February 12th, 2012


2NE1′s Dara thanks fans for their 1,000th day anniversary

It seems like it was only yesterday that girl group 
2NE1 debuted with their hit song, “Fire“. According to member Sandara Park, however, it’s already been 1,000 days!

2NE1′s speedy news correspondent recently updated her me2day with a post thanking all their fans for the congratulatory messages. “Everyone~ Much love and thanks for congratulating 2NE1 on our 1,000 day anniversary since our debut~! Here is a picture of our cute maknaes posing for a photo!!! Hahaha they look like they’re doing an over-the-top apology, but it’s cute right?!?”

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Source: Allkpop
            Dara's me2day

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Yoo Jaesuk has a beastly body?

National MC Yoo Jaesuk's surprising figure has got netizens buzzing. Their attention was first piqued when pictures with the caption "Yoo Jaesuk's surprising muscles" were uploaded on an online community recently.

Each of the photos show scenes from MBC's "Infinity Challenge." His muscular arms and solid chest muscles are clearly visible through his shirts, giving him the kind of healthy attractiveness that suggests he works out regularly.

Netizens commented, "He even has such a good body," "Awesome Yoo Jaesuk," and "It's not just muscles, but also a sign of his self-control."

Source: TV Report & koreaboo
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S. Korea faith-healer father's children found dead

Three children were found dead in South Korea Saturday after their faith-healing father, a Christian pastor, attempted to treat their illnesses only with prayers, police said.

The bodies of the children, aged 10, eight and five years old, were found by their relatives at their home next to the pastor's church in the southern county of Boseong, a detective at Boseong Police Station told AFP.

"They were apparently suffering from infections that went untreated for a long time as the father was only praying for them instead of seeking medical treatment," he said.

The 43-year-old pastor's fourth child, a year-old baby, was taken in protective custody by police, the detective said, adding the father was under questioning.

Source: asiaone

Pastor’s kids were beaten, starved: police
A pastor and his wife were detained Sunday on suspicions of assaulting and starving their three children to death, police said.

The three children ― aged five, eight and 10 ― were found dead in their home attached to the church where their father works in Boseong, 398 kilometers south of Seoul.
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Source: koreaherald
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N. Korea to kick off Arirang Festival in April

North Korea will start its massive dance and gymnastics extravaganza in April to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, the nation's founder and new leader Kim Jong-un's grandfather, a U.S.-based travel agency said Sunday.

According to New Tours Korea, the U.S.-based travel agency that specializes in guided tours to North Korea, the Arirang Mass Game will be held from April 10 to May 1 and from August 1 until Sept. 15.
The performance, named after a famous Korean folk song, has been held almost annually since 2002, when it debuted to celebrate the 90th birthday of Kim Il-sung. It features tens of thousands of young gymnasts performing synchronized acrobatics, dances and flip-card mosaic animations in what is believed to be the largest gymnastics show in the world.
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Source: yonhapnews

Korea's Gorilla-dols talk about Welcome to the Block

Rambunctious yet serious, honest yet absurd, cute yet exuding masculinity. When watching Block B, words that usually don’t coexist come together. They burn with competitive spirits for a cute character pen, answer questions about broadcasting standards so honestly to the point that it’s scary, and their name is Block B.
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Source: Joy News 24
Translated By: Youngha @ BLOCKBINTL(must have an account to view)

Choco update!

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On the latest episode of MBC ‘High Kick 3‘, f(x) Krystal showed Chocolat‘s Tia who the boss was by putting her in an unbreakable headlock!

Krystal who plays the character Ahn Soo Jung showed a great deal of jealousy towards Kang Seung Yoon‘s new foreign girlfriend, Caché (Tia) in episode 94. Kang Seung Yoon who is known for his excessive generosity disorder showed even more generosity to his girlfriend by purchasing anything Caché wanted. Ahn Soo Jung couldn’t stand to just sit and watch Kang Seung Yoon’s ridiculous act as he bought several bags of clothes from the department store to keep his girlfriend happy.

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[Korean] Shinhwa - Group

Shinhwa Says, "The Members' Zippers Are My Zippers"

Minwoo: While performing on our 10th Anniversary! While performing the solo dance time on "Hey Come On" the microphone seemed to disappear for a while TT I passed the microphone to the fans. I felt like a lost soul in a battlefield TT I felt dizzy......

Minwoo: The microphone came back to me when like a pin light~ After passing through fan hands the microphone was back in my handsㅎ and the memories of me running towards them came backㅎㅎ

Eric: Yes! So before we do a dance solo, the microphone has to be given to me to keep it safe, after the dancing is over I will return it back.

Minwoo: At the upcoming concert I will pass it on to Eric to keep it safe, everyone pay attention^^

Hyesung: Close to the end of the performance... While everyone was in tears I suddenly realized my zipper was opened!!! I hugged Dongwan and secretly pull up the zipper... That was thrilling...

Hyesung: Emotional tears blended with the natural action of zipping! Be careful of unintentional exposure ~^^

Junjin: I saw the zipper open but was unable to help— This is the heart of younger brother. I wanted to help you pull it up but I was afraid that I would be misunderstood, I couldn't even move my body. Andy seems to have the same feeling as me...

Junjin: I am thankful that I can finally talk about it! In the future if any of the members have their zipper open, I am going to pull it up.

Junjin: Those memories are still alive!

Minwoo: I can't take this no more ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The steering wheel is shaking.

Junjin: The members' zippers are my zippers... That's what I feel.

Junjin: The members' steering wheels are also my steering wheel... That's what I feel too.

Eric: Members' zippers are my zippers. Let's think of it this way

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Source: ShinhwaCompany Twitter & Liveworks Twitter
Translation: Rubylovefaith @ Shinhwa Nation (1 & 2)

Oh god, I'm dying right now. They're not even officially back yet and they're already making me laugh this hard.
Never change, you guys!



BB wtf... what is this concept and dancing? and what is that ugly green fur on GD's jacket and that random piece of hair on his head? ugh this is all too flashy and there's no cohesion at all, not in their dancing or wardrobe. lmfao TOP in the back is so stiff though. ik this is jst a fancam but im crossing my fingers this ends up looking better on the mv than it does on here cause idek rn.

B.E.A.S.T: Well-groomed and well-behaved


Well-groomed and well-behaved

By Andrè Tucic


Cute Beasts: Yoon Doo Joon, Son Dong Woon, Yang Yoseob, Lee Kikwang, Jang Hyun Seung and Yong Jun Hyung (from the left) are B.E.A.S.T. Photo by Cube Entertainment

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Berliner Zeitung.de
translation by omona's one and only goshipgurl

this article is a mess imo. i hard a hard time translating it because i felt like reading the essay of a middle school student. the writer should go back to university and study journalism again tbh. as for the article itself, its okay. most of it is about this woman and not batoost. and last but not least, yeah i know my grammar sucks but its late at night and im not really good at translating from german to english.
special shoutout to my gurl xkeirafanx whos at the batoost concert at the moment. my other friend told me they were pushing and pulling like crazy before the entrance, i hope everyone there is safe
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official troll arrives twitter

Rumors about SHINee‘s Jonghyun opening up a new Twitter account has fans buzzing on the internet.

On February 12th, a user created a Twitter account under the name, ‘realjonghyun90′ and started several tweets.  However, fans were skeptical (even now) since there are countless imposters of Jonghyun in the Twitter world.  Nevertheless, the rumor still managed to hype up thousands of fans as ‘realjonghyun90′ has already gained over 33,000 followers.

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Source + Photos: TV Report + allkpop + @realjonghyun90

so I guess is really him now! the troll arrived

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120212 TVXQ Suvarnabhumi Airport [leaving Thailand]

When TVXQ were leaving Thailand after the shoot of Missha's CF many Thai fans wanted to say goodby to Yunho and Changmin. But there were so many people TVXQ couldn't go through them.

Also, "One of the fans fell down because of all the crowd following TVXQ. One of the guards were trying to help the fan and it was still dangerous because of the crowd. Yunho noticed this. He first took off his sunglasses to show get eye contact with people he will be addressing to and shouted "Excuse Me!" to be heard with all the noise. Then he directed clear the path so the fan can be assisted safely. He thanked fans who cleared the path afterwards" (by flytvxqify)

In other words a leader-shi in action.

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