February 11th, 2012

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Jay Park is proud of GG

Singer Jay Park has expressed that he felt proud of Girls’ Generation and their U.S. debut. He also revealed that he was impressed by how they landed a spot on CBS‘s ‘The Late Show with David Letterman‘, an extremely popular American program.

During a recent interview with Star News, Jay Park stated, “A dream that I’ve had since I was a kid was to be on David Letterman’s show. It’s an extremely popular program that American singers want to perform on. Being on the ‘Letterman Show’ in the U.S. is a promotional stop that a lot of singers make. Although it’s not a fancy stage, it has an interesting atmosphere.”

He continued, “As I was watching Girls’ Generation, I felt very proud.”

And what about Jay Park’s possible U.S. debut? “I definitely do want to debut in the United States,” he said. “If I have free time, I would like to work on English songs. Although I have some future work set with American musicians, I am going to focus on my Korean activities for now.”

In related news, Jay Park’s latest album, ‘New Breed‘, has grabbed number one on the iTunes ‘R&B/Soul Album Charts’.

source: allkpop, naver
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‘Voice Korea’ coaches perform their remake of SECRET’s “Magic”

To kick off their pilot episode, ‘Voice Korea‘ coaches Baek Ji Young, Kangta, Shin Seung Hoon and Leessang‘s Gil put on a live performance of SECRET‘s hit song, “Magic“.

As reported earlier, the judges prepared a remake that carried a completely different feel from the original. The addition of a brass line gave the pop song a retro feel, while the judges’ flawless harmonies added a rich, soulful sheen.

sources: kockonChoti @ youtube; allkpop
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KARA's Japanese album "Super Girl" crowned triple platinum

KARA's popularity in Japan continues to soar. According to the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) on February 10th, KARA's Japanese album "Super Girl," which was released on November 23rd of last year, has reached a new record and has been awarded the title of Triple Platinum.

Triple Platinum is awarded to singles and albums that have sold at least 750,000 copies, with Platinum for at least 250,000 copies sold and at least 500,000 copies sold being Double Platinum.

KARA's 2nd Japanese album "Super Girl" achieved Triple Platinum in just a matter of 3 months after its release. Without any special promotions taking place, KARA managed to climb to the top of the Oricon Weekly Charts for Albums.

The hit Japanese tracks (previously released as singles) "Jet Coaster Love," "Go Go Summer," "Winter Magic" and among others were included in "Super Girl."

Currently, KARA is preparing for their Asian Tour "KARASIA." On February 18th and 19th, KARA will have a two-day concert at Seoul's Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium and will have their opening concert for their tour.

"KARASIA" is the first solo concert tour that the girl group have gone on since their debut with their 1st Korean studio album "Blooming" in 2007.

Source: star news & koreaboo
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Lee Seunggi feels empty upon leaving "1 Night 2 Days"

Singer and actor Lee Seunggi revealed that he feels empty upon leaving the KBS "Happy Sunday" show "1 Night 2 Days." He stated in a message left on his official homepage, "The six years that I was on "1 Night 2 Days" made my life brighter."

He added, "My mind is blank. In the future I'll have to start all over again. The responsibility to carry on with the name 'Lee Seunggi' is great." A spokesperson from his agency spoke to TV Daily and stated, "He has been a celebrity since he was young, and so has never gone on a school trip or an MT. As such, he loves everything about '1 Night 2 Days'."

However, it seems Lee Seunggi won't have the time to feel empty for long. The spokesperson added, "He's currently busy filming 'The King.' Even though his schedule is packed, he is driven by the urge to do well."

They added, "Lee Seunggi knows very well that in order to achieve even just one goal, you have to give up something else. He has great self-control and will be able to focus well on his dramas and entertainment programs."

Meanwhile, Lee Seunggi participated in his last "1 Night 2 Days" filming on February 10th and 11th.

Source: tv daily & koreaboo
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ft-islands new album sells out in 10 days

Released on January 31, FT Island‘s fourth mini-album ‘Grown Up‘ sold all 50,000 copies for the first time by February 9th. Having to restock, music stores reported that within the mere 10 days, they had unexpectedly sold 50,000 copies.

Their agency FNC Entertainment stated,

“Because most of the supplies have been exhausted by retail sales and advance orders, we are beginning to produce more for sale. Changing the rock ballad genre of music, this album has been received well in Korea, and we hope it will continue to sell.”
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Source: Sports Hankook & kpopseven
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Hongki Talks About A Fight With Former Member Oh Wonbin + Live Performances On Sketchbook

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Rock band FT Island‘s lead vocal Lee Hongki admitted that he had gotten into an intense argument with former band member Oh Wonbin.

FT Island who recently made a comeback with their new album ‘GROWN-UP‘ guest-featured on the February 10th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘ and performed their previous hit “I Hope“, as well as their new song “Severely“.

When MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked if the members had ever gotten into a fight, member Choi Min Hwan answered, “Once Lee Hongki got into a really big fight with former member Oh Wonbin.”

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Sources: allkpop, TV Report via Nate, and FTvsPRI1@YouTube (1) (2)

More on GD and Dae on SBS "Healing Camp"

G-Dragon & Daesung, “We want to apologize before asking for forgiveness”  

Previously, we reported that Big Bang members G-Dragon and Daesung would be appearing on SBS ‘Healing Camp‘. We have received further information about the recording. 

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Source : BBupdate

All Big Bang Members to Appear on Latter Half of 'Healing Camp'...Planned to be Aired on the 20th

Although the main guests are Daesung and G-Dragon, all the rest of the Bigbang members came to the ‘Healing Camp’ set to support the two. Significantly, all five members of Bigbang do not commonly appear together on shows. Last May all five members did appear in 'Muhandojun' (Infinite Challenge), but it has been a while since they have made an appearance on a talk show.

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Source: BBupdate

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2am changmin blows off singing practice for the gym

Idol group 2AM‘s Changmin catches eyes with his robust muscles.

On February 11th, Changmin announced on his personal Twitter,

“Even though I’m a singer, why… before our comeback, I put more effort into exercising than practicing singing…..+_+..”

Attached was a photo, in which Changmin is sitting on a workout bench and, using his cell phone camera, he photographs his own reflection in the mirror. Wearing a white sleeveless shirt, he impressively shows off his toned arm muscles.

Netizens commented,

“Oh my, your arm muscles are no joke”

“Working hard at exercising and also working hard at singing practice. So cool”

“I knew you had a good body, but it seems like you look even better”

In the meantime, 2AM is absorbed in working on their music for their comeback in March.

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Source: osen, @2amchangmin & kpopseven
[Korean] Shinhwa - Group

Shinhwa Reminisces About Andy's Return To The Group

Minwoo: Isn't there a period of time where there were only 5 members not 6... The first awkward 5-men show during "Hey Come On" and "Wild Eyes" stage performances...I still remember when Andy appeared, everyone who are waiting for the stage filled by 6 people, that touching moment, the loud cheers, was simply unforgettable, even till death!

Eric: I was kissing small little Andy then. Andy was really small and cute back then... But now...

Hyesung: Although I wanted to kick Eric who kissed little Andy... But in the end I controlled.

The moment they're talking about:

Source: ShinhwaCompany @ Twitter (1, 2, 3)
Translation: forever6 @ allaboutshinhwa
Video: iluvhyesung2 @ youtube

LOL at Hyesung wanting to kick Eric. Did he forget he also kissed Andy? Or did he just want to be the only one? :P

And for those who might not know Shinhwa's history: Andy stopped all activities with Shinhwa during their 4th album promotions because his parents insisted he come back to the USA and finish his education first.
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North Korean system corrupt: leader's brother

The elder brother of North Korea's new leader says bribery and corruption will be the undoing of a country ruled by an inexperienced young man, newly published emails show.

Kim Jong-Nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, waves after an interview with South Korean media in Macau

Kim Jong-Nam, the half brother of Kim Jong-Un, who took control of the hermit state after the death of their father late last year, said corruption was so rampant that the country's political system would not survive.

"The amount of bribery merchants have to offer to high-level officials in order to survive keeps rising," Jong-Nam told Japanese journalist Yoji Gomi by email.
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Source: sbs
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South Korea's K-pop takes off in the west

When pop sensation Girls' Generation recently provided the grand finale to the Late Show with David Letterman, a top slot on US television, it signalled that South Korea's entertainment industry had broken out of Asia and is now looking to make it big in the west.

Just days after making their first appearance on US network television with their hit single "The Boys", the band of nine telegenic women this week returned to France -- where tickets for a 2011 concert sold out in 15 minutes -- to sing on prime time television.

Korean films, soap operas and "K-Pop" music idols, many of which were modelled on Japan's own sugary "J-Pop", have taken Asia by storm over the past decade. But the hallyu -- or "Korean wave" as the phenomenon is known in Asia -- is now spreading to Europe and the US, and spurring South Korea's export earnings.
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Source: CNN

Your daily bunch of SPICA news

Girls perform Potently on KBS Love Request

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It was unveiled earlier this week, that six-member group Dalmatian will finally be making a comeback sometime this March.

The news was revealed after Rudeboy, a popular rapper and producer, tweeted that the group was recording and getting ready for promotions. Rudeboy has also worked with other popular artists and groups such as MBLAQ, Miryo and NS YoonG (NS Yoonji).

Dalmatian, signed under MC Mong's Monkey Funch Entertainment, have gained quite some attention ever since their "The Man Opposed" promotions back in April of last year. However, they will come back in March as a 5-member group, due to Dari's military duties.

Rudeboy has also confirmed that he's currently working on B1A4's new song. The group is also due to come back around March.

source: koreaboo

first BB then B1A4 and now Dalmatian?! can this year get any better *o* damn this means my bank is gonna suffer even more ;o; oh well, ik they're nugus, unfortunately, & even tho they picked a bad time with BB & shinhwa promoting too, i hope they get a little more attention this time around cause they deserve it.
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Kim Hyunjoong receives Gold certification from the RIAJ for "Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy"

Hallyu star Kim Hyunjoong's debut Japanese album "Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy" has gone gold in Japan after a mere two weeks. This news was made known by Japan's Record Association on February 10th.

"Gold" is a label that signals sales of a hundred thousand albums and above. An award was presented to Kim Hyunjoong on February 10th, in a ceremony that also saw Korean girl group KARA receiving their triple platinum award for their second regular album, "Super Girl."

Kim Hyunjoong's award is particularly significant because of the short span of time in which it achieved its gold status. According to sales figures, 70,812 copies were sold on the first day alone, immediately placing it in second on the Oricon charts.

"Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy" also broke records with its daily sales.

Meanwhile, his live concert at Yokohama Arena on February 5th saw more than twenty thousand fans in attendance. Kim Hyunjoong stated then, "Thank you for showing so much interest in a newcomer like me."

Source: star news & koreaboo