February 18th, 2012


Will Big Bang really be able to promote six songs simultaneously?

It was previously reported that top Hallyu group Big Bang are planning a comeback with a total of six title tracks. This has caused industry insiders to wonder how they will implement such a demanding promotion plan. It also begs the question of how successful they will be with this kind of unprecedented project. 

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Infinity Challenge Members Miss Each Other

The cast members of "Infinity Challenge" displayed their strong affection with the show's crew.

On February 15, Infinity Challenge's Kim Tae Ho PD revealed his honest feelings as he tweeted to members Haha and Jung Joon Ha and professional photographer Oh Joong Suk, "I miss you so much." Oh Joong Suk is a famous photographer who has been working with Infinity Challenge's members on their various trips and photo shoots, and was also behind the show's special calendars.

Comedian Jung Joon Ha also replied in English, "Me too!"

Because of the ongoing MBC union strike, MBC has been on a strike since January 30. Most programs' time slots have been maintained but variety programs such as "Infinity Challenge" and "We Got Married" have been suffering from the labor union's strike. MBC aired special episodes as a temporary solution.

Nonetheless, according to a source close to the cast, "Infinity Challenge's" members still meet even though there is no filming scheduled for the show, to share ideas for the next episodes as a way to prepare for the show's broadcast.

Netizens commented, "As expected from Infinity Challenge," Today they all showed their feelings," "Please come up with interesting ideas for the show," "When the strike ends, Infinity Challenge will be back," "When the strike is over, you will be able to meet again!"

Soompi; JJH's twitter

i miss them too o(╥﹏╥)o

N. Korea rejects South's call for Red Cross talks

North Korea on Saturday rejected South Korea's offer to hold Red Cross talks on reunions of separated families, saying Seoul should first respond to its demand for an apology for not paying official respect over the death of former leader Kim Jong-il and for a promise to carry out previous summit agreements.

South Korea's Red Cross proposed Tuesday that the two sides hold working-level talks on Feb. 20 to discuss reinstating reunions of family members separated since the 1950-53 Korean War and other humanitarian issues. On Saturday, the North's Minju Joson newspaper carried a commentary accusing Seoul of talking about family reunions and exchanges while seeking sanctions on the communist nation behind the scenes in what it calls an attempt to evade responsibility for devastating inter-Korean ties.

If the South is truly interested in family reunions and cooperation and exchanges, the newspaper said, it should respond to a "questionnaire" that Pyongyang's National Defense Commission made for the South early this month. In the questionnaire, the North demanded that the South repent for halting inter-Korean dialogue, apologize for the disrespect showed in response to the death of former leader Kim and pledge to uphold the June 15 joint declaration signed by progressive South Korean President Kim Dae-jung in 2000. 

Seoul has said the questions raised by the North did not even merit a response. (Yonhap)

Source: Koreatimes

Woozi laughing but not
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German high profile magazine thinks Beast is pretty

The latest fad: Korean Pop

They are pretty, singing, dancing and want to conquer the world: Korean boygroup Beast in Berlin.
They are pretty, singing, dancing and want to conquer the world: Korean boygroup Beast in Berlin.

When names like Lena or Britney Spears appeared at the MTV Europe Music Awards, it seemed clear that one of those two performers would be awarded as "World Wide Act".
Only few people expected a South Korean band.

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Why Michelle Lee will not win ‘K-POP Star’


With the recent influx of singing competition shows sprouting faster than Jeremy Lin fans, I try avoiding them like people with bad breath. However, it wasn’t until I saw a preview of ‘SBS KPOP Star at the conclusion of a hilarious ‘Running Man’ episode that baited me to check out a few clips of the auditions. One YouTube clip led to another and another (curse you ‘Recommended Videos’ section!), and before I knew it, I was watching full episodes of the show from its inception.

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eventhough this article is from akp its surprisingly a good one. i think the author has a few good points.

T.O.P's Naver Music Interview

Interviewer: Many fans have been looking forward to hear from you. How have you been?
TOP: These days, I’m trying to concentrate on this album, ALIVE. Actually, there was a drama that I was working for 3 months but I cancelled it so I can focus on this album.

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Se7en reveals his cover on ‘Dazed & Confused’ magazine

Se7en gave fans a sneak peek into his photoshoot with ‘Dazed & Confused. Now he’s followed up by unveiling his cover shot for the magazine’s March issue.

Se7en shared the cover shot through his personal Twitter on February 18th under the caption, “SE7EN – DAZED Korea March 2012!!!

The singer brought out a look with tons of personality, from his self-assured expression to his big blow-out hairstyle. Fans can look forward to a pictorial with tons of quirky elements that deviate from Se7en’s more soulful image.

Stay tuned for more cuts from Dazed & Confused’s March issue!

Not so bad finally... the previous post and the pictures made me think it would be awful but it's ok.

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T.O.P Interview from High Cut (Volume 71)

(Joint interview with Soh CD & TOP)

Last year, a lot of things happened to BIGBANG. What did you do during these blank periods?
We went to Europe to participate in the 2011 EMAs. Since I had CF shooting schedules during the day so I didn’t have much rest time for myself. When there were no schedules planned, I was in the studio creating music overnight. I haven’t rested after I debuted so I don’t anticipate nor regret if I have holiday time or not (laughs).

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This is an Omona princess megapost

Here is the latest from the flawfree Wonder bb - a Ceci magazine spread and interview and Good Downloader Campaign shots

Ceci Magazine

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P.S. She also trolled on twitter (she seems to like replying to fans who says she is sexy etc. or the very desperate dongsaeng fangirls) and had a "tweet time" session recently during Valentine's Day and the day after. OP's korean is not good enough but it's filled with "hahaha" "kikikiki" and "thank you-*".

Source: qoxie @ soompi , ceci, wonderfuls cafe @ fb
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mbc labor strike continues and more shows delayed

The MBC labor strike continues on this week and it is causing another delay in the airing of TV shows such as We Got Married and Infinity Challenge.

This is the third week that these two shows have been delayed and replaced with specials. It’s getting to the point where viewers are becoming infuriated. Viewers have been taking their frustrations and complaints to MBC’s forums.

Frustrated viewers have been voicing out their annoyance with comments such as:

“How long will this last?”
“It’s been so long since we’ve seen a new episode. How long will this last?”

The labor strike started on January 30th and any sort of compromise has yet to be made.

Here are the cliff notes for those who don’t know about the MBC Labor strike. The MBC labor union wants the president of MBC, Kim Jae Chul to resign. They feel as though MBC is inhibiting the freedom of the press and is being too much in favor of government policies. The labor union wants MBC to return to a state of neutrality.

MBC, however, isn’t backing down either and says that the strike is illegal and they will be pressing charges.

Source: Star News & kpopseven
Seriously WTF “How long will this last?”? Who cares how long it last. These people deserve better working conditions. Stop acting like you will die because you will have to wait a bit longer to watch a new episode