasties are all hanging up their aprons. Artisée, a chain of swanky pastry shops run by Lee Boo-jin, whose dad is the chairman of Samsung, is to close. So is the Hyundai-affiliated Ozen.
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Source: economist